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Wayne Goss Holiday 2018

by Sonia G.

This Wayne Goss Holiday 2018 brush has been released on the 19th of December 2018 and is currently sold out, however, I wanted to post this because if you missed it, please hop here on Beautylish and sign in to be notified in case it comes back in stock. I really have the feeling that Wayne and Beautylish could work together and see what they could do to bring a few more of them…  Please don’t give up and sign in on that link!!

Beautylish sent this little Fude beauty to me as a gift but I received it after the launch and when it had already sold out! I still post this as it may launch again.. who knows?? and if it does, it’s worth the wait!

It’s a fan!!

Yeah, I love fans, well, I more than love them, I am obsessed. It’s about the experience they offer, I feel happy and special when using them, this will never change!

When you receive this fan, before wash it’s very “tight”, it needs some washing and then it splays out but if you prefer a tighter shape, put a brush guard on it as it dries. My pictures are after washing, what you see on the promotional pictures is always a pre-wash shape.

It’s saikoho goat hair, the softest saikoho goat bristles! You will feel the softness of a feather on your skin, the application is lightweight to medium, depending on the pigmentation of your products.

I have used it for many things already, from liquid foundation to powder but I need more time with it to experiment it, after 5 layers of blush-bronzer-highlight-blush-more highlight I tend to stop, even on Christmas/Party days! 😀

My skin is quite wrinkly and there are many pores to fight with…  applying my foundation with this brush is not something I will do regularly because these saikoho bristles are super fine, super soft, trying to blend with the force that my skin and foundation requires it may damage the bristles in the longer term and cause some breakage, prefer a gentle technique with this fan to preserve its good shape, whatever you are doing with it, and enjoy it fully!  Fan brushes (handmade ones) are the most difficult to bundle, they are by nature more delicate and they have probably a shorter life-span compared to normal brushes. This topic came into a conversation as I was chatting with Kumano artisans.

To get a better idea of its size, if you are a Wayne Goss fan, here it is side by side with two of his previous babies:

And here with the Wayne Goss 00:

Sideways you’ll see that the fan does not splay out a lot, fine bristles like saikoho do not tend to splay out specially when shaped and layered to such a tapered tip:

As you can imagine I have 1001 fans at home, these are the two that are the most similar in shape but not in size:

And I have seen so many of you asking me how it compares to my Sculpt One, it’s just completely different so I add these pictures just because so many of you requested them:

The fan on the left is bundled with Hakutotsuho goat bristles, they are thicker and are meant to splay out and be stronger on the skin, Wayne’s brush feels like a feather, soft like silk!

I have played around with Wayne’s fan for just two days and my favorite way to use it is for the application of blush and highlight, it truly is an experience and a joy to apply it with this little brush. Wayne has a video here with his recommendations, please watch him in action.

My advice is to get it, if it ever comes back in stock, you’ll definitely find your own creative way to include it in your make-up routine!

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Tracey E. 27 December, 2018 - 7:07 pm

Hi Sonia, thank you for the review. My WG 2018 Holiday brush arrives today. I wonder how does it compare to your Sculpt 2 brush?

Sonia G. 27 December, 2018 - 8:14 pm

Hi Tracey, my sculpt two is stronger with the blending and has more grip onto the products, as a result the application will be heavier. We don’t always need strong powerful brushes but it’s a bit my “signature”, I wanted to bring something that would help when we struggle with pigmentation and with more tougher to pick products. If you wish a light application then WG is perfect, my Sculpt two is more for medium to heavy or strong capabilities with tougher textures…

Tracey E. 30 December, 2018 - 2:46 am

Hi Sonia, thank you so very much for your detailed response comparing and contrasting your Sculpt 2 brush to Wayne’s 2018 Holiday brush. This is very helpful and quite clear now that I have Wayne’s holiday brush in hand. I love that your Sculpt 2 brush can pick up the fine shades of Chanel’s Premiers Fleurs Harmony of Powders blush and apply them beautifully.. Thank you again for your generous response. Wishing you all that your heart desires for 2019.

Andy 4 January, 2019 - 6:50 pm

Hi! I missed out on the 2018 Wayne Goss holiday brush but i’m very interested in the Hakuhodo F6410. Can you give me a short review of the brush? What do you use it for? Is it made from goat saikoho hair? Thank you!

Sonia G. 14 January, 2019 - 9:53 pm

Hi Andy,
I would stay tune as if there is enough interest for the WG, they might bring some more back!! I mean, if you really want it you should register and ask them! that will push them 🙂
The F6410 is saikoho, really soft but really tiny in comparison, I use it only for highlighter or setting undereye or flicking fall out away, it can be used for blush if you “paddle” but it depends on the pigmentation, otherwise you can blend edges or clean out the hairline (some spray on the brush and push the hair away). It’s definitely a fun brush to play with but not as versatile as the WG.


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