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Koyudo – The Posh Heart Brush

by Sonia G.

Happy Valentine’s day!!! I hope you are having a very beautiful day! <3
So, I have just received the Posh Heart Brush by Koyudo, it just launched and is available now on Beautylish – I am trying to post this before the day is over and/or the brush sells out in case you wanted to have a closer look at it.

I cannot give you a full review today since I just received it, but I can at least share pics and first impressions!

I am not sure if the first thing that you will notice is the particular shape of the bristles or the special finish on the handle…

Unexpected – the leather-like finish of the handle and ferrule, paired with the shape of the bristles, it’s fun.

You can definitely see the leather-like effect on the pictures. It doesn’t feel like leather when we touch it, it doesn’t feel like plastic either, the matte coating feels soft yet textured. I think this paint adds weight to the handle because if we compare its weight with the Koyudo Fu-pa 01 shown at the bottom of my post, there is a big difference (35g vs 26g). Could be also due to the different materials (wood or ferrule) but just so you know it does feel weighty and luxurious to hold.

The saikoho goat bristles are extremely soft, I find this is quality from 10 years ago (which is great!). The brush is densely packed so for me this is instinctively a powder or buffer/finishing type of brush.

It’s supposed to be a heart shaped brush, but since the first time that I saw this brush, I see something else… I told Koyudo already (because I saw this brush a few weeks ago) and it made me giggle a lot… I wanted to get this brush because, well, it’s unique and fun.

Sleepy Shadow (our cat)

Reminds me of a bottom or also of my cat’s paw because it’s so incredibly soft…
So, it’s a heart shaped brush and Koyudo are known for their heart shaped brushes. I don’t own any of the others as I have never been into them, but this one is different, more luxurious materials have been used and it’s black… I liked that.

The packaging

I took pics as I was opening the box…

Then rushed to wash the brush so that I could take some pics and also see if there is any blooming in the shape.

Before wash
After wash

After washing it, it just opened or loosened a little bit, it is still very dense but there is some movement in the upper part of the bristles. If we compare it to the Koyudo Fu-pa 01, the Posh Heart has a bit more movement, it’s also softer and a bit whiter.

  • Total length: 105 mm
  • Bristle length: 27 mm
  • Ferrule diameter: 26mm

Koyudo makes fun brushes like these below, I have lots of them in my collection but the Posh Heart is a more “adult” version amongst them, also with higher quality bristles and a more special handle.

In terms of functionality, the Posh Heart could eventually be a foundation brush but the bristles are very silky and it would be a shame to use excessive pressure on these fine bristles. Also, I think these bristles are too silky to endure a too frequent washing.

It can be a powder brush, I tried it and it worked but this brush inspires me to be a little more creative with its functionality, I want to use it more and have a little more fun with it so I have used it with blush today. Not powdery-pigmented type of blushes but instead the more hardly pressed type with sheer pigmentation. It’s a dense brush and if you use it with pigmented products it’s going to leave a heavy/opaque placement which is going to be difficult to diffuse and blend out.

I used it with sheer gelee type of blushes and it delivered nicely. I even picked one color with one “bump” and a different color with the other “bump” then applied them at the same time in a linear movement. Since the products I used are on the very sheer side, I could not even notice that two different colors had been applied. There is also no empty or unblended area in the centre of the application (between the two bumps).
I actually wanted to see if I could detect the colours of the two different blushes applied in parallel with each bump but I don’t. The products that I use with this brush are going to be too sheer for the unusual shape of the brush to affect the application but it would be a completely different story if the blushes were on the pigmented side!

I also quickly used the brush with highlighter, a sheer gelee type that is appropriate to work with a denser brush like this one, and it did the job beautifully.

What do you think of this brush? Let me know as it’s fun to read your thoughts!

A huge thank you to Beautylish for sending me this brush!

This brush retails for $130, it’s a special Limited Edition for Valentine’s and it just launched on Beautylish.

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Denise 17 March, 2023 - 5:35 am

Sleepy Shadow is your cat’s name, Sonia? or is Shadow just a sleepy cat? : ) Cats sleep so much! My small herd make me want to nap with them because they look so comfortable and at peace with the world.
On Beautylish’s page it reads that this brush is white-dyed saikoho hair. Is this true? I know goat hair can be dyed, but I’ve always figured the white hairs are dyed brown or black or a fancy crayon color. But I never thought they would be dyed white. Now I am curious.
Thank you!!!….. As always, you take good care of yourself and your family. I prayer for good health and wonderful creativity.

Sonia G. 23 March, 2023 - 7:35 pm

Hi Denise, it’s Shadow, but when he is sleepy, he really is!! 😀
To answer your question, yes it’s true, it can. There are many techniques that can be used and this is one of them.
You too! Take great care of yourself Denise, I hope that you are well and your family too! Sending you lots of love!!!


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