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WAYNE GOSS The Anniversary Set VoL 2 LE

by Sonia G.

Wayne Goss has launched a VOL 2 of his previous Anniversary set, it’s limited edition, costs 241$ and is available on Beautylish as of 7th of February, direct link to purchase it is here.

A QUICK OVERVIEW – Anniversary set vs The Collection

The Vol 1 Anniversary set was a limited edition twist of the Collection set.

This is how these sets differ and how they have evolved:

The Collection set was released in Oct 2013, my initial post is here, this set is permanent and still available for 210$ on Beautylish. The only brush that has changed in this set is the #05, that little crease brush that you see in the set I own has been replaced by a pencil. The logo has been upgraded from hot-stamping to a more long-lasting printing method and is now dark grey.

The Anniversary Set Vol 1 was released in Oct 2015, my post is here, this set is not available anymore but is now launched  revamped as a Vol 2.  The foundation brush released with these Anniversary sets is bigger in comparison to the one in the Collection set, and the little crease brush #5 that was originally in the Collection was also replaced by a pencil.

Today, in the Anniversary Set Vol 2, all the brushes are now white (either saikoho goat, goat/synthetic, or synthetic), so they all can be used with powders, liquids and creams.


Wayne says that this set is now “aimed at those of you who need everything in one single set“. This set truly aims at that and feels more complete than the Vol 1 for two reasons: he added a laydown brush #07 and now you can use all of these brushes with any type of product, powders, liquids, creams.

Wayne also says that it’s the perfect set for the complete beginner. I agree, even if you are still at the sponge-tip applicator stage -and looking for some brushes-, save yourself money and time and get this set directly. This set is safe, so easy and so pleasant to use that you won’t feel the urge to buy every brush you’ll see on the shelves, with these WG you will be spoiled with the best quality and performance.


“a dense duo-fiber brush for fast, flawless foundation application”

Same brush specs as in Vol 1. Same bristles goat/synthetic (pbt). This new handle is 5 mm shorter than the Vol 1.

I have this brush since vol 1, I have been using it to apply a lightweight application of foundation on my friends or relatives who are not used to wearing foundation at all, I know it’s going to be gentle and act fast and I can go close enough around the eyes and the nose without being invasive or brutal.  When I am applying foundation on dry skin I use gentle stippling and swiping motions.

Compared to the foundation brush in his Collection set, this one is much wider, at least twice the size. We tend to use smaller foundation brushes for cream or liquid contour, highlight or blush application and the bigger versions for foundation but in real life, whatever brush I grab, I’ll use the same brush for all, I actually love to blend everything with the same brush and don’t mind having foundation residue on the brush while blending contour, blush or highlight, the transition is even more beautifully blended.



“a tapered sculpting brush for highlighter, blush, and bronzer”

Same ferrule size, same hair length. The total length of the new brush is shorter because the ferrule used is shorter.

Now the bristles are white saikoho goat, the shape differs because this type of bristles will splay out more than squirrel bristles.

I think by now we know that Wayne loves his candle shaped brushes! It’s like a signature shape, he has the #10 in his current line that is almost identical -to me it’s the same.

My Hakuhodo J5521 has become much more rounded brush with time but has similar softness (both are saikoho goat), the WG seems to remain more tapered. The WG OO that is sold separately is much bigger and airy, it’s the perfect face brush for beginners because of how many things you can do with it, effortlessly.

Actually for real beginners -who have never used a make-up brush!- I’d rather advise to take the OO instead of the #10, I think this bigger brush is going to better fit the needs of someone who just wants to deal with one brush for all purposes. From what I have seen, this #02 is great for the beginner who has enough knowledge of where to place the product and how to blend it.



“a fluffy eye shadow brush that doubles as a precision highlighter brush”

The new Vol 2 has the same ferrule size, same hair length, same total length. Now it’s white saikoho goat hair.

I have a huge amount of crease brushes in my collection, his crease brushes are like comfort food for the make-up lover, you always appreciate them and they are always perfectly satisfying.

On this picture, the difference in the shape of the two goat brushes doesn’t appear that striking, but while using both brushes (#03 and #16) the #03 has more firmness at the tip and allows more precision compared to the 16.  I wonder if after repeated washes it will keep this more directional shape, it allows more control with the placement and blending. Not that it matters so much but still, some of you will appreciate this slight difference.

In my most recent acquisitions, there is the Smith 232 and the Rae Morris 7.1.


If you want to compare the RM with the WG, the WG delivers a more intense coloring right in the center of the application, the RM will not deliver such an intense coloring in the very center but the application will end up more diffused and blended out. Both are true gems.

The Smith 232 has this firmness that I truly love in crease brushes, but the bristles aren’t that soft in comparison, it’s super efficient but it does hurt my skin a bit too much (remember my skin is extremely sensitive). I still use the Smith, since it’s nicely controllable, I try to limit the poking by not putting too much pressure to get the job done.


“a silky-soft crease brush that works with any eye shape”

Brush 04 from Vol 2 has the same ferrule width, but the ferrule length is slightly shorter than the old one, so it makes this new brush shorter by 5mm. Now this brush is with white saikoho goat hair.

This is the crease brush that everyone should own, if you don’t and you can’t or don’t want to splurge on the entire set- get the #17 from his regular line, or the #19 if you have smaller eyes, this will even be better, it will do the work with a bit more precision.

#04 and #17 have the same ferrule width, in terms of shape there is a very small difference and the 04 is just a bit more directional and has more strength at the tip.  I find the #04 to be just a tad softer but it’s just pure luck, I bet it’s the same type of bristles, just the batch ended up being a bit softer. Disclaimer: I can notice the smallest difference in softness because of my sensitive skin, I wish I didn’t.

Same comment about the Smith 230, gosh I love the firmness of this brush but gooosh this one does poke on my eyes! However, since it’s so efficient I really would love to be able to use it more often. If you don’t have sensitive skin you’ll probably enjoy this one!

Here you see how much pointier the 04 is comparison to the J142, they have the same ferrule size but the shape is different.



“a finely pointed pencil brush for detail work around eyes and lips”


It has the same size specs as the old 05, except that this time it’s made with undyed goat bristles, so keep in mind that you can use these white brushes with creams as well.

It does not poke, it remains firm and allows high precision. The new 05 has more strength so in terms of smudging capabilities, it will be more powerful than the old.



“an eye shadow blending brush that softens pigment in a single swipe”

This brush is not a novelty for you if you are a Wayne Goss fan, he has the similar 18 currently available, same exact specs.

It’s a similar brush to the Mac 217 but I forgot to include that Mac in the pics. In this post you can see a picture side by side with the Mac 217 and the WG 18.

This type of brush is a must, it’s the easiest and most effortless blending brush, everyone should have one, specially if you are a beginner, this is your starting point.

I wanted to mention the Rae Morris 8.5 because it looks like this Wayne Goss but the RM is wider at the base, shorter, it remains more tightly packed and is much more directional and firm (yet soft!), I love this Rae brush. While Wayne is going to do a great job for the all over placement and blending, this RM is going to work with more control.

The brush on the right hand side is the Chikuhodo Takumi T-7, smaller, shorter, this one will also allow more precision placement and work as a laydown brush.


“a flat eye shadow brush that packs on pigment and works wonders with concealer”

It’s a radical change from the old #07,  so big in comparison to the old 07 but it’s a small and precise laydown brush!

Here are some pics side by side with some similar options. The most similar I own is the J242g, the J004g is much wider and fluffier.

I really enjoy the precision of smaller eye brushes, I consider this brush to be a must have for anyone, I wish Wayne will include this brush in his current collection and available individually.


“a small push liner brush that works color deep into the lashline”

New 08 vs Old 08

I haven’t used this brush yet, I can’t say much about it for now I am afraid, it’s not the type of brushes that I use often, I tend to apply liquid eyeliner on a daily basis.

Wayne says it’s for push liner application or tight line,  to apply definition without it looking like eyeliner, it is meant to work with all types of products. I wanted to give it a serious go but I am still sick and I will give it a serious try with all the products I have when I’ll feel better.

Bottom line

We all work in different ways and have our own skills and techniques, it’s difficult to cover everyone’s needs with one single set -specially if the set has only two face brushes, but this set feels complete and is so straightforward to recommend to anyone.  His brushes are tools that you can trust to apply make-up in the most helpful and flawless way, amazing both for the make-up artist and for the beginner.

My mum wanted a make-up brush “for everything“, so I got her the Wayne Goss 00, this is all she needs for the face, she doesn’t even need more precision than that, it’s perfect for her as a starting point. Now I will probably introduce her to Wayne Goss #10 (#02 in this set) because she may be ready for a more precise application. Chances are that if you are reading this now, you are definitely ready for the precision of the #02, it is going to be a wonderful couteau suisse.

If you are new to Wayne Goss brushes, the best thing would be to start immediately with this Vol 2 set because you’ll get the most important brushes here, you’ll get to know the quality of his brushes and how easy they are to use. If you would like to try just a few, then from his regular line get the Wayne Goss 18 and the face #11, these two are the most basic brushes in his range.

If you are not new to Wayne Goss brushes, I see this Vol 2 like an opportunity to duplicate some brushes and also get the ones that have been made or tuned specially for this occasion, it will be more difficult to justify going for the whole set if you already have many of his current brushes that are similar to these.

I have received this set from Beautylish, I want you to know that the person behind these brushes is nothing but extraordinary. If his kindness was contagious the beauty world would be a much better place!

Whenever I am asked “where to start?” when it comes to make-up brushes, I always recommend Wayne’s brushes! This set is so functional -and complete- that it should not remain a limited edition, I am sure I am not the only one thinking this, I would love so see the brushes in this set become permanent in his brush line.

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Tatjana 13 February, 2018 - 1:53 pm

I love Wayne Goss brushes, but the system of numbering has become ridiculous, IMO. Thank your for comparison pics and get well soon!

Sonia G. 15 February, 2018 - 11:30 pm

Thank you Tatjana, still fighting the bugs but will get there!!! 🙂 I hope you are doing great!

Laura 13 February, 2018 - 2:58 pm

I agree, this is a wonderful set for beginners or people new to Japanese brushes! It looks very nice and I also wish these were permanent. The pink text is so cute! I don’t have many goat hair brushes from Wayne and I’m eyeing a few here, but in all honesty.. I’m more drawn to your brush set as it provides more something new for “us brush nerds”. 😉 I think I’m passing this set, pick a couple of Wayne’s individuals and the rest from your collection. I’m so happy you’ve been able to post more often lately! I loved the Natasha Denona post as well.

xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

Sonia G. 15 February, 2018 - 11:35 pm

Yes we are in the exact same page reg Wayne, and I wish these were permanent, they are so safe and easy!
Mine are not really safe, that’s the biggest difference I guess, there is a learning curve and maybe brush nerds will tend to appreciate this challenge a bit more 😀
Oh I wish I could post more often, getting sick every 3 months is not helping! I am sick of being sick!!!!
Thank you Laura, talk soon and take care!! hugs!

Karina Fogliani 16 February, 2018 - 5:08 pm

I am caught up now Sonia. Please continue with make-up product reviews, brushes, travel, etc. I truly enjoy your blog.

Lulu 23 March, 2018 - 8:58 am

Hi if you had to choose between the WG eyeshadow brush set and a few Tom Ford eyeshadow brushes which would you choose? Thank you

Sonia G. 25 March, 2018 - 5:05 pm

Hi Lulu,

I know people who love the TF but also who hate them, it’s a hit or a miss, I love some, I can’t use others because they aren’t soft enough, do you have access to a TF counter?
WG are softer but there is a firmness on the TF crease that I really adore, I would say to pick the TF crease since it’s still out there (before it’s discontinued to the synthetic version) and to add this WG set.
Then if you don’t like the TF you will probably be able to resell it 🙂

lima 3 June, 2019 - 2:11 pm

hi if i could only afford like 500usd on a a few seperately sold chikuhodo/hikuhodo brushes VS a set of wayne goss brushes, wht would you recommend? also if i do purchase wayne goss, shd i go for orginal or the anniversary set 2? thanks so much. i have dry/combo-dry skin, sensitive skin but no acne. love ur detailed post and down to earth personality, all the best and thanks so much <3

Sonia G. 6 June, 2019 - 5:58 pm

Hi Lima, it actually depends on what type of brushes you like to use, what functionality you need, what shape you are more comfortable using.
It’s difficult for me to recommend you something in particular because Chikuhod is HUGE, Hakuhodo is HUGE, and WG has a more capsule collection, which is often more affordable.
I would pick a few Wayne Goss that are must haves (Please watch Mel Thomson on youtube for example) her favs will tell you a lot about WG functionality and what you could need.
Then on Chikuhodo my fav is the Z series and the GSN series, but why not Surratt? I prefer the cheek from Surratt vs Chikuhodo, it’s better to pick one here and one there when you start a collection as your needs may be covered by a selection rather than a set. Thank you so much for your kindness and I wish you a wonderful discovery, you will have fun!! hugs!!


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