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Holiday Restock plans and FAQs

by Sonia G.

The first batch of the holiday editions sold out very quickly and we’d like to thank you all! For those of you who were able to order what you wanted, we hope you enjoy your set or brush holder when the deliveries come. There are some logistics delays due to the busy holiday season but the pieces should ship very soon and you will receive a notification when they do.
For those who wanted to buy a holiday edition, but were unable to, we would like to apologize, and we hope you’ll try again when the next batch comes into stock.  

After the launch, we’ve seen some polarizing comments with regards to availability and to remain transparent we thought you might like some insight into our processes and thought, as well as some answers to your questions: 

Restock plans


The Sunset Cranes Maki-e set will restock before the end of 2023, I will inform of the date on Instagram as soon as it is confirmed. I apologize for the logistics not allowing us to give precise dates at the moment. We actually may mention a shipping “on or after xx” on the Beautylish page.

After the end of year restock, there is still another delivery planned for January 2024 and then, should this Sunset Cranes set sell out, it will not be brought back. However, other versions may come in the future. This project included different designs and different brushes, if all goes smoothly, the Maki-e series will have amazing spin offs in 2024.

Since we are in the last steps of production and we have clear visibility on the delivery of each batch, we can summarize the restock plan as follows:

  • 1st restock is planned before the end of December 2023
  • 2nd (and last) restock is planned for January 2024


The Cranes over Mount Fuji – Act 2 brush holder will be back, but we don’t know when exactly. Hopefully January, but more realistically February 2024.
Today, we don’t know the plan because it depends on the artisans and also the quantity that we manage to put together for a restock. I will keep you informed on Instagram on when they will be back.

The manufacturing capacity for these pieces is very limited but we still ordered a good amount of them. The pieces that were available at the launch were a result of a 3 month production – this does not include development, preparation and prototyping, which are much longer processes done beforehand.

I also take this opportunity to let you know that on each brush page, this button is available where you can enter your details to be notified when something is back in stock. We agree that with the previous launch, this wouldn’t have helped, but more about this topic further down below.

Special editions or Holiday collections

Holiday editions are a delicate balance for us – On one hand we like offer something special (otherwise there would be no point in a holiday/special edition). On the other hand, we like to make sure that the products are obtainable – both in numbers available and in retail price.  

Planning, prototyping, and manufacturing start many months before deliveries. Planning and prototyping take up time – this is constant no matter how many sets /pieces we produce. Manufacturing time will be variable depending on the number of pieces produced and the complexity. Since these are artisan-crafted products whose skills take many years to master, we cannot ask the manufacturers to ramp up and down the number of employees to produce holiday specials (that would probably be immoral as well) – so the number of employees remains constant, and they are also producing our ongoing permanent collections. The only solution to have more pieces available would be to reduce the complexity (and therefore production time) – but that would make them less special – or to reduce the manufacturing of our permanent collections which would also reduce customer satisfaction. 

Based on the balance we find here; we must estimate early in the process how many pieces we can manufacture and what kind of customer demand we can expect – Which is impacted to some extent by price. Considering this being a special holiday collection, we want as many customers as possible to be able to afford it and be able to own something different or discover something new. We are not by any means saying the pricing of the pieces are low – that would be impossible based on the complexity of the products – but we didn’t want to artificially limit the availability by increasing the price since this would be unfair on our customers. 

In this case, to increase supply and guarantee a fixed price, we requested a batched delivery – a first delivery in time for the holiday season and additional deliveries a little later so that more people would be able to have them. As usual we will communicate in good time when the additional deliveries will be available for sale. It may seem that the specials sold out fast, but there was a reasonably large stock available of the brush sets and quite a few brush holders in this first batch. No PR sets were removed from these batches to maximize the stock for customers – the few earmarked for PR will be sent out with the next batches. 

Sonia G – PR and artisan produced items 

On the subject of PR, we receive several requests a day which come from Influencers, Reviewers, Professional makeup artists, Film / theatre makeup artists and even some movie stars. As much as we’d like everyone on earth to be using Sonia G Brushes, with the limited production and materials available to us, we are unable to respond favorably to most of your requests. With every launch, we have a limited number of sets (it will depend on the number of overall sets available) to send out to reviewers. We tend to favor reviewers who are very close to the brand, yet we ask them to remain totally critical to what we send them. We also try to often add a few new PR receivers to the list. Since our sales channel is through Beautylish, Beautylish also get a say and choose the recipients of the sets.  

Why (impartial) PR is important and valued

We don’t have any physical outlet stores where you can go to try /see our products before purchase so it is important to us that you are able to know as much about them and to know if they will match your needs before purchase. We try hard to provide lots of detailed information on this blog, but since it’s from ourselves it’s important for our customers to have other independent sources of information.

As mentioned above, we cannot supply limitless amounts of sets for PR, but it is nonetheless important that we are able to supply some PR kits with every launch – also as a way of saying thank you for reviewing our products.

We also love to hear what reviewers have to say regarding our launches – although since we ask for impartial reviews, we often find waiting for the review to be a little stressful.

Why discounts are not available

We believe each product has its value – we manufacture high quality, artisan made products from sources which have limited supplies or have a high level of manufacturing complexity. We believe you should be able to buy the product at any time and know that the price will not drop to an artificially low point the next day. For the same reason, we will not artificially inflate the prices at other times.

We do believe however that frequent customers should be thanked for their loyalty. Beautylish have recently implemented a rewards program, all the info is available here: https://www.beautylish.com/beautylish-rewards

What we can change in the future

It shouldn’t be a stressful moment to obtain Holiday or Special Editions. We totally understand the inconvenience it may cause you and are working on improving the experience.

For example, the topic of resellers – We have often seen new sets appear quickly on the second hand market for inflated prices. Whilst it is extremely understandable that products are sold second hand ( maybe someone regrets their purchase or doesn’t need it anymore ), we don’t want customers to buy multiple sets for this sole purpose. In order to prevent this, in cases where we know the supply is limited, we will try to keep the maximum purchase quantity as low as possible so that everyone has a fair amount of time to complete their purchase before the product sells out.
For the restock of these two releases, changes have been made and the maximum purchase limit will be set to 1 brush holder and 1 brush set per customer.

There are other topics we are also working on at the moment and we always appreciate your feedback. We are also considering splitting the launch in two so that we can cover more time zones.

How to better optimize your chances of purchasing a special edition

Follow the Sonia G Instagram page and this blog – We announce the go-live dates and times of all new products and often announce restocks of products which have been out of stock.

Make sure your details are already saved in your Beautylish account so you can complete the process quickly.

During special launches, there is a countdown ahead of time on the product page and the add to cart button appears at the end of the countdown – If you don’t see the countdown ahead of time, reload the page to see if it is available. There is no need to be waiting hours ahead – the button will only appear at the launch time.

Thank you…

We are very grateful for your interest, for your love, for the enthusiasm that you show us, it has been so intense for this collection. It should not be a stressful experience to shop for something we love, we will work on that. We want to sincerely thank you for your patience, for your understanding and for supporting me and the artisans behind our products!

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Charli 21 December, 2023 - 11:17 pm

I’m sorry that this was a stressful release for you Sonia. You don’t deserve that kind of chatter. You created such gorgeous brushes and brush holder for this year. I unfortunately don’t have the money to purchase them this year but I’m admiring from afar! I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas!

Ana lopez 21 December, 2023 - 11:37 pm

Thanks Sonia for updating us ! And I agree! Holiday releases should be special !! And this set really is ! I was lucky enough to get one ! But they are limited edition and a sold out page will eventually happen ! I’m so glad you were able to get two more release dates for those who weren’t able to purchase due to time zones ! But then again beautylish is in the US . I purchase fude from another site and because of the time difference it’s about 1-2am my time so I stay up if I really want them. Not going to attack the site because I’m an international buyer. Anyways .for PR! I really love Lexi jongs take on fude! She is always honest and says if we really need the brush or splurge item and I always love the so many comparisons !
I did wish it was before release date to get a glimpse of it. I’m excited to what’s going to come in 2024! Congrats again !

D 21 December, 2023 - 11:46 pm

Thank you for all that you do! Your brushes have ignited a passion for fude for so many people and the demand continues to grow and I am elated to watch the success of your brand. Your passion, authenticity and true love of fude is amazing. Your brushes began my journey and your blog and previous forum wee and continue to be my reference bible. I truly admire and appreciate posts like this which hopefully help newer fude enthusiasts understand the process and timelines it takes the craftsmen to make these works of art! Congratulations on your first makie offerings and another beautiful holder! I am excited to hear we can expect more makie in the future! All the best for a very happy holiday season and continued success, health and happiness in 2024!

Carla 22 December, 2023 - 12:04 am

I own many of your brushes and two of your brush holders–all excellent products. I thought you might be interested to know that the launch time was much later than announced. I was prompt (1:00 EST), but the page never shifted from “Coming Soon.” Even taking the steps you lay out above to complete the purchase process quickly did not help. I send this message only for your information, not as a complaint. Happy Holidays!

Carly 22 December, 2023 - 12:52 am

Im so sorry this has been stressful I really respect you and the way you have handled the criticism from others. I would also like to add that I think if there was another retailer it would help with the demand as well as other customers from different times zones. A for people that buy more I can understand why some people do this I have a friend who has had issues with beautylish but still wishes she could get your products still. Beautylish still has some places that they don’t ship to as well so this is another factor.

Bea 22 December, 2023 - 1:05 am

Sonia, thank you for updating us and for being so transparent. I was surprised by the polarizing comments after the launch and I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with them. You don’t deserve that. I missed out on the gorgeous brush holder and am grateful you’re able to restock it. If not I trust you’ll bring more things I’ll love another time. Thank you for all you bring!

Loyal customer 22 December, 2023 - 2:05 am

Thank you for limiting limited edition products to one purchase per person. This is fair and it should stay this way so we all have a chance to buy your beautiful brushes and other items.

Denise 22 December, 2023 - 2:30 pm

Selling at different time zones is a superb idea. Limiting sale to one seems a necessity. PR is highly not required since it is a limited edition product. Customers already made their decision to purchase solely based on your blog description and the items being your brand.

Thank you for caring so much about your customers. Pretty snazzy working with Hollywood stars

Merry Christmas, Sonia
Enjoy your Family ❤️

Shanna 23 December, 2023 - 3:40 pm

Yeah, that was a fast sellout. I was checking out less than 2 minutes after the release and lost my Brush holder. It makes my heart so happy that I’ll get another chance. I have the 1st Mt Fuji brush holder and I need the new one. Of course I want it right now, but I’ve read about several brands and the time it takes, products, etc. It takes time. My heart is happy just knowing it’s coming back, I don’t care when LOL! The success and quick sellout just shows how amazing Sonia G products are. I have all the brushes that have come out and the holders (except the new one) and I can confidently say, I’ll be a customer for life. The quality and ease of use is above any other I have. I hope future releases are less stressful and just as successful. Thank you for what you do. And again, I’m so excited!!!!

DSham 24 December, 2023 - 9:11 pm

Hi Sonia, happy holidays to you and your family. First off I would like to thank you for addressing the issue so promptly. I was on the website approximately 10 minutes before launch time and I was still unable to purchase anything due to the fact that the brush holder never showed up as available. I had the brushes in my cart and as I was on the phone with Beautylish questioning the brush holder, I lost the brush set so I ended up with nothing.. I’m happy to hear that there will be a second launch because I was very upset about how this went down. I own all of your brushes and I would hate to have an incomplete collection. I consider your brushes collectors item, so yes, I’m one of those who complains when I see Youtubers trying to convince me to buy something that I already planned on purchasing and they got theirs for free and we are not offered a discount for brushes in the upper price ranges. I would just like them to be available for all of us to purchase. I said this before that your brushes sell themselves so we don’t need anyone to try to convince us of how good you are. Like many brands are doing perhaps if you know that it’s going to be a limited edition item, you don’t have to send them out YouTubers because that limits our chances on buying them and I’m sure they’re very costly to you so I’m sure you’d rather be paid for them. Also I’m not sure if you’re aware that Beautylish offers customers to purchase five in quantity, which means whoever was lucky enough to receive five set and brushes can sell them for three times the cost I should know because it’s happened to me in the past. But anyway you have addressed everything so I thank you and I look forward to purchasing on the next launch date. Fingers crossed we won’t have that same problem and we can order both and we all can be happy. If I have offended you in anyway I apologize I know I came across some kind of harsh, but I was just extremely disappointed. Please take it as a compliment. That’s how much I love your products.

Nathalie 9 January, 2024 - 1:38 am

Bonjour Sonia je trouves que ce lien sur le blog et je sais pas où ont trouvés le lien ou autre pour participer au concours peux tu m aider stp , car je veux tentera chance aussi , merci d avance gros bisous

Lisa 17 January, 2024 - 5:39 am

Please advise release date of sunset crane and crane over mt fuji thank you

Carmengb 22 January, 2024 - 11:03 pm

Hola Sonia, estuve intentando conseguir estas preciosas brochas, pero me ha sido imposible.
Escribí al vendedor y me dijeron que al parecer la aduana española pone muchas dificultades y no envían compras superiores a 135 dólares (o cuantía similar), estoy defraudada porque quería que fueran mi regalo de reyes.
No sé si sabes ésto
Si quieres te envío el pantallazo con el mensaje


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