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Sonia G – Together Towel

by Sonia G.

Last year I created a little microfiber towel called “To the Moon and Back”, illustrating little rabbits happily hopping to the moon and back. This year, the rabbits are back, in pairs.

This year’s towel showcases the logo and the little rabbits, together, in a sunrise scenery, two cranes flying and dragonflies playing, surrounded by water lilies.

There are two options for the towel this year, the illustration is the same but for the microfiber side, there is a pastel blue like last year, or a light pink. It’s the same material, the only thing that changes is that the pink or blue microfiber side gives a different hue to the illustrated image at the front. With the pink microfiber at the back, the beige background looks more warm and peachy and with the blue microfiber, the beige background looks more cool and yellow.  I wanted to pick more colours for the back but these two were the ones that worked the best with the color palette of the sunrise illustration. 



I worked with the same team to bring this little functional towel back, this year it features a new theme: “together”.

Please kindly have a look at this post to read more about the manufacturing. Just like last year’s, the team is located in Tokyo but since this type of microfiber and some processes are still not available in Japan, they have to use one of their branches in Vietnam to print and assemble the towel.
I would like to emphasize that due to the difficult covid situation in Vietnam, some manufacturing processes had to temporarily be moved to China but it is the same team responsible for the manufacturing, with exactly the same quality and the same materials and they are an extremely reputable company, working for many years with the most famous and luxurious brands worldwide.  




How to use

To clean the brushes, gently swipe make-up away with the microfiber side of the towel in between uses, this will remove dust, dirt, bacteria, or moisture from your brushes.  This spot cleaning in between washes will extend their life span and they will perform better without that make-up residue building up on the bristles.  

There is a cotton side and a microfiber side: the microfiber side is the one to use for the cleaning task, the cotton side is the one to either wipe our hands or to hold the towel while we clean the brushes. I find more pleasant to have a cotton side attached to the microfiber, both in terms of aesthetics and tactile feeling, I hope you like it too! 


Care instructions

Wash at 40° Celsius max in a wash bag if you wish to avoid particles sticking to the microfiber side.

I do not use a wash bag as I am not going to use this towel with screens or glasses and it comes out just fine for use with brushes, it is going to be a personal choice depending on what other items you are going to clean with the towel.

As the towel is washed, the two sides of the towel will move and evolve slightly differently and this is normal behavior as the sides are not glued together.

It is not recommended to iron the towel, but I do reshape it then then iron the towel with care, only on the cotton side, and to be more cautious we can put a cloth in between the towel and the iron. I like the cotton side to look smooth but I don’t do it systematically 🙂 


Blue or Pink


Other Details

·         Size: 24 cm x 24 cm

·         Front (side with illustration): 100% Cotton

·         Back: Microfiber (85% Polyester, 15% Nylon)



Just like last year, it’s Limited Edition, it will be available while the current stock lasts. 

The price for one towel is 23 USD and it will launch this Monday 19th of November at 9 AP PT on Beautylish, I hope that you love this little illustration and I wish you a peaceful and joyful weekend!   

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