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CHIKUHODO BEAUTYLISH The 2016 Sakura Collection

by Sonia G.

I have just received the 2016 Sakura Collection from Beautylish and would love to share some comparison pictures and thoughts before its launch on the 31st of August, actually it’s tomorrow already! I have to hurry up so if I miss anything, if you have any questions about the set, the functionality or need further comparisons, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to reply and help.

Beautylish had released a first set last year in July, this is their second, also hand crafted in Japan by Chikuhodo and also part of their Sakura Collection but with a different design and material.


This set is Red,  Red with a bright capital R, both the ferrules and handles.

They were drying near the sink when my bf spotted them and he said they looked expensive and beautiful 🙂 he noticed the sakura petals were applied in layers and was very interested to know how this Japanese maki-e design had been printed on the handles. We asked Nils from Beautylish and said he will be happy to share more details with us about maki-e in the future and he’ll prepare for that.

The price of the set is 245$, I am not sure how the VAT works depending on where you live but the shipping is free and they ship worldwide. You can have early access here.

I have been secretly ordering on Beautylish for the past months and each time it was a great experience, best thing is that I don’t have to pay VAT when I receive the parcels since its already adjusted at the moment of the order and believe me, when you live in Switzerland this is extremely important.

In cm Bristles length Ferrule width Total length Material
Powder brush 5 2.2 18 Saikoho goat
Highlighter brush 3.3 1.5 17 Saikoho goat
Foundation brush 2.5 2 15.5 Saikoho goat
Crease/blending brush 1.8 0.5 15 Sokoho goat
Brow brush 0.5 0.5 13.8 Water badger
Lip brush 1 0.5 14.2 Synthetic

Saikoho is the best grade of goat bristles you can find in the market. You could upgrade from Saikoho to Saibikoho but the latter is much more expensive, not even always better in terms of functionality and so rare that it is not used on OEM brushes, just sometimes you’ll see a few sets or a few brushes from Koyudo.

Sokoho bristles can be more or less good depending on the batch and other factors. On the market you can find scratchy sokoho and very soft sokoho, both called sokoho but with such a difference in quality. The benefit of sokoho is that it’s cheaper than saikoho and since the bristles are a bit thicker, it allows sokoho to be able to blend with more efficiency.

If you can’t see and feel the brushes in person it’s difficult to know for sure if their softness matches your expectations.


The pouch is such a great improvement compared to all the Holiday sets I have recently seen from Chikuhodo, this one is more functional, the quality feels great and is the perfect size, not too big, not too small, not too short.



There is a zipped side for liners or anything you wish to carry with your brushes and behind it you could store a small microfiber cloth.


Both sides have hidden compartments behind them, I will store there my little towel to clean the brushes, it always gets contaminated in my makeup bag so this compartment will keep it clean and always handy!


The pouch is padded for some additional protection, the fabric on the outside feels and looks nice, I don’t see any flaws so this time the pouch adds a nice value to the set.



Sakura 2015 versus Sakura 2016

Beautylish wanted something very rich in color to recall this gorgeous Sakura season. The handles are covered with light pink and silver Sakura flowers along a brown tree branch.


2015 Sakura vs 2016 Sakura

I thought the red would be very similar to the Hakuhodo S100 series but the closest shade of red I have in my collection are the Takeda red handles:


It’s a shame that both sets of the Sakura collection don’t have the same handle, for those who have both it would make just one big set but on the other hand it’s nice to have something special each year.


Chikuhodo have also a few brushes with Maki-e for example the MK-2 here:


The powder brush


Featured from left to right:

  • Kokutan Powder Brush JMG
  • Beautylish x Chikuhodo 2016
  • Chikuhodo MK-2
  • Chikuhodo Noel Collection LE Neige set
  • Chikuhodo Takumi T-1

The Sakura 2016 powder brush is dense enough (there is no floppiness at all) and very soft. I use it for bronzer and powder, the application is light to medium coverage.

In comparison to the Sakura 2016:

  • The Hakuhodo is denser but it’s also bundled with synthetic bristles, therefore it’s not only a saikoho but a mix, they tend to add synthetic bristles for more durability and density, and eventually helps to keep the price a bit lower compared to a same density brush with only natural bristles.
  • The Chikuhodo Noel collection is less soft but it’s supposed to be sokoho, still, it is very good sokoho. For most customers that difference won’t matter as it doesn’t change its results.
  • The Takumi T-1 is saikoho but feels very slightly less soft, however, most people won’t feel a difference at all and I think it’s the same hair, just the batch happens to be slightly better for the Sakura this time.
  • The Chikuhodo MK-2 is blue squirrel but I just wanted to mention it since it’s quite close in size. If you love Chikuhodo and maki-e designs you probably own it and it gives you an idea of the Sakura’s size.


Sideways: bc24

The highlighter brush


Featured from left to right:

  • Rae Morris Deluxe Kabuki 1
  • Chikuhodo x Beautylish Sakura 2016
  • Chikuhodo Kiwami highlighter
  • Hakuhodo S J103
  • Chikuhodo Takumi T-5

The Sakura 2016 highlighter is a flat tapered brush, spreads out towards the middle to end in a pointy surface.  Its shape allows the application of blush, contour, highlighter, powder, I love its potential!

How it compares to other options:

  • I am showing you the highlighter brush from the Chikuhodo Kiwami because it’s very similar in shape, totally different bristles but if you love how the Kiwami is shaped then you will love the Sakura.
  • The Rae Morris Deluxe Kabuki is not as soft and it’s denser and round.
  • The Hakuhodo S J103 is here for size reference, if you love red and white combinations you may have it, the softness is very similar, I can’t tell the difference, both are Saikoho.
  • The Chikuhodo Takumi T-5 has similar hair length but it’s much thicker, you’ll notice that in the sideways picture. In terms of softness it’s equal.

All the brushes in that picture are good options. If you want something very appropriate for a make-up artist (more resilient, durable and with more strength on the bristles) then you better get the Rae Morris. If you want something very multipurpose and Japanese styled you better go for either the Sakura or the Takumi. At this moment the Kiwami is not available but it’s one of the best brushes I have ever had. Somebody asked me recently what brushes would I pick if my house was on fire … I would pick the Kiwami set first. Let’s hope Chikuhodo will release it in the future for those of you dreaming about it.




The foundation brush

All the brushes in the next picture are very similar in terms of functionality, they are quite small for foundation but I met many make-up artists who prefer to work with smaller brushes, they usually place the foundation with a flat brush then blend with this type of brush for more detailed work, or build up the coverage just where it’s really needed. It’s exactly what I was doing until I changed my foundation.

Today I use Natasha Denona’s foundation, it’s easy like a cc cream, my skin but better type of finish, not a lot coverage but every time I wear it people I meet tell me how healthy I look even in the hospital bed! Been there a few weeks ago. I could not get out of bed so I applied it with my fingers and without a mirror and it was flawless 😀

Whatever the condition of my skin, flaky, dry or wrinkly tired, the application is super easy and the finish just like skin. I use a foundation brush just to even out and remove the excess oils but it’s the first time I don’t really need a great foundation brush in my life!

Coming back to these little foundation brushes, I personally love them paired with concealers, cream blushes and cream highlighters or contours, yep, I am into contour and still not leaving that trend in the near future 🙂 works for me!


Featured in that picture from bottom to top:

  • Chikuhodo GSN 05
  • Tom Ford 02
  • Koyudo BP014
  • Mizuho foundation brush
  • Beautylish x Chikuhodo Sakura 2016

How they compare:

  • In terms of softness, the Tom Ford 02 is the softest of all. It’s way too soft and dense for foundation but can be used to finish the foundation application, even out everything and remove excess oils like I mentioned before.
  • The Chikuhodo GSN-05 is one of the best, thicker bristles more appropriate for foundation blending or buffing. Sideways the Sakura is thicker and denser.
  • The Koyudo BP014 is super soft too but so tiny and dense that I really just use it for detailed placement and blending of cream contour.
  • The Mizuho would be perfect with its angled shape and fewer density but it’s a shame it’s still quite small!




The Crease brush

Featured from top to bottom:

  • Beautylish x Chikuhodo crease/blending brush
  • Chikuhodo GSN 10
  • Hakuhodo J142
  • Kumano Fude Select Shop ss4-2
  • Mac 222
  • Mac 221


My favorite crease/blending brushes from this picture are the Sakura 2016 and the Kumano Fude select shop, both are nicely tapered and dense, therefore precise and firm enough to allow the best results. The Sakura is the best blender! These two are also the softest of the bunch, totally recommend them!

  • The Chikuhodo GSN 10 is not dense enough in comparison and too big for placement
  • The Mac 222 doesn’t offer the same precision and doesn’t finish the job as well as the Sakura or the KFSS
  • The little Mac 221 is very nice and very soft but its thin ferrule and long bristles don’t offer the best control, it’s difficult to put gradual pressure on these bristles, instead of adapting to the skin, the bristles “flick”, not sure you see what I mean here… but it’s a bit like holding a pencil by the end instead of the base. The bristles are very soft but somehow they lack some flexibility.
  • The Hakuhodo J142 is super soft, nicely dense, I just wished it was more tapered but it’s a fantastic brush with a very good price.

The brow brush

From top to bottom:

  • Hakuhodo S163
  • Beautylish x Chikuhodo Sakura 2016
  • Hakuhodo B264

I have thick brows and they just need some little work, some filling and lifting. This Sakura brow brush is thicker at the surface,  looks less disciplined but for me this is a good thing, I want a brow brush that picks a good amount of product and applies in a more thick line so the Sakura works best for my case.

The other two brushes from Hakuhodo are thin at the surface, I have to go back and forth to pick more product and it takes forever. The major difference between them is that the Sakura draws lines of 2mm, the other brushes here 1mm, the Sakura’s strokes are thicker and much longer.


The lip brush

From top to bottom:

  • Beautylish x Chikuhodo lip brush
  • Rae Morris 19



I hadn’t used synthetic lip brushes before I got this Rae Morris and after I got the RM I did not use natural lip brushes ever since! I was looking for another synthetic lip brush to confirm that I love synthetic lip brushes 🙂 This lip brush is good but the Rae just rocks my world! The Rae is more supple which helps me with control.



Bottom line: my top favs are the highlight and blending/crease brushes and of course the case!

Remember if you have questions you can ask and I’ll do my best to get back to you! 🙂

This set has been sent to me by Beautylish for my consideration! 

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Devin 31 August, 2016 - 1:59 am

Thanks for the quick but thorough review Sonia. I will have to get these since I went back to Japan this spring and it we happened to be therr during peak cherry blossom blooming. It was gorgeous. Also, I am very late but congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 10:06 am

Thank you very much for the congratulations Devin! 🙂
I haven’t been to Japan during their cherry blossom, I wish I could go one day! As soon as Alice is ready for long trips it will be the first one we will do!

Mirela Patino 31 August, 2016 - 5:32 am

Wonderful review, I only own one Chikuhudo brush when it partnered with Sephora. The rest of my brushes are sigma from the Mrs Bunny collection. I’m having a hard time deciding if this set is worth the splurge? I also own some Marc Jacobs brushes. What do you think?

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 10:17 am

First of all thank you Mirela!
I own the concealer brush from Marc Jacobs and love it! actually I own two of them 🙂 one for concealer and the other for cream shadow and blending! I also own the face brushes, the big bronzer I use it in winter, it may sound funny but in summer those synthetic bristles don’t feel very pleasant on my skin due to the heat 🙂 I use one of the foundation brushes too (the angled one) and enjoy it a lot, overall I think they are good for synthetic brushes (although I prefer Hourglass depending on the brush), some MJ are a bit too dense imho but I hope they will release more eye brushes in the future, the concealer is a big success, if they can come up with such great small brushes I am IN!
Regarding this set and the “worth the splurge”, wait a few minutes and check again the comments below, I am replying to someone more in detail and that will also include an answer to your question 🙂

Rikki 31 August, 2016 - 5:54 am

Thanks for your comparison in such a detail and I just cannot wait to the early access purchase tomorrow!

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 10:17 am

Thank you Rikki, I hope you will enjoy these! hugs!

Malin Volle 31 August, 2016 - 6:15 am

What a great review Sonia!…As always 🙂
They are so beautiful and I love the red color.

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 10:17 am

Hi Malin! thanks sweetie 🙂

sravanthi thodopunuri 31 August, 2016 - 7:21 am

Hi Sonia,
I’m just new in brushes world, I only own Wayne goss set, Mk-1 and few Tom Ford brushes. I like the last year Beautylish set, but I’m so skeptical about this year ones, are they worthy for price? compare to last year ones are squirrel hair, and this year one have synthetic, is it best to buy this set or buying Individual Takumi or Z series? and which one to prefer goat or squirrel? I have combi skin, I’m so confused please help.

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 11:32 am

Hi Sravanthi,

Please also have a look at my reply to Miranda in the comments, it may also help 🙂
Last year the set’s price was really good, a special price for customers to try Japanese brushes and start a love affair with them.
This year’s the price is more in line with the brushes (I think) but as much as I love Japanese brushes, I honestly don’t like to be pushed to buy them in sets because I am really picky when it comes to functionality. I want the perfect brush that I had in mind for the purpose I had in mind, if you are like me it’s difficult to be content with what a set can offer because you will have to adapt to the set and it should be the other way round.
I still buy sets because of their design and because it’s my passion and I can’t resist them 🙂

As I told Miranda, what should trigger the purchase is the unique look, of course the saikoho is excellent and the sokoho crease brush really stunning but it’s 245$ and if you had some other individual brushes in mind then the pondering is right. If you buy the set and then you need a pencil brush (I consider super important to have a great one), a different foundation brush, a laydown brush, etc then the set is not the best option. If you already have your bare necessities and you want something different, it’s when the Christmas sets or other LE sets are nice to have.

Which one to prefer from goat or squirrel? it depends, with combi skin you can happily use both, goat is recommended for oily skin because it will even out and remove excess oils of your skin, squirrel face brushes are not recommended if your skin transfers too much oil into them but you take a microfiber cloth or towel and spot clean them after and it’s all good. I don’t think we are tied to use one or the other nowadays because goat bristles can now be very gentle with dry skin (not exfoliate it or irritate it) and squirrel bristles you can workaround them if you really want to use them by cleaning them after use when required.

I would recommend you to go with your heart and to target the functionality you really need first, once you have the brushes you need then it’s when a set becomes interesting.
In this set you have saikoho bristles, it’s the softest you can find but if you prefer squirrel brushes, go with squirrel because the price will continue to increase in the future. The quality of saikoho will also decrease (please check my Koyomo post for more info about this), so either way it’s difficult for me to say get one or the other. I will just say that if you won’t use all the brushes from the set and you don’t love the design, then get the Takumi or Z series that really please your heart and target exactly your requirements 🙂

sravanthi thodopunuri 31 August, 2016 - 7:22 pm

Thank u so much Sonia for detailed reply, I didn’t like the red color ferrules, and I’m sure I won’t use 2-3 brushes, I will be sad for a while for not getting them, but then I will be happy that I purchased Individual brushes, which I actually use, and yes with Holidays near by, there are more options. Is the pouch really worthy? I always feel maintaining goat brushes is a big task, I worry about staining, I read your cleaning of brushes post, thanks for detail info. By the way which ones u prefer? Goat or Squirrel? which pencil brush u like most? I’m looking for good one, while doing eye makeup I feel I need 2-3 pencil brushes at a time, Im looking for options.
I know it is lot to ask with little kid around, but can u do your top favorite brushes post, u do it every year, but can u do overall from these many years, what are your top favorites, not just this year released ones, but overall which ones u love love, which ones are top favorites and must haves, thank u so much

Miranda 31 August, 2016 - 9:33 am

I would be interested to hear whether you think it’s worth the price versus buying brushes individual or other sets as well. Also, do you think the eyebrow brush can be used eyeliner? Lip brush for cream eyeshadow? I feel like these two brushes may not get much use for me so I’m wondering whether I could use them for other things as well….

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 10:57 am

Hi Miranda,
In order to see if the set is worth the price, I did a breakdown tagging them with a price that I thought would match the market if they were sold individually (similar brushes and current value of saikoho material). I reach more than the retail value these are sold for as a set, without taking into consideration the added costs since it’s not a regular line but I am not capable to estimate those, also I don’t know the price of the maki-e, I can only do a rough estimation.
When it gets difficult to decide if the set is worth the splurge is if you won’t use some of them, so you end up getting 6 brushes and using only 4 and it needs consideration. What should trigger your purchase is the look of the set, if you love the Sakura design and would love to own something more special and different than what is available in regular lines, then it’s worth it, even if you won’t use two of the brushes maybe you can still give those two brushes as presents for someone close to you who would use them.
To answer your other question, the eyebrow brush cannot be used as liner and the lip brush cannot be used for cream shadow.

If you put aside the design because you don’t really mind it, for 245$ you enter a whole lot of possibilities. For example you can get a Wayne Goss powder (white and black 00) for 85$ and the eye set at 148$, then get his foundation brush or something else for foundation later on (you won’t get the case but maybe it’s not what you need anyway). It won’t be all saikoho but you will certainly use all of these WG brushes and they are also very soft, they have a stunning price and they are absolutely amazing so it’s difficult to compete against them! I was just giving you an example but there other possibilities, also with the Takumi or Hakuhodo J series.
Whenever possible I always recommend getting individual brushes truly targeting your needs even if you end up paying more because at the end you have exactly what you need and are not disappointed with your selection. But, I also often say to chose with your heart because we regret less whatever we have chosen with our hearts, it’s a personal decision but I understand what you say, and at this price you already have the possibility to get a few great individual brushes.
I hope this helps you! 🙂

Miranda 31 August, 2016 - 11:27 am

Thank you for your reply :). I really love the design, which is what is pushing me to get them, but I have been comparing with the WG sets as well. I think I’m opting for the Sakura set and WG 13, 14, and 20. Would you recommend 11 as well or should these cover most things? I’m in France so with taxes and whatnot I only want to make one order…

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 11:59 am

Hi Miranda,
The 11 will work a bit in between the 13 and the Sakura highlight, delivering a heavier application than the Sakura and lighter than the 13. I would get it if you are thinking about it, the reason is the 11 is such a fantastic brush, comme un couteau suisse! but you can also do whatever you do with the 11 with the Sakura and the WG13 or 14 depending on the product. I am not helping I know I am sorry!
Where are you in France? if not too far away you could come here and you could try them by yourself 🙂
How does it work with taxes for you in France? here they adjust all before shipping so I don’t have to pay anything more. Is it the same or not at all?

Miranda 31 August, 2016 - 12:11 pm

Hello again.

I live in Lyon – where exactly are you in Switzerland? The more I read your blog the more I am confusing myself with this purchase… between the WG and C takumi, or just getting the sakura and waiting to see C brushes in person when I am in Japan in autumn. Decisions!

After looking, Beautylish applies all the taxes at payment for France as well. I guess for that reason I could wait and see how I like the sakura and then order more. Though at this point it seems a bit unrealistic!!

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 12:36 pm

I am near Nyon so not far away from Geneva, Lyon is next door 😀 if you ever come near Nyon let me know!
Your strategy sounds great! if you go in person to Japan then you will have so much fun deciding! if you plan a budget and want to stick to it, it will be sooo difficult but on the other hand, being able to touch the brushes in person makes everything so much easier!
when are you leaving? this autumn is almost here so you must be excited!!
Cool about taxes, that’s why I love purchasing from them! I hate to pay double the taxes when I order something and that happens almost always with other companies 🙁

Miranda 31 August, 2016 - 2:55 pm

Thank you for your offer … if I’m ever near Geneva I’ll be sure to let you know 😀

As for Japan, I leave in November so it still feels long away… which is why I just want to buy them all now. I’m sure I’ll pick up a few there anyways. Do you have a preference between WG and the takumi? I quite like the different shapes of WG but from what I read it seems that most people prefer takumi quality.

Miranda Fidler 2 September, 2016 - 10:46 am

Brushes came today – so in love with the design! Thank you again for your help. I’m glad I waited to purchase more.. buying some in the shops in Japan will certainly be a special treat!!

Bonnie Anderson-Szabo 31 August, 2016 - 11:25 am

Hi Sonia!
Awesome comparison, I was directed here by Nils newsletter about the new Sakura set! I bought last year’s and it’s one of my favorite beauty purchases of all time. It was my first foray into Japanese brushes as well. Since then I’ve picked up a few Wayne Goss brushes as well but most of my collection is not Japanese brushes (more like It cosmetics and Dior/Chanel type stuff) my question for you before I decide whether or not to splurge on these tomorrow is – are they as good as last year’s set? Or are they slightly disappointing in comparison? I realize that it’s a little bit like comparing apples to oranges bc last year’s powder & cheek brush was blue squirrel but, I’m dying to know if you think these are worth the splurge.
Thanks so much!

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 11:46 am

😀 Hi Bonnie,
indeed, it’s like comparing apples to oranges 😀 but last year was a special price anyway imho. I think last year’s set offered a functionality factor beyond expectations, its functionality versus the price versus the quality was way above normal in a set! Today it’s a totally different set, I don’t think the lip brush adds so much to it and I bet customers would rather have a set without a lip brush but with a more reasonable price ? I don’t know..
The quality of this set is above Chanel/Dior which are not handcrafted (you pay for the brand) and the design is something totally different too, so to answer your question … yes the Sakura are truly good but it’s the functionality that you also have to consider. There is also the possibility to return them if you don’t like them but I suggest you try them first, just to have your mind at peace. (I hope this is the correct way to say it in English)
Please also have a look at my other replies in the comments, it may help you too! 🙂
take care sweetie!

Ana Samuel 31 August, 2016 - 11:35 am

Thank you for a very comprehensive review.
My question for you is that I really want a very good and BIG powder brush but I don’t know where to go. Should I go for this set or do you advise any other individual brush?
Thank you very much

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 11:49 am

Hi Ana,
Do you just want a big huge goat powder brush ? Like the Takumi? as you see the Takumi is much much bigger and same soft bristles so if you just want 1 brush and want to get the most out of your investment, then the big Takumi should fit your desires 😀

Ana Samuel 31 August, 2016 - 12:17 pm

Dear Sonia thank you for your quick reply and helping me make up my mind.
The look of this new set is heavenly but I will go for the huge powder brush you recommended. I am in Portugal by the way.

Sonia G. 31 August, 2016 - 12:31 pm

I am a neighbour then, I am originally from Galicia 😉
take care 🙂

Jen 31 August, 2016 - 3:01 pm

Sonia! I just wanted to drop by and give you a huge congratulations for your new daughter. She’s gorgeous!! I’ve been super busy this past year and haven’t been able to look much past your posts. I’m so happy for you and happy to hear you’re both doing well!! Thanks also for this review, I was going to get it already but you made me feel better about the decision! XO

Sonia G. 1 September, 2016 - 12:08 pm

Hi Jen,

Thank you!! we are doing well, she is adorable and we are so lucky!
Thank you also for stopping by in spite of your busy schedule! Sending you much love from Switzerland!

belly 31 August, 2016 - 5:01 pm

Oh goodness! What an amazing review. Thank you, Sonia. I was so curious about which hair quality was being used and of course you would have all the information I would crave. 😀 The handles are stunning, but I’m very set into my boring ways with generally black handles. Why even the Pink Pearl handles from Koyomo are practically neon pink in my brush collection! XD

I will likely need to not indulge in this. The only big brush set I have my heart on (forever, since learning about it here) would be the Kiwami. (Oh Chikudodo! I’m turning blue holding my breath!)

Sonia G. 1 September, 2016 - 12:21 pm

Hi Belly!!
Well, I have to admit that I am boring too then 😀 … I was about to write it in the post but I have a beauty blog and saying I love black and white appeared to me like a contradiction 😀
All my cars have been black, my first motorbike black, my current white, my brushroom is black and white, my cat and dog both black and white and I just love black and white brushes!! I mentioned that on a Insta post, black and white is my weakness! So when it comes to such bright brushes it takes a while to adjust my eyes 😀 Once in a while I enjoy something else, Japanese are very very bright, in your face girly things! When I was over I found out we were so different actually, they find our language sexy and they want to give their brushes names like “Neige” or “Etoile” and we want brushes with Japanese names and symbols on them 😀 Different markets!

I hated the Koyomo pink at first and now I love them, obviously time had to help me!

The Kiwami.. oh my.. I am stalking them about it, seriously, turning blue too here, saving for it and even if I already have one! I should not want another one but this force is stronger than me!!!
As soon as I know something about it I tell you!! <3 hugs!!!

belly 2 September, 2016 - 7:50 pm

:DD Ahahah! Thinking about even your furry animals being black and white had me laughing at my desk. I guess after all, we like what we like!

Raglo 31 August, 2016 - 7:57 pm

I know, if I’m ever unsure about softness, before buying, I’ll just drop by for tea and pet your brush zoo for confirmation ;). I like the print, though I’m still not grown up enough to lust after white bristle brushes (I know myself, they’ll be dirty all the time, and it’ll drive me mad). It’d be cool to learn about the process of the print. I wonder if it wears off where you grip the handle most? The writing on my Fine Kalla did…

Also, the case looks pretty sweet! I’ve been thinking of making something similar for travel, with a zipped pouch for non brushes/pencils, but I don’t travel enough to justify the effort :D. Ooh, wouldn’t it be cool if I could design cases for Chikuhodo???

Amirah 31 August, 2016 - 8:45 pm

Hello Sonia,
Thank you for the awesome and detailed review, I was led here from the email received from beautylish. I wanted to ask you, if this brush set will work for dry and sensitive skin or not? I wear light coverage, but sometimes I also like to build up to full coverage and I mostly have stick foundation and liquid ones. This would be for my personal use only, I am not a makeup artist.
I read one of the very responses above but maybe I didn’t understand it well, which one the goat hair or the squirrel hair would work best for my skin type?

Tatjana 31 August, 2016 - 9:02 pm

Thanks Sonia for the review. Red handles in generally are not that tempting to me, I personally think the colour of the ferrule and handle did not go well together. But I’m picky! I like the ferrules on this set more than the handles 😀
Will pass on this set and looking forward to the Chikuhodo Christmas sets, hoping for something new to see!). Last to say – please tell Beautylish to offer gorgeous single brushes next year. Three BAM! *comic bubble* brushes, not more. Stunning, beautiful brushes. I hope and wish till next year 🙂 xxx Tatjana

Kiss & Make-up 1 September, 2016 - 12:28 pm

As per usual, fantastic in-depth review! I quite like the look of these, they look very fun and different.

Marie-Estelle 1 September, 2016 - 6:11 pm

First of all…. Congratulations for your little girl! I’m really happy to see you back and well :).

I am more of a discreet “follower” and rarely comment. Nevertheless, today I felt the urge to share!

Thank you so much Sonia for this in-depth review! It convinced me -with the replies in the comments- that this set can very much satisfy my current “need” concerning makeup brushes! I always learn a lot while reading your blog spots and I am really grateful for all the hard work and the passion that you put into them :).

To come back on the subject… It was a bit of an impulsive buy for me, but I know I would have regretted not investing on this set. The red color and the maki-e design really speak to me. Moreover the brushes would complete and enhance my collection perfectly.

A friend picked up the Suqqu Cheek in London recently for me -you also made this happen :3 -… I cannot wait to receive it! I still have some brushes that I am eyeing on, but I will wait a bit to indulge as I will have everything I need -and no one to donate the brushes which wouldn’t receive any love with the arrival of the new ones.

Now, I will need to find a good idea to display this set on my vanity! I suspect that the contrast with its the modern design and black wood will be stunning *_*.

Take care!

Viviana 14 September, 2016 - 11:10 pm

Hola Sonia! Perdón por la pregunta “random”, pero por algún lado leí que Suqqu va a sacar un set de pinceles, incluido el eyeshadow brush s, para estas fiestas. Has escuchado algo?? Gracias!

Sonia G. 15 September, 2016 - 8:03 pm

Hi Viviana,
si, el set tendra 3 pinceles, creo que es un eyeliner, un eyebrow (pero no estoy segura) y eso si, incluye el Suqqu S, normalmente es para octubre pero ya te diré voy a comprobarlo.
un beso!

Mariya 17 September, 2016 - 9:20 pm

Hi, Sonia! I want to ask for your help. You’re an expert makeup brushes. 😉 I want a big powder brush of squirrels. I want to buy Hakuhodo K002. But I have no way to touch her, I’ll order online. Maybe there brush better quality? Please recommend a brush for powder proteins. You trust. Thank you very much! (Sorry for the mistakes in the text used a translator because I do not know English)

Kate 26 April, 2017 - 11:48 pm

Hi! Great article! I am looking to get my premium makeup brush collection going… I would like to purchase a set to start with and then would purchase more brushes to fill in the gaps in the future. I am trying to decide between CHIKUHODO The Sakura Collection and Wayne Goss’s The Anniversary Set. I am new to this! Thoughts? Thank you!!


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