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“To the Moon and Back”

by Sonia G.

Here is something a little bit different: this is a Limited Edition double sided towel designed to help us take care of our precious Fude.

I have been trying to create this little care towel since the very beginning of my own brushes. It took time, but I hadn’t anticipated the challenges to find a company in Japan that could work with the exact materials I envisioned for this towel. In the end, I had to look at the options I had and take into consideration manufacturing outside of Japan.

I needed to find a company, leader in this field and that I could trust. I decided to work with a Japanese Company based in Tokyo with a very solid reputation and with renowned manufacturing processes established in Vietnam.

I met them several times during my trips and it has been such an enriching experience to work with them. I am very accustomed to their products since so long ago and have a huge amount of little towels at home- so many designs and materials. I haven’t showed these publicly as I did not want to give away what I was working on, but, I absolutely adore little towels! They bring joy into my room and are so functional. Most importantly, they help me reduce the frequency of washes for my brushes which is something I very much aim for.

This Limited Edition care towel is double sided: one side is cotton, the other microfiber. The two sides are attached at the edges with a sturdy narrow hem.

The cotton side before and after being attached

The cotton side showcases an illustration of the moon, clouds, sakura flowers and happy rabbits hopping to the moon, and back.

The sky blue microfiber at the back is made of a polyester and nylon mix. It’s a durable super soft synthetic material designed to help you remove dust, dirt, bacteria or moisture off your brushes.

A double sided cotton/microfiber towel is so cute and functional, in Japan they use the cotton side for the hands and the microfiber side for items like glasses or phones. There are several types of weaving and densities. I will use a flatter microfiber weave for glasses or screens, but, for the brushes, the weaving of this microfiber has a bit more grip onto the bristles which I found more appropriate.

I always have a microfiber towel next to my vanity. After each use I wipe my brushes onto the microfiber side, it helps remove the excess oils, moisture and product residue off the bristles. This extends the life span of a brush and gets the brushes ready for their next use. What I find even more interesting is that they save me time as I can reduce the frequency of the washes.

If you are a brush lover, you probably already have a trusted microfiber towel next to you, or a couple of them. I thought that it made sense to add this type of towel to my range, even though it’s LE, I consider microfiber towels such a must have piece to help us care for our brushes.

I hope you’ll love the “To the Moon and Back” illustration, it represents the love that I have for the Fude community, I am forever grateful for your support and friendship, doing this journey with you is a most definitely, a dream come true.


Material: The front of the towel is 100% cotton, the back is 85% polyester and 15% nylon fibers.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this square towel are 24cm x 24cm

Colors: The Sonia G logo is printed in navy on a yellow background.
The microfiber side is sky blue.
The stitching attaching the two sides together is a dark navy blue.

Care: Wash at 40°, wash in a little wash bag is preferable to avoid particles sticking to the microfiber side.
Note: I do not use a wash bag as I am not going to use this towel with screens or glasses and it comes out just fine for a use with brushes, it is going to be a personal choice depending on what other items you are going to wash with the towel.
As the towel is washed, the two sides of the towel will move and evolve slightly differently and this is a normal behavior as they are not glued together.
It is not recommended to iron the towel, but I do reshape and iron the towel with care, on the cotton side only, and with a cloth in between the towel and the iron.

How to use: Wipe the brush gently on the microfiber side. It’s more gentle for the brushes if round brushes are wiped in a circular motion, and flat or paddle brushes are wiped in a paddle motion.

Packaging: the little towel will come in a glossy white envelope (20cm x 26cm) that was made in Japan, with a Sonia G navy logo in the front.

Price and availability: The towel will cost approx $23 (to be confirmed at the launch) and is available as a Limited Edition piece on Beautylish, starting, hopefully, November 30th 2020.

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Elena 29 November, 2020 - 8:16 pm

What a beautiful towel! It will be a pity to wipe my brushes of this towel, that has been given so much consideration to details ))) Will be checking for updates.

I really hope you will have some Japanese pouch or wrap for our brushes when travelling. I am sure it would be another very well made and beautiful item.

All the best to you, Sonya!

Sonia G. 29 November, 2020 - 8:29 pm

Hi Elena, that’s so cute to say 🙂 It’s just fine, the towel is made for this! 😀 Hmmm yes actually, I will have some pouches coming in the near future, they will be made in Japan items and I am looking forward to the release date!! Thank you so much Elena, you are so kind!!

Michelle 4 December, 2020 - 5:30 am

Im so happy to have an alternative to washing my brushes. I hadn’t even thought of a micro fiber as an alternative so the timing of this was perfect. I trust completely that the quality will be exceptional as so much care is taken with every Sonia G product!

Elizabeth 16 December, 2020 - 7:54 pm

Hi Sonia! Just got the Keyaki brush set (gorgeous!) and the To the Moon and Back towel (also gorgeous!). I had a question about the microfiber content because I’m a nerd. I see that it’s 85/15 polyester/nylon and I was wondering how it differs from the 80/20 blend in use with brushes? I ask because I’ve been using 80/20 for a while and it seemed fine. Now I’m wondering if that’s a rough blend for my precious brushes. Also I ask because you are also a nerd when it comes to brushes and so I felt it was a safe bet that you’d tried everything before choosing this blend.

You are so generous with your time and knowledge, it’s very kind. Your visits to Behind the Beauty with Alicia/@kinkysweat, Kelsee/@kelseebrianajai and Chelsea/@glamgirlchelsea are much appreciated. You’re a fude rockstar to us. I hope you visit with them again because once was not enough. That was a really fun show and there is so much more to talk about with brushes. Anyway, thanks. Be well.

Sonia G. 31 December, 2020 - 9:23 pm

Hi Elizabeth, amazing!!I am so happy you love them!! So, I have been using this mix for a very long time, they have worked in a fantastic way with the brushes, better than other microfibers that I have and I have hundreds. The grip and durability of this weave has been continuously satisfying and I found myself automatically reaching for it while I had so many other microfiber towels. Regarding the choice of mix, it is actually not really a choice that I had as it is the only one available with this thickness. Microfibers in general are soft with brushes, unless you rub them with too much pressure so no worries! Thank you again for your kind comment, it’s so nice to see so many of you passionate and interested, I feel very blessed that I can talk to you and I could talk for hours 😀 Stay safe sweetie, take care and I wish you a wonderful successful New Year!

Elizabeth 10 January, 2021 - 11:27 pm

Thanks Sonia! Happy New Year, I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Sonia G. 14 January, 2021 - 1:42 pm

Thank you Elizabeth!! I wish you also an amazing New Year!!! thank you for your kind support!


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