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Tiny Marvels Palette by Mel Thompson & Sydney Grace

by Sonia G.

I did not want to miss the launch of the Tiny Marvels palette by Mel Thompson and Sydney Grace, I had my alarm set, I was ready and so excited for Mel! Then, on the exact day of the launch I received the palette as PR by Mel!! It was a huge surprise so thank you so much Mel and Sydney Grace!! I am very touched and extremely grateful! 🙂

Mel and I have been chatting for a little while, we had even planned to meet but then covid happened, shaking all our lives and plans, we didn’t manage to meet yet but it will happen as soon as travelling safely is possible again.

I was eager to share my thoughts about this palette when it launched but I wanted to use it first and it took me a hell of a time. We were all fighting an annoying repeating cold at home affecting our eyes and ears, I could not even apply make-up around my eyes at all, nor could I invite friends home… but since a couple of weeks we are better and I could finally use the palette, many many times!

I knew that the quality of the shadows was going to be excellent, I have been using Sydney Grace shadows, since May 2019 to be precise, on myself, on others and also for blog swatches when I was testing or reviewing brushes.

My current Sydney Grace shadows

I am more familiar with the matte shadows in their range, not so much with the shimmers. Sydney Grace shimmers are known to be opaque and pigmented but I personally prefer to use shimmers that work with more transparency on my eyes. I am excited that I can now try some more of their shadows and I am so happy that this Sydney Grace palette was done in collaboration with Mel!

The combination of shades in this Tiny Marvels palette is very unusual, when I opened the palette I gasped, this palette had the word *FUN* in blinking caps all over it! My first thoughts: this will be an interesting palette for sure!!! Then, I noticed that it had quite a lot of colors that I don’t like to use on me. Bright greens, a strong yellow gold, peach and coral shades… I could definitely envision the fun, but I wasn’t sure how I could make them work for me, I mean, on a daily appropriate basis!

This last thought reminds me of a conversation I had with Troy Surratt in Japan. He mentioned that one of the talents of a make-up artist is to be able to work with whatever the artist has at his disposal, whatever the shades or tones, yet still make the products work beautifully. We were talking about foundations mainly but I believe this applies to anything. I loved that.

So, there I was, staring at an eyeshadow palette filled with beautiful colors but that are completely outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to make them work for me, make them look appropriate for my age and for my lifestyle and not only for a special occasion, I want to be able to use this palette on a daily basis!

I did some swatches but I advise you to watch Mel’s video, Wayne’s video, and also to check out Temptalia’s swatches which are absolutely amazing.

The pigmentation is really heavy, the shimmer shades are truly bold and reflective, the matte shades are highly pigmented, opaque in one swipe, they blend easily, they are effortless to use whatever the brushes you have, synthetic or natural brushes will work well with these.

So, yes, these are very much outside of my comfort zone, well, for the most part, but I found a technique that works for me and that delivers gorgeous looks that are totally wearable on a daily basis.

My favorite way of applying the shadows is to apply a matte shade on the mobile lid and then layer a shimmer on top, either only in the center or on the entire mobile lid. It’s very simple and straightforward but the result is beautiful! The shimmer becomes more subtle when layered on a matte shadow and therefore more wearable and flattering on my ageing lids.

There is no question that this palette will work for you if you love the color story, bold looks and strong metallics, but if you are like me, if your lids are not so smooth and you love more subtle looks still with an interesting twist, this is absolutely something that can also work for daily use!

These are my top favorite combinations:

  • Jewel Bee with Meadowhawk
  • Flutterby with Scarab
  • Luv Bug with Marvel
  • Mantis with Fire Butts
  • Treehopper with Scarab

Her tattoo artist made the design that you see on the cover of the palette, he used the colors of the pans to showcase her love for bugs, it’s brilliant. The color story is fun and I am actually very surprised that this is something safe for me for everyday, I used it a lot already and will continue to do so.

I so thrilled and so happy for Mel, Mel is a person that I got to know during these past couple of years, once we started to chat it escalated very quickly and even though we are and look very different, we share a few exciting things in common, we both ride a motorbike and love tattoos, although I don’t have as many as she does 😀

The palette is available on Sydney Grace website -when not out of stock, it costs 52$, I hope Mel and Sydney Grace will keep bringing it back in stock!

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Kay (aka Karen) 1 November, 2020 - 2:32 am

Sonia, thanks for your suggestions for use on older eyelids! I purchased this palette just before I saw this post just because I enjoy Mel’s videos and wanted to see what she created. BTW, I just saw the video on your chat with Jennifer Joyce and enjoyed it tremendously. It was heartwarming to finally hear your voice and story. From the early days of your blog when I participated (and became insanely brush crazy myself!) I always felt your over-the-top interest and talent would take you to great heights and apparently it has! It’s good to hear you are pursuing your dreams and expanding your offerings where your heart takes you. I no longer buy brushes except for yours and frankly, they have become my favorites even if I used to prefer short handles. Can’t beat how easy they are to use and the consistently high quality of the hair and shaping. I will be thinking of you when I use my brushes on Mel’s palette!

Sonia G. 9 November, 2020 - 5:05 pm

Kay, you brought tears to my eyes… of course I remember you so well, how is your grandson?? is he doing good? how are you?
In that case, you knew better than me because I honestly had no idea where this would take me!
It has been such an incredible journey and when I see comments from those who were besides me since the beginning, it just makes me totally lose it! 🙂 best feeling!!!
Thank you so much … you are always and forever in my heart!!!

Kay (aka Karen) 12 November, 2020 - 8:24 am

I now have two grandsons, ages 4 and 1! The older one has developmental delays and is receiving therapy so we are grateful. As for me, I am fine, getting older, and enjoying an expanding vegetable garden to keep me busy as we isolate at home. No travel, no restaurants, no shopping or socializing except for occasional dinners with immediate family in our garage, socially distanced. It is a weird time but I am so relieved that things may get better now that the elections are over and a vaccine on its way! I do not do social media by choice but have seen group photos of the people who bonded in the beginning — so happy you have those close friends who have been with you all this time throughout this incredible journey of yours. Wishing you have a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe!
p.s. You have a lovely voice, a soothing and attractive presence, and your English is excellent — I picked up a few tips from that video so am hoping you gain even more confidence and do more!

Mel Thompson 19 November, 2020 - 2:58 am

Hello Sonia,

I love your indepth review 🙂

Please let me know when you suspect to get a restock of the Face One.

Sonia G. 21 November, 2020 - 4:02 pm

Hi Mel,
Thank you for sending this palette to me and for being so inspiring! I just cannot wait to meet you in person!
Face One may arrive in January, hopefully!
I will talk to you soon! <3

Sonja Donovan 10 December, 2020 - 5:10 pm

Dear Sonia,
I am not one to comment a lot on social media, but just today I left a comment on Sonia’s Instagram on how happy I am to have ordered the Holiday brush set. Cannot wait to hold it in my hands.
Regarding the Tiny Marvels palette by Mel and Sidney Grace, and being 55, I had the very same thoughts when I saw it…LOVELY colors, but on me??? I have visited the Sidney Grace site so many times, but was literally too scared of the color story for myself. But having read your review today I think I want to finally take the plunge and order it! Also because I just love Mel so much and want to support her. Not only for her great product reviews, but mainly because she has such a beautiful personality!!
Thank you both Sonia and Mel for being such lovely and kind human beings in this often crazy beauty community!
Sonia, as mentioned in my comment on Instagram today, yours and Wayne’s brushes started me on Fude, and that is something I am very grateful for. I never understood the attraction of “such expensive” make-up tools before, until one Christmas I took a plunge on Beautylish and treated myself to both Wayne’s and your set. I was so in awe when they arrived just from looking at them and touching them…I was literally afraid to really use them (how silly, right?). But when I put them to work I almost cried at the unbelievable results. I had really been struggling with my aging skin to a point where I stopped using make-up because it looked all wrong all of a sudden. You an Wayne showed me that the right tools made it fun again to make myself up. Tools with a vast history, artesan craftsmanship, exquisite materials, so beautiful and with application results I never thought were possible at my age…THANK YOU!

Annie Sea 18 October, 2021 - 1:18 am

Thank you for posting your favorite color combinations for Mel’s palette. I am hoping to get it in November when it restocks, but I was scared it would be way out of my comfort zone. Now I see how I will be able to use it every day instead of just looking at the pretty shades in the palette.

Sonia G. 19 October, 2021 - 10:56 am

Thank you Annie, it can be interesting to use something a bit more out of our comfort zone and there is this little feeling of satisfaction that is quite fun!!! Just play and have fun!!! 🙂


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