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Sky Eye Set

by Sonia G.

The Sky Eye set follows the same idea as the Sky Face set, it’s all about easy to use brushes for flawless results in the fastest time.

These brushes are our ideal daily tools or travel companions when we don’t have the time and energy to struggle with our make-up application, also when we wish for a very easy and scalable experience whatever the situation, the place and skills.

These may look like basic shapes but I could never find these exact shapes with these precise specs anywhere, the search was real and obsessive. What I wanted was very clear in my mind so, in a way, it was easy to virtually design them. However, it has been a challenge to make them, it involved a substantial amount of work and calculations. I will always remember that this was the very first time in my entire professional life that I’ve had to use mathematics, quite simple but still very real school formulas, and it really made me laugh, exciting!! who would have thought?!

The inspiration behind the entire Sky series is comfort, control, reliability and simplicity. Soft and efficient brushes, focusing on precision and blending; these are probably two of the biggest struggles we encounter with our makeup on a daily basis, wherever we are.

The Sky Eye set has 5 brushes which complement each other with regards to precision and intensity. Together, they form an amazing team so the cost per use is very interesting in spite of their price. It was my main objective actually- to not only work on value for money, but also on the cost per use.

This set is going to be more expensive than the Pro Eye set, there are several reasons for that:

  • The handles are more constly to make in comparison to the red handles, they contain sparkle particles that are very expensive to buy and to layer on the lacquer.
  • On top of the additional effort and time required at the manufacture to create these new custom shapes, also new tools are required for these new shapes.
  • Saikoho bristles are now more expensive, they will continue to increase but for now this is not reflected on the other brushes.

All those factors impact the final price of the set, I couldn’t find a way to absorb them in the current price, unlike with the Sky Face set. But hopefully, you will see that these brushes are worth their price and will be major workhorses day after day after day! 

The Jumbo Blender

The Jumbo Blender from the Sky eye set is an all-over base brush, it layers even the sheerest shadows and performs amazingly well as a “fixer”. It has extreme blending and polishing capabilities, it can fix an uneven application instantly, whether you just need to level the intensity or smooth your application.

The ferrule is flat/oval, it’s quite dense with a slightly rounded tip, its precision and strength can be gauged with the pressure and the angle you use. It’s a medium to large eyeshadow brush but it remains versatile in its category because you can work either with the sides, or at an angle or just with with the tip. You can place a shadow easily on a large area but then if you use the tip and place it sideways you can also work in the crease or the transition area, its curved tip blends without covering too much of a surface at once, so you can control your work and not over blend. .
When I am in a rush trying to apply my make-up specially with my daughter wriggling on my lap, at the end there is often something to fix or to level up! I wanted a hardcore blending tool that I could use to fix last minute mistakes effortlessly and super quickly.

The brushes I came across for that purpose were often too big, or too dense, or they would splay out too much, or they would lack strength at the tip and deliver an uneven or messy result… If you have experienced similar struggles, you may love this brush. I don’t leave the house without it. I use it daily, either for the final blend or for the base application, also for the crease, or to smooth the edges of the bottom lashline application or even to brush some discipline onto my brows!

In comparison to the Worker One, the Jumbo Blender’s ferrule is wider, the bristles are slightly shorter, it’s also denser so it has less movement and less flexibility at the tip.

The Builder Three is here for size comparison, if you own it, it will give you an idea of how much bigger the Jumbo blender is.

Total length: 160mm
Hair length: 15mm
Ferrule width: 10.5*7mm
Material: Brown saikoho goat

Classic Crease

The Classic Crease from the Sky eye set is a medium size crease/blending brush. It is slightly domed and can be used to place the base color all-over, for crease placement, for transitioning or blending.

It looks like the Blender Pro but it’s a bit smaller and has more flexibility and airiness so it will deliver a softer application in comparison. The bristles retain their shape nicely so you still have control with the surface of the brush. It’s the classic type of crease brush, a workhorse, extremely soft and efficient.

Here is a picture with other similar crease brushes for size reference. They may look very similar but for some of us a slight difference in the shape, the density, the firmness, the material or the size can make them very different from each other.

I am obsessed with blending brushes and I love when they are quite dense and firm with lots of strength at the tip, this is how most of my brushes are. With this Classic Crease, I wanted to reduce a bit the density and increase the airiness and flexibility to make it less decisive, so if you compare it for example to my other similar crease brushes -Blender Pro or Crease Two- you can build up an application more gradually or blend in a softer and more progressive manner.

I am adding the Jumbo Blender sideways in the bottom pic because sideways, it does look like a dense crease brush, it’s useful to see its shape and size next to the other crease brushes.

Total length: 158mm
Hair length: 18mm
Ferrule width: 6.5mm
Material: Brown saikoho goat

Mini Booster

The Mini Booster is a soft but very powerful little crease brush, you can blend with precision or boost the intensity just where needed.
It’s like a baby version of the Blender Pro, also quite tightly bundled, ideal when you need to work in smaller areas, or with hooded eyes or when the skin is not so tight and you struggle to get a smooth result.

It can be tricky to work in or around the crease, some looks can be challenging to achieve and then our skin and our eye shape can add even a bit more challenge. I have hooded eyes, my skin is not so tight so the tip of the brush needs to be quite powerful to work efficently and evenly in that area. The tip of this little crease brush has enough flexibility to glide easily and adapt to the eye features but it is still quite firm, so both the packing and the blending are achieved very quickly and effortlessly!

If you own the Blender Pro, this Mini Booster is a baby version of it, similar idea, stable and firm surface to work with.

Total length: 154mm
Hair length: 14mm
Ferrule width: 5.5mm
Material: Brown saikoho goat
Usage: Powder products

Soft Shader

The Soft Shader is a versatile laydown brush. It can be used on the entire lid, the mobile lid, the outer v or the bottom lashline. The sides are slightly curved for more control with the placement.

It’s thick and dense at the base, the layers on each flat side start halfway so the thickness decreases to allow more precision at the tip. It’s not floppy so you still have enough strength to use the tip along the bottom lashline and get a smooth smokey application.

This brush is bundled with white saikoho bristles, you can for example use one side to laydown creams and the other to place a sparkly topper.

I was aiming for a laydown brush with a soft flat surface, stable enough at the tip so that we could use it in multiple ways and both with powders and creams. Its size also had to be ideal either for the entire lid or the mobile lid or the brow bone.

In this swatch picture below, I used the tip of the Soft Shader to swatch a black shadow, it will show you the thickness and intensity of the application, you can see that the application is soft and smooth with no harsh edges. You can probably achieve similar results with a mini crease brush but the benefit of the Soft Shader is that the tip doesn’t splay out so you won’t have bristles poking the eye and the result is likely to be more even.

Total length: 153mm
Hair length: 13mm
Ferrule width: 9*6mm
Material: White saikoho goat
Usage: cream and powder products

Flat Definer

The Flat Definer is a mini shader, a smudger and a flattened pencil brush. It’s flat and thin, but with enough density to remain stable at the tip and achieve a neat and even application. It has just the right flexibility and softness at the tip to not pull or skip on the skin.

Its main purpose is to provide definition along the bottom and upper lashlines. Since it can be used with the tip or the sides, it’s also ideal when you want to place a bright shadow just in the inner mobile lid or when you want to darken the outer v. Also ideal in size to precisely place a sparkly accent, to function as a little smudger brush, or to top your pencil/eyeliner application with some powder.

It’s not as sharp as a typical eyeliner brush but that is exactly what I wanted, a brush that would deliver a more natural result, still nicely defined but in a more natural and buildable way.

I used the same black shadow for all swatches, they have been done with the tip of the brushes. The intensity of each swatch is true to the brush, the Flat Definer is going to work in a soft buildable way, so easy to control in terms of intensity and perimeter, you can keep the placement in the outer lashline or bring it towards the inner corner.

This little Flat Definer was a pain to make but so worth it, it has not left my side since I got the very first prototype. This is a brush that everyone should have, whether it’s this one or a similar one of course from any brand you want.
It’s often difficult to find a brush so small with the perfect balance between softness and thickness, most of the ones I found in the past were either too scratchy or too thick or too floppy, this brush is as soft as it can be for the job it is meant to do.

Total length: 148mm
Hair length: 8mm
Ferrule width: 7.7*4mm
Material: Brown saikoho goat
Usage : powder products

I am really thrilled that they ended up the way they did, today it’s such a pleasure to use them, for the time they save me and for the joy they spark on a daily basis. I hope these sound like something you would love and use on a daily basis, both on the go and at home!

Launch date

They will launch on Beautylish, on the 19th of November at 10am PT.

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Doreen 19 November, 2019 - 4:12 pm

Sonia, congratulations on another beautiful set of brushes! I’m so looking forward to receiving this set to add to my collection. I started with two of your brushes and now own nearly all of them and adore them! My love for your brushes ignited a passion for fude and I’ve acquired brushes from other lines as well but my favourites are yours! Truly outstanding! Best wishes!

Sonia G. 19 November, 2019 - 4:51 pm

Hi Doreen, that’s an amazing compliment 😀
I hope you will love this set, that it will spark joy and that it won’t disappoint! Fude are incredible and I hope you are having fun discovering them! thank you so much for your support and your love!!! lots of love to you!

Rosalie 19 November, 2019 - 5:33 pm

Sonia, I just wanted to leave a comment here to thank you for this blog and your contribution to the world of fude! Your Fundamental Set (first release) was my first real fude splurge; I saw them on Beautylish and thought they would be perfect to replace and improve on my dying set of 10-year-old brushes. I have never looked back! I have since amassed quite a few fude brushes, helped by your recommendations and your blog reviews, but your creations remain especially special to me. Each new set is always a wonderful surprise that I look forward to. Thank you for taking my makeup application to the next level, and for all your hard work, I wish you a lot of success with this new set and all future ones!

Sonia G. 19 November, 2019 - 5:50 pm

Hi Rosalie,
It’s my pleasure!! What a sweet message, thank you!!! it’s fantastic to hear your thoughts and that is the very best part of this entire adventure, to know that someone is enjoying the brushes and the craftsmanship!
Thank you so much for your kind support, I consider myself truly blessed because I have found the very best audience for these brushes! you are a proof of that. I wish you lots of creative moments with the brushes and all the very best in your future! <3

Debi Walker 19 November, 2019 - 9:56 pm

Hi Sonia

Tried to order the new sky eye brushes as soon as Beautylish put them em on sale. They sold out in 5 minutes.

I am so disappointed! Have been excited for months for these brushes.

I have tried all the brushes on the market but find your brushes are always the best. They are so elegant looking but are workhorses. They are now the only brushes I use.

I am so disappointed in Beautylish’s marketing of these brushes. To get so many people excited then disappoint so many.

I hope they will restock soon!

Your brushes are amazing!

Sonia G. 19 November, 2019 - 10:58 pm

Hi Debi, I am sincerely sorry!! there were quite a lot of sets but really not enough as there was so much interest for this set, it breaks my heart. It’s a handmade product so there is a limited number we can launch at the very beginning but I am now working on it and making sure the restock comes as soon as it possibly can!
I am really touched that you find my brushes the best, thank you!!! do you have a big collection? it looks like you do! so that’s even more kind of you to say! I appreciate it dearly and thank you for your patience and understanding!! I really will do all I can to bring the restock in the fastest time!

Helena 4 January, 2020 - 10:46 pm

The brushes looks amazing, I ‘m waiting for a long time for brush like Mini booster.

Dorothy Shambuger 12 January, 2020 - 4:41 am

Any update on when the sky set will be in stock again. Resellers are selling a $160 set for $360 and people are buying it which is absurd. Do you have a time line as to when they will be available for purchase again. I have every brush you’ve made except for this set! I’m a Sonia G fan!!!

GeGe 13 August, 2021 - 3:32 pm

The brushes with the brown bristles are for powder products only, right?
Love your brushes Sonia!


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