by Sonia G.

The Sheer Buffer has been specially designed for those of us who love a lightweight diffused application of cream bronzers – or other cream products.

It’s a stippling brush with two layers of bristles, the top layer picks up the product and the bottom layer buffs the product seamlessly onto the skin.

Whether you are stippling or buffing, this brush feels extremely silky. It was a challenge to create a soft, yet strong enough stippling brush and I am extremely happy with the outcome, I think that this brush beautifully fullfills the purpose that it was designed for. I will explain further down what I was aiming for, and what those challenges were in case you are interested.

These are the topics that you will find in this post, please feel free to continue reading or directly jump to the section you are most interested in:


Some stippling brushes are too firm or too directional, others have way too much give or flexibility and we don’t really know how or where the bristles are working. For the intented purpose of this Sheer Buffer brush I needed something just in between.
I have always been looking for a soft stippling brush but that allowed enough control right at the surface, with bristles that splayed out nicely and evenly but still with discipline in the movement.

When we want a soft diffused application, but we love to be in control of the bristles’ flow, this is where the Sheer Buffer is a time saver, it can for example apply a sheer veil of cream bronzer all over, effortlessly, super fast, and without interfering with the foundation application underneath.

I also thought that this more unique design could be of help in specific situations. So many products are incredibly gorgeous but sometimes we miss out on them because the application isn’t straightforward, maybe we need the right brush to facilitate their application and allow us to enjoy those products on a more regular basis.
This was exactly the reason why I wanted this kind of stippling brush: its purpose is to apply, diffuse and blend a cream product when we aim for a sheer application – without the effort of having to tone down or be too cautious with the technique. It’s not a brush for precision application, it’s for a diffused, natural result.


The thin bristles that extend further are synthetic fibers developped and manufactured in Japan, they are soft and flexible. This synthetic layer is the stippling surface.

The bristles that are shorter are a mix of synthetic and goat bristles, this layer of bristles is the buffing surface. This buffing surface has a diameter of approx 34mm.


The technique depends on the products you are using, how pigmented or close to your skintone they are, or the placement that you are aiming for.
If the product is much darker than your skintone, you may want to start by touching your product with the stippling surface of the brush just once, then stipple the product onto the skin and check how much product has been deposited. You may need to go back for more product, but upon first use, you need to assess how much product is picked up with one stipple.
If the product is on the dryer side, not very creamy, not very pigmented or not much darker than your skintone, then you can directly swirl the brush onto the product and even put some pressure, this will allow both the stippling and the buffing surface to work with the product and load it onto the brush. Some formulas are drier and need more friction, we just need to adapt the technique and the pressure to suit the product.

The layer of synthetic stippling bristles won’t pick up as much product in comparison to a denser or a flatter brush, but it’s intentional, this is to allow us to apply only the amount of product that we need, gradually build and diffuse the application.

To place or distribute the product onto the skin, we can either stipple or “stipple downwards” (see video below), or directly use circular movements, it depends on the product’s formula and pigmentation.
To blend or buff, we can stipple or do circular movements with the brush, adjust the buffing strength to the product used by using more or less pressure onto the skin.


To place and distribute the product we can stipple it onto the skin.

Stippling downwards

Or we can stipple the product while making little “downwards” strokes.

Circular movements

We can do circular movements to blend or buff.

The need for a brush like this in my personal routine was really very high and I know many who are looking for this exact functionality too, hopefuly this brush will meet your expectations and fill a gap in your collection!
I have been using this Sheer Buffer almost every single day since I received the final prototype and honestly, today I could not imagine my life without it. Many products that I loved, but didn’t care to use regularly, are now everyday staples just because they have become so effortless to apply.


I have many stippling brushes in my collection, they are wonderful and fun to use, but I needed something slightly different.

I had a clear vision of the results that I wanted to achieve with it, but the whole design process took us a very long time.

For this Sheer Buffer to work the way it does, it has to be just the right amount of stippling bristles, just the right give and density, it needs to flow but the strength of the buffing surface has to be exactly where it needs to be, the bristles need to splay out but only that much, the stippling bristles need to be effective but they also need to flex to let the buffing surface do the buffing.

And it had to be extremely soft! Maybe you have sensitive, dry or flaky skin so you may prefer cream bronzers or cream products and you want a brush that can work with them in stealth mode: very gently and with the fewer strokes possible.

During the development phase, I explained what I wanted to do and gave the master artisan the specs for creating this brush. Depending on the results achieved with the prototypes once received, I would adjust the specs and try again.

This is a little glympe at some of the prototypes done during the development phase, they look similar yet they work in such different ways. While talking about the challenges with this design, my husband suggested that I keep track of the time spent working on this particular brush but honestly, it had been a while since I totally lost track of it.

Designing brushes can be tricky, but this one was in another level. It has so many variables, changing one variable has a direct impact on another. Then, there is all the crafstmanship behind the build of the brush, some techniques need time to be mastered and adapted to innovative designs. To add more complexity to the process, materials evolved in the meantine and offered new possibilities, which was actually really interesting, specially for this type of brush, but it was a long path to finding the one.

Although all these prototypes weren’t quite exactly what I was looking for, they are all incredible, and honestly, having so many brushes to play with is just the most dreamy playground for a fude lover!
We have done so much research and work on this one, but it was worth it, fun, enriching and such an honnor to spend time working side by side with the master artisan.

I design the products from scratch and don’t copy existing designs. This process pushes innovation and keeps the job interesting for both me and the artisans involved. We really appreciate that our customers are willing to support us in this adventure by purchasing quality and innovative products. By buying SoniaG products, you’re enabling us to further innovation and continue to bring you something different and still be here in the longer term! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

I spend many hours, days and months trying to get SoniaG products just perfect – In this case, even after the brush was designed and production on its way, I had prototypes sent to me just to be sure everything was going exactly as I needed it to be.  

I wanted to have a brush like this in my collection since the day I started using cream bronzers, for example products like the Chanel Soleil Tan (Bronzer Universel), this was a long time ago! The first sample of this Sheer Buffer dates back to January 2017… more than 6 years ago. I can’t even believe it’s finally here.


If you are already familiar with the brushes below, these additional details will give you a better idea of the size and functionality of the Sheer Buffer in comparison to them.


The Buffer Pro and the Smooth Buffer are designed for the application and buffing of powder products.
The Sheer Buffer has been designed for the application and buffing of liquid and cream products.

The 3 buffer brushes share one common trait: the bristles have flexibility, the surface of these brushes follows the structure of the face and they buff without disturbing the application underneath.

Sheer Buffer – Smooth Buffer – Buffer Pro
Diameter of the surface*~34mm~37mm~34mm
* The measurements are approximate as each brush may evolve differently with usage
  • Buffer Pro and Smooth Buffer are brushes that are more geared towards the finishing sequence of a powder application: to set, to tone down, to smooth out an application for example. The Smooth Buffer is a smaller version of the Buffer Pro, it was designed for those of us who needed the same functionality as the Buffer Pro but to work within a smaller perimeter.
  • The Sheer Buffer is designed for cream bronzer or cream blush application, to buff or layer those products and deliver a sheer diffused result.


When buffing with this Sheer Buffer you will notice that it adapts nicely to the structure of the face, it has movement. It will remind you of the Buffer Pro if you are familiar with it. The Buffer Pro is designed to apply and buff powder products, the Sheer Buffer is like a counterpart for creams.

The Sheer Buffer vs the Buffer Pro, the latter has just a little bit more density and the bristles are shorter.
The Buffer Pro has a larger diameter at the surface.

If you were to apply and buff creams with the Buffer Pro, its flat surface would deliver a more opaque placement, not always ideal for layering cream products.

In comparison, and depending on the technique used, the stippling surface on the Sheer Buffer only deposits little “dots” of product, then while buffing the dots disappear and the product is diffused effortlessly without moving the foundation underneath.


When working with cream bronzers for example, the Classic Base offers more precision and delivers a heavier application, while the Sheer Buffer allows to easily achieve a more see-through application on a larger area.


I have released two versions of the Base One, they are now discontinued as they were replaced with the Fusion series.

The Base One brushes were both smaller and firmer in comparison to the Sheer Buffer.


Some stippling brushes have very long bristles and they tend to splay out quite a lot, others have shorter stippling bristles but then they feel too firm and are too directional. This doesn’t mean they are bad brushes, I just wanted a different kind of stippling brush.
The Sheer Buffer has a generous surface that delivers a very diffused application, but the application still remains super controllable: you know how much you are applying and where you are working.

If you own the Chanel Foundation Blender or the Hakuhodo J4001, the Sheer Buffer does not work in the same way. When you press on the surface of these two brushes, all the bristles bend and splay out. It will feel different on the Sheer Buffer as only the synthetic bristles at the top will flex to let the thicker layer underneath do the buffing.

Hakuhodo J4001 – Chanel Foundation Blender – Sheer Buffer


The products that initially motivated me to create this stippling brush are cream bronzers and other cream products that I wanted to apply with a sheer coverage, diffused on a larger area.

I will share some examples below, it might help to understand what to expect from this Sheer Buffer depending on the type of products and the results that you are aiming for.

For reference, I have very dry skin, I am a usually “light” or “light+” on most foundations, in Mac I am NW20, in Estee Lauder Futurist a 2N1, Natasha Denona Face Glow a 40, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi a 113 and 123 depending on the season, Chanel N°1 B20.

Chanel Les Beiges – Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream – Soleil Tan – Bronze Universel

Let’s just call this the “Soleil Tan” even though it’s the newer formula and extended name. I have the shades 390 and 395. The shade 395 is much darker, the undertone is more red and cool which I very much prefer. I think this shade is appropriate for any light and medium skintones because you can definitely apply it sheerly and it will look very natural.

Chanel promotes these Bronzing creams paired with a dense brush similar to a foundation brush. These products can be applied with any brush because the light shades are quite sheer, easy to diffuse and even the darker shade can be easily sheered out.

When I apply the 390, I swirl the Sheer Buffer onto the product with more determination in comparison to the 395 which is much darker. With both shades I stipple the product onto the skin and make little downward strokes to diffuse it, then I use circular movements to blend. With the darker shade I will not load as much product onto the brush since it shows more easily.

I apply this Soleil Tan on top of my foundation, if I use a dense brush I need to be careful not to alter the foundation application but the Sheer Buffer will just gently hover on top of the foundation while blending the bronzer, it makes the process a bit faster and more worry free.

Nars Laguna 02 Bronzing Cream

This is a beautiful cream bronzer, it’s just perfect on my skintone, looks fabulous and natural.
I apply this bronzer on top of my foundation and the Sheer Buffer is the perfect tool for this type of bronzer formula, we can build it gradually and it won’t mess with the foundation at all.

To apply it, I touch the bronzer with the brush a couple of times gently, then I stipple it on my face and buff with circular movements. You will see that the synthetic bristles stipple and draw little “dots” with the product when you are placing and stippling the product, this is normal, once you blend the dots are blended out.

Charlotte Tilbury Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer

I have the shade 01 Fair, which is ok for my skintone but it’s a very light bronzer. I have to swirl the brush onto the pan with enough pressure so that both the stippling bristles and the buffing surface both have some product, then I will directly use circular movements to buff this bronzer onto the skin.

Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cream Palette

This is a waterproof cream palette with different shades of browns, I mix the two lighter shades in the palette and use them as a bronzer, countour and additional coverage.

My skin is super dry, I have pores and wrinkles that are easily emphasized with a medium/high coverage foundation so to avoid this issue, I apply a sheer layer of foundation and find other ways to enhance the coverage, for example with this palette.

My favorite way to achieve more coverage is to use these creams on top of my foundation. They add structure and dimension, they don’t add a lot of coverage but they truly make the skin look so much better. This is holy grail material for me. Only issue is that I have to mix the shades and play with them but it’s worth it, unfortunately I didn’t find another product in her range that has this exact same formula and finish.
To apply them, I touch the two lightest pans with the Sheer Buffer, one after the other (first the lightest then the other) and I stipple, then buff in small circular movements.

These creams have a similar feel as the Nars Laguna 02 Bronzing cream, they are not hard on the pans, they are really easy to pick up with any brush.
If you want to work with hard creams, the Sheer Buffer is not the best brush for the purpose, you would need a more firm and dense option. The Classic Base or the Jumbo Base from the Fusion series would be a better alternative.


The Sheer Buffer is not a foundation brush unless you are going for just a light wash of foundation. In that case yes, it makes sense but it depends on the type of formula you are using.

Some friends of mine do not want to wear foundation on a daily basis, it’s too much fuss and coverage for them and they would not feel comfortable. But, they are happy to wear a wash of foundation or better, cream bronzer. They just love a more lightweight application that just enhances their skin without feeling like they have a layer of make-up on, so this brush is perfect for that.

It’s also an option to wear a wash of foundation if you have extremely dry skin as this brush will just layer a subtle veil without putting pressure or friction onto the dry patches.

If you wish for a light to medium coverage, the Jumbo Base will be a better alternative to the Sheer Buffer for foundation application.

Hybrid formulas

I wouldn’t necessarily reach for this Sheer Buffer to apply this kind of hybrid formulas, baked, gelee, etc if I have a different brush at hand. However, that very red shade in the Nars On The Beach palette looks stunning applied with the Sheer Buffer – as long as you don’t want precision but diffused results, it will be just right.

I also tried the Nars baked luminous finishing powders (or other similar products) with the Sheer Buffer brush and for most of them it was a match made in heaven, it depends on the precision and the glow of the powders. I used Nars or Hourglass and the result was subtle and gorgeous but if you need precision and if the powders are too shimmery it will not work because of the large surface and the density of the brush.

To apply this kind of baked gelee formulas (like the Nars), I tap or swipe the brush onto the pan (depends on the formula) and then I stipple and buff.

Cream blushes

It’s ok to use the Sheer Buffer with cream blushes, as long as you don’t need a precise application.

You will also need to assess how much product is picked up by the brush upon first use as this will be different with each formula.
If you deposit too much product the Sheer Buffer is not a brush that is going to be capable of sheering out a heavy application.

Its job is to build an application gradually until you are happy with the intensity, and therefore skip the effort of having to eventually sheer it out.

If you are looking for a brush that can apply cream blushes with more precision and control, the Mini Base would be the most appropriate brush from my collection.

Liquid formulas

The Sheer Buffer can be a gem with some liquid formulas. However, if the liquid formula is a highlighter with shimmer I wouldn’t recommend it at all, you would have a really large area covered with shimmer -unless this is what you are going for.

If it’s a subtle glow type of product that you want to apply on a larger area, then yes absolutely.

For a precise placement, the Mini Base will be a better brush.

I love to use the Sheer Buffer to apply the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand because I am not going for a super precise application, my contour area is quite wide so I dot the sponge tip applicator onto the face where I want the most of the product then blend it with the brush.

Stick formulas

If the stick formula is hard, it will be very difficult to blend it effectively with the Sheer Buffer.

If you apply the stick directly onto the face and then try to blend, even if the stick formula is on the softer side, it might be tricky, it depends on the product.

However, (and this is one of my favorite things to do with the Sheer Buffer), if you take the stick and stipple it right on the center of the Sheer Buffer and then apply what’s on the brush onto the cheeks, the result is going to be incredibly beautiful, very natural, and automatically blended.

If you want something stronger with more density for the application of harder stick formulas, the Mini Base is the best brush for that purpose.

Powder blushes

The Sheer Buffer is not the brush I would use with a powder blush, however, I do reach for it if I don’t have any other brush around me. I used it many times already but it only works if I want to apply a blush that doesn’t require precision, but again, not the brush I would use for powder blush.

Guerlain Meteorites (or similar)

The Sheer Buffer has enough airiness to dive into the Meteorites and pick up a good amount of product in between the bristles and onto the flatter buffing surface.

If you wish to apply a soft veil of radiance all over the face or on a generous area, this brush can do the trick.


The purpose of the Sheer Buffer is to apply, diffuse and blend a cream product when we aim for a sheer application – without the effort of having to tone down or be too cautious with the technique. It’s not a brush for precision application, it’s for a diffused, natural result.

Quick and easy application of products that are very pigmented

So many products are incredibly gorgeous but sometimes we miss out on them because the application isn’t straightforward, maybe we need the right brush to facilitate their application and allow us to enjoy those products on a more regular basis.
With the Sheer Buffer their application becomes more effortless and the risk of overdoing the application is substracted from the equation.

Rediscover your stash

The Sheer Buffer may even help you rediscover products that you aren’t enjoying anymore.
Sometimes it’s worth trying a different technique or approach and adding a tool like this to your collection gives you more options and new possibilities.

Layer products safely

The stippling bristles allow the buffing surface to hover gently and blend without disturbing the layers underneath.
When we apply cream bronzers, we often love to apply them on top of primers or foundation, it can be very helpful to use a brush that won’t put too much stress on the base layers.

A gentle brush for dry, flaky or sensitive skin

We sometimes need a brush that can diffuse products in the softest way possible, with the least friction and without causing irritation.
This Sheer Buffer can really make a difference for those of us who enjoy make-up, but who struggle when the application is painful.
Not having to sheer out a heavy application will help us reduce the amount of strokes that we need, and this can truly make a difference!


The Sheer Buffer will be available on Beautylish starting on the 13th of June 2023, at 10am PT. It will retail for 65 USD. Unfortunately, at this stage I don’t know if this brush will stay in the permanent collection.

Beautylish have a dedicated page here where you can sign up and be notified when it has launched!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate! I hope that this is a brush that you also feel was missing in the Fude world and I sincerely hope that you will love the way it performs!

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Severine 8 June, 2023 - 9:51 pm

Excellent travail. Un pinceau qui manquait voilà tout est dit. Bravo bravo pour tout ce travail durant ces 6ans . Il a l’air incroyable. Et félicitations pour cet article une fois encore riche en détails.

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:19 am

Merci Severine! c’était une joie de l’écrire 😀 et merci vraiment du fond du coeur pour ton support et ton amour!

Kimberley 8 June, 2023 - 10:58 pm

Oh my goodness! I cannot wait! I had been trying for a few weeks now to find a good stippling brush! I will definitely pick this up! So excited!

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:21 am

Thank you Kimberley! wow what a coincidence, I am so happy when this happens! I hope the Sheer Buffer meets your expectations! Please let me know if you don’t mind, big hugs!! <3

Denise 8 June, 2023 - 11:30 pm

Sonia. This article is so well done. I commend you on your thoroughness and attention to detail. I appreciate the great amount of time and effort you have put into this article about the Sheer Buffer and the brush itself. You have definitely been working on this particular brush for a very long time. It is stupendous to see you not stopping until you have the object in your hand which has been brewing in your brain for years. And how great is it that we are furthering innovation in the design and craftsmanship of fude. Spectacular!
But, Sonia, tell me. I think I will have to wait for the next project. Please share with me your thoughts. My makeup routine is mostly loose powders. An example is how I apply my blush. Currently I tap one your natural hair brushes into the powder, knock off any excess, work the powder in a bit either on my hand or on my palette disc, then tap and buff the powder onto my face. The only cream products I use on my face would be my concealers which I apply and buff out using your Fusion line. Does the Sheer Buffer have a place on my vanity based on my makeup application? Even if I mix a face powder with cream or Duraline, would a Fusion brush do the job better or just as good as the Sheer Buffer?
THANK YOU, SONIA! Thank you for taking the time to answer me. And thank you for not wasting your talents. And kudos for you mentioning your Husband in this post! ; ) God love our Men. They love and support as best as they know how. God bless you! Denise

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:34 am

Hi Denise! yes indeed, a lot of love and energy was devoted to this little Sheer Buffer! thank you so much for reading!!
It’s a very specific tool though, so if you are not playing with cream bronzers on a regular basis for example, I don’t think it’s going to rock your world 🙂
The Fusion Mini Base or the other brushes that have more density are more appropriate for concealer for sure.
I don’t think this Sheer Buffer will have enough density for your technique, although I can be wrong since I haven’t tried it… Sometimes I use this brush to apply cream blush and then use this same brush to apply powder blush on top (just to add some oomph to a color when the cream blush is very subtle), but I do that mainly because I am in such a rush that I don’t even switch brushes 😀 it happens quite often though because I am caught in my thoughts and when I realize I need to get out the door I have like 5 minutes to get ready!

About hubby yes he kept telling me that it would be nice to share a little more of behind the scenes, I am super happy to do so but it’s not easy due to all the confidentiality behind the design and manufacturing 🙂 I think it still helps to show that this is not some random design, but quite precisely calculated, I just hope that it will work for many of you who support me!!
I send you lots of love your way and thank you again for being here, it’s really very much appreciated! <3

Anette 9 June, 2023 - 8:34 am

This looks like such a great brush!! And I really appreciate your writing style. It’s very useful information, presented very clearly and easy to follow. The videos are a great addition. My favorite part though, was following your design process, hearing your thoughts about functionality and seeing all the prototypes. <3

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:18 am

Thank you so much Anette! I thought it could be fun to see that it takes time and it’s not just a random guess 🙂 so happy to share this part with you and really honoured that you took the time to read! thank you so much!!

Marina 9 June, 2023 - 8:54 am

You made it again Sonia! Like I wrote already when commenting your article about the Smooth or Buffer Pro, I have a very dry skin too and the same skin tone. I only own one cream bronzer, the original Chanel Tan, and so far I haven’t given it much love although I do like it because I hadn’t found the perfect tool for it. So far, I have been using either the Sigma Duo Fibre 50, which is flexible but somehow no great neither at pick ping up the bronzer, nor at buffing, or the Sigma Duo Fibre F53 Air, which is great for picking up but not for buffing. So I would use first the latter and then the former. A rather cumbersome and time consuming process. and with my dry skin, I am always very careful of not pressing to much also to avoid disturbing foundation underneath. Your new creation, the Sheer Buffer, might just be the One for me and I will get it as soon at it’s out and report back. Now, that would be great if you would also be working on a similar and smaller brush for cream blushes (I always layer cream and powder blushes) and mini versions to add to my/our Keryaki sets…. Keep up the great work for us makeup and fude addicts! Love ❤️

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:17 am

Hi Marina! it was the same issue for me, time consuming and I just didn’t want to reach for it enough so I hope it will work for you too! can’t wait to hear your thoughts! hugs!!!<3

Abby 9 June, 2023 - 2:15 pm

Sonia well done this is so exciting! I would love to see how this applies the Mario skin enhancers – both the bronzers and the new blush. Thank you so much for including video demos!

Sonia G. 10 June, 2023 - 8:15 am

Thank you Abby!! <3

Maria 11 June, 2023 - 6:16 am

Sonia I really love how you breakdown the way this is different from the other brushes already from the other collections. The detailed product use and description are so helpful. Amazing I really think this is what missing from my collection I love using liquid or cream products for bronzer and blush so sad I won’t be able to get it since beautylish is the only retailer unfortunately. I’m hoping in the future there will be a website where I can purchase.

Anette Højland 11 June, 2023 - 7:32 am

Dear Sonia
I have a lot of your beautiful brushes, but this is what I need right now! I work with By Terry CC serum as a base in the summer for a glowing less makeup’ed face. I also use Danesas Blurring powder in a darker shade as bronzer – this is what I’ve been missing for this combo!!❤️
I will pull out my Chanel Soleil again – now with the perfect tool. I am SO looking forward to this launch. So much respect for what you do. Thank you for being passionate❤️❤️❤️

Sallie 11 June, 2023 - 11:52 pm

Hello Sonia,
This brush seems tailor made for me, who likes a sheer application with a soft brush and deals with flaky skin 🙂
Can you let us know what your care routine is for the brush? I have a couple Hakuhodos and stopped using them because they’re a bear to clean, while also getting gunked up quite easily.

Tamara 12 June, 2023 - 3:31 pm

Hi Sonia,
I’m so excited for this lunch 🙂 Can’t wait!
“… however, I do reach for it if I don’t have any other brush around me.” :):):) Does this ever happen??? :):)
Lots of love.

Paloma 12 June, 2023 - 4:37 pm

WOW! Es increíble el trabajo que te ha debido llevar un artículo tan detallado para un solo producto: explicación de las fibras y su uso, comparación con otras brochas similares de tu línea y de otras, aplicación de distintos productos,… Me encanta que en vez de decir simplemente lo maravilloso que es e intentar vendérnoslo, te tomes la molestia de darnos toda la información para ver si es o no algo que realmente necesitamos en nuestra rutina. Yo tengo la Mini Base y la verdad es que me funciona de maravilla para todos mis productos líquidos y en crema. Nunca empiezo aplicando mucho producto, así que siempre obtengo un resultado difuminado y natural ya sean productos líquidos o cremas firmes. Dicho esto, siempre me han gustado estas brochas duo-fiber tipo MAC 187, así que estoy intrigada y puede que peque en algún momento 😉 (Por cierto, no sabes lo rarísimo que se me hace hablar de maquillaje en castellano. Como (ex-)traductora que soy, me duele como una patada en las espinillas meter morcillas en inglés cuando hablo en castellano, pero estoy tan acostumbrada a escuchar hablar de este tema en inglés que hay palabras que directamente no sé o me parecen que quedan aún peor si las traduzco.) En fin, enhorabuena por otro lanzamiento. Tienes una línea muy completa ya, pero tienes razón, venía bien una brocha sintética de este tipo 😉 ¡BESAZOS! (y perdón por contarte mi vida en verso)

Denise 12 June, 2023 - 8:25 pm

Hello Sonia,

Will this brush be good for cream blushes and the the Westman Atelier and Chanel color sticks? I don’t use cream bronzers but I do use cream based products like I just mentioned including highlighters. Thank you for another winner brush!!!

Nuni 13 June, 2023 - 6:10 pm

¡Hola Sonia! Thank you for your detailed and helpful explanation, as usual! I picked up the brush, and I’m so exited to try it out, as soon as it arrives! But one question, since you don’t recommend this brush for hybrid baked/gelee formulas, what brushes from your line do you recommend the most for those types of formulas (for example, the new Chanel face/eye quads, which I find a little difficult to pick up; I was hoping to try the new brush with those blushes). Thank you!

Sonia G. 14 June, 2023 - 3:20 pm

Hola Nuni, thank you for getting the Sheer Buffer! I heard these Chanel products are super difficul to pick up, I saw them at the mall and even tried to swatch them and nothing showed up, I even thought it was a pretend product for a second 😀 I did not get it and could not really check it in depth.
What I can say is that when I have to work with formulas that are very hard to pick or to blend, I automatically reach for the Cheek Pro or the Classic Cheek, the Cheek Pro has shorter bristles with a flatter surface and we can put a bit more pressure with it. If it’s for a bronzer that is hard or a powder, then I reach for the Smooth Buffer. Do you have any of these brushes already so maybe you could try?
Thank you again for taking the time to write to me and for your kind support! 🙂 <3

Amy 13 June, 2023 - 7:11 pm

just ordered so excited to receive this brush and to try the sky eye set – thank you for restocking!

Sonia G. 14 June, 2023 - 3:00 pm

Hi Amy, that’s really kind, thank you so much!!

Karen Miyake 23 June, 2023 - 10:57 am

Hi Sonia, this brush looks like the Rae Morris 23 foundation brush but I’m sure it must be different. Can you describe the differences? I don’t use bronzer but it seems this brush would work well for cream blush if it’s not larger than Rae’s. Would you be coming out with a smaller version? I have some Hakuhodo brushes that are similar in concept (two levels of hair length). They are smaller than Rae’s but are rather stiff; the Rae Morris does a better and more efficient job in softly diffusing blush.

Sonia G. 28 June, 2023 - 12:36 pm

Hi Karen!
Sorry for my late reply, I was on a trip and I just returned!
Sure I can explain the differences:
The Rae 23 feels less dense, less firm. The base “buffing” bristles on the Rae are just slightly shorter than those of the Sheer Buffer, while the stippling bristles are longer on Rae’s 23.
The Sheer Buffer doesn’t splay as much as the Rae, which means it can work on a smaller area or with more control and strength in comparison to the Rae 23.
For example, when applying the Nars Laguna cream bronzer, the Sheer Buffer can keep the placement within a smaller perimeter, the intensity is easier to control, and also, if you need to buff or blend a placement, the Sheer Buffer will have more strength to do so.I think the Sheer Buffer might be in between the Hakuhodo and the Rae’s.
Please let me know if this helps or if you would like that I go into more details 🙂 I am happy to do it and also to send you pictures.
I would love to bring a smaller version too! Thank you so much for your question and big hugs! <3

Karen 28 June, 2023 - 11:35 pm

Hi Sonia, I wrote a response but I think it got deleted so I am writing again.
Just received my brush today and am so excited! In between the Rae and the Hakuhodo, how did you know I needed this? I am taking out all my cream blushes. I don’t use them much because it takes so long to pat them in and I never know if it is even. And I don’t use your Fusion brushes for blush because I am heavy handed and everything gets mushed up. Probably why I am really bad at watercolor painting.
No need for more explanation, I think your brush says it all. And now I don’t think I need a smaller version….but then you always surprise me and come up with something I didn’t know I needed.:)
Hope your family is thriving. Sending you much aloha!

Sonia G. 29 June, 2023 - 9:15 pm

Hi Karen!
That’s wonderful! So happy that this brush meets your expectations! I have exactly the same struggles and the Sheer Buffer saves me a lot of time. I hope that you will rediscover your cream blushes and that you’ll use them regularly! This is the most amazing feedback, I love to hear that the products we don’t reach for on a regular basis suddenly get so much more use and love!
If you have blush sticks and wish to have a diffused application but within a small perimeter (since you initially were looking for precision but with a soft application), place the stick product right in the center of the brush and stipple. Should work beautifully!
I hope that your family is doing great, I will never forget you and I appreciate so much that you are around! Thank you for your precious message! Many hugs! A bientôt! 🙂 <3

Gertie 22 August, 2023 - 12:24 am

Hi Sonia! Thank you for being so thorough in your explanation and back story on the creation of your new Sheer buffer. Your comparison with other similar brushes is also helpful. Do you mind comparing the Sheer Buffer to the Hakuhodo G5556? I understand the G5556 is angled compared to Sheer Buffer. But, does the synthetic fiber same in length as well as performance? Thank you in advance!

Sonia G. 22 August, 2023 - 8:37 am

Hi Gertie,
Thank you!
Sure, I can try to explain the differences. The synthetic bristles on the G5556 are shorter and it has a much denser feel and less movement, it means that when putting pressure on the surface of the brush, the bristles stay in their place, they don’t flex and open like the Sheer Buffer. If you want a more precise targetted application, the G5556 is more adapted because it’s much more firm, if you are going for a more diffused lightweight application, the Sheer Buffer is going to do the job faster and easier.
The shape is also different, an angled brush is better suited for a swipe type of use (or linear stroke movement), it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use the G5556 in circular motions (just my opinion) while the Sheer Buffer is more adapted for circular blending.
The Sheer Buffer will not achieve the same precision and control as the G5556, it is for a diffused application. You can still of course apply cream blushes or bronzers with the Hakuhodo, but in comparison to the Sheer Buffer it will be more intense and more concentrated in a smaller area.
I have the S5557 which has longer bristles and a bit more movement and flexibility, but still much more dense and firm in comparison to the Sheer Buffer so it’s won’t behave like it.
I hope this helps but please do let me know! <3

Gertie 22 August, 2023 - 11:20 pm

Thank you so much for your feedback! This is very helpful! The Sheer Buffer is indeed a class of it’s own!

Karina D 13 November, 2023 - 8:00 pm

Dear Sonia, I have been searching for this lovely brush everywhere. I tried so many ways to find it besides the official vendor but no luck at all. May I know if you are planning to restock and if so, when? so I can wait patiently for it? Your brushes are amazing and I’m collecting them all. Excellent craftsmanship, design, presentation, comparisons, etc. your dedication is our win and I really want to thank you for it. Bug fan!!

Sonia G. 13 November, 2023 - 9:15 pm

Hi Karina, yes absolutely, it’s on the way to Beautylish as I write this 🙂 So it’s coming very soon, it will depend on how smooth the rest of the logistics go but this November it will be back in stock.
Your comment means a lot Karina, you are so kind to stop by and write this for me, thank you!!!

Carla 5 December, 2023 - 3:15 am

I bought this brush to do the final finish, however I read Sonia’s review and she said it was suitable for cream products. When I use it as a finishing brush it works incredibly, it does not lift the makeup base or other products, but when I use it with the cream bronzer it goes to another level, I have never seen something so wonderful, it blends only the finish is perfect. It’s really incredible, I have four brushes, I love them, and I use them every day. The dedication and love that Sonia puts into them makes these brushes unique. I’m really shocked.


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