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by Sonia G.

By Terry is launching the new Tropical Sunset Summer collection, two new Sun Designer palettes will be available starting April 1st on Beautylish on this link.

In this Part 1 I can only post some quick swatches because I want to try this product more before I can share more details, but swatches is sometimes all we need to jump on such collections!

Part 2 will come just after, I will use this palette again tomorrow and Sunday, part 2 will be an update regarding my experience with the palette, how I used it, with what brushes and what worked best. I am just afraid I can’t post at least the swatches before its launch.

First of all, I have to tell you that I have been a fan of By Terry since many years, it’s one of the rare brands I can easily access locally in Switzerland… but collections always launch so much later here!


There will be two new Sun Designer palettes launching, #3 and #4, Beautylish sent me #4 for my consideration. You can see a pic of both together  here.

The new palette will retail for 82$ (15g or 0.53 oz) it’s a lot of money but there is quite a lot of product in there so at least it’s not like we pay for a sample which sometimes I feel I am doing… Depending on how you use it, you can even have 6 different products in there.

I have purchased #1 and #2 just when they launched, I have used the #2 a lot since I got it even though it doesn’t show, I am not sure I will ever hit pan on this, actually on the blush side yes I probably will! The glow on this #2 is so beautiful, it has like a rose gold shine to die for.

#4 Savannah Love VS #1 AND #2

Savannah Love in the center

The case is the same but the design is different, there is a coating on top so the gold leaves are unlikely to rub off.


When I took the picture below I had already used the product, I just have no self-control, couldn’t wait a day to use it! I have no patience…, there is usually a pretty gold and clean zig zag separator between each pan…

The texture is quite powdery, when you swirl the brush brutaly you will notice it immediately, however, they don’t look powdery at all on the skin, when you pick the product, don’t be too enthousiastic or brutal like me and you will be perfectly fine.


I haven’t used this Savannah Love a lot, just twice so far because it just arrived. First time it was a mess because I used the Hakuhodo S5521B (the only brush I had with me) and I went mental on the dark bronzer side, I ended up looking like I was going to war with two huge brown stripes along the cheek…  Lessons learned:  go easy and go with a very airy brush over these.


The day after, I used the Wayne Goss 14 and it applied just great! His fan brush #15 might even be better if you want to pick just one pan, will try during the weekend and get back to you! UPDATE: I already tried, it’s fantastic to pick just one shade, why didn’t I think about this brush before??  On top of that, the brush is airy and picks just enough product and won’t overdose it, perfect combo!!!

The blush side looks like a glowy rosy nude when swirled together, goes well with a strong eye and natural lips, that’s what I did actually today. I could notice some sparkle particles on my cheeks but I am not sure if those came more from the bronzer or the blush (they did not bother me at all)… but that’s why I need more time to see how this will exactly work, so far so good though.

All shades swirled together:

The left side is really similar between #2 and #4, #4 has a stronger base color that ends up darker on the cheeks, #2 is more complex, there is some irisdescence that stands out more to me. It’s very subtle but the #2 leans more coral where the #4 leans more rose.  Tan & Flash Cruise are a different texture, less shimmery and now that I can definitely use each shade with the WG 15 brush, I will enjoy this palette even more. Also love the middle and bottom shades lightly swirled together so the Suqqu Cheek brush is what I will pair with them.


There isn’t a lot of difference between the #1 and #2 palettes (bronzer side) but with the #4, it almost looks like an eyeshadow palette! Killer eyeshadows with one subtle shimmer and two mattes!!! Will come back on this, I will try tomorrow and I hope it can actually be used on the lids 😀

All shades swirled together:

When you swirl the shades together, actually the center pan will tend to show more as it will be packed more heavily on the brush, that’s exactly what happens with these, the #2 ends up less dark on the skin than the #1 and therefore will be more appropriate for fair skin but none of these turn orange on my skin. #1 ends up slightly more glowy.



So, I will be back very soon for Part 2 and a more detailed description but in the meantime, if you are interested by this collection, don’t miss the early access here that should start as of April 1st @ 9 AM PT


I have already played with the palettes enough to post a few more comments. I had a little time this morning to check a few things, see what brushes worked best and how this product would work on a zombie. The zombie is me of course, not sleeping for 5 days made me look like hell, I don’t even know how I can still be standing, might be some sort of mummy autopilot mode.

So, when I am like this, showing signs of death and decay, it’s difficult to make anything at all work, everytime I look in the mirror I think, am I going to look like this for the rest of my life ?? There might be better days but there is no going back…

When I feel this way, there are only a few things that can help and make me feel alive and look fresh and ressusitated.

First thing is to have a nice foundation base and glowy/healthy skin with some tan. This is why I have been using the By Terry 2 Light & Tan Vibes a lot recently.

I am Mac NW20, light to medium with a tendency to neutral rather than warm. As I said in part 1 the first approach with the bronzer side of #4 was not successful because I used the only brush I had next to me and it was too dense, too directional. That dark brown is really pigmented and may look muddy when it’s not controlled. However, using the right tools makes this bronzer a unique and stunning product!


In my collection, the best tools to use with this bronzer are the Wayne Goss 14 and the Hakuhodo S105.

I did not know what to do with the Hakuhodo S105 recently, it is too big for setting powder on myself but too floppy to use with many of my bronzers. If you have similar type of floppy and airy brushes that you don’t know what to do with and got forgotten, now it’s their time to shine!!

I tried this bronzer a few times, removed all my make-up and started over again and again until I got the level of coverage I wanted, I was over applying at first but it was really worth insisting, now I can seriously tell you that I am loving it. I swirl the brush, tap the excess off and apply softly once, max twice, but better to build up slowly. I look healthy and like I have just returned from a 2 week holiday at the Maldives, not even joking.

I have a party tonight, I will definitely wear this and they will probably think that I am having the time of my life at the moment! 😀

This reminded me of a dark bronzer I had somewhere … MAC Metal Rock. Does this ring a bell? So old, so hard to find! In comparison the MAC MR is more coppery and has a more dramatic layer of sparkles but at the end both bronzers loose their sparkly finish to only leave a base color with glow and only very micro sparkles. Don’t be scared by the swatch below, both products have been swatched very heavily. I really thought these were even more similar but the base color is more brown in the By Terry.


I had to try, those shades were really talking to my eyes. I do love it, at first the terracota is too warm for the crease for me but it fades to a less warm shade. The top shade is perfect for the browbone. I apply the dark brown on the mobile lid and doesn’t stay as strong and shimmery as it applies, it also fades but to a gorgeous natural shadow and it covers the pale color of my lids. I can take this on holiday and I will have the blush, the bronzer and the shadow in the same palette.


I was surprised to see that the blush side on this #4 was actually darker than expected because on the pans it doesn’t look like it’s going to show that strong. It’s totally controllable but don’t understimate the dark rose and build up gradually.

The best tool for this was the Suqqu cheek, I applied the 3 shades swirled together on top of the bronzer application and it looked amazing, really like a sun tan without the burn, the blush was matching so beautifully the bronzer underneath and was bringing just a bit more glow and a more rosy hue.

I tried to apply just one blush shade at a time and the best way to do so is with Wayne Goss 15 brush, that fan is a perfect match. This brush will allow me to use the shades on my By Terry #1 Tan & Flash Cruise individually, I just tried and now I probably won’t stop using these!


I love the #4 more than I thought I would, I believe that the tools can make a product look a thousand times better and since I know now for sure that I will use these even more than before, I am also getting #3…

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Raquel 3 April, 2017 - 10:09 am

Fantastic review!!!! thank you so much. I am thinking for long time to try one of these.. The number 2 is perfect for me.

Sonia G. 20 April, 2017 - 8:39 am

Number 2 has to be the best so far, could not do without it! there is something about this glow that I cannot find in other products 🙂

Stephanie 21 April, 2017 - 3:38 pm

Dear Sonia,

I am a long time reader and fan of your blog. Many times your reviews have inspired me to buy beautiful things – be it makeup or brushes. I actually “use” your blog soooo often as an encyclopedia when it comes to beauty related things. Thank you so so much for all the work you have put into your reviews.
Once more you inspired me and so after receiving an emailed that my favorite beauty shop here in Germany has got the palettes, I ordered both.
Thank you so much for this review – Having two small children myself, you truly amaze me by how you managed this.
Sending you lots of hugs from Germany

Sonia G. 27 April, 2017 - 8:12 pm

Hi Stephanie, I truly appreciate that you stop here and take the time to comment 🙂 thank you!!
I have to admit that it’s difficult to handle, sometimes I am feeling very sad because I cannot be everywhere and do everything… I see the work that one child gives, I cannot imagine having two!
I need a little time for myself to balance the busy life, I really enjoy using items like these By Terry palettes because in a way they feel like holidays and also because the result can slightly change from time to time 🙂
Lots of hugs to you too and hopefully talk soon! <3


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