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CHIKUHODO / Beautylish – the Sakura set

by Sonia G.

I have been away for so long, feels like an eternity. My absence wasn’t due to lack of interest or laziness but I have a full time job and there are moments in life when you can’t do it all, specially when other events eat up all your free time, hopefully I am back now, with my passion for brushes still very well anchored, how could it be otherwise.

Today’s review, or more a “first-impressions”, is about a brush set that will be released in the upcoming days as a result of a collaboration between Chikuhodo and Beautylish.

  • Beautylish started as a beauty community in 2010 and created their own online boutique in 2012, they aim to provide to their members and customers with a more special selection of products and a more personal service.
  • Chikuhodo is a Japanese legendary brushmaker, responsible for Suqqu, Three, Lunasol, Rmk, Chicca, Artisan&Artist, etc and also the very extraordinary Limited Edition Kiwami set from the Tesshu Takemori collection, I don’t know why I mention it since it’s sold out today but its acquisition was a milestone for me, it left an imprint not only in my wallet but also in my every day routine.

Their collaboration gave birth to the Sakura collection, a five piece brush set constructed with a makie handle featuring a cherry blossom design inspired by the Japanese tradition of sakura:


bt2This limited edition brush set will officially launch on July, 2nd exclusively on Beautylish.com. Due to significant interest, Beautylish is also providing the opportunity to waitlist for early access at this link and the price for the set will be 215 USD, I believe you can register and then preorder if you wish.

The Sakura set

The set contains:

  1. a powder brush (50% blue squirrel – 50% goat)
  2. a cheek brush (squirrel)
  3. a crease brush (squirrel)
  4. a flat eyeshadow brush (squirrel)
  5. a detail brush (fitch)
  6. a brush pouch (sized for approx 7 brushes)

It comes in this black Chikuhodo cardboard box, if you are familiar with Chikuhodo packaging you may already have seen it:


BC-5665The brush pouch that comes with it is shiny greyish black -based on the lighting it appears a bit khaki green to me, you can see some micro gold sparkling affair going on on the outside.

BC-56914 large compartments hosting brushes of max 17cm full length.

Speaking on behalf of my total brush freak self, I prefer pouches that don’t have a plastic cover directly over the bristles, squeezing those when closed. I explain: you place the brushes in the pouch, you cover them with the plastic layer and close the pouch. If you have packed it with brushes, the bristles are squeezed in place when you close it… Unfortunately, nowadays nearly all brush pouches are build this way. However, these type of pouches have several benefits, they don’t take too much space in your bag, they are easy to clean and sanitize, in spite of what I said previously they still do protect the brushes and it’s a necessity to travel with your brushes inside a pouch!


Here is the Sakura set inside its pouch, it’s the same type of pouch as the past Christmas sets from Chikuhodo:

BC-5694The collaboration logo is placed in the handle between the Sakura flowers:


A close up of the Sakura makie print:

BC-5695There are several techniques to emboss a makie drawing onto an object, I heard of at least 4 different techniques. More details on those techniques will be revealed in the upcoming posts. Today I don’t exactly know the complexity of each technique and the amount of work each one requires so we will see later on what we can learn about those Japanese “makiefying” techniques.

Only thing I can say today is that the Sakura flower size is identical on all the brushes of this set but the amount of Sakura branches is greater depending on the width of the handle. The big powder has more Sakura “branches” than the smaller brushes if you follow me… The colours of the flowers appear to me like rose gold, gold and silver. The Chikuhodo MK-2 makie technique or the Sakura technique are not the most expensive techniques otherwise just one single brush could easily reach 500$, if this was the most expensive of the makiefying techniques I would have difficulties using it on a regular basis or even worst, travelling with them!

There are other Makie painted brushes within the Chikuhodo collections, the handle below is of the MK-2, these handles have the same shiny black finish with identical domed shaped bottoms and are similarly attached to the ferrule (no crimps on the ferrule/handle jointures).




Chikuhodo MK2 vs C/B Powder





The top part of the Sakura ferrules are all oval shaped (flattered). In comparison, the Z series from Chikuhodo have a variation of round ferrules (Z-1, Z-2) and slightly oval ones like Z-4 or Z-8, the ferrules are very similar but are not exactly the same as the top part of the Sakura ones are pressed where the arrow points, unlike the Z ones.


The powder brushBC-5700

  • Full length: 16.5cm
  • Hair length: 5cm
  • Width: 5cm
  • Sideways width: 3cm
  • Ferrule base: 2.2cm

It’s a mix of goat and squirrel hair. That mix allows for a more affordable pricing but also for an easier application, picks and blends the products more efficiently. For my personal use this brush is a God send, specially in summer time. When it’s hot, my skin is less dry and the foundation or any other products I wear as a base tend to take longer to dry, this excess will transfer onto the surface of the bristles when I apply bronzer or powder making the application a bit more messy or disgusting… The finer the bristles the stickier the brush… with a goat or a mixed brush, this is less likely to happen or less quickly, that’s a nice benefit for me, although you can totally wipe your squirrel brushes or freshly sticky brushes onto a cloth and you are ready to go again…

I love soft brushes, I am the first to jump on a soft brush but I also adore functional brushes and my collection was lacking a beautiful brush -shaped that way- that allows a day to day use, requiring less maintenance on the bristles and less effort in the rush of the morning.

This brush reminds me of a visit to Tanseido two years ago, they invited me for an afternoon tea at the Director’s house, they took out all their special crafted brushes to show me, they were of course not in my budget so I couldn’t even consider them but they have a common point: the handles were drop dead gorgeous, the bristles were often “ordinary”, either goat or a mix but never 100% squirrel or never super duper soft goat. So I asked them why such extreme beautiful handles and such an “ordinary” combination of bristles – I did not use those exact words but my question meant the same – My feeling was that customers would be paying for a gorgeous handle with a non-matching head…  Their reply was that, in their opinion, the most important was that the brush delivered the best results and was efficient, they also said that upgrading the bristles would even increase the price more -we know that, but if you pay 1000$ for a handle.. you could maybe afford 200$ more for the bristles and get a total stunner 😀

Same happened with Kashoen, if you are familiar with the Royal Series (one blush brush costs approx 1300$), their heads are a mix of squirrel and goat, so they aren’t 100% squirrel. They told me that this mix was also due to the required functionality of the brush because at that steep price it doesn’t really matter if it’s 1300$ or 1500$… it’s hell expensive either way.  Their “normal” Kashoen face series (WA) are mostly only  made with goat bristles and when we addressed the topic they told me that unlike other brands like Chikuhodo or Koyudo, they believe goat remains the best for brush functionality and for better results, hence they aim to craft great quality handles and result oriented bristles. Btw, I know of some brush lover nuts who did not want to buy the Kashoen goat brushes at first but then ended loving them and getting a backup 😀

I am not surprised with Tanseido or Kashoen’s phylosophy, the reason why I suddenly changed and started using extremely soft brushes was due to the sensitivity of my skin.  I was happy with the results of my Mac brushes, I just couldn’t use them any more. Then at some point I ended with only very soft brushes and wanted something more effortless in terms of use and maintenance for a day to day use on myself and also on other people, that’s why I have and love so many options, from synthetic, to goat or squirrel, etc.

Coming back to this shape, to me it’s unique, well, I don’t have that exact type of rounded-angled brush (it doesn’t look angled at first but it is)… I have quite a few and certainly don’t need more but still continue hunting for more angled brushes!  I am hopeless.

If you place this brush against your skin your arm is naturally in the right position for following your face features offering a bit more strength on the shorter side and diffusing with the longer, it has “pleasant ergonomics”, medium density, doesn’t feel floppy and is very controllable, very adequate brush for those who just want one brush for all: bronzer-finishing powder-setting-blush-healthy summer powders, etc, anything that doesn’t require extreme precision though.


BC-5698I have similar ones but they are either smaller or white. White looks beautiful and I admit those two on the right are gems to me, absolute must have brushes. The Hakuhodo is more delicate as the handle is very fragile but the Chikuhodo T-2 could theoretically be its white counterpart.


Chikuhodo G-02 – Chikuhodo Noel – C/B powder – Chikuhodo T-2 – Hakuhodo S106


Sideways Chikuhodo G-02 – Chikuhodo Noel – C/B powder – Chikuhodo T-2 – Hakuhodo S106

The C/B cheek brushBC-5701

  • Full length: 15.2cm
  • Hair length: 3.6cm
  • Width: 2.8cm
  • Sideways width: 2.2cm
  • Ferrule base: 1.7cm

I didn’t know Kyureido and Suqqu had a baby (girl?) But also the Z-4 DNA in it, is seriously suspicious… it’s an exact mix between these other 3 in the pic!

The size, density, shape of the C/B cheek is just a combination of the other 3:

  • The C/B is less dense than the Z-4 but more dense than the Suqqu or Kyureido
  • More domed and rounded than the Suqqu or the Kyureido
  • Softer than the Kyureido, equaly soft as the Z-4 (if not softer) but less soft than the Suqqu
  • More firm than the Suqqu but less firm than the Kyureido or Z-4
  • Bigger than the Suqqu and Kyureido but smaller than the Z-4

Since the Kyureido is not available at this moment, this C/B cheek is the best alternative to the Suqqu cheek. It’s even closer to the Suqqu cheek than the Kyureido.



C/B Cheek – Suqqu Cheek – Chikuhodo Z-4 – Kyureido Fine Kalla KK-002

The bundling of the bristles is actually better, more regular and prettier to look at than the (my) Suqqu and the Kyureido. At times I have the feeling my Suqqu is different from the other batches in terms of shape (as per pics I see on other blogs).

Where the Z-4 feels sometimes too directional and dense for some extremely pigmented blushes, this C/B cheek seems to be the best compromise and it’s less directional than the Z-4 or even the Kyureido but still has more blending capabilities than the Suqqu, it is actually a very well balanced brush. If it wasn’t because the Suqqu will always be the Suqqu (and will always be a collector item and have the most extreme softness), I would value more this C/B cheek. That said.. with my eyes closed, I trust more the results of the C/B than the Suqqu and I will certainly reach more for the C/B than the Suqqu or any other from that pic.


Sideways – C/B Cheek – Suqqu Cheek – Chikuhodo Z-4 – Kyureido Fine Kalla KK-002

The smaller brushes

Now we get to the smaller brushes in the Sakura collection. I will do my best to be as helpful as possible but I have only used them a couple of times, ok maybe 10 😀 (in a day) that is not enough to allow the best judgement.


The C/B crease eyeshadow brushBC-5712

  • Full length: 13.6cm
  • Hair length: 2cm
  • Width: 0.7cm
  • Sideways width: 0.7cm
  • Ferrule base: 0.6cm

When I saw the shape of this brush I wasn’t excited, it is very thin at the tip and weirdly shaped. I am already familiar with Chicca and Surratt, I own almost all of the Surratt brushes today except for the similar pointy crease ones and some liners that I do not really need.

While in Japan I was intrigued by the Chicca brushes for other reasons, I wanted to use these brushes to either set the foundation (only on tiny zones) or to apply highlighter. I have highlighter powders that are the size of an eyeshadow pan and that require very light application, they do work well for that indeed. Then I started to use the big Chicca for blending and applying a light wash above the eye area… Then one day, after receiving some questions, I finally tested the medium Chicca on my crease with a dark brown shadow and the result was looking good, it concentrates the intensity in the hollow of the crease and brings the shadow lightly to the lid and above the crease, the smokey effect is natural, I thought it would be all over the place but not that much 😀

In comparison to the medium crease brush from Chicca, the smaller C/B crease works nearly the same way, the application is not as diffused on the eye area but I did one eye with the medium Chicca and the other with the C/B and I couldn’t see much difference in the result between them. If you have already used the similar Surratt or Chicca, I would love that you comment below and share your experience, it will help balance opinions on that pointy wild thing.



Chicca Smoky Eye L – Chicca Smoky Eye M – C/B crease

Today, the way I use these pointy crease brushes is as follows: I use the medium Chicca to apply a dark(ish) matte shadow on the crease until the lid gets also covered and the color is taken slightly above the crease (a few swipes do all that) then once done I take the small C/B crease and I apply a wash of a sparkly layer or some enhancing complex shadow on the lid, placing it with the point in the crease but avoiding to go too far above (just keeping it at an angle). Then I blend with the very big Chicca (but that step is not required). I wouldn’t say it’s a surgical application but it does work surprisingly well, specially when you don’t expect it to 😀

Or I can only use the small pointy wild thing on its own with one single shadow and get out like that, the blending is fine and the application appears even.

So you can think of it this way, if you believe these similar shaped brushes (Surratt, Chicca) do not deserve an individual purchase, try the one from this set (if you are getting the set anyway) and if you are convinced then you can eventually upgrade sizes with the Surratt or the Chicca 😀

I am more a Paula Dorf or Wayne Goss crease fanatic, it’s a different way of working. On the bottom pic, my 3 go-to crease brushes for daily use, very different indeed:


C/B crease – Paula Dorf crease – Wayne Goss 19 – Kumano Fude Select Shop SS4-2

Update 27th June 2015

I have now used this crease brush over and over, several times per day just for fun and for the purpose of this update.

I do enjoy it, yes it’s floppy and not dense but it works, and well. I swirl it onto the pan, tap off excess and directly place it in the crease and move along a few times, since I want the placement to cover also the lid, I keep my eyes open and my lid is automatically covered but more lightly. As opposed to other crease brushes that allow a cut crease application, or a very intense application, this just smokes out the shadow with a natural gradualness. I am using Addiction or Surratt shadows by the way.

I think that one of the reasons why I wasn’t that blown away by the Chicca similar brushes is because the Chicca shadows have a harder texture, much more difficult to pick, and much more difficult to layer and build up so I could not understand why Chicca had those brushes in their collection. Now with different shadows it’s better for me, makes more sense and if you are getting the set, try it asap and see how it works for you!


Update 5th July 2015

I have been using the crease floppy brush over and over, I wanted to see if this crease brush would:

  1. work on different eye shapes than mine 
    I tried it on Skye, a 16 years old friend with the perfect eye shape, not hooded lids like mine are today 🙂 There is “less” of a crease on her eyes and I was afraid it would therefore be less manageable. Actually it went on perfectly well, I did the application of the crease colour and the blending in just a few swipes, both the lower and upper part of the lid were evenly applied with the winged application of the shadow not needing any correction at all.
  2. easily work with a beginner
    Skye does not usually wear crease shadow at all, basically she is just the type of person who applies some nice shadow but only on the mobile part of the lid. Once I used this brush on one of her eyes, I asked her to repeat what I did on the other eye. She did and as she did, I think I nearly saw her jaw hit the table, big surprised eyes  “Ohhh that looks nice”. Surprised she could even do that on her own and so quickly. She was totally blown away by the final application.

As a result of these little experiments, not only can I admit today that I love this brush, but I am definitely going to get a couple of backups (for myself and for my pro make-up kit).  If you bought the set and do not want or need this crease brush, please contact me and we may find an arrangement 🙂 It may not be for all audiences but if you have it, try it a couple of times before giving up, if it works like it works today for me you will adore it.

The C/B flat eyeshadow brushBC-5702





  • Full length: 12.7cm
  • Hair length: 1.2cm
  • Width: 1.1cm
  • Sideways width: 0.5cm
  • Ferrule base: 1cm

This one is so similar to the Suqqu F but it’s not quite a dupe, can be better depending on what you are looking for.  The C/B bristles are 1mm longer so it’s less firm at the top. I prefer the C/B because it follows better the shape of the eyes and has less of a dragging effect, very appropriate for more mature lids for example, applies colour to the lid in a more gentle way but still as efficient as the Suqqu.

It’s much smaller than the Z-5 from Chikuhodo but just as soft.

I don’t have much more to say about it so far, I enjoy it, I love it and find it well bundled. In a nutshell, you get more precision and sharpness with the Suqqu, but the C/B lid requires less attention (“attention” meaning effort or care) and less blending during the process, as the final application with the C/B appears slightly more diffused in the borders.


Suqqu F – Chikuhodo Z-5 – C/B lid


Suqqu F – Chikuhodo Z-5 – C/B lid

The C/B detail brushBC-5714BC-5713

  • Full length: 12.2cm
  • Hair length: 0.7cm
  • Width: 0.4cm
  • Sideways width: 0.3cm
  • Ferrule base: 0.5cm

This is a detail brush that could do many tasks.., it depends on 1) your sensibility 2) your habits.

I have very difficult skin that started to be a serious problem a few years ago, using anything else than kolinsky, synthetic or a very soft weasel brush for eyeliner is today nearly impossible without causing irritation.

This brush is made with fitch, it feels on my skin like a combination of weasel and goat (or pony), there are things that I can do brilliantly with this brush, others I cannot because of the extreme condition of my skin.

I can use it as lip brush, as an eyebrow brush and a spot concealer brush. The only thing I can’t really do is use it as an eyeliner on a day to day basis. I tried with cream liner and smudged for the purpose of this post and it worked, I just prefer not to. I have been to counters where they have applied liner onto my eyes with brushes a thousand times more rough than this so I know that this is soft in comparison to those used on most make up counters. I will have to reserve it for other uses where I can more easily enjoy it.



Suqqu Eyeliner C – Hakuhodo K005 – C/B detail

I love that it has some thickness to the head, that it isn’t entirely flat and thin, it helps with many applications, specially brows and concealer and the stiffness but flexible bristles make it versatile.


Suqqu Eyeliner C – Hakuhodo K005 – C/B detail

This is a pic with other brushes that I cannot use as eyeliners or smudgers on my lids, it’s just to give you a more precise idea (Tom Ford and Hakuhodo):


Tom Ford 15 – Hakuhodo G5513 – C/B detail

For brows, I tend to go for thicker brushes like the two below as I don’t need much precision, just need to roughly fill in the spaces, to darken or even them out just a little bit. The C/B detail brush does a great job in my case.

My current eyebrow brushes with the C/B detail:



Hokuto Ho-Gentei 4 – C/B detail – Suqqu Eyebrow G

Nils (Beautylish CEO) hosted a conf call where they explained several things about these brushes and replied to a question mentioning these brushes where only for powder, so far I don’t see why you should not use this detail fitch brush with liquids or creams so they were probably speaking at that moment just about the squirrel ones.

UPDATE 27 June 2015

I had a quick chat with Nils yesterday and he confirms that at that point of the conversation, they were talking about the squirrel or the mix/goat brushes, this fitch brush is totally fine paired with liquids.

Bottom line

The idea behind this little review is to hopefully give you as many details as I could today so that you can decide for yourself if this set could work for you, or for a friend, family or partner. I try to write keeping all type of audiences in mind but if you have any question, do not hesitate to leave it below in the comments.

If you think there isn’t enough reasons for you to get this set but you still want to slowly build up an extraordinary Japanese Fude collection, then start looking at the MK series from Chikuhodo, the Takumi series, the Wayne Goss, the Z series -just to mention a few-  and build it slowly with brushes you know for sure you will use. Often, in order to get “la creme de la creme” you will have to pick one brush from here, another from there… drives me crazy because then the handles don’t match so I feel the need to complete each series even if I don’t use them all so that my collection doesn’t look like a bunch of intruders partying together, not that it matters, the most important thing is to have brushes that we love and use. Sometimes I travel only with brushes from the same series just because they look better together… I try to overcome this “issue” and as you may have seen on Instagram, I took many different brushes with me on holiday 😀 Sometimes sets are just a pleasure to look at, sometimes the selection of the brushes is spot on, that really depends on each one’s preferences and we are all different.

I know I will be using all of Sakura, some more than others, I did not pay for this set as it was gifted to me by Beautylish but I would have splurged for these beauties no matter what. The powder, cheek and lid brushes will definitely become daily go-tos, the detail brush also for the brows and spot concealing. Regarding the crease I am using it this weekend even more and will update you soon but I think it has even started to convince me that I should also get the similar Surratt 😀 I am just hopeless …

Thank you for reading me, I know I can be long and painful sometimes 😀

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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Georgia Keam 26 June, 2015 - 10:00 am

So happy you reviewed this set ahead of the release date! Loved the review, definitely going to try to purchase the set

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 7:46 pm

Hi Georgia,
Thank you! I rushed so that at least you could get some pics and some thoughts, I am glad it was useful 🙂

Devin 26 June, 2015 - 11:40 am

Thank you so much for your thoughts Sonia. I am so torn on this set. I have no desire for the eye brushes, need the cheek brush but am worried about the softness of the powder brush. Is there anything you can compare the powder brush to in terms of softness? Is it soft like Takumi series or the goat/squirrel mixed GSN 04? I am wary because I got the MK-3, which is all goat, but it is not soft. Thanks again.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 7:53 pm

Hi Devin, very good question… I forgot to mention, indeed, this powder brush is like the GSN04 in terms of softness, I find this Sakura powder even slightly softer as it’s less dense but it’s equally balanced in terms of softness, you can expect the same.
The MK-3 I think I felt it in Japan and as far as I can remember it was not as soft as this one.

Devin 26 June, 2015 - 9:47 pm

Thanks for the comparison Sonia. Your thorough and detailed thoughts have me wanting this set now. I just made an order with Toshiya for two pink Koyomo and Kihitsu white goat eye brushes so it might be a spendy month for me.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 10:02 pm

oh Devin… I always say to myself: next month I am safe! and then I am of course not…
As I say often, some brushes can be a truly good surprise, if you order it, I really hope this will match your expectations, please let me know either way 🙂
You will love Koyomo by the way and there is an interview with them coming too (with the review) 🙂

Jeanette 26 June, 2015 - 11:44 am

Sonia, you always write the most thorough and fantastic reviews! Thank you!

You make the powder and cheek sound awesome. And the fitch brush would be great for a lot of purposes like cream eyeliner, pinpoint concealing and more.

I am not certain that the point of the crease brush is firm enough for application, but that’s the only brush I am not certain about. The other brushes seem to make this set very functional.

Thank you again for the time and effort you put into your reviews and your honest and personal comments <3

And well done Beautylish and Chikuhodo!

Bonnie 26 June, 2015 - 4:56 pm

Yes, well done Beautylish and Chikuhodo, what a fantastic first collaboration 🙂

I am actually looking forward to trying that crease brush! Looks soooo interesting….

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:14 pm

Bonnie, I can’t wait for your thoughts on it 😀

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:01 pm

Thank you Jeanette! so sweet 🙂
I have used again the crease brush this morning, and once more I am pleasantly surprised! I really thought it wouldn’t be ok for my type of routine but it does work, if you get the set, try it and let me know, I am curious to read your first thoughts after you used it… it’s a different technique but it does deliver 😛

Karla 26 June, 2015 - 12:51 pm

Hola Sonia y bienvenida de vuelta!! No te preocupes por el tiempo ke tardes entre un post y otro, te entiendo, yo con las ocupaciones ke tengo y los niños ke me ocupan todo mi tiempo a veces no se ni ke día de la semana es!! Para serte sincera, se me hace bonito este set, precio razonable, pero no me llama la atención lo suficiente como para comprarlo, la brocha de polvos es angular y por alguna extraña razón ya no me gustan las brochas angulares :/ y comparando la de rubor con la z4, me gusta mas la z4 porke como se ve un poco mas grande y llenita… Total ke como soy bien especial para estas cosas me las estoy comprando despacito de una por una y tiene ke gustarme de todo a todo… E igual ke tu me e tenido ke superar esa fijación de kerer tener todas las brochas de un solo color, y creo ke me gusta la combinación de brochas de mango negro, negro con plateado y negro con dorado

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:06 pm

Gracias Karla! Si, por fin!!
Te entiendo, por eso es importante comprar brochas que sabes vas a utilizar, los gustos tambien cambian, antes no me gustaban las angulares y ahora me muero por ellas, para mi es una rueda y cambio a menudo .. menos mal que en la vida privada eso me paso jejeje
Tienes razon con todo lo que dices sobre la z4, es exactamente asi y por eso es normal que te guste mas!
un besito y sigue siendo tan linda pero no te olvides de respirar y relajarte!

Bonnie 26 June, 2015 - 12:52 pm

It’s been a while since I commented on your actual posts! Love the narratives you have here, makes it so much more person. As usual, what a fantastic review!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:08 pm

Thank you Bonnie, I just can’t help it, before I start I always say this post will be short and to the point, but then I could speak hours about a little thing 😀
I am delighted when readers get to the end, and even more when they take the time to comment <3 😀

Bonnie 27 June, 2015 - 2:40 pm

Dont change! I love your stories, not long-winded at all you beautiful person <3

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:36 am

Thank you gorgeous Bonnie <3

Ann C. 26 June, 2015 - 1:12 pm

Thank you for the detailed first impression Sonia.
Enjoy your weekend too!

P.s. I can’t wait for their official launch

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:09 pm

My pleasure Ann!
Me too, and I am curious to read what others think about it then 🙂

midnitedesire 26 June, 2015 - 2:17 pm

Thank you sooooo much for all the energy, insight  and  references that you provide to all of us ,Sonia! As usual, you did a wonderful job here…TOP NOTCH ! I LOVE this post(again hahaha )  all the pics are so drool worthy 😀

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:11 pm

Again, it’s my pleasure 😀
I don’t believe you about the pics, you have no idea how much I work to get them look “ok” I even take lessons but I think I will have to live with my poor skills unless you come here and take them for me 😀 😀 😀

brushjunkie 26 June, 2015 - 3:23 pm

Awesome detailed post as usual Sonia! Love all the comparison pics. I can’t wait to get my set! I am particularly looking forward to seeing the crease and detail brushes. I just bought the Surratt petite crease brush and want to compare it with this one. I can see myself using the detail brush quite frequently as well.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 8:12 pm

Hi Bea, thank you sweetie! did you already use the Surratt? Can’t wait to know what you think!!
I wish I could do a video to show how it works.. maybe you could do it for us one day ? 😀

Pat 26 June, 2015 - 4:30 pm

I had an invite to the preview of this collection held here in Dallas two weeks ago. Feeling a bit saturated with brushes at the moment I, fool that I was, did not attend. I love nice brushes with beautiful handles and am now possibly regretting that decision.

Thank you for your wonderful review. I always find your attention to detail to be most informative and entertaining.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:00 pm

What a shame! It’s always nice to see them in person before splurging… I hope your saturation will fly away soon 😀
Thank you for your very nice comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

Whee ! Confetti !! 26 June, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Thank you for this amazing review !! I really can’t wait to hold them in my hands. <3
My passion is growing strong for Chikuhodo and you were right, they have my name on them !! XD
As always, you give us so much details and comparison pics, thank you ! I think the cheek one is going to be one of my favorite, I love this shape, and if it is less dense than the Z4 and more dense than the SUQQU it might be the perfect brush for me…
The handles are gorgeous and I'm still planning on buying the MK2 (maybe the MK1 too XD) but you know our little world better than I do… There are always more exclusive, more limited, more rare brushes to purchase before, when you finally have the funds to get what's on your wishlist ! Especially with all these pro enablers on the forums. 😛 Haha anyway, I'm glad for this collaboration, The set looks great and it contains shapes I still do not have in my collection. 😛

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:16 pm

My pleasure Noemie…
Indeed, your name is all over!! I can totally picture you with them!
That cheek will certainly the fav to many I am sure, super happy, today I used it for contour, blush AND highlight!! 😀
This year will be exciting! I hope you will enjoy the set as much as I do!

Wendy 26 June, 2015 - 6:17 pm

Thank you, Sonia, and welcome back!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:17 pm

Thank you Wendy, I am so pleased to be back 😀

Dena 26 June, 2015 - 7:09 pm

Brilliant review. I can’t wait for this release – they have done a really good job in producing what look like unique but functional brushes that are absolutely beautiful.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:19 pm

Dena, omg where have you been???
I missed you so much, I am going to London in July with some friends if you want to join us 🙂

Fanya 26 June, 2015 - 8:39 pm

Wow! That is an amazingly thorough review! Your reviews were the ones that convinced me to get Chikuhodo MK-2 (as well as a few other Japanese artisan squirrel brushes), which was eye opening in terms of brushes. I already pre-ordered and am splitting with a friend, but I can’t wait to touch these!!!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 26 June, 2015 - 9:20 pm

Hi Fanya,
Thank you for your sweet comment, I am honoured 🙂
Keep me posted on the ones you got and how you like them!!!

Melissa 26 June, 2015 - 11:46 pm

Well, what can I say………you NAILED it again!!!!!! Your Fude posts always amaze me girl. FREAKIN AWESOME BLOG POST!!!!! Thorough, honest and reflects your incredible personality!

There is only ONE in the world who can pull this off and deserve all the credits for this review, and thats YOU my Fude Queen <3 <3 <3

Can't wait to play with these babies. And my wallet is giving me THAT look again…..sigh…….

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 27 June, 2015 - 1:01 am

Hi Melissa!
Thank you very much for the compliments, I really appreciate sharing this Fude passion with you, seems like this is not calming down on your side either! :p
I hope the set meets your expectations too, keep me updated when you get it … This year I feel like your wallet will be giving you the look again over and over and even more in Japan… Am I right??

Noelle 27 June, 2015 - 7:52 am

Thanks for your review! I’m debating between this set or Kihitsu (green set). Decisions, decisions =)

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:29 am

I understand 🙂 .. the best way is to go with Limited Editions first, because you may not have another chance if you really want them.
But both are excellent sets, it’s again a matter of personal preference 🙂

dandy ramos 27 June, 2015 - 8:32 am

Thanks for the great review and welcome back Sonia! 🙂

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:30 am

Thank you, it is a pleasure to be back 🙂

Gaiya 27 June, 2015 - 9:23 am

Hi Sonia, this is my first time on your blog.
Thank you so much for your review. I’m not uber knowledgable with brushes and your review really helped me understand this collection so much more. 🙂
I really enjoyed how systematic your review is. It is easy to understand, even to someone who is new to brushes.
Thank you again!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:32 am

Hi Gaiya,
Thank you for your visit and your comment!
I am pleased that it helps as many audiences as possible! Hoping to see you back here! 🙂

buggsiebee 27 June, 2015 - 10:47 am

Talk about coming back with BANG! Epic post, Sonia!
Although I envy your having the set ahead of release, you MORE than deserve it after this indepth review.You are unrivalled in the way you give each brush its own personality. I can’t imagine why any company would bother asking anyone else to review their bruhses quite frankly!
The pointed crease brush, which I also have from Chicca, is the only one which I will have no use for. I just don’t get this flimsy little thing!?
Giulty of the KASHOEN face brush back-up 😉 One of my faves of ALL time & only purchased after your repeateded recommendation. Love it!

Jeanette 27 June, 2015 - 4:14 pm

Do you talk about the big angled Kashoen face brush, Buggsie? Or the pointed powder brush?

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:36 am

Thanks Buggsie, very honoured by your thoughts!
I am surprised with the flimsy little thing… I thought I would be like you and I am today enjoying it, honestly! I can’t wait to be in London and use it on Sarah and Anna (if they let me of course 😀 ) Just to see how it would work out on them!
I know!!! hahaha I also have a backup of the Kashoen face brush and am so happy they came with purple ferrules now <3
Thanks again a million for your trust!

Kari 27 June, 2015 - 7:18 pm

Thank you for reviewing the brushes! I’ve been wanting to add chikuhodo brush to my collection so this review really helped! Although they are beautiful, one brush that I absolutely NEED is a good mineral powder brush. In not sure if the powder brush will fit this purpose. It doesn’t appear as dense. I use mineral foundation alone for light to medium coverage, or as a ‘finishing’ powder over the cc cream for full coverage look. My skin is sensitive and dry. Can you recommend hakuhodo or chikuhodo face brush(es) for this purpose? Thanks!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:40 am

Hi Kari

My pleasure!
I will contact you directly about that. Talk later!

buggsiebee 27 June, 2015 - 9:43 pm

Hi Jeanette 🙂
I’m talking about the pointed one. I don’t have the angled one. Do you?

Jeanette 28 June, 2015 - 11:29 pm

Hi Buggsie, I have ordered the pointed powder, the cheek and the cleansing brush, which are at customs right now. I cannot wait to get them. Your recommendation of the pointed powder in the forum helped giving me the last push LOL

buggsiebee 30 June, 2015 - 10:06 pm

Did you get them all with the beautiful new purple ferule?
It’s such a divine combination with the black! I only have the cleaning brush so far, but I’m working on picking up some more 😉 Will the brushes be delivered, or do you have to go to the customs office to pick them up? What tax do you pay?

Mary 28 June, 2015 - 5:04 am

Sonia, Sonia, Sonia! I found you when the Beautylish employee contacted me about this new set. I had no idea that such an Empress of All Fude existed in the blogosphere. Happy to have been directed toward you and your love for brushes and the artisans and work it takes to create them! I am a long time collector of Hakuhodo fude, and I know Yuki from my communications with the company. How lovely that you have been to Japan especially for fude purposes! I am planning such a dream trip for myself and my man, in the hopefully-near future.
I look gorward to further exploring your musings on this blog. Thank you for sharing your passion! Blessings, Mary

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 11:45 am

Mary! Hello!
First of all, I wish you were near me.. or me near you.. I would definitely visit you and learn from you 🙂
Are you still in contact with Yuki today ?
Yuki is absolutely adorable, I miss her.
The Japan trip is a life changing experience, it was for me, I always come back relaxed and it’s like a therapy, so calming and we all have so many lessons to learn from their behaviour (specially here in CH). Such gorgeous people.
Thanking for being here with me, it’s a great blessing to know that when I write I get people like you reading, my deepest bow to you 🙂

Tara 28 June, 2015 - 5:16 am

Awesome review as always! I have missed your posts and this reminds me of why I can’t stop reading then over and over again! That crease brush was my only iffy one in the entire set since I have the Surratt one and can’t seem to use it right. But that isn’t stopping me from getting this set and I can’t wait until I do! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, our Fude Queen! If Beautylish could only give one set away for a review, you are it!!!! Perfect! Hugs and kisses always!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 12:07 pm

Hi Tara,
I wish I could be there and try the Surratt on you, I am very curious to see how this type of brushes works on others, like you I couldn’t use it at first but today it’s fun, I don’t know if I an enjoying it because it’s fun or because it’s useful 😀 but either way I am very happy to have it and always happy with the results. As I told Buggsie, I hope Anna and Sarah will let me play with them and I can see how it works out on them 😀
Hugs and kisses to you sweet Tara! <3

Melinda 28 June, 2015 - 11:19 am

Thank you for the review. This set looks like a really good deal for such good quality brushes. I know I don’t need them *wink* and I am completely happy with my Wayne Goss brushes, but can’t help but think I’m going to kick myself if I don’t buy them. Shockingly I don’t own any Chikuhodo brushes. I keep telling myself the WG brushes are all I need, I have all of them. Ugh, trying to be good and wait for anymore brush releases from Wayne. I think the same way as you, keeping matching handle sets. If I buy 1 then have the need to buy them all. Somehow I’ve managed to not go crazy buying Hakudodo brushes and only kept to the J series eyebrushes. Hard to budget when I know I want more WG brushes.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 12:14 pm

Hi Melinda,
First of all I can totally get you when you say you love Wayne Goss brushes, second, I get you when you say you can’t help buying the set! 😀
I have to agree with you, Wayne is all you “need”, then there is “need 2.0” where you get them for the pleasure of enjoying other brushes and experiencing other techniques.
Just take it slow, get some that you really are going to use but I know how it feels, we should be able to have all brushes with matching handles! Having many brands available is also a great opportunity, even though sometimes it just gets overwhelming.. 😀

Melinda 1 July, 2015 - 2:52 am

I decided not to order the set. Sigh! I’m going to be good and wait for Wayne’s next brush launch. My wallet will thank me later.

Tatjana 28 June, 2015 - 1:42 pm

Great review, Sonia! It’s a joy of reading it over and over again (like I do with other posts as well). You have the gift to cut everything about a brush right to the case of matter, and it is always helpful and stunning 🙂 Thank you for your hard work on all the reviews and that we can learn so much from you. Welcome back!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 10:43 pm

Hi Tatjana,

Thank you!!! Feels fantastic to be welcomed like that!
Happy to see you here 🙂

Tori 28 June, 2015 - 3:29 pm

Yay Sonia, welcome back. 🙂 I was a little on the fence about this set but I really want the cheek brush and the flat eyeshadow brush now that you’ve properly featured the brushes. Hopefully I’ll be able to access Beautylish before the bloodbath starts. 🙂 Thanks so much for the detailed review and pics! <3

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 28 June, 2015 - 10:47 pm

My pleasure Tori!
I hope you will love them as much as I do 🙂 Those 2 are terrific brushes!
I understood you can preorder as well if you are registered on their Sakura link, you should receive a link for that after you leave your details. You can try that if you already know you want to get them and you can probably avoid any eventual bloodbath 😀
Otherwise let me know and I will give you their details.

Karen 29 June, 2015 - 12:55 am

Hi Sonia! Thanks for your post – I am a sucker for anything Chikuhodo so of course I preordered this set. I have a question for you…would it be possible to make the comments a bigger font? They’re a little hard to read for me and I can’t expand this part of the page like I can with the actual post. I enjoy reading the comments but I have to practically put my face against my iPad! So if you could do that, I would so appreciate it 🙂

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 4 July, 2015 - 8:16 pm

Hi Karen,
I know this is a problem, I am trying to find a solution, I hope it will work out but I need some time, I hope they found a fix! 🙂

Surabhi 30 June, 2015 - 6:46 pm

Hi Sonia! Great post…I don’t know how many times I have read it and I agree with Bonnie in the comments that every word you write is relevant, so please go on hours about one thing and we won’t mind 😛
There are plenty of people reviewing everything and anything in an almost identical manner and while I appreciate them, I don’t always connect with them. I hope you understand what I mean. But your reviews are something else….You make me want to blog about everything I love (not just make-up and brushes), because I feel that moment when you read something that resonates with you 100% is truly special..For me it is knowing that you are not alone in any way and have friends across borders, across mediums.

I read this line and had my “aha” moment, “Sometimes I travel only with brushes from the same series just because they look better together…” I have been in love with brushes for a while but the Chikuhodo Takumi launch was the first time I ordered 6-7 brushes from the set and even got my name engraved on them. And the moment they arrived, I knew I am gonna be back for the remaining, no matter how much time it takes!! Then I went the extra crazy mile and ordered a backup of one of most used ones because I was worried about the engraving fading. I mean seriously, I can’t even explain this level of obsession to my friends 😛

Sadly Limited Editions put me in panic mode, because you have to decide so fast if you are in or out. And the Sakura Collection is doing the same 🙁
Hopefully by the time this post goes up, I will know if I am in or out…until then I will drool over your collection 😀

Inq Sheen 1 July, 2015 - 4:27 am

Hi Sonia – on the Beautylish website that state that the big powder brush can be used for contourning. What are your thoughts for this as I am looking for a contour brush but that unlike the Nars ita brush does not create too harsh of a line. The ita is too harsh for my sensitive skin & the lines are also too harsh.

Thank you

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 4 July, 2015 - 8:14 pm

Hi Inq,
I have just tried to contour with the big Sakura powder after reading your question, I wouldn’t have tried if you didn’t mention it because to me it’s too big for that. I find it lacks precision and control so if you don’t want a controlled application and something more like a dimension type of shading, yes it works, specially if you hold the brush by the base of the bristles to give them more firmness during application (as long as you are gentle I don’t see why not).
But I am still searching for the perfect contour brush, like you I find most of the contour brushes too firm and sharp and I don’t get it, it doesn’t make the application of contour buildable and effortless.
Today my fav contour brushes are the Paula Dorf angled brush, or the Koyudo bp026 or the Wayne Goss 13 (and I think now surratt angled is getting to the top), but my very top fav is one that I customized myself as I couldn’t find anything in the market that fitted my needs. I think I would get the Wayne Goss as it’s the softest and probably the one that you will love the most (or the Surratt angled…).

Summer brushes are out! Hakuhodo+Sephora and Chikuhodo+Beautylish | Chic Dabbling 3 July, 2015 - 5:21 am

[…] ever so wonderful Temptalia and Sweet Makeup Temptation has already put up quite thorough review and detailed pictures of the brushes from the Sakura […]

Ruby 6 July, 2015 - 6:12 am

Hi Sonia, it’s my first time on your blog. I’m so happy to have found your blog!! There aren’t a lot of bloggers out that who gives such detailed and in depth review on brush and your post has been very helpful. Prior to ordering this set I only have the Z2 from Chikuhodo and I absolutely adore its softness so I’m super excited to get mine after end of July!!

By the way, do you have any blog posts on brush cleaning? I have a few brush from hakkuhodo which I’ve used for year…. Not sure why but I’ve noticed that the face brush (goat hair) was becoming more scratchy? I usually just wash my brushes with mild soap (like baby shampoo / dove beauty bar) and hang them pointed down to dry. How would you recommend washing these chikuhodo beauties??

Thanks so much!!

Sonia G. 1 August, 2015 - 4:36 pm

Hi Ruby,
Thank you 🙂 I am happy you found me! It’s now the end of July and I hope you got your set!
I have, here it is: http://www.sweetmakeuptemptations.com/2013/11/09/brush-cleaning-and-caring/
When a goat brush becomes too scratchy you can definitely use conditioner (just like our hair) but do not use it often or it will loose its efficiency, but from times to times to “repair” a bit the hair, you can try that and see how it goes.
Regarding the Chikuhodo squirrel, wash them with baby shampoo, rince them really well and dry them upside down.
I hope my post helps, not much has changed since, just that sometimes when brushes get old we can definitely use conditioner to sort of help them a bit 🙂


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