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Sonia G – The Brush Envelope

by Sonia G.

I have always been searching for small pouches for brushes but they often look the same. I wanted to design something different, functional but with a special design, hopefully something that would remind us of the Japanese culture.

The outcome is an origami inspired Envelope, with a capacity for 5 or 6 brushes depending on the handles and the size of the brushes.

I was hoping that this little Brush Envelope would be completed by the time the Keyaki set was released – so we could combine some Keyaki sets with this pouch, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Not the fault of anyone, it’s just the current world situation that makes things more tricky. I consider myself very lucky to still be able to continue working on our projects in spite of not having the possibility to travel.

So, back to the design. One of the biggest concerns that I encountered since I am obsessed with brushes, is to find pouches that can keep all the items secured inside. If they don’t close properly, if there is a little gap, the tiny guys escape.

Another thing that bothers me often is when the flaps are attached next to the heads of the brushes. It can put pressure on the brush heads and can damage some bristles in the process.

This little pouch has a removable flap that comes out from the side -not the top.

You can store it in the back pocket when you don’t use it, and when you need to use it just take it out, unfold it, keep one side of the flap in the pocket and the other side over the brushes.

The Brush Envelope is 20 cm x 8 cm, the flaps that keep the brushes secured inside the envelope close on the outside with velcro.

It’s possible to store the brushes in either direction -this allows for a more compact design. I wanted a base that could easily be sanitized so this plastic layer behind the brushes was the most durable solution available.

Just like the other items in the Companion Case Collection, it comes with its own little dustbag for protection, you can also use this dustbag with anything else you have in mind. I just aim to reduce waste and packaging and when it’s possible, I will provide a packaging that we can reuse.

This item is available in nylon in this permanent collection but also in houndstooth, in the limited edition release.

Cost and availability

This nylon Brush Envelope will be available on Beautylish starting on the 13th of April 2021, at 10 AM PT, it will cost $75. If you wish to be notified of the launch, Beautylish have their sign up page here and I will also inform you on Instagram. I hope this is something that sounds interesting and fun and I thank you so much for reading, for your continuous incredible support and encouraging me day after day!

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Anna R. 15 April, 2021 - 3:34 am

I love to read about your inspiration for creating each of your products. I have the houndstooth brush case and I love seeing your ideas about how you use it.Oh the little brush with a wooden handle on the right in the case looks like it’s one we haven’t seen before? Sonia are you teasing us with a future brush?

Sonia G. 23 April, 2021 - 2:11 pm

Hi Anna,
Thank you so much!! so nice to read!
I think you are talking about the Keyaki set? is that right? https://www.beautylish.com/s/sonia-g-keyaki-brush-set
thank you 🙂 sending you lots of love!

Anna R 30 April, 2021 - 9:24 pm

Yes Sonia, I was noticing the keyaki set, but our bristles for that little brush are white goat hair…

Sonia G. 3 May, 2021 - 1:30 pm

Hi Anna,
The keyaki in that picture is actually bundled with several type of bristles, white sokoho goat and brown dyed synthetic bristles. I am so sorry I am not sure I understand your question but just in case you are wondering, yes there will be new brushes coming in the near future and I really hope you love them!
I am sorry I am not sure I answer correctly 🙂 but I hope this helps!!
take care and have a lovely day!! Speak to you soon! <3


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