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Rouge Bunny Rouge – Feline Gaze long-lasting eye pencils

by Sonia G.

These creamy Feline Gaze eye pencils are available in 3 shades :

  • Salome : intense matte black
  • Calypso : jet black base with light pure silver and aqua blue reflection
  • Lola : metallic dark brown with light copper reflections

Three things to remember :

  1. They are very expensive, 4 Gbp more expensive than a Chanel, 5 Gbp more than a Nars Larger than Life
  2. They are not waterline safe
  3. They are automatic, you can twist them up but you cannot twist them back down…

The quality is much better than a Chanel or a Dior waterproof, they are creamier and more long-lasting but the colors are not that unique to me and you can find similar colors out there at a cheaper price.

You can smudge them immediately after application but don’t wait otherwise you will not be able to smudge them at all, they will stay put for the day and even longer…

RBR Salome

If you missed the Spring 2011 Armani collection where Armani launched the amazing LE eye pencil in 01 Black, then this RBR Salome is the best alternative I found. Either applied as a line or smudged, the color and result is very similar, I don’t really see a difference at all.

If I had to choose only one black pencil, I would choose the RBR, it’s the more precise, creamy and long-lasting of them all but I cannot wear it on the waterline so I would need another one… 🙂

The below alternatives are all long-lasting on my eyes, but some are less intense and less creamier, like Nars or Chanel.

RBR Calypso

The shade Calypso is very beautiful,  Mac Black Swan is the most similar I found. I would choose the RBR as well…

RBR Lola

I tend to reach more for the Nars than the RBR Lola, they are both very long lasting on my eyes, but I prefer the color of the Nars Via Appia.

Bottom Line

I think these are very good quality eye pencils, but too expensive. Sometimes you can find Zuneta coupons that will give you 10 or 20% discount, then the price gets a little bit better… I got them with a 20% coupon last February on the Zuneta web site.

Depending on where you live it can be cheaper to get a Rouge Bunny Rouge eye pencil, for example if you want to buy a Chanel pencil in Switzerland, it will cost you much more than ordering an RBR pencil from Zuneta, so for me, it’s cheaper to buy RBR.

Rouge Bunny Rouge should create more colors too, I would love more unique colors with this quality, like a pencil color similar to their Abyssinian Catbird or Delicate Hummingbird eye shadows, that would be amazing !!!

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Pang 11 April, 2012 - 11:08 pm

Wow, this really helped narrow down the choices for me, great post! Btw, what items from RBR would u recommend for someone who has never shopped RBR?

Sweet Make Up Temptations 12 April, 2012 - 4:59 pm

Hi Pang, thank you ! I would recommend you to try their eyeshadows for example Abyssinian Catbird – often out of stock… – , Delicate Hummingbird, Bejeweled Skylark, etc… or the matte one Blackpepper Jay, but they are all amazing, I will also post swatches of them shortly, I have nearly collected all of them. Also the blushes are really good, Orpheline is my favorite, I use all the shades and I am nw20 right now). I also love the long lasting cream eyeshadows, my favorite is Chiffon Ringlet… the only problem is that there is very little product for a very high price tag…
I will post swatches of those as well in the short future !


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