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JENNY PATINKIN – Gem Collection Set and Domed Multi-Blender

by Sonia G.

Life doesn’t always allow time for all, even if we try hard, work hard, think we are the strongest and that nothing will disrupt our passion and willingness to blog, reality hits…, today I am fighting to find the time to post and at the same time to fulfil my +100% full time job, no full time job = no fluffies! My humble apologies for being away for so long! I am trying to organize my life so that it is more structured and foreseeable 🙂 I have so many new fluffies to show you and so many things I want to write about, hoping this gets better now and that I can enjoy this hobby fully!

To add a touch of evil, my computer’s motherboard died some weeks ago, finally as of yesterday I have a working computer again thanks to the precious help of my lovely partner! what a joy and relief to use a fast big computer and an easy keyboard!

So, speaking of fluffies, many new ones to show you, amongst all, also some Jenny Patinkin! They have been on my radar for a long time but these were very difficult for me to purchase because of the website not shipping to Switzerland. Thanks to the help of a dear friend and the cyber Monday discount, I ordered the Gem set and the white Domed Multi-blender.


The set comes in an aubergine velvet brush roll which has 4 brush compartments and a magnetic closure, the little pompom gives it a lovely Japanese twist. It has the particularity to look and feel different than other brush rolls we usually get with sets, and being different is good to me. If you are a fan of velvet fabric and don’t mind something on the feminine side, this is a nice catch. I don’t find the quality to be mind blowing but it’s quite good and even better than average, there is a little thin padding in between the outside and inside layers that helps it keep its shape.


Gem Collection Set

The brush handles are aubergine-brown with a little Swarovski crystal, I am not a fan, I think these look a bit old-lady and overly feminine but you also have to know that I have a preference for more masculine and aggressive designs. I am not an “earring” type of person and these crystals make me think of brushes with earrings for some reason 😀  But again, it’s a different design, and different is definitely a good point. They will certainly appeal to many of you.


All-Over Face 2 brush

Striking similarity with the Wayne Goss 13, both hand made in Japan. The specs (size, material) are similar, however, the WG is less stiff/firm, less dense, splays out a little bit more and as a result is more easy to use and more controllable. The JP All-over face 2 is not at all scratchy, feels extremely soft on the skin, the quality of the bristles is very similar, however, Wayne’s is softer, very little and barely noticeable but that little difference is what will make some of us even happier.

Both WG and JP brushes (these tea-dyed ones) appear to be made with Saikoho goat bristles. If this word is new to you, by Saikoho you can understand: very soft, it’s a better selection of Sokoho goat hair which is usually the material of the majority of the goat brushes sold around the world,  these Saikoho are way softer, softer than Mac goat brushes for example.


All-Over Face 2 – Wayne Goss 13

Just like the WG 13, I use the JP for blush, but sheer blushes rather than strong pigmented ones or it will slap the colour and then you will have to work hard to correct and minimize the disaster.  It works really well with IPSA blushes, RMK, by Terry, etc… these are fine powders that love to be applied quite heavily and then polished.  You can use both brushes with creams or liquids too, so if you need blending and finishing tools, those are great options, plus the goat bristles will remove or rebalance excess oils/moisture from the skin as they absorb them quite well. I find these to be part of the must have category, Wayne’s is 12$ cheaper and easier to order for us international, I could not live without the WG specially due to its less dense bundling, such a perfect tool for my less-pigmented daily blushes, the JP brush requires more attention in the application, therefore my heavy-hand pairs best with the WG 13.

Eye Shadow Multi brush

“Multi” is the right word, not an original name for the brush but it makes sense, it is indeed a multi purpose brush. Allows both application and blending, the precision can be adjustable as it’s tapered at the top, and since it’s meant for any product liquid or powder, it makes it usable for anything you have in mind. Reminds me of a version of the Mac 239 and Mac 217 mixed together, it’s something in between in terms of shape, not entirely flat and not entirely tapered but can cover both of the Mac 239 and 217’s roles.



Eye Shadow Multi Brush – Wayne Goss 17

Once again, the quality and softness of the bristles is slightly better for the Wayne Goss 17, the WG has been bundled with surgical precision and more densely packed, the JP is more airy, less disciplined, but the JP is still a Gem, an excellent brush and soft enough for any skin. The JP is 4$ more expensive than the WG 17 and after using them for a while, I can confirm the JP Multi is a very useful tool with a very multi-purpose role.


Multi-Blender 2 brush

This Multi-Blender 2 brush is the same size as the JP Domed White bristles Multi-blender that you will see further down in this post, both the white and the tea-dyed JP Multi-Blenders are made with goat bristles, both are similar softness, both seem to be Saikoho goat bristles.

Depending on the size you desire, you will either be appealed by the WG or the JP, quality of the bristles here is very similar, same thing about the bundling, there is not a gap between the one or the other.

Keep in mind that these are both extremely dense brushes, made to act a bit like a fingertip, the JP with more precision and with a smaller surface, approx half the size. In spite of the WG having double the quantity of bristles, the WG 16 remains cheaper.


Multi Blender 2 – Wayne Goss 16


Pencil Liner brush

Unlike all the other JP tea-dyed brushes, this one is not the same material, it is not mentioned anywhere but if I was asked, I would say this is either a mix of horse/squirrel, or goat/squirrel, not as soft and silky as the biggest ones above. Feels rough on my skin specially around the lashline, it does its job, smudges beautifully, I can use it occasionally and it is soft in comparison to most of the similar pencil brushes out there, but not quite soft enough for me.

The Wayne Goss 05 here is softer and slightly more flexible, the JP pencil is firmer and stronger.


Wayne Goss 05 – JP Pencil Liner – Hakuhodo 5520 gold

Domed Multi-Blender brush

This is my fav from her collection, black handle, loooong handle, super soft Saikoho bristles… same bristles as the Hakuhodo B214, also round but smaller in size, slightly more flexible and slightly less dense. I use it for blending or concealer, it’s a work horse for my daily routine!


Hakuhodo B214 – JP Domed Multi-Blender

A bit similar to the Koyomo eye shadow round crease, in comparison the Koyomo is smaller, more pointy and less dense and its bristles feel a bit softer. To apply product in the crease the Koyomo is more adequate due to its tapered and smaller shape.


JP Domed Multi-Blender – Koyomo round crease


  • All JP work with any type of product, liquid or creams
  • The design is different
  • Good quality, handmade in Japan
  • Everything can be purchased individually


  • The design…  a bit too feminine for my taste.
  • More expensive, but we have to pay for the crystal earrings and customized handles 🙂


Dimensions & Price


Material Total length (cm) Hair length Ferrule width Surface Price (usd)
All-over face 2 Goat 16 3 1.5 3 65
Eye shadow Multi Goat 14.8 1.8 1.2 36
Multi-Blender 2 Goat 14 1.6 1 1 38
Pencil Liner Mix? Feels like goat or horse mixed with squirrel 14.7 0.7 0.5 26
Domed Multi-Blender Goat 17.2 1.6 0.8 34

I got mine on Joyus website on Cyber Monday with several discounts applying, free shipping and I believe 20% off, but I had to order them via a friend, so big disappointment when it comes to international availability! They are also available on the Jenny Patinkin website (only for USA).

One year ago, a Jenny Patinkin reseller had asked me what I thought about these brushes, if I had an opinion, at the time I didn’t since I hadn’t tried them, even though I had seen them several times before, I tried to purchase them but I could not have them shipped to me. That reseller did not propose to help with the delivery should I want to get some and I did not even ask for help but one year later, even though nothing had changed, I decided to get some, just because of that Domed multi-blender that was calling my name and I don’t regret getting it!

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Wendy 3 April, 2016 - 4:27 am

So glad you’re back, Sonia.

Sonia G. 3 April, 2016 - 8:58 pm

Thank you for your message Wendy 🙂 I am too, so happy!

Kiss & Make-up 3 April, 2016 - 2:27 pm

Never heard of this brand before, so thanks for the introduction!

Sonia G. 3 April, 2016 - 8:57 pm

My pleasure! 🙂

Tatjana 4 April, 2016 - 1:22 am

I’m enjoying the All-over face 2 a lot, but could easily pass on the gems too 🙂
I was surprised reading your JP is denser than the WG, from my two brushes I would say it’s contrariwise. I took them both out after reading to check again.
From her regular line I like her Kitten Paw Brush the best (at the moment). 😉 Such a shame they’re not able to provide international shipping.

Sonia G. 5 April, 2016 - 10:50 pm

Hi Tatjana! 😀
I also read your insta post and indeed, our brushes differ, what about the softness ? is it similar ?
I guess depending on the batches it will show a difference one way or the other.
Hopefully they will ease the customer experience as this is a such a pain!

Tatjana 12 April, 2016 - 6:01 pm

Hi Sonia,
the WG is softer. The bristles from the JP seems also “dryer” to me. Do you think they’re dyed the same way? It says both are tea-dyed, but from the look&feel I would say WG is natural dyed and JP chemical (if I would compare it to human dyed hair.)

Lilliane 4 April, 2016 - 4:33 am

So good to see you sweetie! Xo

Sonia G. 5 April, 2016 - 10:51 pm

oh Lilliane! hi sweetie! xoxo 🙂

bellyhead 5 April, 2016 - 6:22 pm

I love learning about new brands from you, Sonia! Thank you for sharing these new goodies with us.

Sonia G. 5 April, 2016 - 11:01 pm

Thank you 🙂 …and I am soooo happy you are back, I have seriously missed you!! you are the most amazing and elegant writer and it’s such a joy reading you! congratulations on your Suqqu S by the way!!! thankfully I have been into Suqqu for long enough to have one since the beginning but honestly I would have done exactly the same, just take (all) my money for the SSSSS 😀 😀

Lilliane 7 April, 2016 - 1:14 am

Did I read Suqqu S?!!
Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
Where? How?

Sonia G. 7 April, 2016 - 8:36 am

yes Lilliane!
Kate from Wondegondigo got one recently, you may want to read this if you are interested in knowing how she managed that 😀 but I think it’s quite difficult and expensive!!!

Kathi Kavanaugh 21 April, 2016 - 1:13 am

Sonia, my dear,
What a welcome treat to see you are back, and loaded with much information and
goodies. I’ve missed your newsy emails, and your great knowledge. Welcome back….we are all ears! Be well!K

Silvia 1 May, 2016 - 2:50 am

Hi Sonia! Great review. Id love to know if you have any thoughts on the Natasha Denona brushes. I have my eyes set on some of her brushes and wondered if they are any good. Kiss

Chaya 15 July, 2016 - 7:34 pm

Jenny’s cheek brush is my absolute favorite one. It’s so soft and the most perfect size and shape.


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