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What’s up… ?!

by Sonia G.

Since I came back from Japan many things happened in my life, some that I can share today, some a bit too personal to mention but I still wanted to say why I have been “away” for a while.

It’s not because of my passion gone, or because I didn’t want to write anymore, my passion is still going strong and I am dying to tell you all that happened in Japan, getting ready for it one post at a time.

Recently, everything started to get wild around me, my private life, my work, my health and my home (=house works still ongoing and a new furry member accidentally popped in -not a brush this time-). When you have to deal with issues all piling up uncontrollably it leaves you no time at all for your hobbies and not sleeping enough also brought me into exhaustion.

I won’t talk about my private life but all is great and going in the right direction, just some little changes going on. At work I gained additional responsibilities and since I love my work I have to invest more time on that too with also some exams approaching. My health was a real mess, they finally found out what was wrong with me -more or less- but there is no solution, no life threatening at all but I know that I may struggle from time to time.

Finally, “my home”… which brings me to the reason for this little post.  We bought our house 2 years ago, a very old Swiss Chalet, with a lot of work required. We still wanted to get it because of the history behind it,  but I warn you, it’s not a modern house or luxurious or anything like that. We love it because it’s peaceful, we can be outside and enjoy the view without neighbors too close,  it’s just 35mn from work by car and… it’s “our” house  and having a house in Switzerland is rare because of how expensive it is in general. Luxury for us is having space and peace around us and we do have that. So we have to restore it but it will be worth it.

The rooms are very small but I have one room just for me, for my brushes/office/vanity/studio… That is pretty amazing! Only approx 10 square meters but I am thrilled! Only issue: I have to remove the current walls, floor, roof, isolate everything and paint then decorate… and I will do all that by myself with a little big help from my BF when I am not strong enough for some of the tasks.

I took this upcoming week off work to start the big work:  the walls and roof, once this is done the rest will be a lot easier.

I decided to create a page dedicated to it where I share my “Brush-room” project, I think some of you wanted to see it and I am honestly dying to show you what is going to happen 🙂 I will explain what I do, why and how. It’s not going to be finished in a week, but I really need to get started. At this moment, I cannot find anything when I need to, cannot write reviews because my stuff is part in boxes, part in drawers, part disappeared. It’s a huge mess.

I have quite a few ideas for efficient and gorgeous deco and it’s going to be a bit bold. In the page dedicated to the brush-room project I will share my ideas and post pics as I go. My budget is very small so I can’t go too wild but I have been browsing Houzz and watching Libby Langdon on Youtube and other related videos and I believe that despite a small budget we can have a lot of fun and my intention is to have a real blast 😀

If you want to follow this project with me, it will be awesome to answer your questions or to get comments and ideas from you 🙂

You can jump to the dedicated space if you click on this pic (or the link is also on the blog MENU):





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Meredith 8 September, 2014 - 8:20 pm

I am very sorry to hear of your troubles. Life gives us challenges even when we don’t go looking for them. I just turned 58 yesterday and have my share of health problems even though I have tried to take pretty good care of myself all my life. Sometimes as we go through life, our genetics that we didn’t know we have can become apparent. It’s no fun.
I love your chalet! It seems very romantic to me that the chalet is old because I think it adds value to know it has been lived in and has a personal history of people/families which adds to it’s specialness, IMO. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of patience to re-do your home but it’s fun and creative to turn it into a personal space that reflects who you are. Always remember,because it is true, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger”. It does. I’m pretty tough by now! I have grown a lot as a person through my 58 years and am very appreciative that I AM STILL HERE!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 9 September, 2014 - 9:45 pm

Challenges are often necessary to appreciate life to its real value… one health challenge is what made me start the blog at the beginning (we have to follow our dreams before it’s too late!)
It makes us stronger for sure and we have to be strong for the ones we love, honestly meeting you all here has made me stronger to face mine, we can feel pretty lonely sometimes and with you there I never feel lonely anymore..
It will certainly be romantic when it’s finished, honestly at this moment not very much LOOOOL
I never thought I could have a house so I am very happy, even if it needs work, it will be done sooner or later 🙂
Sending you lots of love 😉 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

M i d n i t e D e s i r e 8 September, 2014 - 9:05 pm

Hope all gets better soon,Sonia . Sending much strength and BIG hugs your way 😀 We are here for you and adore you! Wish I could do more

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 9 September, 2014 - 9:36 pm

Thank you Sweetie! I hope to meet you very soon! <3 love you!!

212kiki 8 September, 2014 - 11:34 pm

Oh Sonia I would love to be there to give u a warm hug !
I does sound like u didn’t have the best time and i’m so sorry for that and seriously, take time off from all here because also our Sonia superwoman can get hurt and we only want that u have fun here and not a next burden in a bad time !
Sending you some warm smuty hugs over the net !

Devin 10 September, 2014 - 12:59 am

I am glad to hear things are headed in the right direction (personal and house). I will definitely be following your brush room journey and can’t wait to see the finished product. You’ll have to open up your room like the museum in Japan!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 11 September, 2014 - 7:50 pm

Maybe I should Devin, I encourage any one of you to come and visit once it’s done !! <3
I would be so happy!! an excuse to come and for me to finally meet you 😀

Whee ! Confetti !! 12 September, 2014 - 11:17 am

That’s such an awesome project !!
There is a lot of work to be done but it will be worth it ! You made me laugh with TA SUEUR ! XDD
I’ll happily follow your progress ! 😀

Margaret 15 September, 2014 - 8:12 pm

What a woman!I wish you all best with your health,Sonia<3
hahaha,love this destroying pictures
if i was 5 years old i would definatly ask you to play with your toys*brushes*, but at my age it may sounds a little bit weird, so i just say that you have a very great looking collection and your organisation skills looks fub!you tube is the best =D

Jo 28 September, 2014 - 6:14 am

Sonia I am sure you will conquer all your issues.You give so much to people on your blog.Good luck and best wishes on future endeavours.I Hope you feel on top of things soon.


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