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Sonia G Companion Case Collection

by Sonia G.

I am so happy to finally introduce the Companion Case Collection! This is a collection of 5 items designed to store, organize or carry our make-up and brushes. We are launching these 5 items all at the same time but they will be sold individually. They will be available starting on the 13th of April 2021, at 10 AM PT.

These 5 items join as permanent, I mean, as long as there is interest for them of course they’ll stay, however, they may evolve due to new materials that may become available in the future or updated features along the way.

They were manufactured by the most skilled people I came across in Japan, it’s the highest manufacturing quality you can find at this price point. After having previously tested other ateliers or providers, no one could achieve such quality with prices that stayed within this range.

The time required to sew each item is very high, there is a lot of attention to detail and a lot of pieces involved per item (zippers, flaps, tapes, labels, mesh, etc).
These items are made out of a black nylon material that is made in Japan. Inside, they feature the custom Sonia G lining, also made in Japan, and finally, the pouches are all made in Japan by the craftspeople of Artisan and Artist.

Each pouch, or item, comes with its sturdy dust bag. The dust bags can be used with the items or reused for other purposes. It was important to remain minimal in packaging yet provide a way to protect the items.

It may not be the best time to launch a Case Collection since the current situation is still not ideal but we will be able to travel again someday soon, I am so ready for that! We started manufacturing them a while ago, this is an artisan production, not a mass production manufacturing so the whole process takes much more time, and even more when there is a custom lining involved.

I am so happy to show you their configuration in detail so that you can see, and hopefully pick, the one(s) that spark interest and better suit your needs 🙂

There are the 5 items in this Companion collection, it’s a personal collection for our essential make-up items and for our very loved make-up brushes.

There is a dedicated post about each item, please click on the one you wish to read more about!

The Portable Organizer

A portable brush holder with two separators that can be moved or removed. This organizer can be used on a daily basis but also folded and carried with us to our destination! 

The Essentials Vertical Pouch

A pouch with a vertical organization to hold our essentials for a small trip or for a full make-up refresh.

The Soft Brush Book

A secure, lightweight, compact, roomy, non-bulky and book inspired case to carry our favorite brushes.

The Double Decker Case

A case with two separated compartments for those of us who love to travel with our make-up essentials, with a high emphasis on brushes! 

The Brush Envelope

A fun compact envelope for 5 to 6 brushes, with a removable flap and an easy to clean interior. 

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Denise 8 April, 2021 - 10:50 pm

You have been severely busy, Woman!!!

Julie 21 June, 2021 - 11:05 pm

Hi Sonia, these cases are great and the best out of many that are available. Please can you make them with Japanese patterns. I think pattern cases will be a sell out as the market is saturated with black cases.


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