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There are many ways to shop for Brushes but when it comes to rare brushes, those ways are often dark and risky.

In my brush directory there are several categories, online stores, boutiques, manufactures, you can check my personal notes by clicking on “Show notes” underneath the logo and when it’s a boutique, you can check the Google map by clicking on “Show Map“.  You can also search for a brand or location as all fields are indexed.

My list does not contain all the brush boutiques or online stores on earth but it will definitely help you when looking for the most gorgeous beauty tools available to us!

Details can change, sometimes stores suddenly decide to handle international orders and this will happen in the future, please use this directory to help you but always check their online website for the most up-to-date information.

I do not work for them.. this is just a hobby that I enjoy when time permits 🙂