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by Sonia G.

I have been in the hunt for a gigantic mama brush roll since I started my brush addiction, the only big one I ever found was the large Inglot but when filled with brushes it bursts open…

Today I finally own my dream brush roll thanks to the gorgeous design and sewing skills of my sweet friend Sarah, she did such a freaking fantastic job!!!

When I told her I wanted a brush roll THAT long, she wasn’t convinced at all, she said it would be too big and unpractical, she gave me the look and said I would even need a dedicated backpack to carry it!!! Yeaaaaah, don’t care, I still want a huge mama brush roll! She was staying with me for the weekend and I managed to persuade her, well, eventually, she thought I was joking!!!

After a few estimates and measurements she came up with this brushroll, with a typical Japanese print that I love, seigaiha (wave), these waves are considered a symbol of peace, good luck and good fortune in Japan.

You unfold once…

Then twice…

Then BOUM !!!!

24 compartments in a brushroll THAT long… (for reference, my vanity is 1,20 meters wide)

I can store my brushes on the left, and the brushes I use on others on the right, they never touch when folded!

It’s bulky when full….

but still flexible so it fits easily in the luggage, although she still wanted me to have a matching back pack … that she also made for me!!!

And she made this sketch … yeah, it’s pretty much me, minus the skirt, I have become much more selective with my shopping in Japan but I still manage to loose control…

Thank you Sarah!!! I am so thrilled to travel with it!

So… what do you think? Is it really that big??  I think it’s just the perfect size!!!

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Stacey 14 March, 2017 - 3:07 pm

Looks like a kimono for brushes.

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:06 pm

Sarah sometimes uses old fabric from Kimonos so absolutely, it’s truly like a kimono for brushes 🙂

Sena 15 March, 2017 - 5:43 am

love it! now, I want one hahahaha :^)

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:07 pm

it’s difficult to resist Sena!!!

Melinda 16 March, 2017 - 3:14 am

Beautiful brush roll!

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:07 pm

Thank you on behalf of Sarah too 🙂

Ann C. 16 March, 2017 - 3:29 am

Omg!!! I love it!!! Great Job Sarah!!!

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:08 pm

That’s cool isn’t it? and she didn’t believe in it at first hahaha

Meredith Swezey 16 March, 2017 - 5:24 pm

Ooo what a great friend! I want one too! Maybe she could start a business of making these. All you’d have to do is tell her how many brushes you want to carry, measure the handle so she knows how large to make the loop or pocket, tell her what color(s) you want the fabric to be or she could show a selection on her website, etc. I’d order one and the cute back pack too.

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:10 pm

Unfortunately she doesn’t have the time for that 🙁 so sad … and she told me this is a hobby only for now.. but I really hope she can do something about it!

Amy Umar 16 March, 2017 - 9:31 pm

Love it !!! Would she make some more and sell them??

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:10 pm

Hi Amy, she doesn’t have time.. but I did this post also to show her how cool her work was and that if she wanted to go pro she definitely could!!!

Raquel 17 March, 2017 - 9:43 am

It its fabulous!! You can transport a lot of brushes all safe! Un abrazo 🙂

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:12 pm

and I will haha just so freaking cool!! un abrazo desde Suiza:)

Kuri 17 March, 2017 - 12:46 pm

Gorgeous! If it’s what you need it’s the perfect size, no?

Sonia G. 19 March, 2017 - 9:11 pm

it is! so so so so great 😀

jel888 18 November, 2017 - 5:23 pm

Well, I admire people who know how to manage there time, but it is a loss for us, as it is such a beautiful and simple brush roll. any recommendations for others who don’t have time to make one?

Sonia G. 16 December, 2017 - 3:32 pm

I have to say I did not see any similar ones anywhere but saw cute traditional things on CDjapan website, some time ago, I’ll have a look and when I find something like this I’ll tell you.
One brushroll that I find beautiful and simple is the one from Kashoen, it’s not fabric but it’s gorgeous…
or the Kumano Fude select shop, pics here

Wendy 14 December, 2017 - 2:50 pm

I would you share what you use to clean your bruahes? I purchased Wayne Goss brushes when they first came out. Also cleaner for synthetic brushes as well. Thanks so much! Enjoyed the Beautylish Interview!

Sonia G. 16 December, 2017 - 3:15 pm

I just bought a whole lot of cleansers to try out (DIOR, Mac, BB, Clinique) and compare to my existing ones.
I usually simply go for Savon de Marseille with goat brushes and baby shampoo with squirrel brushes. I use also the Bobby Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser but I use it only sometimes, it’s really nice but I find that it is a bit more time consuming to rinse properly. I have to admit I go for the fastest method, I don’t need to use my brushes on other people on a regular basis so satinizing them is not something I absolutely require. I keep a few brushes aside for that.
I also use the savon de marseille on synthetic ones, do you know what it is?
I am definitely trying those new ones because I want to use a proper brush cleanser but so far I have not been that impressed with all available, either they don’t properly clean, they don’t foam nicely, or they don’t rinse that well or they have too much ethanol… will for sure update you on which one is my fav 🙂
So far my brushes don’t shed and did not had issues whatsoever but I am very gentle with them and rinse them really well.
Thank you so much for reading the interview 🙂 how nice!

Chrissy 7 January, 2018 - 4:03 pm

What’s the dimensions of that gorgeous brush roll height and length?

Sonia G. 11 January, 2018 - 7:58 pm

Hi Chrissy,

It’s 21cm high and 47,5 cm long 🙂

Karina Fogliani 13 February, 2018 - 6:34 pm

This is a very useful roll for you, and would be wonderful for travel (I’ve often found that I don’t take enough make-up tools – i.e. brushes – when I travel. Hopefully this year I shall arm myself with a good pouch or appropriate make-up bag to transport them). But what’s wonderful here is that your friend made it for you. Such a nice gesture. And she even made you the backpack! Genial!

Dolores 21 March, 2018 - 4:01 am

Hello Sonia,
I am a great fan of your brushes, bought the Fundamental set as soon as it came out, and now bought all of the new brushes that just came out to support the Fundamental set. I am a beginner in makeup, love it but just learning how to apply it. I figured that your brush set and Wayne Goss’ 2nd Anniversary set would be all that I need. I was wrong, I really love brushes! One question, do you have recommendations on how to transport all of my new brushes? I’ve tried a cylindrical Morphe brush storage, but I don’t know if the tube is upside down, wondering if it will damage the brushes? Love the kimono roll above that someone had made for you! Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you…..


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