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The SKY series

by Sonia G.

I am fascinated by the sky, the space, the stars; I wanted to create brushes that would be our perfect travel companions in terms of functionality, performance and versatility.

The handles are similar to the Pro series, now inspired by the sky, the stars, with also a new layer of subtle sparkle particles beautifully shining under bright light or direct sunlight.

Quality and innovation are extremely important to me, these are brand new shapes you won’t find anywhere else and, as always, they are handmade with the highest quality materials paired with the extraordinary Kumano craftsmanship.

The idea behind these Sky series

The Sky series tick several boxes, mainly:

Ideal travel companions

When we are on the go, we don’t always know what activities, meetings or events we will be attending, we usually take a limited range of products; we may not always have the time or the energy to struggle with our make-up application.

Many of us apply their make-up in the plane, at work, at the hospital, at the gym. Some situations are not ideal, often the light is poor, we may not be able to see properly or calculate the placement surgically and then, we may not have the time to blend or fix any unevenness we see at the very last moment. That’s when having the right tools helps and makes a big difference.

Excellent starter brushes

I realized that my contacts, friends or relatives were often asking me the same question: what brushes they should get first. Some of them had never used a brush before, others said they didn’t have time to waste on a complicated routine, but I noticed that they all loved using make-up and brushes, they just didn’t want to struggle to get amazing results! Whether they were highly skilled or just starting into make-up, they all wanted the safest and most reliable brushes.

I wanted these Sky series to be highly versatile tools from beginner level up to the most expert skilled artist! They offer a safe, effortless and scalable experience whatever the situation, the place, the skills or the products!

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