March 2020 Giveaway

I hope you are doing ok, needless to say, these are times when the tiniest little sparks of happiness are so good for our mental health!

I found a little Wayne Goss treasure, unused and still in its packaging so I thought I could just quickly do a giveaway!

The first prize is the Wayne Goss Holiday 2016 , I bought this brush and at the same time Wayne, via Beautylish sent me one. I had asked Nils at the time if I could do a giveaway and include it but I stored the brush and it has just reappeared last week in my boxes,  quite a nice and convenient timing!

I will select 8 winners, 8 is a lucky number 🙂 The first winner will receive the extraordinary Wayne Goss Holiday 2016 brush and the 7 other winners will receive two of my brushes each. The brushes will be picked up randomly.

Thank you again for your kind messages, they sincerely mean the world to me. This is scary in so many levels so please stay healthy, stay home, stay connected and stay happy!

With love,