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Hits and misses of past few months

by Sonia G.

In the past few months I have been buying many things as usual but did not had the time to review them so I thought I could write a global post about what was worth it and what not, it’s not a review at all but just some after-purchase thoughts and impressions. We all would like to return what doesn’t work for us but where I live there is no possibility and since I order most of the things abroad, there is no going back. But, looking back gives us a good lesson on where we lost our money, maybe also why, and it reminds us that we often just should stop buying without trying.

These are all purchases of the past months, going back 6 months actually, these are not only favorites but everything (except for brushes). I would love to know what you recently purchased and if it was a hit or a miss! We often tend to buy too many things just because it’s pretty or because it’s LE or because someone said it is a must-have but it’s useful to look back and see what mistakes we made and in the future try to spend more wisely or just be happy about our splurges and carry on 🙂


Base make-up


The By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum (1) is considered as skincare because it’s a serum. The shop where I can buy By Terry products was having an offer at the time, 3 products for 2! whatever make-up product, if you buy 3 products the 3rd was free! Beauty lovers adore this offer because that’s the best offer we could ever get here. I think it happens twice a year. I thought I could get 2 and the 3rd free but since this item was not considered as make-up, it wasn’t part of that offer. I still got “a few bottles” with the help of some vouchers I receive monthly. If you live in Switzerland, that shop is Marionnaud and has the best prices for By Terry products.

I use the 4 of them, my fav is the white, I don’t use the others that much for now. I apply it under my foundation but specially where I need to (cheeks, sides of the face, not the nose) and yes I feel an improvement of my skin, less obvious pores and the skin feels plumped and more tighten but CC ? just so so very little, even for the beige one the CC is over naming and maybe even a bit misleading, with all the other CC products on the market that look like foundation you tend to expect much more from a CC product. They work for me, I am not upset by their scent at all, but I prefer the older By Terry scent (this one is less pleasant).

Conclusion: Not a waste of money because I will use them, at my age, even if it doesn’t do a miracle, all the help I can get is welcome. But this is the kind of product you need to try before buy. I tried other serums and this is what works best for me.

As I recently mentioned in the forum, my skin changed a lot this past year (normal ageing process), my skincare hasn’t since it is still is adapted, I am using the Laura Mercier Repair without spf (because the spf formula doesn’t work for me). So, I need an spf product on top of it. I switched from my beloved Ellis Faas foundation to the IT Cosmetics CC+ SPF 50+ (4) and this color correcting cream is fantastic. The finish on me is not as glowy as the Ellis Faas but it covers more (it is a foundation on my skin), lasts longer, helps with the pores, makes my skin smoother and protects! what else ? It’s amazing that it works on my very dry skin, quite surprising actually! I can’t powder the application afterwards because it will eventually show a tiny dry patch at the end of the day, so as long as the skincare is applied generously and there is no over powdering after, it’s ok, I can finish the day and still have coverage looking totally fine and skin looking healthy. Thank you Stacy and Buggsie for that recommendation!! Just nailed it!

I got two shades (Light and Medium) but light is spot on for me, for reference I am nw20, quite neutral toned, so their “light” color is actually not that “light”.

Conclusion: difficult to try if you are outside of the USA but it is efficient, totally worth it.

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Wish Collagen and Vitamins C & K shade Neutral Medium (3) is just mind blowing. At first I was scared, this is a bit like Kevyn Aucoin foundation, so thick that you need just a micro dot, I just couldn’t dose it properly, always placing too much. Now I found a way, not the most hygienic but it’s the only one and fast enough so that I am not too lazy for it… I open the tube, squeeze until I see some product and when it reaches the top of the tube I just dot dot once, dot dot twice, under each eye where required, then I blend with my fingertip. It’s the only way I can easily apply it without having or wasting too much, see the quantity you have in this tube ? it will last me forever and beyond. I also use it if I need additional coverage on my face on target zones, it’s moisturizing, doesn’t look dry at all and I just barely set it with the powder in the Tom Ford eyeshadow base pot. It wasn’t working until I found the perfect amount I had to apply but then it was spot on 🙂

Conclusion: again, difficult to try if you are outside of the USA but I love it so so much, totally worth it!

The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Primer is confusing, I thought it was “hydrating” and I thought it would be nice to feel hydrated and have a “matte finish”, ok, doesn’t work for me, with my terrible dry skin it just adds another layer of something which makes my skin look more fake BUT I want to give it another try in summer when my skin is a bit more comfortable and less dry.

Conclusion : do not buy without try… waste of money.

The Laura Mercier perfecting is a sample I received here, reviews say it works really well to even out the skin, I feel it does, I need to keep using it but I have to use it under the Repair creme as on its own it is not enough for my skin.

Conclusion : it’s a sample!! yeah!!! this has to be tried before purchasing, I am happy I did not purchase it but if it improves my skin I will.

Contour and highlight




The Laura Mercier Golden Pink (1) was an impulse purchase, I loved how it looked in the pan, I don’t like it on my skin, OR, I haven’t found the best way or combination to apply it, not all highlighters are supposed to look natural but this one looks like burned skin rather than glowing skin. I suppose that if I had tried it at the counter I would not have bought it, it’s just that everything called “golden pink” calls my wallet.

Conclusion : for now it’s a waste of money… but I strongly believe that some products need some time to be loved and this one does.

The Tom Ford Fire Lust (2) is absolutely gorgeous, not because it’s Tom Ford but it has elegance written all over… I love it.

Conclusion : worth it for sure, no question about that.

The Chanel Dentelle Precieuse (3) is one of my favs Chanel highlighters, so happy that I managed to get one (thank you Melissa!!). There are way too many highlighters released on the market for us to use them up as we go… so I can’t talk about this as a necessity, but more as a collector/coup de coeur type of purchase. Some of you don’t want to use it because of ruining the design, guys, life is short, if you’d rather live looking at it, fair enough… but enjoy your items before they go bad! then it would be a waste of money and it’s a bit sad…

Conclusion : we don’t need a thousand highlighters, this one is worth it. I use it often since it’s subtle enough for daytime if used with moderation.

The Essence Cookies and Cream shimmer pearls (4)… hmhm… I bought this because I wanted to see if Guerlain Meteorites could somehow compare… these pearls are softer so you’ll get a heavier application, it’s ok, I tried them, these deliver a more “shimmery/metallic” glow than the Guerlain and I don’t like the strong scent… and for reasons that I will share in the next Essence blush topic below, I won’t use them.

Conclusion : waste of money.

The Laduree Face and Eye color (5) well, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know my opinion on this! I love the scent but just like macaroons, you get little for a huge lot of money. In terms of results yes I do love it. I have to use a very dense brush (I use Rae Morris 22) because the powder is quite difficult to grab but it looks great. This is no eye color though!

Conclusion : kind of waste of money, but if you think macaroons are not a waste of money then you may like this. I will use it for sure, I just feel like I have been “cheated” with the amount so excuse me for not bouncing like a happy puppy.

The Nars Olympia (6) should be a contour/highlight, on me the highlighter is too powdery, the contour is too light but funny, it works as a blush..

Conclusion : waste of money unless this will become my go-to neutral dimensional type of blush, we’ll see…

The Three Shading stick (7)  is just tooooo tiny, this is for fair skin, in comparison to the Olympia it is less rosy and does look more like a shadow but a tiny stick like this for the price it costs it’s not decent.

Conclusion : nice finish but waste of money, this should be in a Nars multiple size.

 Face / cheek



The Marc Jacobs Obsessed blush (1) is just too light for me, ok, it’s then a highlighter, looks ok on the skin as a peachy-pink highlighter but doesn’t last that long.
I like the unique  packaging but when I was at the counter I couldn’t really find something that interesting, not even the brushes. I liked the creamy pencils but they did not had a color that, either I didn’t had already or that I would use on myself so… I skipped them but they looked quite nice.

Conclusion : waste of money (maybe I should have taken a darker color but this looked super nice on the pan)

The Three Sunny Pomegranate (2) is a beautiful blush, interesting and fresh color, they remind me of RMK, similar texture. Three blushes don’t disappoint, some may look too similar to each other to justify the price but it’s lovely, melts into the skin and looks super natural.

Conclusion : worth it.

Two more products from Essence, Cookies and cream and Viva Brasil blushes (3 and 4), now it’s the moment where I am scared. These are very cheap but when I swatched the Cookies and Cream blush, a yellow-orange safran stain appeared on my fingers and I could not take this away! micellar water was not working and the BB long lasting makeup remover nearly did not work, I am totally in favor of buying cheaper makeup but is this supposed to look like safran ? nope, something weird about it.

Conclusion : stay away or buy at your own risks, for me it was a waste of money.

The two blushes I got from Hourglass, Diffused Heat and Radiant Magenta (5 and 6) are nice, but I clearly still prefer RMK which have a less powdery texture and the glow is just more gorgeous and unique. So if I had to recommend blushes, I would redirect you towards RMK rather than Hourglass.

Conclusion : not a waste of money because you still get a lot and they have lovely shades. I find them super easy to wear and easy to work with.

The Anna Sui 302 and 601 (7 and 8) are blushes I bought because I loved the 401 and I thought these would be lovely too. 302 washes me out a bit too much, it’s too light for me, and the 601 is a bit too orangey, so none of these two really blow me away but that’s the danger of buying without swatching.

Conclusion : not a clever purchase, not worth it.

The Karaja  Palette (9) was a purchase in a professional beauty shop here (where I could enter with the kind authorization of the staff even though I am not a professional makeup artist), this is way too heavy and powdery, probably ok on young skin but I just feel it’s not melting or merging into my skin at all, just sits there in all its powdery glory. The shade is nice depending on how you swatch the brush you can have it more coral red or more neutral but everytime I use it it leaves a mess on my dresser.

Conclusion : waste of money, it’s not because it’s “professional” make-up that it looks nice on every one despite of the technique or whatever.

The Jill Stuart Shelly Gem (10) blush looks strange on my cheeks, it has a silvery subtle shine that I like and doesn’t look powdery but washes me out a bit too much and if you don’t have a porcelain skin it may look “not-right”. I think I am too old for this if I follow my inner sense… The other day I tried it differently but with a more perfect base application where the coverage was nearly opaque, then applied this blush and it looked great. So, I think this is all about putting the cheeks on the background and enhancing something else, not the eyes but the lips. I tried accentuating the eyes and it didn’t look as well as with a bright lipstick. Combining the products in a clever way may save you money, not necessarily time… Not an effortless application for me but at least I can keep it and make it work.

Conclusion : better try it first or be really sure that it is a shade for you…

Cream blushes



The By Terry Cellularose blush range (1,2,3) are super fun, they last all day, have super pretty colors and are glowy. I don’t like the scent though, it’s not the same old By Terry scent (not to me) it’s more plastified, so that bothers me a little. What bothers me also is that they are not easy to use, why don’t they pack these in little squeeze tubes or bottles ? Imagine if it falls … and if you travel the contents will be stick to the plastic cap… it’s like yogourt. Also difficult to dose and not hygienic so a big fail for that. The product though is super nice. My fave is Rose Melba at the bottom of the pic.

Conclusion : a mess but the product is worth it.

The Bobbi Brown Hibiscus (4) is gorgeous, love it, but I love all BB cream blushes, specially when they are orange-red!

Conclusion : worth it and not a waste of money since I love this color!

Chanel Intonation (5) cream blush, compared to the Bobbi Brown Hibiscus it’s not the same color in the pan but when applied they look so similar, the BB is more glowy (kind of wet-looking) and the Chanel has less glow to it, more like a powder blush although it’s a cream blush. The Chanel looks more natural but if you want the dewy look, the BB is better.

Conclusion : worth it, love it!

Kevyn Aucoin Creamy glow duos (6) I may be wrong but I have the impression that it dissolves whatever application I have underneath, that it alters it. But I have super bad light at the moment (still due to the renovations…) so I am not sure if it’s in my imagination. I will do my best to try them during the weekend when I can actually see how it evolves and confirm my suspicion…

Conclusion : it’s tiny and not sure it’s worth it, still under evaluation.

Face and Eye Palettes


palettesThe Tom Ford Unabashed  (1) is pretty, love it a lot, they found the better textures for eyeshadows and that taupe is excellent. I use the cheek products but not much the glittery pan.

Conclusion : not a waste of money because I will use it and the packaging is absolutely worth it..

The Armani Face and Eye 01 (2) is ok, not crazy about it but easy to wear (except for the black shade’s texture).

Conclusion : I could have spent my money on something else from Armani like the new singles which look better.


Bronzers/healthy glows




The Sisley phyto-touche (1) is gorgeous, I apply it very sheerly just as a healthy glow (not really a whole face bronzer), the result is really pretty and flattering, the texture is similar to the Givenchy Croisiere that I love, it was expensive but I use it and love it so not a waste of money here. It is quite tough to pick up the product so I use the Rae Morris brush no 23 to apply it, it looks orange when it’s swatched but on the face it’s more sheerly distributed and doesn’t look orange on me at all.

The Shiseido RS1 (2) was the only shade from the range that could work and show up nicely on me and since I wanted one (I usually love their blushes) I had no choice than picking up this one. It’s a blush/bronzer/highlight,  I haven’t had the time to really use it often so I don’t have a final opinion on it for now, it looks nice but not sure if I will really reach for it.. The stripes are too narrow to use the shades separately and the brush that comes with it… I don’t really like how it applies so… we’ll see. The great thing about this compact is that the place where the brush is stored, when you remove it, can nicely hold a few shadows or a powder pan to take away with you.

The Chanel Les Beiges N°02 (3) looks lovely but I need 3 layers for it to show up on me, it evens out my skin and glows which is lovely, but I have to use a very dense brush, the Wayne Goss 12 is perfect for it because it’s flat, dense and has an oval surface so you can more easily concentrate it on the pan you want although you can’t totally avoid the others… Since I need to layer it quite a lot, I find it’s nicer to use as a blush, concentrating the most on the cheekbones. I am not sure 100% now but I do love it and I don’t think it’s a waste of money but I’ll see if my skin likes the layering and for that I need some time, just got it a few days ago.






The Marc Jacobs The Tease and Lolita (1,2) are ok eyeshadows but I am not a fan, I prefer Inglot over these, well, they remind me of Inglot shadows I own and my Inglot are better and cheaper. Some of these shadows in the two palettes are gorgeous but some are too blah or too powdery, depends on the shadow.

Conclusion : a waste of money, I was really seduced by the packaging but overall not worth it for me.

Chanel Tissé Gabrielle and Tissé Riviera (3,4) are the new textures of the Chanel quads we can get in Europe. I saw the choices and found they are not enough matte shadows.  I recently talked to a Chanel representative and she said people complained that it was too shimmery so Chanel will release for autumn slightly more matte ones. I am very disappointed and wanted to love them but I am definitely not, they just don’t stay put. That same Chanel person asked me to come back in October to have my look done by a professional Chanel MUA so I’ll go and see how she works with them. I tried many ways but my lids don’t like them, these shades will work nicely on younger lids, on mine they don’t. I love the darker shade on the Gabrielle quad, on the outer corner and crease it’s nice but I am really truly not blown away.

Conclusion : clearly disappointed and not worth it.

Burberry Pink Taupe and Plum Pink (5,6) unlike Chanel, these are wonderful. They look absolutely gorgeous, work so well on older eyelids, I am so happy with this purchase, I wouldn’t mind even more contrast on the middle shades but at least there is sheer and dark shadows which makes a look more interesting.

Conclusion : worth it!!

Viseart Basic 01 (7) is a palette with plenty matte shadows, even though there are many nice and super useful shadows I am not completely thrilled with it, not sure why… it is useful don’t get me wrong, if you are a make-up artist you need something like that with all matte neutral shadows handy but personally, I prefer Burberry for example, they have more complexity but are still very elegant and absolutely not tacky, I am more about quality than quantity, it’s not that I don’t like these Viseart but I’d rather get 3 Burberrys monos than this palette.

Conclusion : everybody needs matte shadows but I am happy with my Inglot and I did not really need more… These will not be waste of money since I will use them on models, if it was just for me, I don’t think it would be so great.

Essence (8 and 9) shadows from Cookies and Cream : I am just too scared now to use them but the shades are pretty, just not very pigmented but the light one could have been a nice highlighter…

Conclusion : not sure, they don’t last long, they aren’t expensive but still, for me since they don’t last, it was a waste.




Covergirl Lashblast Fusion (1) was totally dry when I used it for the first time, total waste of money.

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Raven (2) does not separate my lashes properly, there is way too much product on the brush despite me removing it constantly. It is really black and I love that but doesn’t really do much for me. Huge waste of money, which probably wouldn’t be if the wand was different.

Essence Extreme (3), ok, that one works and is super cheap, so for the price it’s worth it and fantastic!

Marc Jacobs 20 Blacquer Mascara (4), this is probably the worst mascara I have ever used. I did not even know a mascara could be so useless… total waste of money!





Lancome Artliner (1), it’s ok, not that blown away but it’s not a bad eyeliner. I would love a choice of more matte liners in the range. No final opinion yet, I am  playing with them these days.

The Revlon Colorstay (2) is too stiff for me so not easy, will not use it, hence a waste of money.

It’s going to be easy for this one, the Shiseido Brown (3) is a terrible liner, does not apply easily and is a total waste of money, doesn’t look even and doesn’t last long enough. The color is great though.

Lancome Artliner (4) it’s ok, I am not thrilled though, not exactly the color I was hoping for, still reflects too much light and I was looking for something with a more matte finish. I consider it is a waste of money but I may use it up.

The Sensai Liquid Eyeliner (5), nice color, nice tip for the application but it doesn’t last on my eyelids hence a waste of money because my days at work are too long for it 🙁  I am used to Tom Ford liquid eyeliner and there is nothing that compares in terms of lasting power, if only they could do it in dark matte brown!



There is no question that I love the Sisley Phyto lip twist (1) or do you still have any doubts ? 😀 they are moisturizing, with real color and they feel great so… totally worth it. I have swatched similar kind of “crayons” but did not find the same quality or  pigmentation, ok the price is high but I reach for them all the time.

The Laura Mercier Gel in Heartbreaker (3) carries its name to perfection, not worth it, don’t like the texture and once more, RMK have similar kind of colors but much more pleasant to wear.

The Tom Ford Sheers (4) are ok, I am not that thrilled and prefer the Sysley twisty ones, less sparkles and more wearable colors. I think they are worth their price IF you love their colors and don’t mind the ones with sparkles, some have too many sparkles but that is very Tom Ford… I love two out of 4 but I will probably wear them more in summer. What I don’t like about them is the sparkles.  It was a waste of money for 2 of them but we’ll see how it goes in summer.

The Tom Ford Lip Shimmers (2) are gorgeous, love them to pieces, totally worth it, hesitated taking a backup because I will finish them for sure but by the time I finish them they will probably release something else… so I did not.



Some of you recommended Philip B, I went to a shop and asked for the price, there was no question I would buy such an expensive product that (at the end…) goes down the drain. I received a sample, I don’t know if that was Stacy again who is my “sample provider”… but I found it in my sample stash (to which I am very devoted I must say, it allowed me to discover many products). When I finally tried it I was very very impressed. My sample was for the Lavender one but I bought the other two on the right first, then the Lavender.

It does make a difference, my hair looks healthy (despite being dry and awful), the effect doesn’t last that long on my hair, it’s not like I can wash my hair with less frequency than usual but the day they have been washed with this, I feel like a star, they have a gorgeous movement, feel so lightweight, have volume, it is just wonderful. I use just the Lavender as a shampoo then use any other conditioner I own because just using the shampoo from this line is enough to make a difference.

The Russian Amber is a mess to use (it’s like honey), it’s a very tiny pot so don’t think you get a huge pot of it for the price you are paying… it’s just too difficult to use on very long hair and I use a lot so not worth it for me, although I love the results. I heard the smell was amazing but it’s not that exceptional to me. I will carry on buying the Lavender for example.


Conclusion : it hurts me to say it’s not a waste of money… it is, but I have to say it does something and I love it…


Bottom line

I have to stop thinking about the waste and carry on (my mum will be happy though). I just have to try more or read more online reviews before I press the order now evil button. I learned my lesson and will try to be more patient, more clever in my purchases, do my best to try things before buying and even if I buy expensive make-up, I should spend more wisely unless… it’s for brushes!!! 😀

I will apply the same rule in Japan during my trip, I will only splurge when I really believe it’s worth it and I’ll be swatching A LOT I guess… 😀 I need more arms here… (just temporarily please)

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212kiki 21 May, 2014 - 7:25 pm

Wow there was a lot of waste in the last half year then…

I don’t buy much make-up since I buy brushes 😛
But Foundation search is most of the time very hard for me because there are no shades which fit me completely… Swatches are often useless when they are not on nw5 arms so I order unseen.
My face is a bit darker then the rest of my body so on the face it looks ok but when you see my face and neck it looks sometimes weird.
Very light, undertone and nice finish at the same time is not possible. And the nice finish foundations can’t be mixed with white…

So yes buying online is always a risk when you pay a lot of money !

212kiki 21 May, 2014 - 8:07 pm

But on the other side you had such awesome brushes in the last half year that I think you’re not that disappointed at all 😛

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 21 May, 2014 - 9:11 pm

I know I know phewwwww on that side I am blessed 😀 so very happy!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 21 May, 2014 - 9:10 pm

yep there was, will not happen again 😛
Really ? you have so many issues finding it ? my boyfriend is probably nw5 I could swatch on him 😀
what shade are you usually ?

212kiki 21 May, 2014 - 9:50 pm

Haha yes your bf should help us with swatches 😛
On face and hands I should be nw10 and rest around nw5…
Almost all brands don’t have “pale” shades…
Here are my current ones 😉
Very sadly the chante has an awesome finish but as you see too yellow and on my face also a bit too dark 🙁
(These are all the lightest shades)

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 21 May, 2014 - 11:26 pm

haha yep, he could !!
great foundations! and I love the Chantecaille too! I hope to soon be able to try Koh Gen Do! which one is the one next to the Chantecaille ? I don’t know this one 🙂
If I get my hands on very light samples in Japan I let you know!

Bonnie 22 May, 2014 - 5:00 am

I’m so glad you will get to try KGD! Still absolute love for me (along with the La Mer)! I know that they reformulated the Aqua foundation so I’m looking forward to trying that once I’m sort of made more headways into my existing… open…foundations.

212kiki, I know that KGD Maifanshi hits quite low… but I think it might only be about NW10…. do check it out though 🙂

212kiki 22 May, 2014 - 8:45 am

This is the Missha BB Cream signature real in shade 13 which is one of the palest shades on the market but it dont has that awesome finish like my Chantecaille. I know only a handfull of real pale shades.
Only thanks to Jill i was able to get this KGD (Shade 01) which is also very pale.
I saw swatches from driveller kate which helped me 😉

Carlyn 22 May, 2014 - 2:58 pm

I got a sample of the KGD Aqua form the website, but the shade was too light from me and they didn’t have a sample of the Moisture foundation. I really wanted to like this line because their ingredient list is more on the natural side, but it just didn’t sit well with my skin. I’m hoping the Moisture one works better on me, so need to see if they now have my shade to sample.

Raglo 22 May, 2014 - 12:36 pm

Giiiiiirl, I know exactly how you feel! I’m in the same boat except an NC5 😀 and everything for the EU market is so peachy orange warm and dark, ugh… And I totally know what you mean by how mixing in white ruins the original foundation, I do that with an Illamasqua one too.

So Sonia, keep an eye out for very, very pale yellow shades too ;). I’d love to see KGD, Missha and the By Terry in person. I saw these swatches on Beauty Professor and got all kinds of excited: http://www.beautyprofessor.net/2012/04/by-terry-cover-expertswatches-of-all.html

But then again, she has much darker skin. Based on her swatches I had high hopes the Tom Ford stick foundation might work for me, but when I actually got to see it at Bergdorf, the lightest shade was a proper 10 shades too dark 🙁

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 22 May, 2014 - 1:15 pm

you are so sheer girls!! 🙂
no worries I’ll see if I can find some samples! probably Japan is the place for you!

212kiki 22 May, 2014 - 2:27 pm

Haha now i like to be fair but for foundation search its not funny.
For the missha i use it now for every Day pimple remover 😛 but i must say i prefer other finishes now. The KGD 01 is very fair but I don’t know if the shade with a more yellow undertone is as light as this one. Let me know if you want samples I could see if I can find some little pots but missha and KGD are more on the rose side 😉

212kiki 22 May, 2014 - 10:38 pm

oh and i think by terry is too dark for you i saw them for a short swatch in berlin…

Raglo 10 June, 2014 - 4:14 pm

Awww, thank you for offering, but I’m all sampled out at the moment! I got to travel for a bit and went a little nuts on foundation samples… It was fun and definitely interesting at first, but just overwhelming in the end. Nothing actually worked either, boo.

It’s nice knowing someone’s in the same boat as me though and I love getting new ideas on what brands to possibly try 😉

Raglo 21 May, 2014 - 11:35 pm

Aww it’s too bad the Sensai eyeliner doesn’t work for you 🙁 .

I gave up trying to get any colour on the brush from my Chanel blush. 200 swirls and still useless. So one day, I just randomly started scratching away at the surface of the blush with the little plastic cover it comes with (I’m a weirdo and keep almost all of those!) and lo and behold, COLOUR! So that’s what I do now before each use, scratch it a few times, and then there’s enough colour on the brush to remind me again not only why I bought the cursed thing, but why I loved it 🙂 .

I recently bought the Shiseido pencil eye liner in brown. It’s the most gorgeous, perfect brown, blue based / ashy, like espresso, and super dark. It’s perfection. And I had all these dreams about how it would be my HG, I could smudge it or I could do a flick with it (because it has the perfect texture, waxy but not too hard, totally possible to be über precise), and use it on my waterline and it would go nowhere… Alas. It does not stay on the water line, it transfers to the bottom and below the lashes as well making me look bruised, and it does this continuously, cleaning it up once won’t stop the mess. I tried wearing it just on my top last line, nothing on the water line and nothing on the bottom, and it still smudged all the way to my undereye (howww???). On top of everything, it really irritates my eyes. They hurt, get red and water like mad… 🙁

As for hair care, I’ve too recently found a new love – L’Occitane. Adoooooore! I got to sample their repairing line in a travel set and loved it, love the smell and just love what it does for my hair, but over time it just made my hair way too greasy (and healthy I guess). Like half a day on I felt like it needed to be washed again. I used that line for a month and my hair feels miraculously healthy – I still have a sea of split ends because I don’t get my hair cut often enough, but they’re somehow smoothed and not glaring at me in the light. I ended up buying the full size of the Volumizing shampoo, because I have very fine hair and not much of it, and am super happy with it. I can go like 3-4 days without washing my hair now and it still looks great. It just makes my hair look and feel… Like if I were an 18th century nymph bathing in a lake in the south of France and just emerged from the water in all my divinity, with nothing but the help of nature and a little magic 😛 . But I also don’t use any styling liquids, sprays or heat tools, I just let my hair do whatever it wants, which usually means unruly waves, I just embrace it :D.

Carlyn 22 May, 2014 - 3:05 pm

That’s so funny about the Chanel blush

Renata 22 May, 2014 - 12:06 am

I had the same experience with the It Cosmetics concealer. And the best way I found to apply is exactly the same: small dots directly from the tube on the skin. But after that what I do is leave it on the skin for 5 to 10 seconds. It melts and turns to something liquid. Then I spread the little dots with a brush (the Real Techniques shading brush is very good with this concealer). This way I get more coverage from the concealer and it doesn’t crease.

Monica 22 May, 2014 - 1:12 am

I love your makeup reviews as much as the brushes ones. I find that we have similar taste and since I also have mature skin your reviews help me a lot. Thank.
I believe that you will love Koh Gen Do, specially the liquid foundation and powder, the lipsticks are super comfortable but not enough pigmentation. I bought a lipstick in pink-coral and barely shows any color at all.

Ann C. 22 May, 2014 - 2:03 am

Wow! I was thinking of buying some of these products.. Now that I read this post, I am able to filter out some I wouldn’t like based on your reviews hahaha
I haven’t tried out RMK yet, and you make me want to buy them to see how incredible they are.
We have Laura Mercier counter here so I can easily check their cream blushes out.
Thanks for this post Sonia. Its really helpful. 😉

Bonnie 22 May, 2014 - 5:05 am

What a lot of things you have been buying!!!! Sad to say that there are some total wastes of $$$, but also good to see that there are a few loves as well!

I’ve done some shopping, but surprisingly, haven’t used much of what I bought in Japan, but I have used what I’ve bought subsequently…. I enjoy Chanel Intonation as well, the new Armani blush in 306 (also picked up #10 from the discontinued line, which is gorgeous as well). Having ridiculous amounts of trouble getting the Armani Maestro fusion blush (#500) to work!!! I end up looking like a clown!!! I’m sure once I figure out how best to apply it, it’ll work out better….

There’s a few other things, but I can’t really think of them right now…

laura 22 May, 2014 - 5:48 am

I like the NARS highlighter/shader duo. The highlighter is a bit too.. dark, or it looks a bit too much like a skin tone for me, but the shader blush is wonderful I think. I got it in the shade darker, Paloma I think, as I felt Olympia’s shader is too pink for me. I’m an NC15, so it’s quite dark, but as NARS pigmentation is not the same as Japanese blushers – I thought I’d use a soft hand and thus needed to use less.

I think you will love the drugstore liquid eyeliner pens in Japan. They’re very good and affordable, I don’t have a super favourite yet (the ‘good’ Dolly Wink is discontinued and I hate the 24h Tattoo one as it smudges!!!), but I use them every day (currently the so popular Leanani and Lady Oscar ones). They’re about 1000y each.

I wished Marc Jacobs’ Lolita would have been amazing… in the pan they look just darling. Hourglass Ambient Lightning blushes.. NEED! haha

midnitedesire 22 May, 2014 - 9:13 am

I recently purchased a few of sunscreens, self tanners and a very few skin care products I really like from Lancome and liz earle , when I purchase less things, I feel I’m able to thoroughly enjoy what I’ve purchased ,so no remorse here

But I’m weak willed when it comes to LE/exclusive items LOLLLLLL other than that I’m happy that now I’m actually became a bit more selective you know 🙂 and I’m so proud to say I just (again) cleaned out a big chunk of my stash back in February by giving to my cousins and friends. It makes me feel so much relief and less guilty about buying too much makeup and brush 3:)

Kate @ drivelaboutfrivol 22 May, 2014 - 12:56 pm

Did you read my mind? So many products I’ve been contemplating all in one glorious round-up 😀
I’m still hesitating over the Chanel Dentelle myself — it swatches BEAUTIFULLY and the texture is divine, but could I bring myself to ruin that gorgeous imprint?
I hate all the ByT Hyaluronic range, I must say. So, so unforgiving on dry skin.
Heading off to Sisley to play with those crayons, stat.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 22 May, 2014 - 1:09 pm

haha really ?
I have no discipline so I just have to swatch everything I have despite the pretty pattern! I hate myself for that and I admire those of you who can just behave and admire its beauty… 😛
oh please please let me know what you think of the Sisley!!! Number 6 has your name written all over! I just didn’t like the number 5, it was applying a bit patchy. Otherwise, even the nude one with sparkles is ok because I layer it on top of others.

Carlyn 22 May, 2014 - 3:33 pm

Hi Sonia, what a great post although I’m sorry that you had to waste so much money this past 6 months

Stacy 23 May, 2014 - 2:45 am

I am so so glad you love the IT CC Cream! It has become my HG 🙂 that sunscreen level and skincare benefits are fantastic! ❤️

Iris 23 May, 2014 - 1:47 pm

Enjoyed every word of this wonderfully detailed post! I purchased some of the same items, such as two of the By Terry Cellularose blushes and one of the primer serum. It’s such a shame that Marionnaud did not consider the Lumi-Serum to be makeup when it’s obviously marketed as having makeup properties. I also purchased the Essence Cookies & Cream highlighter balls just for the cute factor but am glad I didn’t get anymore of the collection after reading your review. Gave Marc Jacobs a complete miss except for their big bronzer blush as the textures weren’t that appealing to me and I find the prices a tad high. I also got one of the Anna Sui blushes and still admiring its pristine brand-new condition!

Hopefully next season will bring more hits than misses for you!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 23 May, 2014 - 9:51 pm

Thank you Iris! 🙂
I did not get that it wasn’t included in the reduction, sad, they called even but they confirmed it wasn’t.
The MJ brushes in the counter looked so unappealing that I left without them, I thought I could use more the makeup but not really…
I am now using things that I bought in Japan last year and honestly loving them, despite the fact they weren’t cheap, I do use them 🙂 that waste made me calm down a lot 😀

Buggsiebee 23 May, 2014 - 9:57 pm

Sonia, perhaps you should give the MJ brushes another try? I’ve been using the concealer brush daily since I got it a few weeks ago & since I love it so much I decided to pick up the Face Sculpting Brush II also. I have been using the # II to finish my finger applied IT CC foundation & am loving it so much that I’m even concidering a back-up!!!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 23 May, 2014 - 10:02 pm

ok… maybe I should 😀 😀 😀

Bonnie 25 May, 2014 - 7:06 pm

So easy 😛

Marjolein 23 May, 2014 - 9:24 pm

I really love reading your blog!
I bought the chanel powder in no 1 (with the pinky shade)
At home no color came off and in the pink shade appeard oily bits.. not only on the surface but it went deeper.
Went back to the store, got another one. With a soft tissue and a really light hand we got rid of the coating and now if gives of colour and is as buttery as the tester in the store… so maybe thats a tip…

I also bought a few things not worth the money (estee lauder mascara, too faced naked palette and a few other things) but i’m really loving my mac paint pot in tailor grey and the urban decay naked basics palette!

Enjoy researching en purchasing things more worth the money.
Have you tried any make up of Charlotte Tilburry?

(Sorry for the incorrect spelling at times.. i’m dutch 🙂 )

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 23 May, 2014 - 9:55 pm

thank you Marjolein!
I tried the pink one, despite that it was 100% new I could not get a lot of product show and it was more powdery than the 02 so that one totally not for me.
Oh yes I love the tailor grey, that was a nice useful one! (looks like I forgot to add a few more things!! also the Suqqu I purchased!!)
I have 4 Tilbury palettes and other items, was thinking of posting a little review/thoughts post…

I also suffer from incorrect spelling, my English not being that great but hey, no worries!!! we learn every day (specially me)

Buggsiebee 23 May, 2014 - 9:29 pm

Convinced!! Just ordered a small travel tube of the IT Under Eye Concealer in Neutral/Med off ebay to try.
I have a lot the goodies you have & am also sad about some of the waste, but no pain, no gain & some of the products are definitely winners!
I also find the Sisley # 2 lippie crayon super useful to adjust other lipstick shades & love the TF Moonlight lipshimmer to highlight the cupids bow!
To the Philip B Russian Amber shampoo in a tub, I say yay for the good things it does for my short hair, but, like you, it’s a MEGA, mega boooooo to the packaging! What were they thinking?!
I have the large tub & it is soooooo awkward to scoop the thick goop out of there with wet fingers while under the shower. They DO need to fix this!! I love the matching conditioner which thankfully comes in a user- friendly tube & the fragrance is my absolute favourite EVER!!
Did you manage to get the Summer – Suqqu # 20 palette?

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 23 May, 2014 - 10:01 pm

oh you did ?? let me know what you think because on me it is moisturizing and does not look cakey, my skin feels just happy with it (I touch it and it feels fantastic), I don’t apply it near the lash line but just in the dark zones! doesn’t mean it will work for you since you usually don’t like how they look at all but this one for me it’s fantastic! the best one I have ever tried (I haven’t tried Ellis Faas or Tom Ford though, they are on my list)
Silly Philip B packaging for that shampoo 🙂 but I am glad I tried the brand! I have to go do some color on my hair next week and I will post a pic 😉
yes I did get the Suqqu, but will only get it next week!

Anna 25 May, 2014 - 9:54 pm

Buggsie, I’m so curious about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream – where to order that brand? I didn’t find a shop which delivers to Germany. Do you have found one?

Buggsiebee 26 May, 2014 - 7:39 am

No, Anna, sadly not 🙁
You’ll have to either go the ebay route – overpriced!! or use a forwarding company or beg a helpful USA SMUT member to help.

Jillian 25 May, 2014 - 10:28 pm

Your makeup posts are unparalleled 🙂

I just picked up the Viseart palette this week too and I feel pretty similarly. I tend to reach for the TF, RBR, and Burberry matte shades more… the subtle complexity of Burberry makes them a lot more fun to use.

My skin is usually so dry– so I was a little leery of the IT Cosmetics CC cream but I’m glad to hear you had such a good experience w/ it. I can’t wait to try it and the under eye concealer.

I couldn’t agree more on the Philip B Russian Amber shampoo… I felt like my hair was just too heavy after using it (and I have long, dry, curly hair). And it took several rounds of it to actually clean my hair. Not impressed. I’m shopping around for some different shampoo/conditioners. I over-committed to Purology and got the salon-sized bottles and I’m soo tired of it, lol.

I can’t wait to see what you pick up in Japan 🙂

Buggsiebee 26 May, 2014 - 8:21 am

Congrats on the Wedding!!!
I assume you had a lovely honeymoon?! Lucky girl!
I wish you and your man a truly ‘happy ever after’ 🙂

Jillian 26 May, 2014 - 10:31 pm

Hi Buggsie!

Thank you so much 🙂 The wedding and honeymoon were perfect. I think the destination wedding was the perfect choice for us. I’m constantly blown away by how sweet everyone on SMT is– thank you for the well-wishes.

Bonnie 29 May, 2014 - 5:14 pm

I saw some photos on FB 😛 BEAUTIFUL!

Jillian 1 June, 2014 - 4:40 am

Thanks, Bonnie!!

Judith 27 May, 2014 - 1:31 pm

I agree about the pot rouge they are fantastic, I do not get matte finish cream blushes, what’s the point!

Dena 30 May, 2014 - 12:16 pm

Wow, this is post is a great help, as you have covered a few products I have been considering. Interesting that you haven’t been overawed by Marc Jacobs makeup. Have you tried any of the brushes? By the way, for hair, I strongly recommend Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer Extreme x

WondersReviews 2 June, 2014 - 5:37 pm

I bought 2 eye brushes from Essence, cause they are way too cute to resist, in purple and hot pink ! Didn’t used them yet.

Have you tried Dior’s Rouge Sérum ?
I love them !!! I have a perfect combo to make “baby lips” with other Dior products (i did a detailed article in my blog if you are interested). They will be discontinued. But in SunStore they are -50% because of that ! Cant wait to see the new version.

I’m toooo tempted by the By Terry cream blush !!!



rachel 24 June, 2014 - 5:57 am

Hi darling thanks for the enjoyable reviews!
I totally agree with your opinions on Burberry makeups! they have the best texture that flatter 40s women. I love them! just their boxes are quite vulnerable, be careful not to let them get wet. Seems Sisley makeup are very good quality ! I am interested.

Hope you enjoy your Japanese trip! I am going to get some Chicca makeup as my birthday present…LOL! have you tried them? Here in Asia many make up fans in our age love them a lot. I recommend you to give a try! and century foundation too, they are all from Kanebo company!

Have a great summer!

Karina Fogliani 2 February, 2018 - 3:17 pm

It just kills me how you shop high end brands and you go like for a whole range :)))) Love it!!!!


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