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Sonia G – The Double Decker Case

by Sonia G.

I just love the idea of a Double Decker type of storage, I always did, maybe it’s because it reminds me of school days and pencil cases! I cannot count the many pencil cases that I converted into make-up storage solutions since I started to play with make-up!

There are similar double deck type of cases for make-up in the market, however, I wanted to focus more on brush storage and dedicate an entire deck just for brushes.

There is still room for make-up essentials, but compared to the Essentials Vertical Pouch, it emphasizes more on the brush storage, specially for those of us who love brushes just as much as make-up or maybe even more 🙂


The Case is 22 cm high and 12 cm large. It has two separated zipped compartments of 5cm thickness each.

The brush deck

The brush deck has 12 brush compartments, 6 on each side, plus an elastic tape and a mesh pocket.

I have seen some friends storing brushes loosely in their pouches, on top of the other brushes because there weren’t enough compartments. I have added the tape and the mesh to help keep additional brushes inside the Case even if they don’t have their own dedicated compartments.

We can store 12 brushes in the compartments, plus eventually a few more slim ones under the tape or inside the mesh.

If that seems like too much brush storage, the brush side can also be used to store items that can fit in those compartments, pencils, mascara, concealer, lip crayons, etc.

The brush deck has two side flaps to protect the brushes, one on each side.

The flaps are a bit different from the ones on the Soft Brush Book: the inside of the flap is reinforced plastic – it’s touching the brushes so it needs to be easy to clean. The outside of the flap has the custom black lining and zips to secure miscellaneous items (like cotton swabs, make-up remover pads or wipes, etc).

The make-up deck

It can hold the same amount of make-up items as the Essentials Vertical Pouch, but since we have a full compartment for the brushes, a lot more brushes can fit in this case.

Here is an example of what I store inside:

It’s all in there…

It’s difficult to see the configuration inside, so I turned the Case it inside out to show you the inside better.

There are two mesh pockets on one side, here I am storing the Suqqu 111 Kousetsuka -which is my favorite Suqqu palette of all times, and the Tom Ford small Terra bronzer. Those compacts are 7cm x 8cm and 7cm x 7cm. Each pocket is 10cm wide.

On the other side of the make-up deck, one horizontal mesh zipped pocket. For pencils or small items that we want to keep organized.

The top

I wanted to have the possibility to attach any handle or strap we wanted onto the Case. This is why you can see the sturdy gunmetal D-rings there.

The back

There is a zipped pocket at the back for items that we don’t want to store in the main compartments, I usually store pills or a pad or something more confidential…

Bottom line

Although this is a different design, it will hold approximately the same amount of make-up as the Essentials Vertical Pouch, but in this Double Decker, we can carry a lot more brushes!

With the Companion Case Collection, it’s about space optimization and adding features that add functionality and interest to our storage. Packing our make-up and brushes is a step that we all should look forward to and enjoy!

Cost and availability

This Double Decker Case will be available on Beautylish starting on the 13th of April 2021, at 10 AM PT, it will cost $180. If you wish to be notified of the launch, Beautylish have their sign up page here and I will also inform you on Instagram. I hope this is something that sounds interesting to you and I thank you so much for your continuous incredible support!

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Denise 23 June, 2021 - 1:45 am

OMG…no need to ever consider any other case…..this is incredible and so lightweight. Quality is excellent and it holds a lot of items.
Loaded up with the Sonia G brushes…just amazing. Thank you. The dust pouch is fantastic also. Great for keeping this clean. Perfection 100% Thank you.

Tracy 31 July, 2021 - 12:18 pm

I agree Denise, these are very well made, and while many may find them expensive, this collection is worth the price.

Julie 28 August, 2021 - 12:10 pm

Hi Sonia, this is the only makeup bag you need. Will you be making this bag again in different prints?

Mia Cobcroft 5 March, 2022 - 8:13 pm

Do you have any plans to restock the Double Decker case?

Christiane Lyons 11 September, 2022 - 7:50 pm

I have the same question as Mia. Do you have any plans to continue to make this design? Or the Soft Book? I understand cost of materials and production (and even getting the materials alone!) is extremely high right now. However the design alone of your cases are so unique and obviously thought out by someone that has A LOT of experience in traveling with all our necessary makeup and brushes! Been following you for awhile and am so happy for all your successes with your own line! Huge fan and admirer! Thank you!

Christiane Lyons 11 September, 2022 - 7:54 pm

I also think people would be willing to pay more, including myself, for a unique case that will last for years. I was lucky enough to buy your brush holder with Mt. Fuji and cranes and admire it everyday, but again also appreciate its smart protective design.

Anu 19 January, 2024 - 1:58 am

Sonia please restock these cases as they are immensely useful and well made. Not a single product in the market is even close to these.


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