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Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Lip Pencils Forever Yours

by Sonia G.

If I see “Long-Lasting” or “Waterproof” on any kind of make up, I will try it and if I really like it, I will invest. I hate to have to reapply make up during the day and since I go to work on my motorbike during spring and summer, and even sometimes winter, I need the best smudge proof and waterproof make up.  I started with the shade Roald and I was addicted.

In the Zuneta website, where you can order them, this is what Rouge Bunny Rouge says about them :

Advanced technology in this longwearing pencil delivers a formula with an instant release of intense colour, smooth glide-on and a precise application.
The synergic action of gellified systems, special polymers and waxes provides a most comfortable and semi-permanent colour. Once dry, the colour will last the whole day and is waterproof too!
These incredibly indelible lip pencils have been matched to your lips (as we all know, we match liners to the lips, not the lipsticks).

The shades available are (with the RBR shade description) :

  1. Amerigo : Pure matte, cool brown fawn. Ideal for darker skin tones.
  2. Esteban : Metallic, flesh toned peach.Wonderful on honey-blond, blonde and pale skin tones.
  3. Leif : Metallic, copper-hued cocoa. For those with darker natural lip color.
  4. Marco : Pure matte, medium cool raspberry. For those with darker, pink toned lips.
  5. Roald : Pure matte, pale mauve. Best suited for pale, bluish toned complexions.
  6. Vasco : Cherry blossom powder pink, recommended for lighter skin types.

The picture with the corresponding swatches on my hand :

I have swatched Edward Bess Defining lip liner in Natural on the left of the RBR swatches. The finish of the EB is fabulous but the staying power not that great. The RBR are excellent quality and extremely long lasting pencils and even if they say that they are made to match the lips, and not the lipsticks, actually I can wear them all.

When I want a lip color that lasts I will do this :

When I finish applying my foundation, I apply the Chantecaille Lip Contour. About 10 minutes later  I line the outer corners of the lips with Nars Larger than Life in Bonaparte and I blend with my fingers… Then I line my lips with RBR Amerigo and I blend again, after that I fill my lips with Roald or Vasco (or any lighter shade), and blend again, no harsh lines, in fact it looks very natural and blended. I apply lipstick on top of that and I blot, I reapply if I want to and I blot again… then a tiny bit of gloss… It looks like a heavy routine but I am used to do that and I do it very quickly, and believe me, even with the heat and the helmet, it doesn’t budge.

My favorites lip liners are these RBR, but also the Chanel “Le Crayon Lèvres” – a special ovation to the shade “Bois de Rose” (my favorite shade EVER) – and I also love By Terry “Crayon Onctueux” in shade “Rosy Nude”. These last 2 deserve a nice big post devoted only to them !

I totally recommend these Rouge Bunny Rouge and I hope the swatches help a bit !

Thanks for stopping by  🙂

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