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Sonia G – The Essentials Vertical Pouch

by Sonia G.

When a small make-up pouch is not big enough and a big pouch is too bulky, there is the Essentials Vertical Pouch. A medium size, compact make-up pouch that allows very quick visual access to our favorite items.

The vertical storage is very convenient because we can easily find what we need. The pouch opens wide enough, but the items in the center won’t fall out thanks to the side flaps. It’s a “quiet” way to access our items without having to dig and search for them. I have been in situations where while searching for something, something else falls out and rolls into oblivion.  


The pouch dimensions are 23 cm wide and 15 cm high, it’s a bit more narrow at the top (22 cm).

It has 12 vertical elastic compartments on one side and one big zipped compartment, plus 3 additional brush or pencil compartments on the other side.

If we turn the pouch inside out, we see more clearly how both sides are configured. The zipped pocket is the entire size of its side – horizontally and vertically.

Side 1 – inside out image

The elastic tape that holds the items vertically has little compartments of different widths, having those smaller compartments are so handy for the smaller pencils and it optimizes the organization so nicely.

Side 2 – inside out image

There is also space to throw some items in the center, like little pots or compacts and the items are secured by the higher flaps on the sides.

I have seen vertical pouches in the past but they tend to be square and more bulky. I find this format much more easy to carry around. When I received the first prototype to check it, I was ecstatic! I could see my items, reach for them easily and I was so happy to see that a vertical organization is so much more satisfying!!

Capacity and Functionality

With regards to the amount of items that we can carry in this pouch, it carries enough for a complete make-up application. It’s going to be a mix of full size and mini size items but it can do it. It depends how many products we usually carry. I will show you below an example of what I usually store inside and this will give you a much better idea of its capacity.

This is what I would carry for a full face make-up. If it’s a long flight, I may not carry the eyelash curler, or the brow products, but I am likely to take all that in the pouch because even if my luggage gets lost or arrives late, I still have all my essentials with me.

It would be very difficult to carry more than that but I think it’s already pretty good.

I stored some smaller brushes in the vertical compartments too, with a protection around their heads, the Mini Base and the Classic Face from the Keyaki set are all I need on a small trip. If more brushes are wanted for the trip, the Brush Envelope can be used in combination with the Essentials Vertical pouch.

By the way, the 3 little palettes did not disappear, they are stored in the zipped pocket.

This is the pouch I take in my hand luggage for a long flight as it contains all the items I need for a complete make-up refresh. Since it’s not too wide (still around 8cm when full!), it fits easily in travel bags and if I need to, I can also quite discretely store it next to me since the base is not too bulky.

It’s also an ideal make-up pouch for an after gym make-up routine if we wish to apply a full face make-up afterwards.

And it’s also a solution to keep our essentials ready for after work unplanned plans, just in case something comes up at the last minute… hopefully with the better days ahead of us, we will be able to gather together even if it’s only or mostly outdoors.

Some more examples of storage, if you have one of several of these items, you can have an idea of the Pouch’s size.

I have thrown the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish duo at the bottom because it’s easier to spot. That stick is 11cm long, 3 cm diameter.

The palettes that you store in that zipped pocket can’t be too high otherwise it would be tricky to access them easily but here is a Suqqu palette for size reference, with a mini Charlotte Tilbury and a mini Denona Blush and Glow.

I personally can manage with the contents of the pouch for a sleepover, a weekend away and even an entire trip. I will need a separate bag with shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, toothbrush, but in terms of make-up, this is all I need when I carry a mix of full size and mini size items. It does need some preparation since we are talking about a mix of full size and small size items, so the organization depends on the variety of items you love to carry with you.

I know the past year has been crazy, not many appointments and not many events to attend but this will get sorted out. Once the situation is safer, we will hopefully even go on more trips and more meet ups. As soon as it’s possible, this is what I am doing!

I always loved this kind of storage solutions but I could not find something that offered a combination of horizontal and vertical organization, in a format that was lightweight and easy to carry.

I also wanted a design that didn’t look too much like a toiletry bag, and that I could leave on my office desk, or walk with it anywhere without looking like I was going to the bathroom… I just loved the idea of something more subtle, compact and functional.

This Pouch will be available on Beautylish starting on the 13th of April 2021, at 10 AM PT, it will cost $120. If you wish to be notified of the launch, Beautylish have their sign up page here and I will also inform you on Instagram. I hope this is something that sounds interesting to you and I thank you so much for your continuous incredible support!

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