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WAYNE GOSS – Updated thoughts and Giveaway

by Sonia G.

I have received several requests either in the comments or by email asking for a little update on my Wayne Goss brushes after having had them since their beginning: 9 months for The Collection set and 4 months for the Eye and Face sets. I’ll do that today but not only that, this update is paired with an exceptional Giveaway, kindly and generously sponsored by Beautylish.com. I was contacted by Beautylish very recently, we had a video chat and discussed brushes, Japan and other fun topics. Since they know how much we love exceptional brushes here, they decided to do something special for us 🙂


Beautylish.com started as a Beauty Community created to share information in many different ways, reviews, discussions, articles, etc. Later they also launched their online shop and that was just approx 2 years ago. I remember when I found their website for the very first time, I was desperately looking for the BUY button but couldn’t find it … normal: not all products they feature are available for purchase and some are for informative purpose only. It’s good to know that in the future we will actually see more and more products and brands available for sale on their website and you will be happy to know that they will also change their shipping policies so that they will be able to ship to additional countries (depending on the brand).

On their website you can shop for Chikuhodo, Ellis Faas, OCC, Billy B and many others -Charlotte Tilbury is arriving at their shop in September. They are the exclusive retailers for Wayne Goss’s brushes and these later are available worldwide now, if you are ordering from outside of the US & Canada, you should use their new link:  waynegossxbeautylish.com if you are in the USA or Canada their usual site beautylish.com will be the one to use. I did not buy my brushes on their website because mine were a present from Wayne but thanks to my friends I know that their wrapping and packaging is gorgeous and that they know how to pay attention to detail. Now that I know them better myself I can confirm that they are very special people who want to stand out from the online crowd but I believe you will witness that as you get to know them too. 

For those of you interested by Chikuhodo, they are shipping Chikuhodo only to the US & Canada for now but will be expanding in early August to include UK and Australia, then full intl shipping will be close behind!  To know more and be informed as things happen, I strongly suggest you follow them on Instagram or Twitter, their pics or tweets will give you a clue on what they are up to 🙂

Giveaway info


Beautylish will take care of the costs for the 3 sets and the shipping to the winners to wherever you live, I will provide the details of the winners to them and they will contact you directly for shipping details, if you are abroad (they are in the USA) please just take note that you will be responsible for any duties or VAT on the brushes, although they will do their best to avoid them but there is always a risk.

The prizes

The 3 Wayne Goss sets



a different one for each winner. The first winner will get one Face set (265$), the second winner one of the Collection sets (210$), the third winner the Eye set (148$)

In addition to that, I will offer a private Google Hangout video call to the 3 winners, either to answer any question you may have about these brushes or just to chat about brushes in general or anything you want, it is not mandatory but I will contact you and ask you if you would like that video call with me and we will organize that.


Based on the comments here in this post, there will be a random draw on the 16 of August 2014 at midnight (GMT -7 hour= San Francisco time zone), the winners will be communicated to Beautylish on the 17th of August and they will contact you for the shipping. Please make sure that before the drawing you can see your comment on the post here. 

To participate you have to leave a comment below since this will validate your entry in the drawing, 1 entry per person, even if you enter several times with various comments only one entry will be taken into consideration before the draw and of course I will remove my replies -if any- before the drawing takes place.

The comment should simply be a message for either Wayne, Beautylish or myself, whatever you want to say.

Plus another thing, although this is not a condition but just something we would love and highly appreciate, it is for you to follow Beautylish, Wayne or myself either on Twitter or Instagram- or if you want to go crazy and follow the three of us you are very welcome 😀 , we love honest and friendly follows when they come 🙂 Exciting new things are coming up and if you don’t want to miss out that’s probably the best way to get the news first.
You have two full weeks to leave your comment so still plenty time but please do participate as the prize is truly amazing, these brushes are the ones I recommend you to get if you want the softest and most effortless brushes you could find, whoever you are, professional, enthusiast, busy bee, lazy bee, or super-creative bee, you’ll love them!

My updated thoughts on the brushes

I published two reviews already so if you want to read the full reviews, here they are:

The Collection

The Eye and Face sets

I got all my brushes as a present from Wayne himself because we are friends and both crazy about brushes so we sometimes send each other little brush-related presents. Despite the fact I know him, my opinion is honest, just like any other review I wrote and about any brand, Koyudo, Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Evgeny, Rae Morris, etc I am not paid, I don’t get a commission (I never did) and I am not affiliated with any of them.  I thought I should tell because maybe some think I do, but I don’t.

The ones I use the most

After a few months, these are the ones that got the most action, the 13, 16, 19, 06, 18 and 20:



The number 13 is not the brush I expected to use daily, it’s very dense and depending on your habits, you may think this is way too dense to manage an effortless application, in a controlled way without packing too much product. Of course it depends on the product and your technique. The products I use it with are the IPSA palettes, I have 4 palettes that are to be used clockwise starting top left: blush=>highlight=>contour=>finishing powder. I use that same brush for all the pans, without cleaning it in between (because I am lazy and busy). It just does the trick, when the Hakuhodo J210 and similar brushes are too thick and dense this is just the perfect density to apply and softly polish.  The IPSA face powders are very fine, translucent, not powdery and when you have a powder texture that is so easy to handle of course that gives you more margin with the brushes you can use with, still, I found it’s a match made in Heaven and an absolutely God send for the lazy me.

ipsabrushJust fits nicely into the pan without messing with the other ones.

Same for my other SK-II blushes :



Number 16 also happens to have a powerful daily presence due to my recent busy schedule (I may talk about that in an upcoming post). The fewer time you have to blend, the more powerful the blending brush has to be. I am not saying this is a must-have for everyone but for me, it’s another holy grail. I love my shadows polished,  “fixed” in place like a tattoo and without a heavy feeling to them, I am happy my shadows are usually pigmented because the strongest the blender, the more chances you have to blend out everything -which is not something you want either, with this brush there is still enough definition afterwards and I am never disappointed.

Number 19 is one of the best crease brushes ever, I never have to “correct” a crease application and it is simply a true must-have if you use crease brushes in your daily routine.

Number 06 is the brush that I throw in my make-up bad because it does the application, blending, crease, all of it with only one brush, not ideal to do a full make-up application with just one brush but if I had to choose one for that, it would be that one, that is why it is always with me.

Number 18 just made its way to the very top of the lay down brushes in my collection, it is probably the number one actually because since I have it, I didn’t even use my Mac 239 anymore and that has never happened in the past. That summarizes it, to me there is no better brush for the mobile lid application. Plus it works really very well with the little eye color contrast 01 from IPSA which has a very narrow pan but still does the trick, I even use that brush for the lid, the crease and then the outer V !

ipsashadowThat shadow is my holy grail at the moment, a taupe like that is an absolute delight for taupe shadow lovers!!

Number 20 is the pencil that I use the most, compared to white goat pencil brushes that are also nice the issue is that I have to wash the white ones more regularly than this dark one. This one is not as soft as the Suqqu S but it’s more precise, blends better, does what it’s told.

Those 6 brushes are the brushes that will never ever leave my side, I don’t have backups but I will because they deserve this “ritual” (call me crazy but for brush lovers having a backup makes a true respectful statement). These brushes are very very special, unfortunately there are things that I can’t share but that I know and when I tell you these brushes have a truly special story you just have to believe me and consider them as a stunning achievement. I don’t really “need” backups because with a microfibre cloth they get clean enough in between applications and they don’t need regular washing, I don’t even remember when I washed them the last time, will probably do that this weekend but I don’t feel like they even need it which makes me want to use them and love them even more!

The collection 




Number 02 is getting more and more use for highlighter, since that is something I tend to do on a more regular basis,  that one gets quite a lot of action at the moment. Also my blush pans are quite small (Ipsa, RMK, and some oldies I use), where the stripe or partial pan is quite tiny so this brush is perfect for when I have to use those very small pans.

Number 04 is a fantastic soft blender, from its category it is truly amazing and just recently I started to use it more than at the beginning.

Number 01 gets used more for cream contour or cream highlight, for foundation I use a bigger option and reserve this one for precision work.

The rest of the brushes I use them on a less regular basis but it is often like that in a set, you will find yourself reaching more for some and less for others and that will vary depending on who you are or how you work.

The Face set




The one I  use the most is the 13 as I previously mentioned, but 11, 12 and 14 get a huge lot of action too. My previous review still reflects my thoughts on each one of them, it’s just that 13 is the one that happened to be the most active in my routine, my products also changed recently and that is also the reason why I wasn’t expecting that 13 to be so important to me, with different products, brushes and preferences may slightly change.

The Eye set

They are all excellent brushes and for the first time ever I can say that a whole set is worth it, not fond of buying brushes in sets since I end up not using half of them but this set is truly well thought. Best eye set ever. The number 17 might be a bit too big for some of you but for the base it’s a perfect fit for me.




Bottom line is that after some months with them I find they are a part of me, despite all the brushes I have in my collection, I have them always in a cup near my mirror so that I don’t have to look for them, they have the insane quality to be the easiest brushes to handle, durable, absolutely perfect for beginners or for intense usage.

If you are just starting with high end brushes and want just a few, I recommend you the 11 and 13 for the face and the 18, 19, 20 for the eyes, these 5 brushes should be in everyone’s collection.

So, I wish you good luck with the giveaway, not everyone can win but there will be 3 winners and it may be you 🙂

UPDATE 10.08.2014

Just an update about the video conf with the winners, Wayne will join the video conf too 🙂


UPDATE 17.08.2014




UPDATE 19.08.2014


  1.  Jamyra: tootheache* Face set (265$)

  2. Stacy: Snjohnson10* Collection set (210$)

  3. Suzin: suzincat* Eye set (148$)


We are now contacting the winners to organize the shipping and the call 🙂

I cannot thank you enough for your kind messages to Wayne, Beautylish or myself, for having participated and for sharing this passion with me.

Of course I will be here for you if you have questions and in the near future you will read here new stories about Japan, brushes and more!

A huge thank you to Beautylish, it’s not everyday that we can benefit from such giveaways! Beautylish are so impressed with his brushes that they really wanted to do something special about it, I am impressed too and so very honored to have hosted it!


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Inga 1 August, 2014 - 6:54 pm

You and Wayne has been my addiction sites for many years now. Cannot say how much i adore you both for your honest reviews and trustability, that it what this World needs. Good make up, good brushes and good values in people! All the best!

LAURIE AIELLO 1 August, 2014 - 7:33 pm

Well…don’t know if I’ll win or not…but I certainly will share, as I always do, your fabulous reviews on these brushes. I have Wayne’s face set, and would very much like to add to that collection. My order was through Beautylish, and found them extremely good at processing and handling of shipments. Good luck everyone!!


karina 1 August, 2014 - 9:58 pm

Thank you Sonia for your wonderful blog and all the hard work and time you put into it.

Thank you Wayne for your great videos, honest opinions and wonderful brushes, I have a collection set and love it.

Love love love Beautylish. I am located in the Bay Area, so I get their packages overnight, what else can you wish for? Very excited to learn that Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Beatylish. Thank you Beautylish for bringing us wonderful new brands!

Alina 13 August, 2014 - 12:35 pm

Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to participate in this giveaway! I am fond of Wayne Goss and his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, never tried his brushes because it’s quite hard to get them living in Russia. Hope one day they will be sold in every single country, I’m sure they would have a huge success. I wish all the best to you and Wayne, it would be nice to meet you one day:))

Josette 1 August, 2014 - 11:07 pm

I just purchased the # 11 and # 19 brush because of your recommendations, and I am so pleased with the brushes. I ordered from beautylish.com and received the brushes the next day, I was amazed because I live in Canada.

carolyn mieu 1 August, 2014 - 11:18 pm

Omg!!! Best news ever. Love you and Wayne so much. I’ve have been lusting over these ever since he launched them. I’m still saving up for some of your favourite koyudos. Your blog is awesome; you have made me appreciate good brushes. Keep up the good work. Xox

Lexi 2 August, 2014 - 6:01 am

I am absolutely in love with these brushes and would love the chance to win one of the sets. I love watching Wayne’s videos because he is so insightful and has a great sense of humor 🙂

Dani 3 August, 2014 - 10:23 pm

I take everything Wayne Goes says like it’s gospel. I watch his videos religiously and he’s honestly like the father and friend I’ve always wanted lol I also go to beautylish every now and then. You are all so real and true and I love it. I hope I win these brushes they’d be the best birthday gift

paikra 4 August, 2014 - 7:41 pm

Just saw beautylish is selling both Wayne’s brushes and Chikuhodo and my heart skipped a beat! Ooh la la – what a thrill it would be to be a winner! Thanks for your site from a frequent lurker and fellow obsessive 🙂

Evie 6 August, 2014 - 1:26 pm

I am really trying to find great brushes for my growing makeup collections. I love to play in my makeup and try new techniques.

Carolina Muñoz 13 August, 2014 - 4:01 pm

I would love to win these brushes, I’m a growing makeup artist, and I’m only 21, it so hard for me to get my kit up and running because everything so expensive, I love Wayne gross been suscribe d to him on tutu be for a while now and he has tought me alot, and I’m on your blog and instagram all the time, thanks for considering me

Victoria Ambrosecchia 13 August, 2014 - 7:10 pm

i’m going to give this giveaway a try even though there are 300 other entries, i would absolutely love to win these brushes. they are on my christmas list but christmas is so far away! it would make my whole entire life if i won, i’ve done all my information on the brushes and how they’re used and what they’re made of. I’ve watched Wayne’s videos about each individual brush and read your review and about hundred other reviews. it would be a dream coming true if i won these brushes. i’ve never owned such high-end brushes and it would be so amazing if i won! good luck to everyone who has entered, best of luck *fingers are crossed* thank you so much Sonia for doing this giveaway is incredibly sweet of you and just shows what warm heart you have! beautiful on the inside and out! xoxo

Ashley Fox 13 August, 2014 - 8:12 pm

This is a great giveaway. Thank you beautylish for this amazing opportunity! I absolutely love Wayne Goss, I follow him on twitter & Instagram & I am subscribed to his channel on YouTube! I watch his tutorials every night & think he has amazing tips and advice that I find so useful! He is definitely my favourite mua. He deserves every bit of success, he is so inspiring to me as an aspiring mua. Congratulations Wayne on your brush collection, I would love to own any one of them! Good luck to everyone entering the competition!! Fingers crossed

Janina 13 August, 2014 - 10:24 pm

Great brushes are an essential to part of my day so, quality is a must. I want my brushes to have the precision for perfect makeup application and also make me feel pampered. Thanks to Sonya’s reviews, I think Wayne’s brushes would be perfect. I would love to win one of his sets especially, “The Eye Set”.

Diane Milligan 14 August, 2014 - 5:29 am

I Appreciate so the detail you give on your brush reviews. And, for Wayne Goss, I have learned so much about products and application. I love make-up, make-up brushes and learning about application techniques. I have three Goss brushes and they are by far the best brushes I have ever used. I got them from Beautylish and I can attest to their helpful and pleasant customer relations and fast quality service. Put the three of you together and we get the best of three worlds. Thank you for this opportunity!

Stacy 1 August, 2014 - 6:57 pm

Sonia + Wayne + Beautylish!!
Three of my alltime favorites!❤️

Jenny 1 August, 2014 - 6:59 pm

Best of luck to everyone who enters and I hope I’ll be one of the winners! Thank you for doing this! <3

Bea 1 August, 2014 - 7:04 pm

Wowza! What a great giveaway Sonia. I would love to win any one of these! Great post as always lovely! 😀

Andrea 1 August, 2014 - 7:04 pm

Dear Wayne,
Thank you for this amazing collection of brushes and, now that I’m on it, many thanks for the eyeshadow palette you’ve already created and that I own. I’ve been trying to get hold of jour brushes for a long time now, but not having a credit card makes it complicated. Now I have the chance, so let’s get lucky!

raglo 1 August, 2014 - 7:04 pm

Awesome giveaway! I don’t own any of his brushes, but some of my fav youtubers do and I see them in action all the time, tempting the heck out of me :D!

Lisa D 1 August, 2014 - 7:05 pm

I love Wayne!!! He has the best tips and would love to have a chance to try his brushes!!!

Neo 1 August, 2014 - 7:06 pm

Thank you so much to you and Beautylish for the wonderful give away, and to Wayne for making the brushes and always delightful tutorials 🙂

Dear Beautylish, when you start shipping worldwide, please please please include Myanmar (Burma) on your list – a desperate beauty lover lives there, with little access to anything. USPS priority shipping works extremely well :), and I loved my experience shopping with you when I got my Billy B brushes (I was in the US at the time).

Thank you!

Wendy 13 August, 2014 - 8:38 pm

Been a fan of Wayne for years and through him I have learned so much about makeup and the application and through him I also found you (: i try to not buy products due to one review but you’ve never steered me wrong, when it comes to you and/or Wayne I always know I’m getting honest opinions and wish more gurus and artist were the same

Jenn 1 August, 2014 - 7:07 pm

thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂 I really need to step my brush game up! Your collection of brushes is unlike any other. It’s also really nice to see a makeup artist on youtube get such an international audience and put out a very high quality brush line Wayne! Great work both of you.

Lanna 1 August, 2014 - 7:07 pm

You and Goss together?! That’s amazing!!! Life is getting better every day!!! Love you guys!!! And I hope it gets even better with those wonderfull brushes… 😉

Raya 1 August, 2014 - 7:07 pm

Thank you so muh for the giveaway!! I would love to win Wayne’s wonderfull brushes!!

Audrey 1 August, 2014 - 7:07 pm

I’m excited about this contest! I have a couple of Wayne’s brushes which I really love and would love to have even more of them. 🙂

Miss_Magpie 1 August, 2014 - 7:13 pm

Sonia – Thanks for hosting this give away! You were so kind to me when I emailed you for recommendations for an upgraded brush kit, and the brushes you helped me select are spot on!

Wayne – I have The Collection, and it is amazing to work with brushes that do EXACTLY what I want them to do! It takes me less time to do my make up, with better results. THANK YOU!

Beautylish – Your handwritten notes, lovely packaging, and stable of brands is just fantastic. It is exciting to see more lines added. I look forward to many more purchases in the future!

Gabriela 1 August, 2014 - 7:14 pm

Thank you Sonia for offering us this opportunity! I really like your website – I find it the best place to read well documented reviews about high end brushes! Keep up the good work!

Kate 1 August, 2014 - 7:15 pm

I am so in love with Wayne… And his brushes!!!

Annie 1 August, 2014 - 7:17 pm

I already have “the collection” and think they are top quality. Would love to try “the face set”

Brenda 1 August, 2014 - 7:18 pm

Hello Sonia!

It was such a surprise to me months ago when the collection came out that I found out you and Wayne Goss were friends. (Of course, I should have seen it coming. You are both awesome and so appreciative of good brushes.) Sonia, you really should try doing a video with Wayne, I feel like you know A LOT about brushes and you are really wise in this regard, so perhaps a collaboration on brushes is in order.

Regardless, THANK YOU for the giveaway! Its very exciting to have such a huge giveaway and of such high quality brushes.

Gina 1 August, 2014 - 7:20 pm

Such lovely brushes! Congrats to Wayne Goss. 🙂 He made the softest face bruch ever.

Cristina 1 August, 2014 - 7:24 pm

I have The Collection and I absolutely love it. So it will be great if I can have one of the others as well. Me encantaría!

sara 1 August, 2014 - 7:24 pm

OMG I really want to when these brush cause I’l never be able to get the on my own :,(

Nivert 1 August, 2014 - 7:26 pm

I’m from Egypt and absolutely love you, wayne and beautylish! You have enabled me a million times over to get certain brushes I was on the fence about, your reviews are amazing and since I can’t see any of the brushes before ordering because none are available in Egypt, I’m always here on your website to see what you think! And for wayne, I watch every single video of his! He’s taught me so much and I genuinely enjoy both his tutorials and very very honest reviews. To beautylish, I love that you have soo Many of my favorite brands on your website! I love your customer service and all of the little details you put in every order. The only thing I don’t love is being rendered broke after each order I place. I already own the collection and even bought a set for my mother as well and would love to get my hands on the eye set or face set not to mention that a live chat with you is insanely exciting! You’re the reason I fell in love with and learned to appreciate makeup brushes! Hope I get the chance to chat with you!

Bertha l Hernandez 1 August, 2014 - 7:26 pm

This is amazing.
I have enjoyed for a while your blog & i have watched Waynes videos several times. I think you are very kind and objective in all your reviews. Love the way you write. A lot of my brushes selections are based on your reviews.
Thank you

Mariela Lugo 1 August, 2014 - 7:27 pm

Wow this is amazing! I have one GW brush and i absolutely love it. I love how he researched and choose the most quality materials. You can see all the effort and thought that was put into this.

Alex 1 August, 2014 - 7:27 pm

Sonia – Your posts are always so well clean, thought out and well informed! I recently came back from Japan with some brushes that I can’t find any blogs posts about, but think they deserve some spotlight!

Wayne – I love brushes, but have not got around to trying yours yet. I would love to have the opportunity though!

Beautylish – So awesome of you for sponsoring!

Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Good luck everyone!

gossipsmu 1 August, 2014 - 7:28 pm

Great giveaway!! Thanks you and thanks to beautilish for fhis amazing oportunity.
I haven’t have any of wayne brushses so I’m very exited with the idea.
You’re lucky girl for has wayne as friend.
Sorry for my English I hope you can understand me (I’m spanish)

gossipsmu 1 August, 2014 - 7:38 pm

Oh! I’m following you like esther.morethanmakeup@hotmail.com but I change the email in the comment I don’t know if this is important.

Anna 1 August, 2014 - 7:29 pm

Thank you for doing this amazing giveaway!!! I actually found you through Wayne when he mentioned you on Instagram and immediately had to follow. Thank you Wayne 🙂
As a brush lover I would absolutely love to try them, as you unfortunately can no longer buy them in Europe (as far as I know).

Whee ! Confetti !! 1 August, 2014 - 7:29 pm

First of all, thank you so much for this amazing giveaway Sonia (& Beautylish) ! 😀 I’ve never tried those brushes, neither have I laid eyes on them actually. I’m especially interested in “The Collection” and “The Eye Set” though. *Crosses her fingers*
I’m already following you everywhere (hahaha): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the forums. I’m also following Beautylish & Wayne Goss on Instagram but I’m gonna like their Facebook pages too. Anyway… Bonne chance tout le monde ! 😀

Coie Watters 1 August, 2014 - 7:31 pm

I am dying to for these brushes and I am a huge silent fan of Wayne. When I saw your post on IG, I stopped what I was doing and I was like I am doing this. Very first time to join a giveaway, we will see if I have any luck at all in me.

Good luck to all! 🙂

Adriana Villarreal 1 August, 2014 - 7:32 pm

I´m thrilled to know that you have a giveaway! love your blog and love Wayne Goss videos! thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

Eileen 1 August, 2014 - 7:34 pm

Probably the best giveaway I’ve seen so far. I have a couple of Wayne Goss brushes, but trying to stop myself from buying more as I recently also bought a lot of Hakuhodo ones. 😉
Thank you, Sonia, for sharing your love of brushes – I usually check your site first before buying brushes. I have binge-watched Wayne’s YouTube channel a lot; I love that he gets right to the point and his enthusiasm for great products is contagious. Beautylish is a great online shop, buying from them is always a great experience. I really like the range of products that they carry.

Karen O. 1 August, 2014 - 7:36 pm

I think Wayne Goss is just amazing! I’ve followed him on youtube for so long and to see him come out with his own brushes is so great! This is such an awesome giveaway!!x I’d love to win any set of his brushes!

Ylenia 1 August, 2014 - 7:36 pm

OMG! Thank you so much for the giveaway Sonia! Wayne’s brushes are so beautiful

Jessica 1 August, 2014 - 7:36 pm

You, Wayne and Beautylish! What a great combination.
Brush lovers of the world unite!

V. R 1 August, 2014 - 7:39 pm

Your blog is always so refreshing to read because of your extensive knowledge in this field. There really is no blog quite like yours, thank you for being you.

Gloria 1 August, 2014 - 7:47 pm

Here’s my entry!! I should mention, I have memberships in all places (on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and for Beautylish on the site for both US as well as Canada!!

Sonia, I am so thankful you started this site of yours – you and Wayne have provided us with a wealth of information — Wayne for sharing techniques of application and products and you, for sharing sooo much brush education, encouragement, products and Beautylish for the means of purchasing SOME of them (!!)

Hugs to all…

Amalia 1 August, 2014 - 7:49 pm

Youve been my go to for all things brushes, what an amazing giveaway!!

Isha 1 August, 2014 - 7:52 pm

Thank you for the giveaway. Like you I am also a huge lover of makeup brushes. I would love to try them, as I am still reading good things about them. This would be a great chance to try them. 🙂

Isabel Rojas 1 August, 2014 - 7:53 pm

Omg chances of me winning are probably so low. I’m giving it a shot anyways ! This would just make me the happiest girl on earth, since I’m unable to afford them myself. Thanks so much for the opportunity ! Xoxo

Varisa 1 August, 2014 - 7:55 pm

Wayne’s brush are beautiful and stylish. I have known them first time from Sonia’s blog. They are brushes in my wish list. Thanks Sonia for sharing this opportunity. I always check your block before buying brushes. Love it !!!

Ana Maria Orban 1 August, 2014 - 7:59 pm

OMG I don’t think I will be lucky enough to win any of these but I will give it a go good luck everyone!!!

Grace T. 1 August, 2014 - 8:03 pm

Thank you Sonia for sharing your love of brushes and endless effort to keep us informed and updated.
Wayne is one of the few makeup artists that I follow on YouTube and he is always helpful with useful tips and tricks. That’s probably the reason why I don’t need to follow other artists!
I’m so happy that Beautylish is now offering products for sale so we can have easier access.
Very excited for this giveaway.

Helen Boswell 1 August, 2014 - 8:08 pm

Plain and simple…. he is my makeup god and my ultimate inspiration on my journey to become a makeup artist! ❤️

Cynthia Sterling 1 August, 2014 - 8:10 pm

I love brushes!!! Getting Wayne Goss Brushes how exciting. I have been following you both for some time. I got hooked on makeup and brushes in the past few years. Of course, I am in my prime just turning 66!

Ashley Wagner 1 August, 2014 - 8:14 pm

Hi Wayne! I have never really entered giveaways or contests before but I absolutely am inspired by your makeup/tutorials/personality in general. You seem like such a fun, kind, and genuine guy who happens to be incredibly talented! Keep it up, because I really appreciate how awesome of a person you are on top of how much you inspire my makeup.

I’d be so lucky to be chosen for the giveaway so I can continue to practice my skills with some actual professional brushes and they would definitely come in handy for my wedding next summer! I’m just getting a hold of the whole brush thing and my blending skills need WORK! But I have no doubt I can learn and practice with these babies 😀

Thank you for your generosity (Wayne and Beautylish)! Have a great weekend!

Nathaly 1 August, 2014 - 8:20 pm

Wow I have won anything in my entire life and these brushes are ao beautiful. Here I go with all the luck in the world

Nathaly 1 August, 2014 - 8:22 pm

I have never won anything in my entire life please please select me

Olena Wills 1 August, 2014 - 8:23 pm

Thank you very much Sonya for posting a lot of interesting and useful information on your web site.
Because of you, I can find out about a lot of updates on Wayne Goss brushes , plus Beautylish became my favorite shop !

Thanks again.

Princesskeshh (Kasia) 1 August, 2014 - 8:23 pm

Oh wow!
That’s awesome… I was waiting for your more specific thoughts about these brushes for a long time. When I need a brush, I just turn to your blog for an advice. And thank you for being so sweet and responsive! Xx
And Wayne’s brushes are truly amazing. I have #13 and really wanted to buy more, but they are not sold in the UK anymore. 🙁
Anyway, I am entering and hope to win something at least once in my life. :)))

Lots of kisses from London! Xxx

Ali 1 August, 2014 - 8:23 pm

I am brush obsessed myself but can not afford to try as many brushes as I wish to!
I realize though that quality brushes are worth investing in. I enjoy looking at the pics on your instagram and reading your blog about brushes! Wayne Goss is a makeup genius and his brush collection looks and sounds amazing!!!

lulu ventura 1 August, 2014 - 8:24 pm

Participo muchas gracias a los 3 por este tremendo sorteo ojalá sea una de las afortunadas ..pero si no es así decirles q los sigo a los 3 desde hace tiempo y muy contenta por esas entradas de calidad q nos hacen aprender y conocer como otros profesionales usan sus herramientas. Besos Sonia!!

Melissa 1 August, 2014 - 8:24 pm

@Beautylish: thank you so much for this GREAT opportunity! I’m so happy that my US brush friends now have easier access to wonderful brushes (especially Chikuhodo!).

@Wayne: I’ve been following you since I saw yr “Magic Line” vid. Its the best tutorial out there and it really works. I’m still learning from you and your naughty wink is so sexy! keep’em coming 😉 Hoping to meet u IRL some day! That would totally ROCK my world 🙂 🙂

@Sonia: u know I love you! I’m truly so happy to see how your blog has grown over the years. So PROUD of you girl! Your detailed reviews abt beauty and brushes can’t be beaten!!
You’re still THE ONE AND ONLY Brush Queen for me 😉 😉 😉
Here’s to a brushfull future and can’t wait to do some “brushty talk” with you! SALUT!!

Marina 1 August, 2014 - 8:27 pm

I have several of Wayne’s brushes which I bought from the beautylish.com site.. I agree these brushes are amazing.. I think he is an amazingly talented artist and watch every one of his videos. I found your blog and IG though his IG and am just as obsessed with your posts. I have purchased several brushes based on your recommendations and love them.

Myriam 1 August, 2014 - 8:29 pm

Sonia, muchísimas gracias por este súper sorteo!!! No suelo participar en sorteos pero este es una tentación enorme! Un abrazo!!

Jay Pendley 1 August, 2014 - 8:30 pm

I like the rest of the entries am addicted to brushes , beautylish , and my Wayne Goss brushes.
Thank you for hosting this contest!!!!

Lana 1 August, 2014 - 8:32 pm

Dear Wayne, I recently saw one of your videos in your second channel regarding how you never receive any products because of your terribly blunt, straightforward and honest reviews (which I love). All I wanted to say is that I am very grateful that there are still youtubers like you who give their full honest opinions about products. You are honestly one of my top favorite youtubers. (P.S. You’re also one of the VERY few people who doesn’t teach girls to do the “snickers bar” contouring or to put ten different eye shadow colours for an everyday neutral look.)

Dear Sonia, I am grateful that you have put so much time and effort into this blog because it has truly paid off (You have opened my eyes to the world of beautiful brushes and taught me a lot about them.) You have definitely expanded my future Christmas and birthday wish list haha!! I also love your honest reviews and that you will just put it out there if you didn’t like a product. A common trait that you and Wayne both share.
All in all, I would like to take the opportunity to let the both of you to know that the amount of time you have invested in making videos and blog posts certainly did not go to waste because it has taught a lot of us about the beauty in true quality and I believe I speak for many of us out there. Lots of love from Malaysia. <3

argiro 1 August, 2014 - 8:33 pm

i love wayne.i don not have any of his brushes and i love to have!!!
beautylish please tell me that you are going to ship to Greece too…….Please!!!!
sonia i miss you…….

H. brushology 1 August, 2014 - 8:37 pm

First of all I would like to thank Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish for this wonderful collaboration and amazing giveaway!!

My brush addiction started off when I first followed Wayne and Sonai… I’ve learned allot by watching Wayne’s videos and reading Sonia’s blogs. Although I’m rarely lucky with any giveaways, I would like to thank both of you all for always providing us with enlightful and extensive knowledge about brushes, and sharing your passion with us. And a special thanks to Beautylish for making this possible.

All the very best to all whom have participated in this giveaway ;D

Kelly Woo 1 August, 2014 - 8:37 pm

Dear Sonia,
I absolutely love your website and I have recently purchased a few brushes from Chikuhodo, Koyudo, and Hakuhodo. I would love to have some from Wayne Goss!
Warmest Regards,

Marina 1 August, 2014 - 8:39 pm

Thanks so much for this giveaway! 🙂
Lots of love from Spain!

Sterndli98 1 August, 2014 - 8:40 pm

Wayne, I love the only brush from you I own and use it daily. I love your videos and your sarcasm.

By the way I follow you sweetmakeuptemptations on Instagram and Wayne on Insta, Twitter and of course Youtube.

Mary Kate 1 August, 2014 - 8:41 pm

Wayne, I just want you to know that you are such a beautiful person, inside and out. You are absolutely unapologetic in who you are and what you think. I have commented on some of your videos before, but I think you genuinely see beauty everywhere, in every woman or man you work with, and that makes me feel beautiful, too! 🙂

alba 1 August, 2014 - 8:45 pm

Thanks so much for the opportunity, I’m from Spain and I ‘d like to try those brushes, here in spain is impossible to buy them, thanks so much, ,kisses

Juno 1 August, 2014 - 8:50 pm

Hello! I saw this giveaway on Instagram! This is by far the best giveaway I’ve ever seen. I’m such a big fan of Wayne goss, and I start to follow you because of his recommendation on Instagram. I can always learn something from your posts even though I’m just a makeup rookie. Thank you and Wayne and beauty lish so much for the inspiration!

Jess 1 August, 2014 - 8:53 pm

Holy bristles! What a giveaway!
I really hope I get to win this one.
Not to forget to thank you Sonia for hosting the giveaway and showing your brush knowledge/love.
Big thanks to Beautylish too for such a nice thing to do.
Fingers crossed 🙂

Good luck everyone.

Uwafili Yvonne 1 August, 2014 - 8:56 pm

A big thanks to you and beautylish.com for this wonderful opportunity. I used to be an ordinary girl with very little idea about makeup until I accidentally bumped into gossmakeupartist on youtube. I learnt how to use brushes from him and over time I’ve learnt so many makeup application tips. Today, I am a budding makeup artist.Thank you Wayne Goss for sharing your knowledge with us!

Ana Carolina 1 August, 2014 - 8:58 pm

Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to win some of those beautiful brushes!

Elisabeth Lavado 1 August, 2014 - 9:09 pm

Omg! Thanks,The giveaway is awesome, I have really wanted to try these brushes such high quality. I feel very lucky to win such a fantastic prize.

Karla 1 August, 2014 - 9:20 pm

Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad!!!apenas estoy empezando a hacer mi colección de brochas por ahora solo tengo 4 pero ahí voy despacio 🙂

212kiki 1 August, 2014 - 9:20 pm

Awesome giveaway on an awesome Blog ! THANKS to Beautylish and THANKS to the incredible brush Queen Sonia…

Like most i have an eye on the face set but to be honest i join because i want a brushgasm video if i have the chance to win 😛

gatos 1 August, 2014 - 9:21 pm

How amazing is this, Sonia! I have to say that I am always really impressed by how, despite all your commitments and crazy busy work schedule, you’ve always stood out as someone who is so generous with her time and knowledge with your readers. Thank you, really. And of course giveaways are not necessary for us to feel the love (yes, we feel it! 🙂 but this is just the cherry on top, who doesn’t love amazing brushes for free?! Wheee! Sign me up!

I can’t believe that my constant and crazy brush orders have yet to include any WG brushes. Maybe this giveaway and I were meant to be?! XD

Galliesallie 1 August, 2014 - 9:21 pm

I don’t read many blogs but I so enjoy yours. I loved your trip to Japan and the attention to detail you give in your reviews. I don’t own any high end brushes but hope to someday! You have made me lust after many.

naji 1 August, 2014 - 9:21 pm

This is truly amazing! I want to thank you for doing this giveaway for all of us brush crazy people 😮 .
I Hope for the best!

Angelica espino 1 August, 2014 - 9:30 pm

Oh how I love thee Wayne, I have been watching you before I even started pursuing a career in the makeup industry. You have definitely made an impact in the way I see makeup, it’s so much more than just a step by step process. It’s about creating , enhancing, and having fun with it. I think it’s so amazing that we have a chance to win these. As they say, brushes are the extensions of an artists hands 😉 fingers crossed I get lucky!

Angelica 1 August, 2014 - 9:34 pm

I just love your site and your style when presenting the brushes. And Wayn is very taleted. Gros bisous de Bruxelles

Malene 1 August, 2014 - 9:41 pm

I already have a few brushes from the Collection and they are much loved. Also, I very much enjoy following your blog 🙂

Antonia 1 August, 2014 - 9:54 pm

Sonia, muchas gracias a tí, Wayne y beautylish por hacer éste tipo de sorteo. Muchos de los pinceles que tengo son gracias a tus recomendaciones. Espero ser una de las afortunadas. Saludos

Radmila 1 August, 2014 - 9:58 pm

Never heard of the brand yet, but the brushes look great! Still using Sigma brushes, but some need to be replaced now. Thanks fro the chance!

Wendy 1 August, 2014 - 9:58 pm

I have the Wayne Goss 14 brush and love it. I’d be so happy to try his other brushes. Thanks so much for doing this fantastic give away!

Sheetal 1 August, 2014 - 9:59 pm

I love makeup brushes in general – would love to win a Wayne Goss set!!!

Rebecca 1 August, 2014 - 10:09 pm

What an amazing giveaway! I adore your blog so much, Sonia. It’s a great resource and I recommend it to a lot of budding makeup addicts I come across 🙂

cdiezp 1 August, 2014 - 10:10 pm

Hello! I’ve been following you for a short time, so I didn’t know about these brushes, but they look very very nice!

Cherry 1 August, 2014 - 10:13 pm

Great giveaway 🙂 I love your blog and Wayne’s videos on Youtube.

Sophia 1 August, 2014 - 10:20 pm

Thanks for the giveaway! I love collecting beautiful brushes and your wonderful blog has made it much easier to choose quality items. 🙂 xxx

Kristen Litchfield 1 August, 2014 - 10:30 pm

This is a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it and thanks to Wayne & beautylish too! Ive heard so many great reviews on these brushes! Hope to win 🙂

Stacey Morrow 1 August, 2014 - 10:38 pm

I have been drooling over the brushes! They are on my top ten wish list.

midnitedesire 1 August, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Thank you for the updated info, I can’t get over how amazing your reviews always are! really appreciate the hard work and time you out into them,hun!
as for WG brushes , personally I think all of the eye set brushes are workhorses with great shapes , excellent quality and high performance 🙂

Thank you for the giveaway, Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish!
Btw, Happy national day,luv !!! People here just started shooting off big fireworks 😀

Maria del Mar 1 August, 2014 - 10:48 pm

First of all I would like to thank you for the giveaway. I´ve been following Wayne Goss for years and a few months ago I found you on instagram and I´ve been following you since then.
I´m starting my mua kit little by little and to win one of the sets would be a dream. I don´t have any of the brushes but I have read excellent reviews about them and also, coming from someone like Wayne and knowing how much he loves brushes I´m sure they are amazing.

Anthony contreras 1 August, 2014 - 10:49 pm

I absolutely love Wayne! He inspired me to follow a career in makeup artistry!

Banahahead@yahoo.com 1 August, 2014 - 10:54 pm

I (so far) have bought 6 WG brushes from beautylish based on your recommendations and love them! Thanks for all you do, I would love to chat about brushes if I were lucky enough to win!

Kim 1 August, 2014 - 11:10 pm

I remember the long awaited and anticipated release of Wayne’s brushes. I believe I have watched every review on YouTube about them since their release. They seem very unique and well thought out. I bet the weight and quality is equally outstanding. Unlike the many generic and overly copied sets that are out there to buy. It would be a true luxury to own a set.

S 1 August, 2014 - 11:11 pm

Hey Sonia,

I am a brush freak and when I recently stumbled upon your website, I died and went to heaven. Now it is my only source of information for any new brush shopping (which happens very often :P). I have ordered my first set of Koyudo and Hakuhodo brushes, thanks to your reviews. Hoping to get my hands on Wayne’s brushes with this giveaway. Knowing that he is a brush connoisseur, I am sure they will be nothing but the best 🙂

Keep up the good work…really appreciate it!


Olivia Velasco 1 August, 2014 - 11:15 pm

Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations for the blog. amazing brushes from Wayne Goss.

Xilvia 1 August, 2014 - 11:17 pm

As a really brush junkie I really, really would looooooove to have the Wayne Gosh brushes 🙂 thank you very much for this giveway 😛

natsumi 1 August, 2014 - 11:20 pm

This is an amazing giveaway, thank you so much.

I always appreciate your informative brush reviews, and I hope to win a brush set that you speak highly of!

EveH 1 August, 2014 - 11:21 pm

What a combo! Sonia and Wayne and Beautylish. Oh my.

I check for new posts on SMT every day, as well as new videos on Wayne’s channels. Love that wink. (Sorry, Sonia, had to limit time on your brush forum because I was going full-on lemming for new brushes all the time and have NOT won the lottery. But I don’t even think about buying a brush without checking to see what you have to say about it first.)

Beautylish knows how obsessed I am with quality brushes–I think I drove them crazy as I waited for the release of Wayne’s first collection (even though I was on the pre-order waiting list), which I bought on the first day and have since used with great pleasure.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Face or Eye collection. Yippee!

Thanks for your work–

Naig Beorn 1 August, 2014 - 11:23 pm

Hi Sonia !
I’m completely in love about the Collection but all of this brushes are amazing !!
Thanks for this give away !! 🙂

karen 1 August, 2014 - 11:26 pm

I already follow all of you, Sonia! Wayne’s videos are the best, and your posts always mean trouble for my wallet. Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity!

Lexus 1 August, 2014 - 11:45 pm

I absolutely love how in depth your reviews are. I can’t tell you how many blog reviews I come across that review products in a way that you can figure out just by looking at the picture.
Thank you so much for your awesome reviews & this giveaway!! 🙂

Tina 1 August, 2014 - 11:46 pm

Sonia, you are the one and only queen of brushes :-). I very much love & admire your honest und thorough reviews. Thanx & keep it up!!

Aldona 1 August, 2014 - 11:46 pm

Wow,what a giveaway… I watch all of Wayne’s clips and he is amazing…. and if beautylish would deliver worldwide, I’d be broke… Anyway, would love to win, but hey, whoever wins: have fun with the brushes! I haven’t gotten any yet, but now after reading this, I might… (If I don’t win them) ;-))))

Julia Soto 1 August, 2014 - 11:51 pm

Thanks very much for this opprotunity both Beautylish and you offer us, and of course, Wayne. I owned to of the collection set brushes and. I have to say they are incredible soft and it’s a pleaure to use them on clients and myselft.

Hopefully I could be one of the winners because I’m also a brushoholic, but in a lower lovel than you, of course 🙂

Muchas gracias Sonia!

Rhonda Coy 2 August, 2014 - 12:00 am

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I have the Wayne Goss Signature Collection and just recently got the Eye Collection…would LOVE to win the FACE Collection!!! I seriously love these brushes, can’t get enough! Already follow all 3 of you on Instagram. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Areli 2 August, 2014 - 12:01 am

Wayne is the best makeup instructor ever! I’ve learned so much from his tutorials, I don’t know how I lived without his techniques before knowing he even existed. And since the instant I saw him mention your instagram page, I immediately followed. We both share a love for makeup brushes. I fantasize on owning some of the amazing brushes you post/blogg about. Lol Thank you and Beautylish for this amazing giveaway.

Red Stewart 2 August, 2014 - 12:06 am

I am admittedly a novice when it comes to makeup brushes – especially high-end ones, and would love a chance to try Wayne Goss’ much-regaled creations. I would love to learn about applying makeup with such quality tools, as I am sure it is an art form in itself. Thank you for this opportunity to win!!!

Mali 2 August, 2014 - 12:14 am

Such great prizes! Sonia you have taught me everything I know about brushes, and guided me to buy all the ones I own (so of course I have been lucky to own some great brushes!). Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

Mladen Majstorovic 2 August, 2014 - 12:15 am

Wow, this is an awesome giveaway, thank you! As someone who is very much into exploring brushes, I’m definitely entering lol! I’m already stalking you, Wayne and Beautylish on social sites lol. Good luck to everyone and have a lovely day ♥.

Jessica 2 August, 2014 - 12:19 am

I would love to win a quality set of brushes and learn how to use them properly!

Jhoanne Luna 2 August, 2014 - 12:21 am

HI Wayne

I love watching your videos on youtube. I get a lot of tips on how to apply makeup. Congratulations on your new venture – Wayne Goss brushes. Keep up the good work 🙂

HI Sonia

I enjoy reading your review posts and hauls on your blog. Whenever Im on a hunt for a new item to purchase I always look in your blog to check your reviews. Im also a fan of japanese brushes and makeup.

I look forward to more posts from both you and wayne


Pam 2 August, 2014 - 12:24 am

Sonia, thank you for the great giveaway opportunity..I always appreciate your thoughts on amazing brush finds!

Daisy 2 August, 2014 - 12:26 am

This is such a great giveaway! I’m so glad Beautylish carries Chikuhodo now, I’ve been dying to try both them and Wayne Goss brushes. 🙂

Helen F. 2 August, 2014 - 12:28 am

This is an awesome and incredibly generous giveaway. I am a brush addict. I recently started buying brushes from Beautylish and their customer service is amazing. From the little personalized notes to the way they package their items. Also if you are ever dissatisfied with a product, they do everything to make sure you are satisfied. I’ve recently started collecting chikuhodo brushes from their site and they sent me a free makeup/brush bag. Love!!

Mercedes Polo 2 August, 2014 - 12:44 am

I absolutely love your blog and the giveaway is simply amazing!! I´d love trying these brushes.

Sanjay Bhaker 2 August, 2014 - 12:45 am

Hey Sonia you provide us with the most indepth brush reviews found any wear and I just want to say thanks. And thanks to beautylish for providing the brushes for the competition and I wish you would ship more products worldwide. And Wayne I love all your videos and I have purchased a few of your amazingly high quality brushes and wouldn’t mind a few more 🙂

Stacey 2 August, 2014 - 12:45 am

Love Wayne, Beautylish n Sonia for helping be beautiful in buying more makeup than I need in my remainder of my life.

Christina 2 August, 2014 - 12:45 am

Wow, this is a fantastic giveaway!

I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and have made many brush purchases based off of your reviews. I’m glad Chikuhodo is offered at Beautylish now, and it’s certainly in my plans to test out some Wayne Goss brushes. Brushes are expensive! So one at a time is the way I go about it! 🙂

Cassie 2 August, 2014 - 12:53 am

Hi Sonia!
I just wanted to thank you for always reaching out to me and answering all my questions when I email you. I know you are super busy and just you taking time out to help me means alot. Thank you for your website and for all the lovely reviews and pics you post! A big “thank you” to Wayne for all his awesome videos. I have learned more about makeup and techniques from him than anyone else. He is fabulous!

Lisa 2 August, 2014 - 1:09 am

Fabulous giveaway! Could I be so fortunate?? I hope so! What maekup junkie wouldn’t be head-over-heels for such luxury? Cheers to feeling lucky!

Yukari 2 August, 2014 - 1:12 am

Bought the collection awhile back, and I really like the quality of the brushes! But then when i want to buy the face and eye collections , i was heart broken as lovemakeup dont carry wayne’s brushes anymore. (I’m from Melbourne) Hopefully beautylish will ship to AUS soon!
And Sonia! Thank you for all your detail review and comparision posts, and the brushtemple site! So useful! I keep coming back all the time lol

SnowWhite 2 August, 2014 - 1:15 am

I’ve just discovered you on Instagram and came across this AMAZING giveaway :)) how lucky! Following Wayne since like forever and besides his honest reviews and funny videos, his winks at the end of it always makes my day <3 hope to win, good luck everyone!

Jane 2 August, 2014 - 1:23 am

Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! Have learnt so much from Sonia’s blog and Wayne’s videos, really enjoying all the expert advice! Hoping I could be lucky enough to be a winner, Best of luck to all,
J x

Mireia 2 August, 2014 - 2:07 am

I waslooking forward to updates to add new finding to my collection. Your feedback is always welcome!!

Adobogiona 2 August, 2014 - 2:09 am

The number 8 seems ideal to tightline, it is actually very hard to find good tightlining brushes. Thanks for the giveaway!

Cclt 2 August, 2014 - 2:28 am

Have just recently started getting into brushes 😉 but have been following Wayne goss on youtube 😉 hope to win so I can add to my tiny collection.. Thank you beautylish!

Danielle 2 August, 2014 - 2:31 am

Thank you Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish! Good luck everyone! Either set would be great but I am particularly intrigued with the eye set….and the face set.. 🙂

Flora 2 August, 2014 - 2:41 am

Great giveaway ! I tried to buy goodies from Beautylish, however, the shipping only covers the states and Canada. Hope Beautylish can ship worldwide in the future. Anyway, really interested in the eye set, as the Chihuhodo Z series I am using at the moment do not offer many choices for eye brushes.

Cris 2 August, 2014 - 2:41 am

I guess they want to go to Brazil!

Jackie 2 August, 2014 - 2:44 am

Oh my. I would looooooove to win any one of these brush sets!

Smaro Horozides 2 August, 2014 - 2:51 am

What a fantastic give away! Thank you, I’m off to explore Beautylish!

shusheshe 2 August, 2014 - 2:53 am

I never had a chance to try Wayne Gosh brushes but Sonya’s reviews of the brushes show are gorgeous and I’m eager to try them if given a chance!

fenztastic 2 August, 2014 - 2:54 am

Thank you for doing this giveaway, Sonia! You know I adore you (and Wayne, as well!) <3

Good luck to everyone!

Eva 2 August, 2014 - 2:55 am

Wayne’s original brush set were the very first high end brushes I bought; I absolutely love them! I found you through them, and I now have a gazillion brushes on my wish list. You do as all a service with your love of sharing.

gilyn 2 August, 2014 - 3:01 am

Hi Sonia

Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Good luck to all..

Apichana 2 August, 2014 - 3:04 am

Just yesterday i showed my coworkers your instagram and they were all WOW.! We can’t afford so many brushes but it has been such pleasure just to follow your posts and enjoy the view!

Gaby 2 August, 2014 - 3:39 am

Love your review and candid feedback on brushes!

Eva 2 August, 2014 - 3:40 am

Wayne’s original brushes were the first high end brushes I ever bought, and I found your blog whilst googling them. Now I have a large wishlist, and it’s all your fault – you’re so generous with the way you share your knowledge and information, it’s wonderful.

DebC 2 August, 2014 - 4:09 am

Love your blog, Sonia. To think there was a time before I read this blog, and was unaware that fabulous Japanese makeup brushes existed! Now I’m firmly in the ranks of the brush-obsessed.

Sameerah Hoddison 2 August, 2014 - 4:28 am

I just came across this giveaway and had to participate!! I love Wayne…. his videos always make me giggle and his information is priceless to me! I love when artists share 🙂 Your breakdown of the brushes rock… it takes a lot of time to write all that out (I get the lazee too). I am always on the lookout for other artists to break it down so we can make a more educated decision when spending our hard earned money. Oh, and Beautylish… well they are an amazing resource for any beauty enthusiast!! They have EVERYTHING!!

Melissa Ramirez 2 August, 2014 - 4:32 am

I’m so happy that I found Wayne, he taught me many new ways to love all aspects of make. Wayne’s brushes were made with such a personal touch that you feel that he made them just for me. Thank you Sonja for your dedication to details in your reviews, it’s like touching them myself. And thank you Beautylish for making it easy to fill my makeup brush fantasy.

Dandy Ramos 2 August, 2014 - 4:33 am

I’m Dandy, i’m from Manila and a certified brush lover 🙂 i ‘m a big fan of yours and Wayne as well in his website and youtube channel and i’m dying to have his brushes ( and many in your collection as well hahaha) . i love both of you for the honest reviews and unbiased recommendations on both makeup and brushes. Many Thanks Sonia that you became not just someone to look up to but a friend and a teacher who always shares you views on brushes and makeup. True generosity! 🙂

Jacqueline Dela Rosa 2 August, 2014 - 4:57 am

I can honestly say that you single handedly made me obsessed with Japanese brushes. When I went to Japan this year, aside from touring the city, my only other agenda is to purchase Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Koyudo and Suqqu brushes. I used to think my Mac brushes are fine but after reading you rave on and on about Japanese brushes, I couldn’t help but want to try them out for myself. Keep up the good work and may your blog continue to flourish.

tatienne 2 August, 2014 - 5:13 am

So I hope to win either the face or the eye collection, since I already own the very original collection. Brush 02 is my absolute favourite. I use it for blush, contour, and highlight.

Holly Hart 2 August, 2014 - 5:16 am

Hi Sonia!

This (seriously) has to be the biggest coincidence, but I was looking at Wayne Goss on Beautylish.com and wanted to learn more, so I came to your website tonight! I am so excited I did because I found this awesome giveaway. I’d love to try out Wayne’s brushes not only because they seem like really great brushes, but also because of the dedication he has put into perfecting them as a makeup artist. If I won, I would definitely share my impressions on my blog to help spread the word about Wayne Goss’ collection. Thank you Sonia, Wayne, and Beautylish for your time and consideration! Best of luck to everyone! ~HH

Martha V 2 August, 2014 - 5:57 am

Wayne is absolutely amazing. He is the first channel I subscribed to on YouTube. He is always clear concise and to the point, all the while being charming witty and down to earth.
Beatylish is amazing I love their editorials and specially the building your makeup kit series. It was so thorough and helpful to me.
Thanks to sweet makeup temptations,Wayne, and Beautylish for making this amazing giveaways happen!!!

Kaitlyn 2 August, 2014 - 6:09 am

These brushes are just stunning! I did not know beautylish shipped to canada, so thanks for mentioning that, this could get expensive! 🙂

Tracey 2 August, 2014 - 6:14 am

Dear Sonia,
Your blog has been such a great source of information and advice to many many women out there. I love that you use detailed pictures and descriptions of each brush, and most importantly the comparisons and the must haves. You’ve brightened up my make up routine forever and your dedication to all your readers is phenomenal. I hope you realise how important you are to lots of people out there and continue to do what you do! Thanks for holding the competition!

Ann C. 2 August, 2014 - 6:20 am

Hi Sonia! Thank you for working on this giveaway despite your busy schedule.
You have your work, brushes, shopping, blog, house renovation, bf, blog readers and forum friends that occupy your time. Thank you so much for your big heart that gives awesome love and generosity! We the SMT minions love you so much!!! You brought together brush lovers from all over the world and I met and became friends/chatmates with amazing ladies from Canada to US to Europe to Asia & Australia 🙂 Stay happy & healthy!
I love Wayne Goss since I saw him give reviews for the Makeup Forever HD foundaton in yt. And I’ve been following him ever since. He is funny and hones! Im excited to see him come up with his own brushes because he do love brushes himself. I’ve been wanting o buy his brushes but customs here scares me and beautylish (at that time) cannot accept international cc. So I live by watching & reading reviews on them. 🙂
Of course, I love beautylish. They have amazing customer representatives that answers all my queries & suggests alternatives even though they know I can’t order from them. And now, they came up with a way to accept international orders! More power to them!

Mao Thao 2 August, 2014 - 6:38 am

I love your brush review Sonia and based on your reviews I’ve brought myself some hakuhodo brushes and love them, I feel like I can trust your honest detailed options on brushes. I love love Wayne goss I watch him on youtube everyday, would love to get my hands on some of his quality brushes.

Katie 2 August, 2014 - 6:46 am

I just started building my brush collection couple year ago. Your blog is one of my go to reference and knowledge base, not to mention makeup brush porn (drool). My passion also got my close friends on the wagon. Thank you. I don’t know how but your blog did lead me to Goss videos. I think it’s Rae Morris face brush that you love. He did a video on it, right? Now that all come around in circle, I feel comply to drop in because it feel so right. I’ve never tried Goss’s brush so…excited for the thought of a chance of having one. xoxo

Estrella 2 August, 2014 - 6:49 am

Sonia- good to hear from you again! Your reviews are amazing! They are really useful and informative. I am so excited about this!

Wayne- Thank you for all your hardwork in developing these brushes! I learned a lot from you from your Youtube videos!

aracely limon 2 August, 2014 - 6:58 am

I LOVE Wayne. He is such an amazing person. His brushes look amazing and you can tell he worked hard to get them right. I would love to try them. Thanks for a chance to try and win them.

Virginia Albar 2 August, 2014 - 7:11 am

Me encantaría probar estas brochas ! Muchas gracias por la posibilidad de hacer mi deseo realidad !

Justine 2 August, 2014 - 7:30 am

I’ve been drooling over the Wayne Goss sets since I first saw them on Beautylish and I’m so happy that the site ships to Canada now – I was torn between the pink Chikuhodo sets now available and the Wayne Goss set but my love of eye makeup very nearly overtakes my love of pink so I think I’m going to go with Wayne Goss… t he #20 brush looks like my HG Nars #12 which is my favourite eye brush EVER (I was very upset when NARS discontinued it!)

Makeup Remastered 2 August, 2014 - 7:39 am

Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! –

Annie 2 August, 2014 - 8:23 am

Oh my god!! I would looove to win this! I am a huge fan of all of you. Sonia, i check on your blog every day to see if there are new posts of brushes for me to drool over. You alone have turned me into a brush lover. Wayne, I follow both your youtube channels and you are by far my favorite beauty guru. Your concise, knowledgeable videos have taught me so much. And Beautylish I love you too! Have ordered from them a couple times now and I’m very impressed. Cute minimalist packaging, prompt shipping, great attention to detail. I own only one Wayne Goss brush and I adore it. To have any of the others sent to me as a gift would make my year! I will keep my fingers crossed until I hear anything. Thank you for the opportunity.

Cindy Lin 2 August, 2014 - 8:26 am

Hi Sonia, I’d love to win these brushes to try out. I love reading your recommendations regarding all the Japanese brushes. Thanks for all the insights into brushes <3

Hanna 2 August, 2014 - 9:00 am

I love Wayne Goss! He’s such an amazing makeup artist and one of the original, most informative and helpful Youtubers. I’ve been dreaming of trying out his brushes since they came out and I really hope I can win this. I realize that it is important to get a proper education in cosmetics and make up artistry but I feel like I have learnt and am learning so much from his videos. Sorry about having nothing to say about you, Sonia. To be honest I’ve only just came across your blog. However I do find that your blog is very informative and honest. I think it’s important to give descriptive and detailed reviews on products because not many people can easily spend money trying out a lot of different products. So thank you for your blog. And also this giveaway. Much love xx

Deena Aloi 2 August, 2014 - 9:16 am

This is the best giveaway I have ever seen online!! I absolutely adore Wayne Goss, in fact, following him on YouTube has changed my life! I started following you from him on his instagram and I’m so happy I did! I am an obsessed girl trying to make it big in the makeup world and I would just die to have these brushes in my collection. Please choose me. I’ll never be able to get these brushes otherwise (since they are a tad bit out of my price range considering I’m an aspiring makeup artist with a little baby girl at home). But thank you so much for even giving me the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway. You rock!

vee 2 August, 2014 - 9:26 am

i would love to try the collections series, seems so versatile and unique

AudreyNZ 2 August, 2014 - 9:43 am

Thanks for the chance to win some luxury brushes <3

Johannah 2 August, 2014 - 10:14 am

sets look so great, I would love to experiment with the brushes using some of my favourite makeup products.
I love the variety of brushes available in this world…I love using them for “painting my face”…and therefore I very much enjoy reading your blog!
I do not own any Wayne Goss brushes and would love to try these.
The reason is simple: I have too many brushes and need to make some space before buying new ones…

isabelle D. 2 August, 2014 - 10:53 am

merçi pour ce concours.j’adore les vidéos et conseils de wayne goss et ça me plairait de gagner ses pinceaux qui m’ont l’air très bien!je suis en france j’espère que cela ne pose pas de problème.je suis beautylish sur facebook (isabelle byraven) et je suis abonnée à votre newsletter (i.droumaguet) ainsi qu’à la chaine youtube de wayne goss (isa-belle).
Si je gagne je partagerai sur ma page facebook avec grand plaisir!
je vous remercie encore et bon week end 😉

Yelissa 2 August, 2014 - 11:06 am

This giveaway is great! Thnks Sonia

Isabelle 2 August, 2014 - 11:30 am

I am so excited about this giveaway!!! I have been absolutely loving your blog for a long time now as you’re the best resource when it comes to brushes, and I happen to be a brush fanatic. You were one of the only blogs to give me some insight into which brushes I should eye up in Japan, for example! So first of all thanks for that.
As a little message to Wayne.. Your videos are so honest and to-the-point – it’s great! Your YouTube channel is a true resource and you’re always all about quality.. So I’m sure your brushes are up to your standards and ah-mazing!

Sylvia 2 August, 2014 - 11:32 am

Here’s crossing my fingers for the eye set. HG’s videos changed the way I see makeup and Sonia’s blog sharpened my appreciation/lust for fine brushes.

Marjorie 2 August, 2014 - 11:42 am

I’ve been following the Youtube Channel of Wayne Goss and your blog for quite a while now, so this giveaway is like heaven to me! I’m just a beginner with high-quality beauty brushes, and this would be an amazing way to start a collection! 🙂
Thank you so much for this giveaway! 🙂

Erica C 2 August, 2014 - 11:50 am

I discovered your blog just recently as I started to dip my toes into the great wide world of quality Japanese brushes. I have been a faithful follower of Wayne’s for years, I have learned so much about makeup from watching him – not to mention he always makes me smile (that cheeky bugger!)
I would be honored to win one of these sets. Good luck to everyone!

Yulia 2 August, 2014 - 12:29 pm

With or without a prize, I’ll continue reading your blog, Sonia, and watching your video tutorials, Wayne! :)))))

Simona 2 August, 2014 - 12:35 pm

Wow, what a great giveaway! Wayne Goss has been one of my favorite youtubers for years… His reviews are always honest, his advices very helpful and he’s just a lovely person. If I could choose one makeup artist to do my makeup at my wedding, it would be him!

Kate 2 August, 2014 - 1:45 pm

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful reviews, I feel I’d be a little lost without you 😀 It would be interesting having a whole set of brushes to play with!

Monica 2 August, 2014 - 1:49 pm

When I was new to makeup, Wayne’s videos were the ultimate help. I watch his videos regularly and he always makes me excited about a new product or a great new tip. A huge thumbs up and a trillion thanks to him!

As for Sonia, I simple cant believe how dedicated anyone can be towards brushes. When I first found out about Sweet Makeup Temptations I was totally in awe and spent many sleepless nights reading up on her previous posts! Of course, I bought my first Koyudo because of her intriguing reviews, and I must say that the red squirrel blush brush is everything as she described and worth every penny! Thank you so much Sonia, big hug!

Jo Hillhouse 2 August, 2014 - 2:15 pm

Hi I would love the chance to win any brush from the Wayne Goss range as I love Wayne’s videos and love his reviews as they have helped me to choose products.
Thanks Jo

Sontzi 2 August, 2014 - 2:39 pm

Wow what a generous givaway!!! I am blown away! I have the collection by Wayne, and I use it without fail every day. I love the blending brushes! The results obtained from them are amazing! Thank you for this wonderful givaway. Good luck, everyone! 😀

Sabine 2 August, 2014 - 3:12 pm

Thank you everybody involved in this giveaway! Any of the brushes from Mr Goss are awesome and so soft I can’t resist owning more of them!

natalia curado 2 August, 2014 - 3:18 pm

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I don’t own any of his brushes yet, but they sure are on my wishlist! Fingers crossed!!!

Ortisse 2 August, 2014 - 3:50 pm

Thank you so much for the giveaway, I’d love to win this brushes looks really great. A friend told me for the game and I’m now pleased to discover your blog.

Carlyn 2 August, 2014 - 4:05 pm

Sonia, how you’ve managed to create this Smut community with your busy life is beyond me. I’m so grateful for this evolving environment where everyone is so sweet and respectful to one another and incredibly helpful too. Your passion for brushes and makeup has drawn so many like-minded people and I truly believe that your own sweet and giving nature has kept this blog and forum a place where negativity isn’t welcome. Oh people do vent, but in a healthy way.

Thanks so much to you and Wayne Goss and Beautylish for this opportunity. It was neat to see that the first four of your most used brushes are the only ones I own currently. His brushes are high quality and a pleasure to use. Beautylish is so effortless to browse with endless information on products, helpful tutorials and smooth shopping. I love shopping there, every experience has been great, all the products I’ve purchased have met my expectations and I hope to see their inventory of products expand to offer more hard to obtain items, such as Asian cosmetics and of course, Japanese brushes.

Thank you all once more.

Emma Ensinger 2 August, 2014 - 4:12 pm

Wayne, thank you for investing the time into creating brushes that are such a high quality that you are proud to put your name to but that also lives up to your name.

To Sonia and beautylish you’ve given 3 lucky people a great opportunity to own these beautiful brushes which they may have never thought would be possible.

Lisa 2 August, 2014 - 4:27 pm

I truly love your reviews, you’re the number one brush expert out there! 🙂
I have been watching Wayne’s videos for 2 years now and I’m really curious about his brushes, but so far I couldn’t get my hands on them

Daniela 2 August, 2014 - 4:34 pm

Great article- these brushes look like they are great quality. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

xo Daniela

Melinda 2 August, 2014 - 4:37 pm

I love these brushes, and would be awesome to get my hands on the face set. I love your reviews!

Rochie 2 August, 2014 - 4:48 pm

Hi Sonia,
I must say your blog provides lots of useful info before I purchase my brushes. I am in LOVE with my Chikuhodo Z series ! I watch Wayne’s videos very often and love how short it is but yet very informative. I’ve not shop at beautylish as yet but once Charlotte Tilbury products arrive I will be ordering some and Wayne’s brushes !!I’ve always wanted to try Wayne’s brush collections. I win or not doesn’t matter, I will eventually have them!!
However, I do have a question for you. Is it normal for GSN5 to have hair falling right from the first use and afterwards don’t stop?….. My one does that to me and I hate it when I have to pick up the hairs on my face afterwards.
Enjoy your day.


JC 2 August, 2014 - 4:51 pm

I only owned the WG #2 brush and I absolutely love it. I love it so much I’m planning on buying a back up! It’d be great to win a set to try more of his brushes.
Thank you soooooo much for the time you put in doing your reviews and recommendations!!

Gladys L. 2 August, 2014 - 4:54 pm

Just hope that Beautylish can accept overseas credit card for US shipping, international shipping will do but…

I do like Beautylish’s brand mix.

Nuria M 2 August, 2014 - 4:55 pm

I’m in luck because in this article there are all the information about wayne goss brushes and it is very interesting. Thank you so much for your help. i enjoy a lot reading this opinio. Kisses from Spain.

Rin 2 August, 2014 - 5:05 pm

Hi there! I would love to win for my youngest daughter. She is a huge makeup fanatic and would be thrilled with any of these brush sets! Thank you so much for hosting such a great giveaway!

nafrayou 2 August, 2014 - 5:14 pm

wayne goss brush are so amazing ! the giveaway is a great idea 🙂

Emily 2 August, 2014 - 5:38 pm

Sonia, I absolutely love all your brush reviews – you are the ultimate queen of makeup brushes ahahahha (: I also love watching all of Wayne’s videos on youtube – he’s brilliant 😀 (and you both are gorgeeeous ;)) Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would love to win these brushes – they seem amazing! 🙂

Emily 2 August, 2014 - 5:45 pm

Sonia, I absolutely love your brush reviews! – you are the ultimate queen of brushes ahahha (: I also love watching all of Wayne’s videos on YouTube – he’s brilliant 😀 (and you both are goooorgeous ;)) thanks so much for the giveaway – I would love to try these brushes – they seem amazing! 🙂

Nancie lecoure 2 August, 2014 - 6:17 pm

I am SO excited about the giveaway!! I have longed to try Wayne’s brushes, but haven’t been able to decide on which ones to start out with. Thank you Beautylish! and many thanks for carrying such a diverse collection of products. PLEASE get us access to Charlotte TILLBURY! I have followed you Sonia, for quite awhile now, and found all of your recommendations spot on. Have purchased several of the brushes from Japan that you have recommended, (my pocketbook is very, very afraid of you….lol) I have also followed Wayne & his AMAZING tips and reviews. Truly makes a difference in how I look when I walk out the door. YAY!!!!

Sel 2 August, 2014 - 6:30 pm

Hi, I’ve started to get back into makeup and really invest in brushes only this year. I read your site extensively before heading off to Kansai, Japan and would love to add some Goss brushes to my current small (mostly) Chiku brush collection. Thank you for organising this giveaway and for taking the time out for a private video chat with the winners – I am sure this will be much appreciated!

laura in jpn 2 August, 2014 - 7:55 pm

I love Wayne, his bubbly personality and sweetness through the videos, althought I respect and admire his knowledge too. So I do Sonia’s, the writing style makes me feel like you’re a good friend, something fresh, fun and haard working 110% pro. My hg blog, and I wish you’d know that. Thanks for answering all my messages and all, means a lot to me 🙂

I sound like a silly fangirl now, haha.

Jeanette 2 August, 2014 - 9:28 pm

Thanks to Beautylish for a very nice giveaway!
Thanks to Wayne for so many nice videos. I LOVE that they are short and to the point! Congratulations on your brush line – it really seems that you got a lot of things right!!!
Special thanks to you Sonia, for your dedication to the world of amazing brushes, your generousity with your time to your readers, and for using your professional skills to enable a wonderful beauty community for us all to share and participate in your blog. You are really special!
P.S. I would be especially interested in the eye set 🙂

Suzie 2 August, 2014 - 9:34 pm

You are seriously a brush zen master! I’ve been following your blog over the years – watching the trips to Japan and a collection that would rival the best , I feel inspired to FINALLY stop skimping on brushes and make an investment.
Thank you for all the resource guides and information ! I know the odds are not in my favor but I would be so happy to win any of these and get my brush addiction going ! Nice giveaway thank you 🙂

kat 2 August, 2014 - 10:13 pm

I have been following Wayne´s youtube channel for long time. There are thousands of ,,beauty gurus,, over there, but Wayne is THE ONLY ONE that I trust. When he likes some product, it is for its quality, and not because he is paid for saying it……. I have the same respect for Sonia. Thanks to her reviews, I have discoverd the worl of Hakuhodo brushes:)

Monse 2 August, 2014 - 10:13 pm

This is truly amazing I am in love with makeup and creating new looks all the time, I love Wayne’s youtube channel watching the videos that are newly posted atleast twice when posible ^.^

Monse 2 August, 2014 - 10:22 pm

This is pretty amazing I never thought I would see a giveaway like this happen! Wayne’s youtube channel is indeed my favorite when it comes to cosmetics and beauty!

Vivian 2 August, 2014 - 11:39 pm

Dear Sonia,
Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I am super excited to know I might have a chance to win some Wayne Goss brushes! I have purchased the 02 highlight brush and 16 eyeshadow brush from Beautylish after reading your review. You are so right about 16 being able to fix a heavy handed eyeshadow job! I use it very often to clean up the mess i make on my eyes…i am a beginner, so i love how this brush blend so well and acts like an eraser to soften the edges and color! I got most of the brushes advice from you…so thank you! Because of your blog, I was introduced to Chikuhodo….and the addiction begins….

Thank you Beautylish for carrying Chikuhodo!!!! I only owned z4 before and I just purchased z8, z5 and z10 from you, can’t be happier!! I love how you care about your customers—a note wrote by a real person…and the wrapping, and the little note card that tells you how to care for your brushes….i love details, it makes a difference!
Please consider carrying SUQQU and other Japanese brands we US customers can’t get our hands on..thank you!

Somadeup 3 August, 2014 - 12:25 am

This giveaway is just insane ! I cannot hold myself to not participate !
I discovered Wayne’s video about 3 years ago and I immediately fell in love. I love the way he talks, with a very educational tone. He is adorable and he tips have always worked on me 🙂
Again, thank you for all.

Jelena 3 August, 2014 - 12:36 am

I would love so much to try these brushes ! I watch Wayne’s videos and I find his tips and insight very helpful. Also I never buy anu brush before investigating about it on your website Sonia ! Thanks for this great giveaway !

Esen Seval 3 August, 2014 - 12:37 am

That’s just an amazing giveaway thank you !! I really wanted to try out the Wayne Goss brushes for a long time, they seems really great but couldn’t get my hand on. And I really really like Wayne’s youtube channel, with good tips and always pro. I feel like he’s the one that i can really thrust =)) Thanks again to you for your helpful reviews and for tis giveaway. I especially crossing my finger for the Face set and The Collection. Thanks once again to Wayne to create this good quality brushes. =))

Lyn 3 August, 2014 - 12:56 am

Thank you Sonia for all the hard work you put into the beauty industry. I know that your advice is always thorough, honest and done with real passion and dedication. I am a huge admirer of both you and Wayne, would love the opportunity to try his brushes xxo

Jillian 3 August, 2014 - 1:35 am

It’s been so fun seeing all the new additions to your blog. Not only am I so thankful for the content but even more so for all the amazing people I’ve met because of it. I wish you nothing but continued success!

Thanks for updating us on your thoughts. When you mentioned these are the brushes you keep on-hand at all times, I knew they would be amazing! I’m so impressed, especially with the hair that was used for the Face Set– unbelievably soft.

I personally have had nothing but pleasant interactions with Beautylish as well. The personalized thank you note they include in even small orders is thoughtful. And I adore how they’ve made brands like Wayne Goss & Chikuhodo easily accessible.


Jo 3 August, 2014 - 2:31 am

Hi just wanted to thank Sonia for her incredible blog and thorough reviews on brushes.So glad I discovered this gem.

Arleen Kearns 3 August, 2014 - 2:41 am

Love the tips and tricks Wayne shares, thanks so much! Awesome looking brushes!!

rachel 3 August, 2014 - 2:55 am

love to take part in this affair. I believe make up artists have a good perspective to brushes. Looking forward to see the results!

Kayla D 3 August, 2014 - 3:09 am

Love your photos of the brushes!

Jennifer G 3 August, 2014 - 3:14 am

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! I’d love to try Wayne Goss brushes at some point!

Alice Wong 3 August, 2014 - 6:03 am

This is the best giveaway! Love reading your reviews and the depth of your knowledge. Thank you for sharing!

AmyD 3 August, 2014 - 6:29 am

Amazing giveaway! Thanks to you Sonia, I’m the proud owner of Koyudo brushes that are not only luxurious, they make my makeup routine so efficient and effortless!

Grace 3 August, 2014 - 7:18 am

Thank you Wayne, for sharing your talent to the world through your videos!

Enid Levario 3 August, 2014 - 7:27 am

Hello Wayne! Thank you! Your awesome! Love you boo!

Melissa 3 August, 2014 - 8:19 am

I first heard about Wayne Goss from a makeup group on FaceBook. I was looking for someone down to earth and likable who did good tutorials for not-quite beginners, but not-exactly-talented folks like me. I don’t have particularly “good” facial features and I have hooded eyes (grrr!). I’ve always tended to simply do the basics, and have been wanting to do better. I was honestly shocked when I saw the video in which he stated he had wanted to work with middle-aged women on how to look their best. I recently hit my my mid 40s, look like I’m in my 30s (excess weight in your face is actually useful! LOL), and still feel like I’m in my 20s, and it was truly lovely to find someone who didn’t think that us “olds” weren’t worth addressing. I was THRILLED with his videos. It’s been interesting and fun to see his video style evolve over time. He’s always been honest and straightforward (how rare) and not fake-cheerful (even rarer!), but the degree to which his cheeky personality has come to shine through everything he does is wonderful. (His candid, personal videos are a joy.) It’s odd to feel so warmly about someone who is truly a stranger to me and not someone I actually know, but that’s Wayne – a familiar, comforting, and charming presence. Even though I’m still a relative beginner, I’ve learned a lot, but just as importantly, I’ve truly enjoyed it and feel I can trust him to not steer me (or anyone) wrong, not merely in application tips, but in terms of product/brand performance and quality. I’m a more recent follower of Sonia and this blog, and she more than anyone else makes me want to get good enough – and experienced enough – with brushes and makeup so that I may one day truly appreciate what makes brushes like Wayne’s, Chikuhodo’s and Hakuhodo’s so exceptional. I’m talking about the little things beyond the blatantly obvious quality – the more subtle nuances that a muddler like me doesn’t have the skills to quite appreciate yet. I honestly found Beautylish only because I was desperate to get my hands on some Inglot eyeshadows…and found SO much more than that! A real community and access to amazing products, what’s not to love? Between these three resources I’ve learned so much, I cannot even put it into words. When I am fully employed again I know I will dearly miss having the time to read, watch, and learn, so I’m taking advantage now of the free time I have. You all have been a godsend to someone like me who knows she’s inexperienced but is a wee bit obsessive about learning…there is so much to sink my teeth into! Thank you for all your hard work, and your selfless giving of your talents and knowledge to the rest of us. You rock!

Lyanna Stark 3 August, 2014 - 9:02 am

Love the giveaway idea. Not only because it’s a chance to win some fabulous brushes, but because hello, welcome to marketing in the 21st Century! I think the giveaway points to the shape of things to come. Intriguing!

Hannah 3 August, 2014 - 10:02 am

I just wanted to say that your website has been invaluable in terms of educating me about Japanese brushes and understanding the different things you have to take into account when evaluating a brush. In fact, you’re the main reason that I now own eye brushes that don’t immediately turn my skin red and irritated! Before this site, I genuinely had no idea that different hair types and qualities impacted softness/efficiency. Sweet Makeup Temptations has been such an amazing resource 🙂

Adiht 3 August, 2014 - 10:07 am

Hello thanks for the giveaway! I’m french and this is a golden chance to try this brushes! Hope to win 😉
Have a beautiful day!

Hue Rocks 3 August, 2014 - 10:33 am

Thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway! Thanks to you all. I have some Goss brushes in the shopping cart of the nternational website you just mentioned. In my wishlist I have some of your highlighted ones, but after reading this post I may rerank my targets and perhaps change the shopping cart a litte^^. If I was one of the winners I’d do a hangout for sure, I have so many questions!

Doina Bo 3 August, 2014 - 11:32 am

Hello Sonia,
Thank you for organizing the giveaway. Currently I am using the RT brushes but I am planning to buy my first set of high end brushes, for sure it will be the Wayne Goss brushes. I was thinking to buy the collection but after seeing this post I might buy the ones you recommend most. Thank you and fingers crossed 🙂

Vanitycorner 3 August, 2014 - 12:23 pm

I love Wayne Goss and his simple yet very informative tutorials—-I’m a brush addict myself but I never tried his brushes (too expensive for shipping in my country) so I would love to try them out. Many thanks!

Mishelle 3 August, 2014 - 2:05 pm

Hello Sonia, thank you so much for your amazing and comprehensive brush reviews! Thanks to you I have just ordered my first Hakuhodo and Wayne Goss are next on my list to save up for 🙂 would be wonderful to be able to try them!

Judy 3 August, 2014 - 3:06 pm

Thank you for this amazing giveaway. Your blog is my brush temple, Sonia and the reason for every brush I own.
Instead of collecting aimlessly, I have had the luxury of poring over your personal experience of every brush that I aspire to own and there have been no regrets – just ecstatic delight at each and every piece that finally joins my treasured stash.

Between you, Wayne Goss and Beautylish…all our brushy bases are covered. Yay to people who love makeup brushes as much as the trio of you do!

I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed and may the best and luckiest brush lovers win your amazing giveaway, Sonia!

Kathryn Freeman 3 August, 2014 - 3:15 pm

I loved this review. I stumbled across this blog looking for reviews of these beautiful Wayne Goss brushes as I am in the market for brushes. I love Wayne!! Glad I found you here. I will subscribe and continue to read your informative posts. Thanks 🙂

Sasha 3 August, 2014 - 4:26 pm

What a generous giveaway! The Wayne Goss brushes seem like they are of exceptional quality – well made, and also perfectly designed! I only have Brush 20 as I am saving for my wedding later this year, but I have been seriously lusting over the entire range of brushes. The black handles are especially sleek.

Grace H. 3 August, 2014 - 4:52 pm

I discovered both Wayne and Beautylish through Sonia’s wonderful blog, which I came across 4 months ago while researching Japanese brushes. Sonia, I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the quality of your blog and the amount of work you put into it. It is the only beauty-related blog that I follow, and already I have learned an enormous amount. I am also inspired by the journey that brought you to two trips to Japan to meet the artisans and businesspeople behind these amazing brushes and works of art. Your passion is contagious and uplifting, so much so that I am contemplating a trip to Kumano, Japan myself when I visit Asia for the first time this coming year (for my work). Slowly, I’ve purchased some Koyudo, Chikuhodo, and Hakuhodo brushes based on your recommendations, and very recently I got a few of Wayne’s brushes through Beautylish, also based on your recommendations. Thank you for your passion, and for all you do.

Wayne, your videos are new to me but I’ve been watching them steadily. My favorite so far is not really about makeup (though I love those, too), but makeup artists. I’m referring to the one in which you talk about your favorite MUAs. The personable, kind, and loving way in which you show appreciation for your friends really touched me. I also love your brushes. The few that I have are just perfection: so useful, gorgeous, and soft. I admire that you put a lot of thought into them, insisting on the highest quality at a great value.

And Beautylish, you are a fabulous resource. I am thrilled that you offer Wayne’s brushes, as well as Chikuhodo’s. The little details of a personalized note and impeccable packaging are rare in this day and age. I have learned a lot from your articles as well as from chat sessions with Alicia, who’s always so cheerful and helpful.

So Sonia, Wayne, and Beautylish, thank you for offering this incredible opportunity! The greatest gift of all is having discovered you.

Denise 3 August, 2014 - 5:57 pm

Sonia, Your detailed reviews are amazing and I’m so glad I found you this year. Thank you for all the effort you put into gathering the information and photographs. I follow you on Instagram and through this blog. I envy your outstanding brush collection!!

Beautylish, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway! Wayne’s brushes are very special not only for their quality, but as an accomplished dream. An even bigger thank you for becoming the source in the USA that allows us to aquire these lovely treasures!

Wayne, there aren’t enough words…I’ve followed you forever, you were my first! You did an outstanding job creating these brushes, the few that I was able to purchase are my holy grails and I’m dying for more. Congratulations on this special achievement. And um…..that wink!!

Valerie 3 August, 2014 - 6:17 pm

This is sooo cool. Love both Sonia and Wayne 🙂 I wish beautylish has a store in downtown SF.

Weekend Reading #25 3 August, 2014 - 6:56 pm

[…] little bit since the new Wayne Goss brush collections were released, and for the next couple weeks Sweet Makeup Temptations has a giveaway for all three sets – plus reviews of […]

Mary Cornejo 3 August, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Dear Sonia,

I must confess that I’ve never used the Wayne brushes, but always there is a first time! I consider myself a starter in makeup (yes, in my early 40’s! It’s never too late!). Thank you for this giveaway and the opportunity and obviously thanks to Wayne, and Beautylish too!

Best regards from Madrid from a Peruvian girl!! chaooo!!

Magdalena Tokarska 3 August, 2014 - 8:43 pm

I managed to get my hands on the Collection, Xmas brush and one brush from the Face set. Love some of them more them the others but they are really great all around. Just wish lovemakup would still store them!

Sheri H 3 August, 2014 - 10:04 pm

Thank you for all the great reviews!

Angela 3 August, 2014 - 10:45 pm

These brushes look amazing, thanks for such a detailed review!

Maura 3 August, 2014 - 11:08 pm

Beautylish is supreme. I also live in the SF Bay Area so I get overnight delivery. And I love the hand written notes.

Wayne, wayne, wayne. I adore you. Your advice has drastically improved my make-up technique and, consequently, my confidence. Your reviews are solid…and you do it all with a genuine charm. You come across as the kind of person you want to be best friends with. I love your cheeky side too. You’re a gem.

Your brushes are ingenious. For years I struggled with eyeliner application. I would flatten brushes in a vise then cut their bristles in an attempt to make a push brush. Then you came along with your perfect #08; it’s by far my favorite. I’ve even given a handful away as gifts and I now find my daughter borrowing my brushes too. My family of brushes also include 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, and 20 and I love them all. Thank you!

Lou Haslam 3 August, 2014 - 11:18 pm

Wow that was a really comprehensive review. I have to say this is the first time I ‘ve visited your site and I will defo be back. I would love to win the brushes as they look so lovely and soft. Thanks a million xxx

Nicola Leadbeater 3 August, 2014 - 11:30 pm

I love Wayne Goss for his honest open reviews. He talks about make up from all price points and his tutorials are addictive.

Joelle 4 August, 2014 - 12:01 am

I’ve been following Wayne forever on Facebook and have watched very single one of his videos on YouTube.
I’ve been dreaming about these brushes forever, way before Wayne offered complete sets. Wining a set would really be a dream come true 🙂 especially that my birthday is in a few days, wink wink.
I’m following everyone on FB, Twitter & Instagram (Jolie238).
Thanks so much for the opportunity!

phuong 4 August, 2014 - 3:54 am

OMG! I would love to be one of the winners. Good luck to everyone and to myself. HEHEHEHE

CHONG OI KUAN 4 August, 2014 - 5:04 am

I do not own any of these fantastic brushes that you have been recommending in your blog. I will purchase some in the near future.

As I am providing my service and skills for a good cause, I will be thrilled and very thankful should I win one as these brushes as they would definitely benefit others.

Thank you so much for all your generosity.

Michelle 4 August, 2014 - 6:25 am

Thank you for the comprehensive review! You seriously are the best resource on the entire web for luxury makeup brushes! I just bought the RMK cheek brush based on your review during my trip to Taiwan, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more Japanese made brushes

Laura 4 August, 2014 - 6:26 am

So excited for this! I found Beautylish when searching for Wayne Goss brushes, and I have been hooked ever since. They have the best customer service I have EVER received in my life, and they are so kind. I just purchased my first Chikuhodo brush from them and it is incredible! I also really appreciate the Sweet Makeup Temptations website and forum. I have lurked for some time but haven’t posted. Thank you for the giveaway, and the really detailed reviews!

marga 4 August, 2014 - 6:41 am

Wow, this giveaway is amazing ! it would be wonderful to win one of these prizes.
Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Christy C 4 August, 2014 - 7:30 am

Your site is wonderful–I keep up with it regularly, and you have taught me so much about brushes. It was lovely to hear about Wayne Goss from you; his videos are fantastic, and his brushes sound phenomenal. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

Zillah B. 4 August, 2014 - 7:49 am

Hi there! Your site has helped me so much in many different ways. Thank you for your time and your effort in all that you do! Wayne Goss has also been such a huge hit with me. The man is just a genius!

Rachel 4 August, 2014 - 9:15 am

I always enjoy both your and Mr. Goss’s enthusiasm for sharing your extensive expertise with the rest of us. Thanks for a great giveaway (and for introducing me to beautylish!)

Annamaria 4 August, 2014 - 10:28 am

Dear Beautylish, would love it if you shipped to Australia!

Jennie 4 August, 2014 - 10:48 am

Wow this is one amazing giveaway!
I really love the Wayne Goss brushes! I’ve got a couple from the face set, and they are so soft! No.12 is so multifunctional, I can use it for loose powder, powder foundation, powder blush, contour, and even cream blush, and it won’t disrupt the foundation underneath it. Love it soooo much!
I’ve been meaning to try the eye set as well. Love the softness and the size of these brushes.

Alicia 4 August, 2014 - 11:30 am

Oh! Thank you so much Sonia for the giveaway! It would be awesome to win!

Roxana 4 August, 2014 - 3:37 pm

Dear Sonia,

My wallet weeps but my face is ever so gently touched by all the beauties you have caused me to buy. Many thanks! You are my go to resource for anything brush related!

Paloma 4 August, 2014 - 4:20 pm

Thanks for the giveaway! I’d just love to get some of these wonderful brushes, I admire Wayne Goss so much!

Asmaa Khalil 4 August, 2014 - 5:44 pm

Omg!! these brushes are a dream… Wayne shares good tips and honest reviews just like you Sonia , thanks so much!

Makeup Remastered 4 August, 2014 - 5:55 pm

A match made in heaven – a great giveaway! thank you!

emi 4 August, 2014 - 6:19 pm

What a fantastic giveaway! I have four Goss brushes – two from the original collection and two from the eye set – and I adore all four. I want more!

Joyce An 4 August, 2014 - 8:29 pm

Well this is one of the best giveaways! I definitely need to expand my brush collection and want to experiment with different kinds!

Angela 4 August, 2014 - 8:29 pm

What a giveaway!! I’m so excited!! *fingers crossed* thank you for the thorough review Sonia!! I don’t have any WG yet but I’d like to start Lol

emaskina 4 August, 2014 - 8:53 pm

When I choose a brush I always at first go to your blog! :)) Thank you for a wonderful blog and Wayne for such useful videos. Special thanks for the giveaway!

Amy 4 August, 2014 - 10:17 pm

OMG how exciting….what an amazing
Giveaway…I love wayne! Good luck everybody!

Stacey 5 August, 2014 - 3:14 am

I have been drooling over these brushes for forever. I’m addicted to Wayne Goss’ video tutorials and rationalize my inability to nail his techniques as the result of not having these brushes.

Thanks for the review and I’ll have my fingers crossed that these get to come with me.

Rachel 5 August, 2014 - 3:15 am

Love your blog for reference when making final decisions buying brushes! I haven’t tried Wayne Goss brushes but would love to.

Toaa 5 August, 2014 - 3:55 am

I would love to try these brushes!

Natalie 5 August, 2014 - 5:55 am

I love your site Sonia! I am so grateful for your wealth of brush knowledge. Thank you!

Maria Clara 5 August, 2014 - 6:00 am

Thank you very much for this incredible give away, Sonya. Both you and Wayne are my favorite beauty gurus, just because I know you are decent people who would never deceive your readers or viwers. I wish you both all the success you deserve.

Stephanie 5 August, 2014 - 6:30 am

The only thing more delightful than Wayne’s brushes is this website, where we can indulge our passion for exquisitely crafted works of art.

BooBooNinja 5 August, 2014 - 7:34 am

Hi Sonia,
I went dirt biking for the second time this afternoon. I did far better. I went over my first giant dirt pile (very steep incline, flat top with small whoops, and then a very steep decline)! I did it successfully the first time, but girl-parted-with-bike on the top on the second time. Now that I think about it, it was my first dirt pile (much less a giant one). 😀

Anyway. Your previous posts on Wayne Goss brushes helped me narrow my shopping list to: 02, 03/04, 06 (x2), 14, 16, 18 (x2), and 19. I think it’s going to change now due to your reviews in this post!

Violet 5 August, 2014 - 11:26 am

I would love to try Wayne’s brushes. I am sure I would love them as much as all the brushes I have bought following your recommendations. Good luck to all

Buggsiebee 5 August, 2014 - 12:29 pm

Heehee………I’m comment 270!
I wasn’t going to leave one, because I have all three sets already, but what the heck, there’s nothing like having some back-ups of my favourite brushes.
Yay for Wayne, Beautylish …and especially our favourite superwoman, Sonia!!

Oz 5 August, 2014 - 4:32 pm

gods toss a coin everytime … I enter to a giveaway ?
taste for beauty started to become a soul chrushing wallet slimming a bit nowadays, makeup brushes have a special place in my heart so, why not?

phuong 5 August, 2014 - 5:16 pm

I love reading your brushes reviews. Before I buy any new brushes, I always go on your site and read. Thanks for all the reviews you have.

Lia 5 August, 2014 - 8:12 pm

this giveaway i awesome!!
who doesn’t wanna have these brushes?!
good luck everybody 🙂

(i like wayne’s foundation recommandations so much – love the make up atelier paris hd foundation!)

Isabela 5 August, 2014 - 8:23 pm

Hi Sonia! Your blog is so amazing… I haved reading very for brushes… It´s my addiction… I have one doubts… When you describes the brushes you could specify what you mean Quality e Efficiency. Thank you

Sylvia 5 August, 2014 - 9:50 pm

I currently have 4 WG goss brushes. They are all super soft and versatile. I love both Goss brushes and his videos! His winks are so cute!!!

silvita 5 August, 2014 - 11:50 pm

Oh what a wonderful treat! I love your blog, it’s like hearing from an old friend when you write your crazy in depth posts, I learned so much about brushes from you, I appreciate all that you do!! Wayne’s video are truly fantastic, love him, my dream is to be going to a party in London and asking him to do my makeup–wouldn’t that be the most incredible fantasy?? And then bring him as my date 🙂
Hope I win some brushes!! Thank you!!!

Clementine 6 August, 2014 - 2:32 am

Your blog is full of wonderful stories and interesting information, opening the world of makeup brushes into the mainstream. It is wonderful that such care and love has been put into this brush collection.

Tuesday Ashner 6 August, 2014 - 3:00 am

I recently discovered Beautylish and am excited to place an order soon. There are so many great things it is hard to make up my mind. I would love to win the brushes and then use my money on something from Charlotte Tillbury.

Rina 6 August, 2014 - 3:11 am

What a generous giveaway! I specifically bought the #20 brush because of your review. It is a stellar brush and I use it daily. I’m developing a real brush addiction thanks to your site. Is there a a name for this specific affliction?

Karen 6 August, 2014 - 3:24 am

Wow, what a generous giveaway from Beatylish, you,and Wayne! Sonia, I love seeing all of your beautiful brush reviews. I also already follow Wayne. Definitely going to checkout Beautylish! Fingers crossed that I might be a lucky winner! Love that you’re doing a hangout to talk about the brushes also! You’re the best!

Li 6 August, 2014 - 3:27 am

This would be an awesome win!!

Sandra 6 August, 2014 - 3:47 am

Dear Sonia, I’m always looking forward and enjoy everyone of your articles, because they are broad and detailed. I just feel that your love for brushes is a true one. I always trust your reviews and use them as a compass in the see of brushes.

Dear Wayne, You are one of my most favorite make up artists on youtube. Since the moment, I have known that you have made your own brush line, I deeply desire to own them. I love and really appreciate the fact that the brushes are handmade and cruelty free. So I hope, my desire can now become true.

Wish you both a wonderful day and everything good!

Birong (Olivia) Hu 6 August, 2014 - 4:53 am

Thank you so much for sharing with us your reviews about all those Japanese brushes! I’m just a beginner and often have questions for brush size, function, and shape. I have one question regarding the shopping website: where shall we order Tanseido and Kyureido brushes here in the States? And normally will these websites offer international shipping to countries like China and Hong Kong?

One more question for Hakuhodo brushes: what’s the difference between J5521 and G5521? I’d like one highlighter brush and have trouble picking one. And same for J531 and G531. I think I’m using it for contour/bronzer. So is there any difference between the two apart from the bristle color?

Vivian Liu 6 August, 2014 - 6:08 am

Hello Sona! I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog! I love going through your brush temple and looking through all of the dreamy brushes! I absolutely adore Wayne–he has the most incredible tips and tricks, and I love his honesty. I trust both of your opinions before I got out to buy a product. Thank you so so much for such an incredible giveaway–it would be an absolutely dream since I’ve been wanting to try the Wayne Goss brushes for ages but couldn’t afford them. Thank you again!!!

PT 6 August, 2014 - 6:12 am

Awesome giveaway!

Alix 6 August, 2014 - 7:21 am

Sonia, before I found your blog I had a mini collection of frayed and abused MAC brushes, which seemed to grimace each time I mashed them into a pan. Your blog has helped me navigate the wonderful world of Japanese and quality brushes, helping me to build a collection I am insanely proud of. I have now become that women that invites friends over and has to show them LE brushes, comparing softness. I am so grateful to have found you!!!

Sara@ColorMeLoud 6 August, 2014 - 1:18 pm

Hi Sonia,

thanks for hosting this give-away and being so dedicated to brushes and this wonderful blog, which offers the ultimate guide from beginners to brush addicts. I was very fond of WG brushes (especially the first set he released), but recently I found out that there will be no retailer from Europe who sells them. For most of Europe and especially for Germany it means a lot of shipping costs and added customs. I am sincerely hoping that at least we don’t have to pay for the taxes in US once Beautylish sends the items out side of US.

bettina 6 August, 2014 - 1:21 pm

dear sonja – as always i enjoy your articels – simply the best brush-blog! as a student i cant afford high end brushes – but my wishlist is getting bigger:) i would love to win one of the brush sets !

Nikki 6 August, 2014 - 5:47 pm

Thanks for the update on the WG brushes. The WG #2 and Holiday brush have been my only foray into high end brushes but they are true loves. Beautylish provides amazing service, superfast delivery, girly packaging and amazing array of hard to find options. I especially appreciate comments on the eye shadow brushes because being asian, I am all thumbs when it comes to using eye shadow in a way that will really enahance my eyes. Your trips to Japan have been so inspiring that I am planning one myself; almost have my husband talked into it!

steppel 6 August, 2014 - 8:39 pm

After wasting too much money on expensive but horrible brushes (too scratchy, too floppy, etc.), I finally googled my next purchase last year and discovered your blog. Ever since then I consult your blog, the forum or the brush temple before buying a new brush – and I am happy with all the ones I bought since then 🙂 But I must confess that your blog is also a source for seduction for brushes and makeup, I didn’t even knew I needed or wanted – f.e. the Sisley Phyto lip twists (I now have three, sigh) or my RMK powder brush, or the old NARS 12 and 13, or Paula Dorfs sheer crease brush, or my Koyudos (a brand I only know because of you) and of course my Hakuhodos and Chikuhodos (I could go on and on 😉 Those brushes from Wayne are also on my “must have” list since your reviews – either through winning or buying 🙂
A big thank you to you, Wayne and beautylish for this amazing Giveaway!
Many greetings

Karen 6 August, 2014 - 10:52 pm

Hi Sonya and Wayne, I’m so glad I came across this website – it really helped me learn so much about brushes and make up application. Because of your thoughtful and knowledgeable feedback, I was able to purchase brushes from Wayne’s collection that are specifically geared to my own every day needs. I have many of Wayne’s brushes and I love each and everyone of them! They are so exquisitely made that I reach for at least two or three each day. (I work in the restaurant industry so I cannot wear too much makeup.) Coincidentally I purchased Wayne’s brushes from beautylish, and I have to say that they are an amazing company that truly values their customers. Even if I don’t win, I hope your readers get to experience the phenomenal customer service at beautylish!

Sheila 7 August, 2014 - 3:54 am

I have the eye set and they are my favorite brushes hands down. I also use 18, 19 and 20 daily and will be getting backups. I love your brushes Wayne please don’t ever stop making them!

Isaos 7 August, 2014 - 4:24 am

I love wayne’s youtube channel. I’ve been very intrigued by this brushes. Best of luck to us all!
Btw I do follow you all on instagram

lorraine 7 August, 2014 - 6:00 am

This is such a great giveaway! I would LOVE to win this amazing brush set! Thank you for the opportunity!

Miranda Ward 7 August, 2014 - 7:06 am

These Brushes look Fabulous!


Donna D 7 August, 2014 - 8:09 am

What I have to say to the Trinity of Brushes and Beauty:
–Sonia, you’ve sentenced me to the Brush Branch of debtor’s prison and I’m guilty as charged. You’re the accidental sales superwoman who I can’t resist. What’s more, your candor about your obsession makes me laugh.
–Wayne, you’re the most charming guru EVER. I beam every time I hear your ‘Hi everyone,’ and I was over the moon when you launched your own brush-babies. The makeup artist for an upcoming book on breast reconstruction used Wayne Goss brushes (everywhere!) and my pic turned out FAB! Your brush-babies brushes are first on my list, just as soon as I get back to being employed.
–Beautylish, I discovered you several months ago and I’m blown away by your concierge service and discerning selection.
GREAT to see the three of you converge!

Devin 7 August, 2014 - 8:14 am

What a great giveaway Sonia! It is always nice hear your updated thoughts, you haven’t steered me wrong on a brush yet.

Mary 7 August, 2014 - 9:47 am

Thank you for your thoughtful and incredibly detailed reviews of make-up brushes. Your time and effort is appreciated by many, and, I, for one, can say that, since discovering your blog, I pore over your posts before I decide to purchase a brush. Danke schön!

Jemma 7 August, 2014 - 9:54 am

This is an incredible giveaway, Beautylish always pops up on my flipboard with some great articles and product focuses. Thanks Beautylish!! I love Wayne and have been subscribed to his channel for the longest time. The thing I like most about him is his honesty and reluctance to join the many compelled to give good reviews based on maintaining a good relationship with PR at a company, as a result I have found a few of my holy grail products (I’m looking at you Makeup Atelier Paris eyeshadows) As time has gone on, Wayne has gained confidence in his videos and now can be more of himself. I met him when he spoke at IMATS and he is a lovely genuine guy, very shy and nervous which I found endearing.

Sonia – Your blog kept cropping up amongst google searches for various product reviews, however it was after I was researching Hakuhodo that I realised I had to note down the name of this blog and become a regular reader. I soon found myself addicted reading the older entries. You are genuinely a brilliant blogger, I love the way you write, and your passion shines through especially for brushes! I recently purchased some more Hakuhodo brushes to add to my ever expanding collection, and made sure I consulted here before committing to a purchase. The reviews are always so in depth, and I love that you not only focus on softness, but shape and application of the brushes, the only problem is your reviews make me crave new thing. Very bad. 🙂

Alena 7 August, 2014 - 11:17 am

Hello Sonya. I found your blog when I was going to purchase Hakuhodo brushes and I really got lost in the variety of their brushes. Your blog was like a gift for me when I found it. I’ve never saw such detailed brush description and you were very helpful for me to decide which brushes to purchase. I live in the Ukraine and all girls that asked me about how to choose from such range of brushes I recommend your blog as it is the most informative. Thank you very much for your blog!

As I adore makeup and everything related to makeup, I found Wayne youtube channel few years ago and I never missed any new video. This is the only man in my subscription list whose video I always wait and watch with a great interest! To my mind such great makeup professional can only create very good makeup brushes as he is the guru in this.

Reema Lobo 7 August, 2014 - 12:28 pm

I have learned soooo much through Wayne Goss’s Youtube channel and Beautylish is my go to app. I admire your brush collection and would loveee to own a Wayne Goss brush set. Fingers crossed!!! 😀

Many thanks and muchh love!

Alice T 7 August, 2014 - 1:00 pm

I have the fan brush which is amazing. I use it for highlighter which is something I’ve never used (but got given as a gift). It looks really natural as the brush applies it so lightly and is so soft.

haniya 7 August, 2014 - 1:51 pm

This is truly amazing. I Simply love the way you write your reviews , i think you re really kind.
I’ve seen a lot of your videos and I’m pretty sure these brushes would be worth it. I’m a beginner in makeup and I’d love to start my career as a makeup artist using your brushes. It will honestly be a blessing to win this giveaway. It would truly be very helpful as a part of my makeup collection.
You guys are doing pretty amazing work! Hope you guys get more success in the coming years!

Thank you.

Animor 7 August, 2014 - 2:16 pm

Sonia you are always so full of surprise. This is surelly an incredible opportunity for everyone to enjoy two of the most wanted prizes such as a set of special brushes and a chat with you. Personally i first know of Wayne thank’s to this forum and immediataly became one of hes fans. So i can say that i have alredy winned from this blog. P.s. I don’t kwon if is important but on facebook i follow you as romina spagnuolo.

Marek 7 August, 2014 - 2:54 pm

I don’t use make-up personally myself, but the one I love does.
She burns with deep passion for all beautiful things and make up brushes especially. The passion is so deep that I know about your site Sonia and respect you for all the work you do. The passion is so deep that I have seen several of your videos Wayne and although the closest I get to make up practices is with henna designs, I still kind of enjoy them. So yes, brushes are not for me, but for the one I love. For the one who introduced me to your world in which, I’m still a little stranger, but still enjoy and respect it.

Thank you

Ana Preda 7 August, 2014 - 2:57 pm

I think the most important tool for a makeup artist is the brush-or the brushes:)The better quality the more sheer and natural the makeup will be,I follow both of you and trust you totally on your reviews..wish i had the chance to try one of these sets and win one because I heard and read that they are among the very best out there .Love you both.

Patricia 7 August, 2014 - 3:50 pm

Thank you Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish for this amazing opportunity!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

Ryan 7 August, 2014 - 6:20 pm

Thank you Wayne for your amazing brushes, I love them! Thank you beautylish for supplying amazing products! And thank you for your amazing and incredibly useful blog, you have helped with me so many purchases,mespicslly online ones where I hadn’t actually seen the product, your reviews helped me so much 🙂

KathyT 7 August, 2014 - 6:50 pm

I recently received my first order of Wayne Goss brushes from Beautylish, and everything was great! I can’t believe how quickly they arrived. I actually used this blog post to choose 2 brushes to try (#2 and #18), and I couldn’t be happier with them. The cheek brush is so much softer than the ones that I have used in the past that I had to adjust my technique to account for it.

Thanks to everyone for the giveaway!

Jeanine Lees 7 August, 2014 - 10:58 pm

When Wayne made the announcement almost 2 years ago that he was creating his own brush line I knew that I was going to want to start saving up for them. He is just such an amazing makeup artist and person who’s honesty is something that makes his videos that much more endearing. And also as an animal lover I loved how he specifically worked to making his brushes cruelty free. Love you Wayne!

Hannah Cole 8 August, 2014 - 7:01 am

I own several of His brushes and have been wanting to get more, particularly the eye brush set!! Here’s hoping ;))

celine 8 August, 2014 - 1:14 pm

Thank you for the amazing giveaway, i would love to try this brush set it looks amazing 😀

Olga 8 August, 2014 - 9:39 pm

Thank you for such great giveaway!
Hugs from Ukraine! 🙂

Dorothy Whelchel 8 August, 2014 - 11:24 pm

I have head amazing things about these brushes but couldn’t afford them. I know that they will last forever, if you take care of them.

Liona May 9 August, 2014 - 1:34 am

Hi Sonia. I have never commented before, although I have regularly checked your site for years and have purchased brushes on your recommendations (the white mushroom was the latest!). I’m a bit of a technophobe, but with your beautiful photographs and content, I am considering getting onto instagram – maybe even twitter – we’ll see! Thank you.

Ni 9 August, 2014 - 3:02 am

First of all, thank you to you, Wayne, and Beautylish for the giveaway.
I have Wayne’s 02 and 06 brush, and both are lovely. I’ve been looking at the new face and eye sets for specific brushes, so this updated post on your thoughts of each brush has been extremely helpful. Brush 13 looks like exactly what I’m looking for.
Would love to win some new brushes, but even if I don’t, thanks Sonia for an informative post as always 🙂

Linda 9 August, 2014 - 6:29 am

What a perfect coincidence that I log onto your site to see if you’ve updated your HG brushes to include Wayne’s brushes (which I ordered from Beautylish the moment The Collection became available for pre-order) and find this incredibly generous giveaway collaboration from all three of my favorite daily haunts! =D.
To Sonia, I thank you for your wonderful and thorough reviews and taking the time to answer my questions; to Wayne, I thank you for your beautiful brushes which I use every single day; and to Beautylish, your classy packaging and updates on my brush shipment was so impressive that I definitely will do more business with you in the future!

Alexandra 9 August, 2014 - 6:47 am

I just want to express how grateful I am for your brush reviews, and the information and insight you provide with them. I try to keep my brushes to a minimum, and you’ve helped me so much when it comes to choosing high quality essentials. 🙂

Gaby K. 9 August, 2014 - 8:02 am

I LOVE Wayne. The first time I tried the powder-before-foundation method was certainly not the last. My full face of makeup would. not. budge. It was amazing!! Thanks so much for this giveaway and the lasting tips and tricks 🙂

suzin 9 August, 2014 - 9:21 pm

Dear Sonia,
You are a great inspration to me on my journey of loving makeup and collecting brushes. I love Wayne and I was sure he was going to do a faboulous collection, I still waited for your post before buying the collection and the eye set which are my favorites. Beautylish was so kind to send the brushes with another carrier because of the costoms policies of my country. The packaging wowed me and my mom . My 11 months old son wanted to take one of the brushes. He was touching with joy to the soft bristles it was so hard to take it back:)

Amparo Belenguer 9 August, 2014 - 10:27 pm

Thanks so much for the giveaway, all of you!

Kerry 9 August, 2014 - 11:35 pm

Thank you for the great follow-up review.

Ally 10 August, 2014 - 12:38 am

Thank you for your insightful recommendations as always! This is a lovely opportunity you and Beautylish are offering.

Elaine 10 August, 2014 - 1:37 am

Hello Sonia,

I had been following your blog about for quite sometime. I always come back to read on your reviews on Hakuhodo brushes, when I started buying Hakuhodo, your blog is very informative and makes me decide which brushes that I need to have. 🙂 Yep, that’s how I ended up with quite a good collection of brushes to date. :p
You also introduced brands such as Koyudo and Chomotto, which I ended up picking up too!
I was contemplating over Koyudo Red Lacquered Handle Canadian Squirrel blush brush, finally I decided to order since CDJapan had restock for it. Really no regret on this brush, its so luxuriously soft!
Now I am lusting over the Kumamon Koyudo brush, however they couldn’t ship it out of Japan due to licensing issues. 🙁
Thank you for your blog and bringing a lot of good reviews and comparison of brushes. They are really helpful!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

Kiri 10 August, 2014 - 4:59 am

Hi Sonia,

I always consult your blog before buying any brushes & I might even blame you for starting my addiction to beautiful brushes! 🙂 Thanks for the generous giveaway & for your always honest & thorough reviews.


Cheryl 10 August, 2014 - 5:14 am

thank you so much for your fabulous brush reviews. i just finished reading about your tour of hokuhodo and really enjoyed it. i have one goss brush (the holiday LE) and it is by far the finest brush i own — just opening the package was a complete joy. it is my hope to have several more in my hot little hands, but that may take a while (as in … until kids are grown and gone). oh well, it is nice to enjoy vicariously through others. 🙂

Vivian 10 August, 2014 - 6:57 am

Oh my goodness….these brushes are absolutely…..heaven-like to me! I’ve been a fan of Wayne’s for ages, and I’ve been wanting to try his brushes so much! And I absolutely adore your blog–I really really love your brush temple, and time and time again, I always come back to see your thoughts on a specific brush I’m interested in. The comparisons are so helpful, and I wish I could feel the brushes through my computer screen lol:) Thank you so so so much for such an incredible giveaway! Fingers crossed:)

Tracy 10 August, 2014 - 8:59 am

Love you Sonia and Wayne — you two are my holy grail gurus. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world!

Thank you Beautylish for putting out the giveaway. Glad to hear that you are selling CT products. Can’t wait to start shopping on your site!

Tracy 10 August, 2014 - 9:06 am

Sonia and Wayne, when it comes to makeup and BRUSHES……..you two are categorized in my holy grail required reading/ reference material. Thank you both for the generous shares of your knowledge =)

Thanks Beautylish for the awesome giveaway. Excited to hear that you will be carrying the CT products. Can’t wait to start shopping!

Nola 10 August, 2014 - 10:04 am

To Wayne-
You’re tips have improved the way I do my makeup. You’re a true professional and I’m excited to see whatever you have in store for the future. You are not only a great artist, but an amazing teacher as well. Thanks for the magnificent videos.

Natalie 10 August, 2014 - 1:24 pm

Hello well appreciated Sonia and Wayne, I am still a student and normally couldn’t afford one of the sets so this would be a great opportunity to maybe win a beautiful set of brushes. I am also a very creative person, I’m really good at drawing and I feel like there’s a similarity between it and doing makeup. Even on a budget I can learn a lot from you both so I feel very happy about all of your shared goodnesses!
I wish you both all the best!

Ayzee Casimiro 10 August, 2014 - 1:49 pm

Hi Sonia!
I heard alot about you from my sister.
Thank you for these wonderful giveaways! Im also a fan of Wayne & would love to win his brushes.

Good luck to everyone!

Stacy 10 August, 2014 - 2:24 pm

These brushes look awesome. Maybe some day I can save up enough for the whole set.

Anna 10 August, 2014 - 8:35 pm

Sonia & Wayne: You both are a huge inspiration! I can see the passion behind your work and I just want to thank you for everything!

Beautylish : thank you for sponsoring and supporting Wayne and Sonia!

decibelle 10 August, 2014 - 9:00 pm

I don’t NEED these brushes, but they’d certainly help make my life a wee bit more gorgeous.

Thank you. 🙂

Petter 10 August, 2014 - 11:44 pm

I love Wayne goss brushes quality and love this great blog that lead me to know more about japanese brushes.

Bonnie 11 August, 2014 - 2:15 am

Sonia: you know what I think of you, I’d write you a love poem if I could but well, it might be a bit too saucy even for this site 😛 But thank you for your dedication, thoroughness and genuine passion that goes into making this SMUT so uniquely wonderful!

Wayne: your frankness and approachability and the absolute ease you present in your videos. It’s so good to see that you’ve thrown yourself behind your brushes to make something that is so user friendly!! Can’t wait to see what other furry (hairy?) creations we have coming our way!

Beautylish: Thank you for your support of these amazing people! And for giving us access to these brushes 🙂

Rosielle 11 August, 2014 - 4:22 am

Thank you, Wayne and Beautylish for having a giveaway. Also, your reviews are awesome and I appreciate it greatly.

Victoria 11 August, 2014 - 4:55 am

I’d love to go into the draw to win a set!

Thank you Sonia for all the lovely blog posts! You’ve made me fall in love with beauty a little more and made me more informed. I LOVE reading your posts!

And also thanks to Beautylish – I love that they’ve mixed informative content with an excellent, well-edited range of products to buy! I also cannot wait for international shipping!

Amber 11 August, 2014 - 6:06 am

Would love to try these!!!

WondersReviews 11 August, 2014 - 6:43 am

Thank you for you review !
Je tente ma chance 😉 !

Maria 11 August, 2014 - 12:49 pm

Wow what a great giveaway by three of my Favorites! Love Beautylish Sonia and Wayne. I don’t own any of Wayne’s Brushes and would be happy to own any of his sets. My favorite that I have been eyeing for some time now is the Collection.

Michelle 11 August, 2014 - 2:18 pm

Thank you Sonia for your amazing reviews x

Mafalda Mello 11 August, 2014 - 4:28 pm

I think one can tell that when someone who is so knowledgeable about brushes and what isrequired from them, and creates their own brush line… well… it’s bound to lead to perfection! I live in a European country where it is not so easy to receive orders from a lot of countries because of shipping restrictions, etc, so was very pleased when Beautylish decided to ship abroad. Am looking out for more brands 🙂 And thank you Sweet makeup temptations for… tempting us!

Clenia Daniel 11 August, 2014 - 5:18 pm

Hi Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish!
I’m so glad to participate this giveaway. No just for the brushes, because they are just a bonus and I have to say that I really apreciate your hard work on the internet.
Since I found your sites I never bought more”junkie products” and I learned so much things with you guys. All of you are the best individually, but together, you Sonia, Wayne and Beautylish are incredible for bring us the best products, the best reviews and the best information always.
Thank you for this opportunity and I hope have luck! <3

With love,

Clênia Daniel.

Ron Lane 11 August, 2014 - 6:58 pm

What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks to Sonia, Beautylish and Wayne! If I win I may cry. (TMI?) But Wayne’s brushes look phenomenal and since their release I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews. I’m glad they receive your stamp of approval as well, Sonia! Thanks for the review! Fingers crossed!

Hope 11 August, 2014 - 8:25 pm

I am so grateful to have found Wayne Goss’ tutorial videos! As a 50 year old who has done her makeup the same way for 36 YEARS, it is great to have different techniques, tools and ideas and to know I don’t have to just make up my face ONE WAY! After years I feel like playing with makeup again! Thank you Wayne 🙂

Kin 11 August, 2014 - 9:40 pm

I absolutely ADORE Wayne Goss. Forever a fan!

Mariya 12 August, 2014 - 2:10 am

Hi, Sonya

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you do, I use your blog as an ultimate source when choosing new brushes. Thanks to you, I’ve discovered Hakuhodo and there’s no coming back 🙂
I’ve also purchased one of Wayne Goss brushes through Beautylish and they are really amazing – shipping was super fast, the brush was lovely too, and the packaging was great.
Thank you all for such a great giveaway

Gia 12 August, 2014 - 5:47 am

Wayne and Sonia,

I am a 24 year old aspiring makeup artist….I recently rediscovered my passion after years and years of hardcore drug addiction……watching youtube was the only thing that kept me feeling like I had “friends” and Wayne, you were one of the people who drew me in with your friendly attitude and knowledge of all things makeup related. When I was in a rut and feeling all alone, I could watch real people be happy online even if I was not happy myself…this inspired me to get my life straightened out and try to get out there and make my dream a reality! Now two years clean, I am building my collection slowly but surely and reading Sonia’s blog doesn’t help much with saving money since I am always buying new brushes! You two are my two go-to people when it comes to reviewing brushes and seeing if something is worth my money or not…I have Wayne’s first collection and love every single brush…

even if this doesn’t win, I still want you both to know if you read this that you two are very inspirational people and it’s because of people like you that I can get up in the morning and know that I am not alone in my love (and perhaps obsession) of makeup 🙂 It’s crazy how sometimes people that you haven’t even met can sometimes inspire you for the better, huh? Thanks both of you for this opportunity and thank you Beautylish and to the wonderful owner who always writes nice messages in my package whenever I buy from them! 🙂

Marta Polakova 16 August, 2014 - 5:54 pm

Dear Sonia, love your reviews and insights. Dear Wayne, love your work and brushes .

Arch 12 August, 2014 - 8:04 am

I’ve learned that there are plenty of brush collectors out there who can afford the most expensive brushes in the world, but I think what separates not just Sonia, but the SMUT community in general, is that they are not just here to show off their inaccessible hauls. They are also generous enough to guide us novices who are getting started on our fledgling collections, whether in the form of personal recommendations, reviews and advice; all of which makes navigating the world of (Japanese) brushes a lot less daunting than going at it alone, especially when it’s usually in an unfamiliar language that many of us do not speak. Thanks again Sonia, for all of the hard work and dedication to your readers in providing an invaluable resource and some fun too.

Amy 12 August, 2014 - 8:51 pm

Love the Wayne Goss #02 brush. Waiting for my September payday to order the #11 & #13 based on your reviews. I’m a brush junkie, so constantly looking on your site for advice, as I know you are unbiased in your opinions!

Aline Guimaraes 12 August, 2014 - 9:17 pm

You guys are the best!!! I would love to have the chance to win one of the sets.
Love from Brazil! 🙂

Ha Dang 13 August, 2014 - 8:22 am

Dear Sonia,
This is such a great give away. I would love to win one of the sets!

Zakia Ahmad 13 August, 2014 - 11:52 am

What an awesome giveaway thank you Sonia and Beautylish.

Message for Wayne, I love your videos you bring a smile to my face everytime. You such an inspiration, amazing person and straightforward. An absolute gem. I love your collection I have the collection would love to get my hands on the rest, use them every single day. x

Maab 13 August, 2014 - 12:04 pm

I can say that i have been always a big fan of Wayne goss and leaned so much from him, his vedios are so good and i learned so much from him, i can say the best thing on the vedios are the tips he give i tried most of them and i can say i learned about 70% of my make up from him, and his brushes of course are a dream for me to have i hope i win just this timeeee

Tdmakeupartistry 13 August, 2014 - 12:16 pm

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Immy 13 August, 2014 - 12:16 pm

Wow to win a set of these incredible brushes would be a dream come true! I know nothing has been compromised in terms of quality and they are worth every penny, i just wish finances were such that i could afford them at this time (the struggles of a student lol) Wayne is a perfectionist and I love learning from his youtube videos

Linda Depina 13 August, 2014 - 12:21 pm

I am already a follower of Wayne, Beautylish,twitter and IG. I have a couple of WG brushes and would love more. Financially difficult, so winning this giveaway would be much appreciated Thank you for this chance. Linda D

Mariana 13 August, 2014 - 12:35 pm

OMG Sonia, amazing giveaway, i`m a crazy lover of makeup brushes and of course i would love to try the wayne goss ones! Thanks!!

Janine B 13 August, 2014 - 12:51 pm

Wayne your brushes just look amazing! When are you coming to paris? Cheers!

Miloberry 13 August, 2014 - 1:24 pm

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I have been following you on Instagram drooling looking at your collection of brushes and watching Wayne on his YouTube channel for quite some time now…. I found out about his brushes on Beautylish through his channel but haven’t had the chance to try it. They look so luxurious. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Hopefully win! And video chat with all of y’all will be great!!!!

J Lee 13 August, 2014 - 1:38 pm

Wow! What a generous giveaway. Love the detail about the brushes that you include in this post 🙂

Annette 13 August, 2014 - 2:24 pm

Thank you for having this giveaway, you’re so kind! As a student I can’t dream of affording these brushes yet. They are lovely and so is Wayne 🙂

Yolanda 13 August, 2014 - 3:15 pm

Thank you so much for conducting such an amazing giveaway!

First of all, Sonia, I totally love your blog, always click it for brush reviews and love the way you review them and the photos as well! Truly helps a lot. Keep it coming! 🙂

Then, Wayne, oh gosh, totally love you! I literally watch all of your videos! Love your honest reviews, to-the-point tricks, tutorial, and your wink! LOL. Been eyeing for your brushes but in my country (Indonesia) it’s nowhere to be found, with this giveaway, I might have the chance to finally have my hands on your amazing brushes!

Hopefully I win this giveaway, thank you so much! God bless you all

Samantha jade 13 August, 2014 - 3:20 pm

I love you and Wayne so much, you both have the best and most honest reviews I love it, if I’m going to buy something I always come to either yours or his page to see if its worth buying.

Kimberly Tra 13 August, 2014 - 4:35 pm

I am so excited for this giveaway! I have been reading your blogs for a long time. I also love Wayne! I have been watching his videos forever. I love brush reviews that you do here! I was scouring your archives for all the Hakuhodoo brushes you would recommend so I could write a list down of what kind of brushes to buy at IMATS! I love the brushes that I bought from hakuhodoo! I am going back to buy more next year! Great reviews!!! Ps. I already follow you and Wayne on instagram!

Sunita 13 August, 2014 - 5:52 pm

I have never won anything in my life, but here goes! I love your reviews, because they are so detailed (in other words, they are your honest opinions). I would have run out and bought all your reccomendations if I could!

Dawn 13 August, 2014 - 5:53 pm

OMG I Love Wayne I love all his tricks I probably watched all of his vids on both of channels I would love to win. I am in desperate need of brushes that are quality.

Zhalleh 13 August, 2014 - 5:53 pm

The detail review of each brush is very informative. Thank you for taking the time to write all of it 🙂

Will Abreu 13 August, 2014 - 5:55 pm

Thank you to all of you for hosting this wonderful giveaway. I am fan of all of you. SMT – I always appreciate your detailed blogs. Wayne – You always inspire me and challenge me. Beautylish – I appreciate you for making all these wonderful products available to us.

angie 13 August, 2014 - 5:59 pm

hopefully I’m not commenting twice. the first time it didn’t load after I clicked post, so I’m not sure. 🙁

Petunia 13 August, 2014 - 6:05 pm

Amazing giveaway. Thanks to Beautylish, Wayne, and Sonia.
These brushes are beautiful and have received so many fabulous reviews. Fingers crossed.

Alicia G 13 August, 2014 - 6:07 pm

I just love Wayne and have been wishing I could purchase somebody his brushes. I say “some” because it would take me forever to purchase them all. I’m a mom, and currently have other priorities that I’m sure I don’t need to mention. I love brushes and makeup and good brushes are hard to find. I love watching YouTube and taking tips from Mr. Goss and always wish I had those beautiful brushes of his! 😉

Rabia 13 August, 2014 - 6:08 pm

Sonia, love your blog. I hope I win!

Cheryl 13 August, 2014 - 6:09 pm

I just wanted to say that I took a leap of faith and bought the eye set from beautylish as my first purchase from them and it was a great experience! Getting any other brushes from Wayne goes would be such a thrill!
You guys are great 🙂

Melissa 13 August, 2014 - 6:14 pm

What an amazing giveaway and prize, Beautylish is providing! Wayne Goss is my absolute favorite of all the You Tube Guru’s I watch. I *think* he has saved me from having a clown face with my makeup application, I have learned an immeasurable amount from him!! I have paired down my subscriptions to a handful at this point for time management however always watch Mr. Goss’ without fail. I’ve been trying to purchase his brushes as budget has allowed.
Beautylish has been a godsend of reviews, resources and even purchases for me. Was able to puchase Kevin Aucoin’s sculpting powder that I was desperately searching for along with Inglots AMAZING gel eyeliner.
Each time I’m in the market for a new brush the first place I come is SMT to do my homework. Such an informational resource of everything I could ever want to learn about a makeup brush.
Thank you to each of you for all you do!!!

Marie-Stacey Habib 13 August, 2014 - 6:15 pm

I have heard such wonderful things about these brushes. Whenever I decide on purchasing a few, it’s just so hard to decide on which one to get. Winning these sets would be a dream come true. Fingers crossed.

Sara 13 August, 2014 - 6:18 pm

These brushes are gorgeous!

Megan 13 August, 2014 - 6:19 pm

Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I’ve always been such a fan of Wayne and his accomplishments! I’ve also just discovered beautylish not too long ago I love their variety of products! And Thank you for this review / giveaway. Very kind of you 🙂

Harleen 13 August, 2014 - 6:20 pm

Oh this is such a dream come true give away. I love to talk to Wayne!!! I have followed him when he first started making videos about… 7years ago or more. He is an amazing person. I love to have his brushes. Whatever I know about makeup and lighting tricks I know them from Wyane!!! Wish me luck world 😉

Anna 13 August, 2014 - 6:24 pm

I would love to win this set! I’m at the beginning of my career as a makeup artist and this set is one of the products that I wish to have in my dream kit! Amazing! Love Wayne’s work and his videos are so important for my makeup skills!

Suzy 13 August, 2014 - 6:24 pm

Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I really appreciated at the end of your review that you selected a few standout brushes that you recommend for those of us looking for an introduction to Wayne’s line.

Karen Duncan 13 August, 2014 - 6:25 pm

I’m a professional Makeup Artist but I still find Wayne’s videos relevant and useful. So far I have only purchased one Wayne Goss brush (#14) and I love it. The composition of the brush, the way it feels in the hand, how it puts on product is wonderful and the packaging is top shelf!!! I have tons of brushes…some them very expensive so I hesitated buying more but I definitely will be adding to my Goss brush collection in the future whether I win this contest or not. Congratulations Wayne on creating an awesome product that you can be very proud of!!!

I’m already a fan of Beautylish and following them across many media platforms (they sell some of my fav brands like OCC). Now following you too…thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

Jamyra 13 August, 2014 - 6:27 pm

This is a great giveaway. I already follow Wayne on Instagram YouTube and Twitter and now I know to check back with this blog. Very excited!

Angela wu 13 August, 2014 - 7:07 pm

This is such an awesome giveaway. Not sure will I win or not but thank you guys. Personally I m very enjoying all your posts especially about brushes because I’m also crazy for them. I heard Wayne comes up very nice brushes but haven’t have time to explore it, I hope this is a good chance for me to start his collection. Thank you very much again and I will cross my fingers.

littlemissstyleguru 13 August, 2014 - 7:08 pm

Thanks for Chance as been watching Wayne for years now. Love that he focuses on older ladies as well as young as I’m 35 so his tips tricks really have helped me. So a Huge thankyou plus I follow Wayne everywhere and besytlish and you too on Instagram. Good luck all xxxxx

Liz Moore 13 August, 2014 - 7:23 pm

I have always loved your website but have never left a comment before. I keep hearing wonderful things about these brushes. What a great review and giveaway. Sorry for being a hermit and keep up the great work. Would love the chance to win and help my makeup look even better!

Soňa 13 August, 2014 - 8:00 pm

Thank Beautylish for making this happen!

Camelia 13 August, 2014 - 8:10 pm

I am very curious about the brushes, 02 and 13 look great.

Breana 13 August, 2014 - 8:14 pm

I loved and still love watching Wayne Goss’ YouTube channel. I’ve learned so much and I’ve fallen deeper in love with makeup (I didn’t even know that was possible). I am so excited about his brush collection and I can’t wait to try them out 🙂

Bria 13 August, 2014 - 8:19 pm

I’ve only been follow your blog for about two months but it’s quickly become of my absolute favorites. I love your style, class and concise reviews! *fan for life*

Schnee Orosco 13 August, 2014 - 8:42 pm

I am obsessed with Wayne Goss YouTube channel and all the wonderful advice, tutorials and education he provides on his channel. I have purchased several products upon his recommendations and tried (and still use) many of his makeup methods from his tutorials and awesome tricks and tips video’s. Of course I have been stocking his brushes on beatylish.com and haven’t been able to decide on which brushes to get because I want them all! 😉 Winning one of his brush set would be AMAZ_BALLZ!! I’d love to be able to purchase them all myself but just hasn’t been in my budget lately. Pick me Pick me!! 😉
P.S. I was informed about this giveaway from Beautylish Instagram and immediately came to your site to enter…upon so I started playing around on your site and looking at all the great reviews etc on so many brushes and I love it! I too am obsessed with makeup brushes and feel like the tools you use are the number one most important factor in fabulous makeup!! Kudos! I’m definitely a new subscriber!

Merilla 13 August, 2014 - 9:32 pm

What an awesome giveaway!! I’ve always wanted WG brushes, and your reviews made me want them even more! Please pick meeeee :’D

Candice 13 August, 2014 - 9:32 pm

OMG this is the best giveaway ever! I LOVE these brushes but I only had budget for 4 (2 from the Face Set and 2 eye brushes from the Collection) and these are brushes that you just don’t want to use other ones! 2 of the 4 I have I could seriously use extras just for wanting to use them for different products in the same makeup session. 😀
Thanks to the blog and Beautylish for the giveaway. 3 lucky beauty lovers coming up!

Michelle 13 August, 2014 - 9:45 pm

Dear Beautylish,
Thank you so much for bringing fabulous products to amateur makeup enthusiasts, who otherwise would only be able to read about these goodies, as opposed to experience them! I’m lucky enough to be located in the Bay Area, so ordering from your site is a breeze, and the shipping is so fast. I’m super excited to read that Charlotte Tilbury is coming! I’ve followed her for awhile on YouTube and Instagram along with Wayne Goss, so to be able to have access to both of their products is everything! Thank you Sonia for this awesome giveaway

MegansBubble 13 August, 2014 - 9:51 pm

Actually I have the Wayne Goss brush 02 and I loooove it sooo much. It is super soft and applies my make up so nicely. I can use it as a blush brush, a bronzer brush or a highlighter brush. It is a multi-purpose brush for all powder products. I am so excited if I could get the other brushes!

Nynke 13 August, 2014 - 10:32 pm

Wow, this is a great giveaway! Ik would love to try some of those amazing brushes. Don’t own one (yet)

Claire gaucher 13 August, 2014 - 10:40 pm

Just love these brushes , thanks for giving me a chance to win.

Erika 13 August, 2014 - 10:51 pm

Great post, as usual and incredible brushes! I’d loveee to have these!

Dalia 13 August, 2014 - 10:56 pm

What an awesome giveaway! Best ever, seriously! Thank you Wayne, Sonia and beautylish for hosting this.
Here’s a message to Wayne: I have been watching your youtube videos for a long time and I always learn something new each and every time. Thank you for making me fall in love with makeup 🙂

Vanessa Hall 14 August, 2014 - 12:26 am

I have been following Wayne’s tutorials for years now. He not only gives marvellous tips but also gives honest reviews on beauty products. It was such a pleasure for me to own The Collection as soon as it came out and would love to build on the entire set. If he reads this, I would just love to say to him: Thank you for inspiring me to be beautiful, inside and out. More power to you Wayne!
Thank you also Beautylish and Sonia for this wonderful give away. X

Eunice 14 August, 2014 - 12:55 am

love love LOVE Wayne Goss. You were my first subscription on youtube and I’ve loved your tutorails, reviews, and instructions ever since.
Now that I’m starting to get into brushes, I’ve gotta start following ya, Sonia 🙂
I hope I win the eye set! *fingers crossed*

Vilte 14 August, 2014 - 12:59 am

Oh, that’s a super news for me as I am HUGE, seriously, HUGE fan of Wayne videos and stuff he do! He is usually my inspiration creating my own make-ups and trying to learn on others! I know that there is a tiny tiny chance to win any of these wonderful brushes, but who doesn’t try can not drink champagne afterwards.. *wink* Good luck to everyone, especially for those like me who are usually dreaming about make up night after night! :))

Fatma 14 August, 2014 - 1:16 am

It’s really a great giveaway .. I was eyeing the brushes from long time I will enter the giveaway but I know I never and never win anything but I will try

Vanessa 14 August, 2014 - 1:25 am

I really appreciated the update and more importantly, your thoughts! You are definitely the most thorough reviewer I read and one with most likely, the largest collection! ^_^

Kristin Ohh™ 14 August, 2014 - 2:10 am

I’d love to get these brushes. I still have a small brush collection (like microscopic). It’d be great to have some higher end brushes to work with. Possibly hone some skills :]

Zada 14 August, 2014 - 2:52 am

These brushes are so good and I love Wayne so much, winning this would be so fantastic, thank you so much for this giveaway. <3

Vineel 14 August, 2014 - 2:55 am

thanks I’d love a chance to win

Nayeli 14 August, 2014 - 3:17 am

I have only recently stumbled to your blog and am liking it so far. 🙂

As far as Beautylish & Wayne Goss: I feel they empower individuality and not going with the norm. They stick with their mantras and it has payed off for both.

I have followed Wayne for what seems like forever now lol…the first guru on you tube I’ve followed because he’s short, sweet and to the point about things with many helpful tips, tricks and alternatives since not everyone is going to have identical styles. I own his original brush collection and am looking forward to getting the eye set for my birthday in September as a gift to myself…he’s constantly evolving and teaching us what he’s learned and takes feedback quite well…I feel his experience grew from the original set to the subsequent ones.

Beautylish to me is like stepping in a candy store…I love the colors schemes! It’s always fun to get a package from them and I can trust my package is handled well.

Simone 14 August, 2014 - 3:29 am

I’m pretty new to all of the social media, but I have had the same brushes forever. I’m hoping to start a new collection soon and these look beautiful! I’m a beginner makeup artist and I have a strong passion and drive! Hoping I still have a chance, and thank you all for this wonderful opportunity!

Lynn 14 August, 2014 - 4:22 am

I absolutely love both of you!! Been a big fan of Wayne since god knows when!! I’ve heard really great reviews about Wayne’s brushes, but I am still a student and I can’t afford :((( but anyway I would like to thank Wayne for his useful tips and tricks! and every single one, and I mean every single one were so useful! Thank you so so much!!! Lots of love from Singapore! <3

catrienna 14 August, 2014 - 4:57 am

i have been reading ur blog very religiously, particularly on brush topics. really hope i can win, thank you for hosting it!

Laura B. 14 August, 2014 - 7:20 am

What lovely prizes to win! The Google hangout is such a neat idea too… I’m sure that could be a prize itself 🙂

Jayna Marie 14 August, 2014 - 10:04 am

Beautification is all that I do
So I’d love to win brushes from you
I’m telling you plain
That if I win this game
I’ll owe massages to both Wayne and you!

–xoxox Jayna Marie Makeup + Hair

*fingers crossed!*

Keley West 14 August, 2014 - 1:02 pm

I am not shy to admit I am obsessed with Wayne! I think he’s an extremely talented makeup artist, and on top of that he’s also an amazing person !

I LOVE sweetmakeuptemptations too! Over the last couple years I’ve gotten into artisan-style makeup brushes & your website is invaluable for brush learning! :)))

Thanks for all your contributions! LOVE the entire Wayne Goss brush collections! 🙂 ><

Toni 14 August, 2014 - 1:39 pm

Love you and Wayne! And love this brushes so much! 🙂

Brenda 14 August, 2014 - 3:25 pm

Love you and wayne so much! This is really a wonderful opportunity, thank you!

Lisa 14 August, 2014 - 5:33 pm

What a great giveaway. So generous… I love the videos of Wayne using his brushes. Hope i can get to try them in reality too. Especially that face brush. It looks like a multitasker.

Susie 14 August, 2014 - 5:59 pm

Thanks for the updated reviews. Just purchased the 6 and 19 brush. 😉

Cathal Smyth 14 August, 2014 - 9:29 pm

Hi Sonia, my gf loves brushes and this would be a great present for her, she would love me the same as she does now but she would have new brushes and that would make her happy and then she might buy me lego.

Wiem 14 August, 2014 - 9:45 pm

I just discovered your blog and I’m spellbound! I couldn’t stop reading and ended up spending quite a few hours around here 🙂 Your reviews are amazing.. seriously.. waw!! I’m going to go order some brushes now. You’re making me lust over everything you talk about.


Wei Ye 15 August, 2014 - 1:03 am

This is an amazing giveaway! I really think that it’s always worth it to invest on high end brushes. The soft touch of these excellent quality brushes on the face is definitely a luxury! What I like about Wayne’s brushes is that they are responsibly sourced, which means no animal cruelty. I’ve been following Wayne’s YouTube channels for a year. Whoever to have him as a friend is definitely a lucky person! Thanks for making amazing brushes and thanks for the giveaway!

Gita Ghafuri 15 August, 2014 - 1:09 am

Sonia thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway, I love your blog and appreciate all the valuable information you share with us all. I have been following you, Wayne and Beautylish on IG, FB and YT for a while. Also, thank you Wayne Goss for making some of the best brushes money can buy and thank you Beautylish for making them available for everyone. I would love to win one of the brush sets… particularly the face set…:)

Rosalyn 15 August, 2014 - 2:36 am

This is such an exciting giveaway! I’ve heard the brushes have been well-received, but I’d just be thrilled to try them out myself! Wayne, whenever I watch your videos, I’m impressed by your ability to instruct without shaming or judging. Thank you for caring.

Erica 15 August, 2014 - 2:48 am

I’m in love with Wayne Goss.
I’m in love with Sweetmakeuptemptations.
I’m in love with Beautylish.
And it’s all in one on this blog…completely sold 🙂
I first found you as I was searching “top must-have make up brushes” on the internet a few years ago when I first started getting into makeup. My japanese brush collection has exponentially grown due to your great reviews. I’m also a religious follower of Wayne Goss and nearly got fired at work the day I found out he was releasing his own brushes because I was on my phone, reading and oogling over them (thank goodness, my boss knows my obsession over makeup & makeup brushes and I didn’t get fired lol). It makes me happy to know that you two are friends 🙂

Felysa Febiany 15 August, 2014 - 2:53 am

I have no clue why I just found out about this considering I follow all of you on instagram and facebook. I hope this is not too late.
Hi from Indonesia!
I actually have messages for all of you!
for Wayne, I thank you so much for your video about perfect cat eyeliner, I love cat eye but never been able to pull it off and yes I have watched several youtube video but only after yours I finally able to do cat eyeliner in 5 minutes and thats HUGE for me!
for Sonia, oh I have love and hate relationship with your blog (not you of course) I started become a bit obsess with brush since stumbled upon your post about Hakuhodo J Series and hate it because my new obsession hurts my bank account… hahahaha…
for Beautylish… I trully so happy that you sare shipping worldwide now! finally!

sorry for long messages…

MY Tan 15 August, 2014 - 12:12 pm

What an awesome giveaway!! I already follow both you and Wayne Goss 🙂 Would be awesome to score a brush set. Thank you!!! Your big fan from Malaysia!

Oleena 15 August, 2014 - 2:02 pm

I Love Love Love everything that you do! Thank you guys so so much! Best regards, Olena

astrid 15 August, 2014 - 3:54 pm

I just love starting every single day with a bit of WG brush(es)

Weerd 15 August, 2014 - 3:56 pm

Can’t wait for Wayn’s next set. His brushes have never disappointed so far.

Gaby Ramos 15 August, 2014 - 9:57 pm

If you could only pick 5 brushes which would they be and why?

Narcisa 16 August, 2014 - 12:53 am

Message to Wayne; I truly apreciate your honest reviews and tips on make up and enjoy your every video. The brushes have been my dream since they were relised, Would be the happiest person if I would win them. 🙂

samantha lights 16 August, 2014 - 3:47 am

Your brushes are amazing.
My bestfriend loves make up, everything that goes with it. And she is totally in love with your brushes 🙂

Kristi 16 August, 2014 - 4:33 am

All of the brushes look great!

Peter Bezuch 16 August, 2014 - 6:00 pm

Beautylish, Thank you for the opportunity to win an amazing gift!

Valeria 16 August, 2014 - 7:37 pm

Sonia, thank you for the wonderful blog! Thanks to you I have discovered a lot of amazing brushes! 🙂
As for Wayne, I love his videos and really dream of trying his brushes!

Nadya 17 August, 2014 - 12:49 am

This is the most amazing giveaway I’ve ever seen! For me it’s especially exciting because thanks to Wayne’s brushes I found your blog which I adore. I already have the Collection and use most of the brushes almost every day, they are gorgeous! Sending both of you plenty of virtual hugs for your work and passion for what you do \(^o^)/

Perla 17 August, 2014 - 12:58 am

Hello, thank you for the giveaway, amazing brushes.

My message is to Wayne,
I’m really new to the world of makeup and am totally grateful to Wayne because thanks to him I have been learning
many things. When I started to follow youtube channels I couldn’t believe that a professional would share his tips
and be willing to teach us things and show us techniques and products. I am now how to apply my makeup much better
than before. I really apprecciate the time Wayne takes to his community on youtube. It’s always good to be able of
learn new things from him because is easy to understand his explanations. Thank you very much.

Donna Carriker 17 August, 2014 - 4:06 am

I have been using some Sonya Kashuk brushes and they have helped improve my makeup application yet I have a hodge podge of a few of these with other cheaper ones for the others. I really need a FULL set of professional brushes, as they make such a difference in how makeup appears, blends and stays. Good brushes help your makeup look so much more polished and beautiful!

I love watching the Wayne Goss’ tutorials online as they have helped me with my makeup and products, so would love a set of his brushes to further improve my makeup application techniques!

Natalie 17 August, 2014 - 5:08 am

I have “The Collection” set and I absolutely LOVE it! They are the best brushes I have ever used and I use them everyday. I would be honored to talk to Wayne about the brushes and try out another set! Thank you for this opportunity!

Tram Tran 17 August, 2014 - 5:46 am

Thank you so muh for the giveaway!! I would love to win Wayne’s wonderfull brushes!!

Lorain villegas 17 August, 2014 - 6:14 am

I love the fact that there are sites like yours with a review I can trust. I have been looking at the Wayne Goss brushes vs. Hakuhodo. As,for wayne his videos are my savior, they give me lots less makeup mistake days where I just tell people that i had a makeup malfunction.

Zakia Ahmad 21 August, 2014 - 12:54 pm

OMG this would be a dream come true if I won! Speak to the man himself ask questions would be awesome and brushes are an extra.

Wayne you inspire me in everyway, your down to earth, cheeky and the most adorable youtuber ever, watch your videos very day always something new to learn. thank you for teaching me so much not just about makeup but all the rest your bus journey etc, also put a smile on my face!
even though if I don’t win I hope you read my message. love you keep up the great work. x

Buying Beautylish San Francisco | healtheveyday.com 29 November, 2014 - 10:03 pm

[…] WAYNE GOSS – Updated thoughts and Giveaway – Sweet … – Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to participate in this giveaway! I am fond of Wayne Goss and his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, never tried his brushes because it …… […]

ghkim9 8 January, 2015 - 10:40 pm

interesting! i have completely different favorites than you! the ones i use the most are the 2 (for finishing powder especially under the eyes), 17 for mobile lid color, and 14 (for highlighter). i like the 18 just fine but for me it pales in comparison to the 17. for me the 16 has been a disappointment. despite its appearance, its not a powerful blender as i thought it would be. i get a lot more blending power out of a hakuhodo j5523 which is probably my favorite blender. i like the 6 just fine as a multitasker as well, but to me its a jack of all trades, master of none.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 18 January, 2015 - 8:27 pm

Thank you for sharing! that’s good to know and interesting, specially because we are all so different! and others will love to read your thoughts too! so thanks again 🙂


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