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by Sonia G.

There will be some very special surprises this year, this set is one of them.

These 4 new eye brushes are the Traditions Select 2024, a limited edition spin-off release of the Traditions Keyaki Kakishibu brushes that launched in January 2024.
Unlike the Kakishibu dyed brushes, we will not be able to restock this special selection of brushes, but the good news is that these 4 brushes will not only be available as a set with the paulownia wooden box, but also as individuals!

You may be wondering why this little surprise release: As I was preparing the designs for the Traditions series, we had the opportunity to add a selection of brushes with special materials and mixes. We had to work with what was available and we could not make the same quantity of each brush. Having an uneven number was actually great because it allowed us to make these brushes available individually, and not only as a set!

Since we had the artisans working on the handles for the Kakishibu dyed brushes, we added some more handles into production to make this little spin-off project possible – that’s why these are coming now. If you are interested in just one or some, you won’t need to commit to the whole set since they will be available individually. It’s a rare opportunity to have a special set split into individuals !

Traditions Select 2024 (top) vs Keyaki Kakishibu Traditions (bottom)



These 4 brushes will be available as a set and as individuals. The set will come in the bespoke vertical paulownia wooden box but we have a limited quantity of boxes available – this means that when purchasing the 4 brushes individually, they will not come in this paulownia box.

This box is similar to the one from the Maki-e Sunset Cranes set, it can be used to keep the brushes safe during transport but also as a little brush holder. Paulownia is a very lightweight wood with so many qualities, for example it has insect repellent properties, this wood also helps to control humidity – which is so important when storing our brushes. This holder will not have the same sturdiness and durability as a walnut brush holder, but it is one amazing functional way to safely pack and store the brushes.


The handles are the same as the Keyaki Kakishibu permanent brushes, we also used Keyaki wood and the exact same finishing techniques to give them this beautiful smooth finish. If you are interested and would like to read more about these Keyaki handles, there is more information in this post and the finishing techniques for these handles are detailed on this article that I wrote for Beautylish.


This is a fun set, the brushes are a wonderful balance between softness and functionality. They are very soft but also effective and relevant, it was key that we could envision using these special brushes on a regular basis.

This set comes with a smudger (TS1), a laydown (TS2), a crease/blending brush (TS3) and a pencil brush (TS4). Some shapes are similar to the Traditions Permanent (only the material differs) so I will explain the nuances.

TS1 Front
TS1 Side

The Traditions Select TS1 is a smudger brush, it’s similar to the Traditions T1 (it is mentioned below) but the materials differ. This is a fantastic brush to add definition, to smudge a pencil, ideal to place a product with control and diffuse it effortlessly.

This TS1 has a combination of white canadian squirrel and white saikoho goat bristles. This mix is a wonderful for this design because the saikoho bristles add fullness to the shape but it remains super soft, super effective, it glides beautifully on the skin. Little smudgers shaped like the T1 or TS1 are so powerful, this thickness and strength at the top make them so reliable!

Usage: Smudge, define. Only for powder products.

How I use it – This is a brush that I reach for almost everyday. I pair the T1 with pencils – to smudge them or to even out their application, and I use the TS1 with powder shadows – but it can also be used with pencils. What I tend to do most of the time is to use the T1 to blend a pencil and then grab the TS1 to place a shadow along the lashline, this allows me to add dimension using a shimmer shadow on top of the pencil application and to be precise with the placement.


The Traditions T1 and the TS1 are the same brushes, only the materials differ. The T1 is bundled with kakishibu dyed saikoho goat bristles, the TS1 is a mix of white canadian squirrel and white saikoho goat bristles.

T1 – TS1 Front
T1 – TS1 Side

Even though they are similar brushes, if you love and use this type of brushes regularly, having two options is extremely convenient.

Here are some nuances between these two brushes:

  • If you prefer the softest option, the TS1 feels softer.
  • With the TS1, the application is a little bit less opaque in comparison to the T1.
  • The strokes with the T1 are slightly more sharp, while with the TS1, the edges of the strokes are more softly diffused.
  • The T1 can be used with powders, creams and liquids, the TS1 should only be used with powders.
  • The T1 is stronger and can more easily smudge harder pencils.

TS2 Front
TS2 Side

The Traditions Select TS2 is a very soft laydown brush, it has a pinched ferrule and it’s very thick and dense but the bristles flow super smoothly. Sideways, it looks and works like a pencil brush because of the tapered shape. Also, the thick body gives support and stability to the tip and this is extremely helpful.

This brush allows us to achieve an even and softly diffused application very easily. Working with this brush is like working with a product that doesn’t set instantly: the brush softly places the product on the surface of the skin, then we have time to diffuse the placement. A stiffer or more square/firmer brush will place the product with more opacity and determination, concentrated where the brush first touched the skin. So it depends what type of placement you are aiming for, this brush is going to be amazing when we want the edges of the placement to be more softly diffused.

Usage: Laydown, smoke, define. Can only be used with powder formulas.

How I use it – I use this brush very regularly at home, and constantly during my trips. Without a magnifying mirror and proper lighting, it is difficult for me to see what I am doing, I need a brush that is going to lay down the product evenly and softly for a nice wash of color. This brush is just the right size to apply a shadow on the mobile lid, take it to the crease if you wish and it will look blended and diffused, even with dark shadows.
This brush simplifies the application when using just a couple of shadows, also, on trips my eyes are extremely sensitive and using this soft brush truly helps.


The T2 and the TS2 are similar brushes but bundled with different materials. The T2 is bundled with kakishibu dyed saikoho goat bristles, the TS2 is a mix of blue squirrel and white saikoho goat bristles.

TS2 vs T2
TS2 vs T2 Side

Here are the nuances between them:

  • The Traditions TS2 is softer than the T2.
  • Both brushes are able to do work with their tip, for example along the lashline. The T2 is going to deliver an application with edges that are more defined, while with the TS2 it is going to be more diffused.
  • The T2 can be used with powders, creams and liquids, the TS2 is only for powders.

The Traditions Select TS3 is a crease, blending and laydown brush in one. We can use it for work on the entire lid, or to target the crease or outer v and aim for a more precise blending. It’s easy to navigate on small areas but appropriate to cover larger areas too, it’s extremely versatile in terms of size and function.

The mix of white canadian squirrel and saikoho goat bristles give the brush amazing strength, but it still remains super soft.

I have received so many messages asking me to bring the S3 back, the S3 was released in the Holiday Trio in 2022. Unfortunately we cannot release the exact same brush, the length of the available bristles and the quantity do not make this possible. However, this TS3 is definitely a gem, a very special brush, with more fullness, but still super soft and so effective. The TS3 is not going to flex as much as the S3 when working, so we have more control and power right where we need it.

Usage: Laydown, crease, blend, outer v.

How I use it – This shape and size is ideal for so many tasks so I use it pretty much for anything, for crease work, for the outer v, for inner corner, for transition and I love it for blending with precision, for example in between two shadows. This is a brush that is always where I can reach for it.


They are similar in ferrule diameter and bristle length, but they feel different and will work in different ways.

Here are some nuances but, please take into consideration that these brushes are handmade, and the bristles are natural, therefore the same brush can slightly differ:

TS3 – S3 – T3

The T3 (100% saikoho goat) has its strength more diffused across its head, it’s going to move and flex more evenly. The TS3 and S3 have their strength more towards the tip of the brush. The application with the T3 is going to be more diffused, with the other two brushes, the opacity of the application is more concentrated towards the center.

The TS3 feels softer than the T3 because of this mix, but we can still feel that the tip of the TS3 has more firmness and it won’t flex as easily as the T3 does, it’s not a bad thing at all, it’s just a different behaviour.

The TS3 and the S3 are very similar brushes but the goat bristles add density and body to the TS3. We could say that the movement of the S3 is more like a pencil brush – where we can really feel that the tip is leading the application, but the TS3 behaves more like a crease and blending brush.

The Traditions Select TS4 is a medium sized pencil brush, bundled with 100% yellow canadian squirrel bristles.

It’s my favorite type of bristles, they retain the product within the bristles and release it progressively, consistently as they flow. It’s a gem for a soft smoked lashline placement and for the outer v or inner corner.

This brush has density -it’s not floppy, the tip of the brush flows easily and so predictably, and it is incredibly soft.

It does not have the precision and strength of the smudger TS1 for example, the TS1 will work more closely to the lashes and with more opacity, but this TS4 is going to apply an even and soft definition along the lashline. It’s a more elegant subtle approach, even when working with very dark shadows.

Usage: For the mobile lid, lashline, outer v, inner corner. Only for powder products.

How I use it – I love how this brush allows me to play with dark shadows with confidence and elegance. If I go for a bolder look, this is the brush I grab, not because it’s going to build shimmer shades with intensity, but because I can easily place dark shadows and play with them and the results are so refined. .
But it’s also the brush I use with medium shades on a daily basis, the application looks like it comes from within, it’s just so beautiful and impeccable.

Yakusugi Pencil (2000) vs Traditions Select TS4
Yakusugi Pencil 2021- TS4

For reference, the Yakusugi pencil brush released in 2021 has the same shape and same ferrule size but was bundled with blue squirrel bristles. The TS4 is more disciplined with the application, more precise.


Total length mmBristles length mmMaterialPrice in USD
TS1 1466White canadian squirrel / White saikoho goat 50
TS2150.510.5Blue squirrel / White saikoho goat48
TS315515White canadian squirrel / White saikoho goat51
TS4150.510.5Yellow canadian squirrel51


Thank you for reading and for your continuous incredible support, it’s a joy to go to Japan and feel so close to you and to the artisans, I could not dream of a more amazing community!!!
I sincerely hope that you love these brushes and that you will be interested by the set or by any of the individuals!

TS1 – TS2 – TS3 – TS4
Traditions Select 2024

These Traditions Select 2024 brushes will be available starting on the 20th of February 2024, at 10 am PT on the Beautylish website. They are limited edition and will be available as a set and also individually. The set retails for 200 USD, the individual prices are listed on the specs table.

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Sunsarae 15 February, 2024 - 5:14 am

Congratulations on this upcoming release. It’s sure to be a hit. I love all the different collection drops. Amazing craftsmanship!

Severine 15 February, 2024 - 2:15 pm

Quelle incroyable surprise ! Ils sont magnifiques. Ces manches font partis de mes préférés et alors ce mélange de differents poils d’écureuil et de saikoho ça doit être vraiment chouette à utiliser. Ce sont nos paupières sensibles qui vont te remercier. Et tout comme toi j’aime pouvoir utiliser des ombres foncés mais que le résultat soit fondu, pas trop intense donc ce sera idéal.
Vivement le 20 février et j’ai aucun doute quant au succès du lancement. Merci pour cet article toujours si intéressant à lire , merci merci.

Ana lopez 15 February, 2024 - 9:09 am

Wow! Wow ! Wow! What a surprise release!! I was not expecting this! Congrats on this collections! I love, like love these handles and this collection is stunning’ ! I wish they would be all WSC but I’ll take the mix with saikoho lol. Can’t wait to get them !

Laura 15 February, 2024 - 11:33 am

They look amazing! Enhorabuena!

Sushiko 15 February, 2024 - 3:00 pm

Dear Sonia, I am really really thankful for the great brushes I received from you. I was lucky enough to get the Holiday release, the New Fundamental Eye Set and the Traditions Keyaki Kakishibu Eye Set in the last few weeks. All of these brushes work phenomenal and my Make Up Routine in the morning is just a pleasure due to your brushes. Thanks for your great work and your instantly perfect descriptions from your brushes.
Now, of course, I am interested in this new set, especially in the TS3 and TS4. May I ask you how the TS3 compares to the Blender Pro, the Fundamental Crease M and the Tradition Keyaki T4 with regard to the blending and how the different bristles feel? And how compares the TS4 to the Pencil Pro and the Fundamental Pencil L?
Thank you very much! Sushiko

Carla 15 February, 2024 - 7:00 pm

I love this blog to learn about brushes and their characteristics. This new release is beautiful.

Olga 16 February, 2024 - 11:45 am

Wow, Sonia! There brushes are gorgeous I’m so excited for this surprise brush set, can’t wait to put my hand on these beauties! And finally mini Keyaki Niji and Buffer will be restocked on the same day, yay!
February 20th is my birthday and it couldn’t be better timing, thank you Sonia!!!

Baa 4 April, 2024 - 6:52 am

Beautiful and functional. What more could you ask for?! These brushes have relegated my cream eyeshadows to the back of the cabinet. I’m enjoying powder shadows again. I got the set then ordered another TS2. Keep them coming Sonia. I’d love to see more squirrel hairs and this wood combo. Would love to see more face brushes in the mini keyaki size, especially the Face Pro and Indochige Pro shaped brushes.

Cynthia 21 February, 2024 - 12:09 pm

Dearest Sonia, I can’t tell you how excited I am. I really didn’t think I was going to purchase anything this year, but alas….. I just ordered your TS 3&4 and I can’t wait for them to arrive. They are a bit different to what I have in my collection, even though I have brushes of similar size/functionality, I only have one other Japanese Canadian squirrel eye brush which is a little pokey. So I am very curious to see how these are going to perform. Xxxx Cynthia

PS, Btw I think this release is fantastic and brings something unique to all your other releases.


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