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by Sonia G.

When I read about Mel passing away, I could not believe that it happened, it has been a shock for everyone. Mel still had so much to do and to share!

I cannot imagine the pain that her family and close friends are enduring, my heart and prayers go to them and to all of you who love her and miss her. I struggle to keep it together, it hurts so much, I am angry and sad at the same time… I miss her tremendously.

The first time I came upon Mel’s Instagram account and Youtube Channel I was mesmerized by her beauty and her personality, Mel is the kind of person who we eagerly binge-watch on Youtube. I was looking forward to watching her smile and joke, to learn more about her and to being enabled by her and her contagious love for make-up.  I look at my vanity today and it’s filled with amazing products that she recommended to us and that I use and love, now even so much more.


Our passion for make-up and motorbikes is what started our friendship, I don’t know when we started messaging precisely, but I remember very very clearly the feeling when I received her reply, I ran tell my husband, I was so excited, her replying to me made me feel honoured and so happy.  We talked about meeting somewhere-I couldn’t believe she would want to spend some time with me!!!! I started dreaming about this and planning. We were thinking about meeting in London -where I would secretly ask Wayne to join us to surprise her. We used to talk about Wayne and I told her that she would love to spend time with him because he was so genuine, funny and kind and they would love each other so very much.

Unfortunately she could not travel, so I was trying to plan a trip to LA but then covid made it impossible to travel and I had to cancel my plans. We said 2020 would be the year we meet, it was postponed and I was hoping we could still do it before the end of 2021. We said that when we meet, we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other because we would be grinning so much and crying at the same time!


I already knew that Mel was hardworking but when I heard Kelsee talk about her, I was blown away, Mel was insane, how could she handle all of that and stay so humble! I asked Mel several times how she managed with 4 children, I had only one and I was exhausted…  we laughed about it, she was unstoppable, strong, courageous, so talented, so caring and generous, a real superhero and she deserved all the love in the world.

I am so grateful for her friendship, for her huge support, so honoured that she would use my brushes. She inspired me with every video she made and the encouragement that Mel was giving me continuously through her reviews was absolutely incredible, she made me cry with joy so many times and I told her that I could not hold my tears, it really meant the world to me that she would enjoy them.
I will continue to watch her and if you would like to support her,  watching her videos is a great way to do so, commenting, liking and watching will help her family financially and help keep her channel active. Please also kindly watch Kelsee’s, Tara’s, Wayne’s, Jen Luv’s videos as they did such sweet videos talking about our angel and I am sure there will be more videos as Mel had so many amazing friends who loved her dearly.

Here is the link to her channel: Mel Youtube channel

If you wish to contribute financially,  here is Mel’s GoFundMe that was kindly set up by her dearest friend Kelsee  https://gofund.me/c3e5b25

I also wanted to mention that Mel launched a palette in collaboration with Sidney Grace, here is the link to Tiny Marvels and I could not recommend you enough to get it and use it!

Also the lipstick collaboration with Christian Audette just in case you did not know about it.

Thank you for reading this, my English is not great and specially when talking about someone so special, I really cannot find the words.

My beautiful angel, rest in peace Mel

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Joan 7 October, 2021 - 11:23 am

Such a beautiful tribute to Mel. She was such an inspiration! I will miss her very very much. It was the first time I’ve cried so much for someone I have never met, that’s how much she has made her subscribers feel so loved and a part of her life.

cat_mom13 7 October, 2021 - 3:34 pm

What a beautiful tribute, Sonia. She will be missed by many.

Linda Talledo 8 October, 2021 - 2:02 am

I discovered your brushes through Mel. Both of you seem so humble and sweet. I never and couldn’t figure out how I could be so devastated when someone died who I’d never met or talked to. We messaged once about Milk makeup eye liner in black.. She loved it and made me love it! I was like a fan girl that she responded to me. When I saw everyone else.. her fans, were devastated like me.. I realized that I wasn’t crazy! That’s the mark of an amazing person. Someone who leaves a mark of so many people that she never even met. To not see new videos with her traditional “hello my beauties” makes me feel sad, however I’m happy that she no longer has seizures or pain
Thanks for such a beautiful tribute Sonia.

Debra O'Toole 9 October, 2021 - 12:28 am

This is a beautiful tribute to Mel, she loved your brushes so much and did such amazing reviews with them, i still can’t believe she has gone and am really struggling with the fact that i won’t get any new videos anymore or she won’t pop up in my Instagram feed, i feel blessed that we have her YouTube channel so that i can keep watching her, I’ll watch her everyday and I’ll never stop. Thank you Sonia am sending all my love to you ❤

Jessica 9 October, 2021 - 5:23 am

They first video I ever watched of hers was her brushes video when they were mostly Mac. I was hooked and enjoyed very much how her channel evolved. I fell in love with your brushes because of Mel’s rave reviews. I watch a lot of beauty channels but she is the only I ever ended up buying a product because of her review alone. She was truly special Ana will continue to be through her channel.

Karen 12 October, 2021 - 11:08 am

Thank you for this tribute to Mel, a person I had never met, who wore over the top makeup, hair and tattoos that I could never pull off, and yet I watched her videos mesmerized with her artful makeup application, beauty, sweet sparkling personality, vulnerability and kindness. She was a joy to watch and I feel a loss.


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