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The Houndstooth Collection

by Sonia G.

When I started my blog, I had no idea that it would take me here, that so many of you would read someone like me and that the Fude topic would be connecting such an amazing community together.
I am so happy to have this connection with you, extremely and forever grateful that I have been given this opportunity and to still be here today, it just blows my mind away!

Today it’s the beginning of a quite different chapter! When I first launched the brushes, I saw several comments wondering if I would bring pouches or storage accessories someday. I was happy to see that much interest but I did not know how or where to start! A few years later, finally, here we are!

Limited Edition Mini Zipped Pouch and Brush Envelope

These pouches are made in Japan. My number one prerequisite is to work with people that I admire and trust – I really treasure this. You will see more details about the manufacturing in my upcoming posts as I wanted you to know more about the behind the scenes.

This journey was special and extremely interesting and I am eager to share more details with you in the very near future. I often wonder what gives us the strength and courage to chase our goals in spite of the challenges and fears; I believe that the people around us and those who we interact with are most certainly the key.

So, to get back to the topic, I have hundreds of pouches for make-up and brushes at home because, just like brushes, these are something I always love to play with. The subject is still quite different from brushes so it requires a different approach. I tried different scenarios and different manufacturers before selecting them based on the quality they were able to provide. I then worked extensively with them to reach the result I was looking for.

In this Houndstooth Special Edition, which is Limited in quantity, we have two little items: a Brush Envelope and a Mini Zipped Pouch. Later, a permanent collection will come along with 5 designs, which should stay permanent as long as there is interest.

The permanent collection was meant to arrive before this Special Edition but covid brought another layer of complexity when dealing with logistics. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the permanent items to be available. I estimate a few weeks.


Every item will come in its dust bag, this is also the case for the permanent collection. The smaller dust bag pictured here is approx 24cm x 12 cm. I really love this size because there aren’t many dust bags with this layout and it can be pretty useful to own for so many other things.

The outside jacquard

The houndstooth jacquard is made in France by a renowned company, I’ll go there this year to spend some time with them as soon as travel is safely possible again.
It’s a mix of cotton, polyester and acetate and the care is dry cleaning only.
By the way, I am pretty sure you already know about this print and its history, it originated in Scotland in the 1800s and was often seen on woven wool outerwear for sheep herders. Major luxury brands use it on bags, ready to wear, haute couture, etc. I have a warm cosy houndstooth scarf from Max Mara and little silk scarfs or Mitzahs from Chanel and Dior, I love to combine them with a bit of red!

The permanent collection will not have this houndstooth jacquard on the outside.

The inside jacquard

The lining is a custom Sonia G jacquard woven in Japan. It’s not printed, it is a woven polyester fabric, black on black, the two directions of the weave is what makes the pattern show: Diamonds with some little logos here and there. You will see this same lining in this Special Edition and also in the permanent collection.

The lining has been coated twice; once with a coating that is usually found on lining materials to make them sturdier and thicker, and there is a second additional new type of coating which gives the lining a little more protection against liquids.

The Brush Envelope

So let’s dive into the first item, the Brush Envelope.
When closed, it’s approx 20 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm.

This was such a fun piece to create, this design is the result of a list of prerequisites that I have put together, then I worked with my sewing machine until the check list was all completed. This took me to this fun and unusual envelope shape:

My checklist and prerequisites:

  • Compact but long enough for full size handles.
  • Storage for 3 brushes – increased to 6 brushes.
  • No protective plastic flaps attached on top of the brush heads.
    I find that sometimes the little plastic flaps next to the brush heads can damage the bristles when they are closed as they push from the top, or they may alter the shape of a brush.
    I just wanted to do it differently: this Envelope comes with a removable flap that is stored on the side. If you need a protective flap so that the brushes from each side don’t touch, you can take the removable flap out, keep one side of the flap inside the pocket and the other over the brushes. If or when you don’t want to use it, you can fold the plastic flap and store it in its pocket behind the brushes.
  • Possible to store the brushes in either direction -this allows for a more compact design and the background can easily be sanitized.
  • Allowing access to a brush without being 100% open: open the snap button and one velcro side for example.

Storage and functionality

This pouch can hold up to 6 brushes, 3 bigger ones on the right and 3 smaller ones on the left. We can also use it to store a long lipstick or pencils, it depends on their thickness.

The little thin pocket behind the brushes is there to store the removable flap but you can also store something very small or thin, like a tissue or cotton pads. I actually love to keep a business card there, I don’t need cards often, but for some reason it seems that I need them in the most unexpected situations 😀

You can hold the Envelope with one hand or place it open on your desk or vanity. Sometimes opening only one velcro side is enough to pick the item we need, it depends if the flap is in place or stored in the back pocket.

This is so nice if we have just a few items to carry with us, it’s not something to over pack with items but just to safely keep some necessities. What I love about this design is that it doesn’t look like a make-up pouch, it’s a bit different, it can be on our work place or desk and look quite intriguing.

The Mini Zipped Pouch

This Mini Zipped Pouch will currently only be available in this Houndstooth jacquard and in a Limited Edition. It’s approx 16.5cm x 9 cm high x 3cm.

It comes with the small size dustbag, same as the Brush Envelope, and has the same lining.


I have noticed that this is the type of pouch and size that I use the most on a daily basis, for anything actually, it’s incredibly useful. It is big enough for sunglasses, a mask or smaller items that we may not want to throw in our handbag directly, and it’s not too bulky that it takes all the space in a handbag.

It had to be compact but long enough to hold mascaras and my favorite lipsticks since they are often in the longer packaging style. This Viseart Violette palette is 10.5 x 8.5 cm and it fits nicely in this mini pouch.

This is an example of what it fits together:

And this is what I would actually carry with me on a daily basis. Hand cream, hand sanitizer, face cream, lip balm, maybe a lipstick, a small microfiber cloth, some medicine, elastic bands, etc. I also carry a tiny pot of foundation if I have an appointment, for example brows, dentist, etc, I like to do mini touch ups to cover the redness afterwards.

The manufacturer

I will get back to you with some fun content about the manufacturer soon, I want you to know more about this process so more information and pictures will be posted as soon as I receive them (in a few days). Again, covid restricts movement and visits so simple things can take quite new proportions.

The price

These items are sold separately.

The Brush Envelope costs 85$ and will be available starting March 9, 2021 @ 10 AM PT on Beautylish. This Envelope will also be in the permanent collection at a later date but with a different jacquard on the outside.

The Mini Zipped Pouch costs 70$ and will also be available starting March 9, 2021 @ 10 AM PT on Beautylish. It will not be available in the permanent collection, only this Special Edition will be released.

Their price reflects their cost, the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, time and effort required per item. For example, both these materials with patterns need to be cut, aligned and sewn with much more attention versus plain materials, therefore, it automatically takes longer. The quantity of parts and components add to the cost, not only because of how many components were added but these will increase the time spent on each item, exponentially.

I hope you will love them and I will be so excited to share more about the process, very soon!

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for your incredible support as always, I am blessed to have such amazing people around me, always motivating me to pursue my dreams!

I hope you are well, safe and that we can soon travel again and spend more time with our family and friends! I miss everyone so much and I also miss Japan, I have a trip planned for September providing we can move again!

With love,

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Gloria 8 March, 2021 - 8:52 pm

Hi Sonia!

Thank you for listening to the requests of all your diehard fans and giving us a brush pouch! It looks so beautiful and I’m sure the quality will be top notch as always. I am debating whether or to buy this limited edition 6 brush holder or wait for the permanent collection brush holder. Does the permanent collection brush holder hold more than 6 brushes?

Congratulations on all your success!


Sonia G. 8 March, 2021 - 9:04 pm

Hi Gloria,

Thank you for your kind comment!
Yes in the permanent collection there is a big pouch for brushes, for approx 24 brushes.

Thank you so so much!!


Jamy 8 March, 2021 - 11:06 pm

Hi Sonia,
You like reading my mind goh, i want this brush envelopes for a long long time. I hate rolling brush holders. Anyway, how many type of brush envelopes in the permanent collection, ex., 6, 12, 24? It goes by the quantity of how many brushes it can hold, right? I can see your new limited collection will be sold out in minutes for sure

Sonia G. 9 March, 2021 - 10:43 am

Hi Jamy, thank you for your kind support and for your interest!! I see what you mean, I also prefer not rolling them <3 For the permanent collection it won't be pouches like that, except for one that is of the same size. The Houndstooth collection is more of a collectors item, something different and a fun pattern for those who appreciate it 🙂 so it's nice to also have a more neutral option.
The pouches for the permanent collection are completely different from each other, one is like a book with approx 24, the other is for a mix of make-up and brushes (approx 12 brushes).
I hope I can show you soon!
talk to you soon!! take care!

Denise 8 March, 2021 - 11:52 pm

Sonia, did you create the envelope design yourself? I like it very much! It could be the angle of the photographs which makes me question if the brush hairs will be squished when the envelope pouch is closed. Thank you! Denise

Sonia G. 9 March, 2021 - 11:17 am

Hi Denise,
Yes, I created the prototype 🙂 it was actually for 3 brushes to start with which turned into 6 because the manufacturer suggested to extend the tape in the center and allow a storage for 3 more 🙂 that was a great idea!

I am not sure if you ask about the length of the brushes or the pressure of the flap so I will answer both just in case 🙂
Actually, all the brushes when carried in a case, or roll, or pouch, they are likely to be squished to a certain extent. However, I found that this was the solution that put the least stress on the bristles while still remaining a compact pouch.
As long as the brushes aren’t longer there is no problem, the bristles are safe inside and there is a little buffer besides the wings as they close over the bottom part.

The removable plastic flap does not put that much stress at all on the brush heads thanks to several specifications: 1) Since this flap comes from the side, it has to first go (or mold) over the handle thickness therefore the direct pressure on the brush heads is reduced and it has enough firmness to remain quite disciplined 🙂 2) The black piping of the flap helps a bit the flap to retain its shape and also it does not have sharp edges.
It’s a combination of variables that make the envelope still quite comfy in spite of the tight space.
I hope you are doing great Denise! missing talking to you!

Lydia 9 March, 2021 - 3:43 am

Hi Sonia!!
WOW. I was already excited about this launch, but reading these details and seeing you pour your heart and soul into this release (as you do with all your work) I can no longer contain myself!
Looking forward to seeing the permanent brush pouch soon too 🙂
Best wishes,

Sonia G. 9 March, 2021 - 11:21 am

Hi Lydia! aww that’s so nice 🙂 thank you so so much!!
There are more details to come, which are also going to be good to know hopefully 🙂 So so happy that you enjoy it, I am completely fascinated by the artisans and they did such a stunning work!
I cannot wait to share more!
take care sweetie and stay safe <3

Lydia 10 March, 2021 - 2:47 pm

I can’t wait to hear more! Beautylish has shipped these beautiful items to me, so I’m now patiently waiting at home!
Take care xx

Elena Pascal 9 March, 2021 - 11:07 am

Dear Sonia,

Congratulations on this truly elegant launch! We were waiting patiently for it :).
I also have a question related to the permanent collection. When you say: “Later, a permanent collection will come along with 5 designs..” – do you mean they will have different sizes and will all be black or different patterns/colors?

Just as a feedback, if I may suggest for future limited editions or permanent ones – please bring us some Japanese traditional patterns (sakura flowers, lily, chrysanthemum or bunnies 🙂 ) or colorful flower brocade reminding us of kimonos. Thank you in advance for reading and considering your fan’s opinions :).

Kindest regards!

Sonia G. 9 March, 2021 - 11:35 am

Hi Elena!!
thank you so much 😀
So what I meant is all same pattern/fabric but all different items 🙂 I tried to fill some blanks with pouches or functionalities that I did not see often.
Yes of course, I love those traditional patterns too and will be working on it 🙂 I couldn’t do anything before because of covid, you can’t travel and travelling is usually how you get to know the fabrics better and the possibilities.
thank you again for your feedback! so nice of you to take the time and share your opinion <3
Talk to you soon and please take care!

Debra W 12 March, 2021 - 12:45 pm

Hi Sonia, I was undecided about the Houndstooth Brush Envelope but knew I wanted the Houndstooth Mini Zipped Pouch. However after seeing Rebecca’s (Not Fit for Print Beauty) YouTube video I bought both! Thank you for continuing to make such beautiful, quality products

Maria 26 March, 2021 - 3:04 pm

I *love* all the Sonia G brushes I have that! They are absolutely fabulous. I want to get your travel pouch because of its great design but would you consider a version without velcro (maybe magnets instead)? Velcro is a scary danger around delicate fabrics such as silk chiffon and I’ve had too many disappointments with ruined clothing when it gets caught on velcro. Thanks for considering this!

Sonia G. 26 March, 2021 - 10:10 pm

Hi Maria,
I actually tried, funny you mention it, at this date we could not really envision something different as it was not technically or financially possible.
Magnets have other consequences, if too close to cards, so that was also an issue. Other closures were too scratchy or bulky so it’s a challenge but one of the great things about time is that it comes with progress!
thank you so much for your feedback, very appreciated!! take care and stay safe! <3

Bea 5 June, 2022 - 3:39 am

Hi Sonia,
I adore this envelope, it is with me for every visit or day/night out!

Sonia G. 6 June, 2022 - 12:18 pm

Thank you Bea!!! I think it’s quite different from what we can find outthere and I am so happy that it found a wonderful companion with you 🙂 thank you!!!


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