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Koyudo BP006

by Sonia G.

Let me Super Size you with the Koyudo BP006,  with its 5.5cm diameter at the surface you better be warned, it’s a beast. Goat hair (Saikoho, Hakutotsuho), similar hair as the Koyudo White Mushroom, 7800 JPY (approx 75$), this brush feels like a fairy tale and you may feel like a shrunken Alice when you use it 🙂
They have a smaller version at approx 63$ but the difference in surface is only 0.5cm smaller. Link to the BP series here


The bristles are 6cm long, it’s not utterly firm as you can imagine by the length of the hair and the large size of its surface,  it has medium density and medium flexibility, it’s not powerful enough to pick thicker and harder products efficiently, this brush is meant for soft powdery textures, will not deliver high coverage at all but will work with bronzers, highlighters and powders in a more subtle manner. I have Bobbi Brown Golden Light and with that brush it makes a nice combo, the application on the whole face is even, buildable and very pleasant.

For Summer this will be fun to use with bronzers or sparkly highlighters on the legs and the shoulders, I could use it in the decolleté but unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t need to draw any more attention in there.  I have tried it on the arms and shoulders and the application is subtle but visible enough, just one advice though, be careful who you cuddle as sparkles do transfer 😉

The Koyudo White Mushroom is denser, firmer, is very slightly softer but since every brush is handmade there could be small differences. If I had to choose between these two, of course I would keep the White Mushroom not only because I love the shape of this kabuki but also because I can do many more things with it that require more strength and control.


Here is the surface of both, the White Mushroom is more tapered and the BP006 more splayed out.


Compared to the Hakuhodo J104 the size difference is important, both are extremely soft but the BP006 bristles are slightly thinner, this can be a plus or a con, depending on what you are looking for. The J104 is firmer and has more power in picking up the product and buffing it.


“Flat and round” is one of my favorites shapes (specially smaller blush brushes), here are some bigger options, the 3 on the left are grey squirrel only, the others are goat hair.



The original Guerlain Meteorites brush is, to say the least, hard and pokey. The bristles feel like swords on my skin, which in a way is excellent for meteorites because some of these little balls have to be “stabbed” to release any color or powder at all. I enjoy using Meteorites but just for fun, seriously I am not a huge fan of the process and result, simply because I am never sure how much product I am really picking so at the end it’s a waste of time (it also depends on the Meteorites you are using).

If you want a very sheer and subtle layer, you can use brushes that are soft because they will mostly grab the little macro particles of meteorites, but if you want to be highlighted or glowing, it’s better to use harder bristles that will have more friction against the pearls…

There is another brush who deserves to be mentioned, similar in softness, it’s the Tanseido I received as a present from Tanseido Manager (President’s wife) while I was visiting. I am not sure which one it is but if I rely on the dimensions it’s the WC20 (link here). Since it’s shorter, it has more power to pick product and since it’s smaller, I have more control on the placement.



The Hakuhodo J104 is just in the middle in terms of size and precision, softness is not an issue for any of these:



My daily preference goes to smaller brushes for highlighting, I already have a glow delivered by the Laura Mercier moisturizer and the Ellis Faas foundation, I don’t need to apply an all over highlighter on a daily basis. I use more smaller brushes for that purpose, for example this little group from Hakuhodo, the choice will depend on how pigmented the highlighter is, if it has sparkles, etc. Sparkles are better handled with a stippling type of brush, more subtle application and the sparkles won’t sink into the bristles.



If I could handle it, I’d rather wear a more matte foundation and then use an overall highlighter simply because the foundation would last longer and have more grip, I can’t often do that because of my very dry skin I have to “overdose the moisturizer”, as a consequence I wont use an overall highlighter but place it more strategically only where needed (cupids bow, inner corner of the eyes, on the temples and/or above the cheekbones).

This BP006 is more of a bronzer brush or a setting brush for me but if you use a highlighter for an allover glow, that could be an appropriate brush for you.

Speaking of Meteorites, there are several choices out there :


Some pressed powders are more pigmented than others, or more sparkly, or creamy or matte, BUT, we are not performing a heart operation here and we don’t need surgical precision. If the brush picks too much product, dust it off, if it doesn’t pick enough with one swipe, try several. For this kind of big powder brushes I am not that picky, where I am more picky is with contour or blush brushes. With non-dyed goat brushes you can also use them with cream products (Cruel Gardenia), the white brushes are in general non dyed.

As I said, although I enjoy Meteorites some times, I believe there are better and cheaper highlighters out there so don’t suffer if you don’t have them, but enjoy them if you do 🙂


This is to put the BP006 brush in the same dimension scale as the compacts…



Bigger than the compact but no problems to use it together:


About the boxes, there are several sizes :


Perles du Paradis is 7cm wide so no worries to fit the beast there:


The medium sized compacts (6cm) you will have to be careful, you can get it right :


But if you are in a hurry, you may not want to do that :


It does pick product, not as much as firmer brushes but it also works :


The Hakuhodo J104 and the smaller box (5.5cm) :


Picks more but also these pearls are more pigmented :


I have tried on a black paper, with the same product and two different brushes, you probably see it better than on skin, the J104 delivers more coverage but the BP006 is still picking up enough product to do the job!



Left Koyudo BP006 – Right Hakuhodo J104

Since many people is curious to know, we would love to know what brush you use with your meteorites or your powder, setting or finishing 🙂

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Ann C. 12 February, 2014 - 1:48 pm

Omg Sonia! I am obsessed with meteorites powders! And I love that you featured them along with the white brushes. Right now, I use the Suqqu cheek brush for the Mythic Voyage and Trish McEvoy bronzer for my perles.
Now, I have an idea on what other brushes I could buy for them. I really enjoy using these powders.

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:31 pm

cool cool cool 😀 I know there are many meteorites lovers out there !! they fascinate me by how pretty they are in the box although I don’t use them that much! I work in phases, maybe in a few weeks I will start using them again 🙂

Melissa 12 February, 2014 - 2:10 pm

Flat and round brushes are one of my favo too!! J210 is perfect for my small feature so this BP006 would cover my entire face times 3. LOL
I don’t own any Meteorites but I do use the powder from SUQQU Ex-03 face color palette as my finishing powder with either the huge red Kyuka brush or the Red handled Koyudo grey squirrel brush.
For my setting powder (MAC MSF or Sisley powder) I tend to grab the Shu Uemura 15 to set my concealer underneath my eyes. And either Chik MK-2, FU-SHIKADEN powder or the A&A SGP-20 to set my foundation.
And I think I receive the G5540 with my latest fuchsia pink Hakuhodo set I bought from Rakuten Blanc Lapin shop, shape seems similar. I love using that to dust off any eyeshadow fall outs!

Btw, you should check out the Koyudo BP002, if you don’t own it already. It will be on my next Koyudo order for sure!! It doesn’t look as fluffy on their website but its so amazingly soft with just the perfect density (between TF bronzer and Haku S106 I think).

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:32 pm

‘top tempting me 😀

Jess88 21 June, 2014 - 5:39 pm


I just registered with smut but my account has not been activated yet…Wanted to ask if anyone has both Koyudo BP002 and BP016? Which brush is better for blush/bronzer? ie. less floppy, more directional etc…haha, I just started collecting Japanese brushes this month and needed to choose between this two…i’ve ordered too much brushes from koyudo already:S =P

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 22 June, 2014 - 2:34 am

Hi Jess,
your account should now be active, thank you for registering and welcome !! 🙂
I don’t have the 002 so I can’t compare I am afraid … so sorry! the 002 looks much bigger though so for blush for sure the 016.
Wishing you lots of fun with your Koyudo brushes !!

212kiki 12 February, 2014 - 3:19 pm

I use my z1 or h008 for my meteorites and i like it 😀
I’m a bit lazy in the morning and sleep every minute i can, so most of the time i dont use much, only mascara and BB cream on spots or red areas. So i dont use powder brushes often 😉
But if i go out i make a full Make-up and and really enjoy all my beautiful brushes haha sure my make-up too 😀

Ylona 12 February, 2014 - 4:54 pm

This is huge ! The fairy tale feeling make me think about the teddy in alpaga hair ii bough for my son when he was a baby.
They should make some brushes with alpaga hair, hihi !
The red Shu is lovely also <3

Carlyn 12 February, 2014 - 8:06 pm

I love seeing a new review on your website and reading the comments. I learn quite a bit from all the input. Thanks again for all your thoughtfulness and hard work Sonia.

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:35 pm

my pleasure Carlyn <3
I love all your comments so much, also learn a lot and get many many ideas!!

Lillian 12 February, 2014 - 11:52 pm

…”because some of these little balls have to be “stabbed”

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:37 pm

muarf! 😀 and I have removed (replaced) “pearls” where I had written “balls”.. (*friction* and *balls* are words to not use together here!) 😀

Catalina 14 February, 2014 - 9:55 pm

“The bristles feel like swords on my skin” OMG, so true, that this is pokeyyyy! LOL.

I found your blog this week searching for Hakuhodo reviews. To say that I am amazed by the amount of useful content here is an colossal understatement. THANK YO!!! It looks like I am ready to do some damage and you are not helping 😉

This is a bit out of topic, but I am totally torn between the Hakuhodo J110 and the Koyudo BP016. I love a multitasked which makes me think I should get the J110, but the Koyudo looks so soft and pretty! Do you (or any of the lovely readers here) have a preference?

Catalina 14 February, 2014 - 10:17 pm

* a colossal
* multitasker
Geeez, I need ought to re-read comments before posting… too excited about the brushes! haha!

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:49 pm


Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:48 pm

Thank you Catalina! so sweet !!
well… I prefer the BP016 but believe me, both are incredibly great! and very similar so if you have the J110 you should not *need* the bp016.

Kay 16 February, 2014 - 7:55 am

That is one big brush! I’m not fond of white brushes so the Suqqu Face brush or the Chikuhodo Z1 are my go to brushes for setting with powder. For small areas, I love using the Hakuhodo B021 which is a large eyeshadow brush.

Highlighters make me nervous since I tend to get oily. But I recently started using mineral foundation and noticed how flat it looks so am experimenting with my discontinued Hakuhodo S114 which looks like the S116 except it’s made with Kazakhstan squirrel. Never used it since getting it 3 years ago so am glad to try it out!

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:51 pm

Hi Kay 🙂
ooh the S114 I was looking for that one 🙂

fanny_blackrose 16 February, 2014 - 8:47 pm

Using my Tom Ford bronzer for meteorites balls. I don’t have “hard picking” moment with this combination. I just love to swipe and swipe again.
For the crazy balls, tends pinky blush I use my j110.

Sweet make up temptations 21 February, 2014 - 9:57 pm

yes we often can’t stop playing with these little balls 🙂 so that is quite fun how you do it!

Nynke 19 February, 2014 - 1:47 am

Hi Sonia, i have a brush question. I can not enter your forum so i hope it’s ok that i post my question here.

Do you know how big the Chikuhodo R-C2 is? I want to order a blush brush from Chikuhodo. The size of the Hakuhodo J110 is too big for blush (for me) I use that brush for bronzer en face powder. The size of the J544 is perfect! If the size of the R-C2 is comparable with the J544 i maby want too buy that brush. Or the Z4.. I also want too buy the Tanseido YAQ17 and i think the EQ28. The EQ28 for bronzer and facepowder. My skin is so sensitive so i break my rules and go for 2 squirrel brushes. What is your advice?

Thank you so much for all the revieuws you post!

Valerie 16 April, 2014 - 6:16 pm

Hi Sonia,

My Koyudo order finally is shipped (only after 10+ week waiting

Valerie 16 April, 2014 - 7:15 pm

I’m so sorry Sonia. I was in the tunnel heading to San Francisco and lost internet connection. Anyway, I’m so excited about my Koyudo order. I saw some cute kabuki brushes (cat paw and sun flower) from cdjapan website and wonder if you happen to have something similar in your collection and what your thought on them. Can’t wait for your next blog on more Hakuhodo and Koyudo brushes. Thx.

Sweet make up temptations 18 April, 2014 - 11:47 am

Hi Valerie,
Yes sure I do, I have the cat paw brush 🙂 it’s a finishing brush, nothing you can’t do with a different brush but this one is so cute!
I made an order yesterday, I also had the flower one, the cactus too by the way, but at the end I ordered a second white mushroom instead, not because I don’t want the other ones but because I also have a budget to stick to 😀
So next month I will probably order the cactus and a cleaning brush.

I am typing at this precise moment the two next posts but it takes time since my English is not yet something that fluent…
I hope you will receive your order soon and that it was worth the wait!

Valerie 19 April, 2014 - 7:17 pm

Hi Sonia,

Your English is perfect to me and I’m always enjoy reading your blog. I received my first Koyudo order (yay!) which includes Fu-pa 1,2,3, Purin002, C011 and C003 short hair. They are beautiful, well crafted and oh so so so soft (especially the Fu-pa). The Fu-pa ones feel liked velvet on my skin. I think the Fu-pa family, the cat paw, the gray squirrel set are calling my name. I can’t decide which one I should order first for my birthday (which should be perfect for 6-10 week wait 😉 ). Thx you Sonia again for your wonderful blog and brush temple. 🙂

Sweet make up temptations 21 April, 2014 - 6:46 pm

Hi Valerie, it’s really not that good but thank you so much for your support!
once you start with them, it’s like an addiction 😀
my pleasure 😉

Lecia 28 October, 2014 - 1:13 am

Hi Sonia,
I get severe brush envy when I read your blog posts. I am wondering how the Hakuhodo S105 and the Koyudo gray squirrel powder brush with the red handle compare in terms of density, softness and application. They are pictured next to each other above and look somewhat similar, but which do you prefer?

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 4 November, 2014 - 8:29 pm

Hi Lecia, haha ok well good luck 🙂
The Koyudo is denser, you’ll get a bigger surface and more density where the application will be slightly heavier, you’ll get better control with the Koyudo so I’ll get more use with it.
The S105 feels maybe a bit softer but you can’t really tell for sure, the higher density of the Koyudo may be confusing and might make the S105 feel softer to the face but it’s not really.
I prefer the handle of the Haku, the head of the Koyudo.

Karina Fogliani 30 January, 2018 - 5:36 pm

It’s been years since I’ve had this Meteorites powder. Just a few days ago I found the brush in blue, in it’s Emilio Pucci edition. Brush looks lovely but I agree with you that is not soft at all. I am thinking of getting the Emilio Pucci version of the powder as well. Just as you indicate, it should be quite good with this brush.


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