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Mac Paint Pots – Tailor Grey and Perky

by Sonia G.

If you want to capture my attention you mention “long wear” and you get it… you mention Paint Pots and you’ll see my fingertips twiching with excitement ready to swatch! 😀

On Saturday I saw these new paint pots by surprise, I haven’t been following Mac collections at all so I did not know about them. I really should keep an eye on Mac news but happy and relieved that I was there at the right time after all. A few intense swatching minutes later, I selected two, Perky and Tailor Grey, utterly in love with the shades, I had to take them home and give them a deeper test :



Why these two ?

I am attracted to pink corals and taupes, specially when they are both combined in the same look. When I tried a first look with them  (Perky on the eyelid and Tailor Grey in the outer crease and lower lashline) it reminded of a look that I do on a daily basis with the 2 recent trios from Tom Ford, In The Pink and She Wolf but once home I noticed that the shades don’t really compare.


Tailor Grey

TF She Wolf is darker, this trio (not really a trio since I don’t use the glitter) is glamorous yet wearable, appropriate for the office, easy to wear, etc etc It’s neutral but the final look with it is always sultry and never ever looks tacky and for a powder texture, this is very long lasting. Of course I prefer the TF to the Mac but this Mac Tailor Grey is not bad and I will actually get a lot of use from it.




With the Tailor Grey I was also hoping for a dupe to the Ellis Faas 107 because I am struggling with the EF packaging. The pens are a great idea in terms of how they look but they just don’t work. If you  read my previous posts, you may have come across Ellis Faas reviews, I will just take this out of the way and tell you that in my opinion there is no better texture in the beauty world than the Ellis Faas, it combines the best texture with the best wearable colours and mind blowing lasting power. The problem with Ellis Faas is the bleeping packaging, it has been driving insane for a while and today I simply reached the point of no return, either they do something or I’ll stop purchasing them. Today I wanted to do some swatches but they just “exploded”, product got spread all over the place, also on my (beige leather) shoes… I am really mad at them because some time ago I wrote to Ellis Faas and they told me that they have no intention of changing it.

I have hooded eyes, when I apply color in the crease (specially a cream based shadow), the finish has to be smooth otherwise the skin there may look crepey, that is the big strength of Ellis Faas, the finish with their products is the best to me and unfortunately I haven’t found a similar product yet. The Mac Tailor Grey finish is acceptable, after 10 hours it looks a little bit dry but it hasn’t flaked, just faded and it fades evenly without creasing.

Note for Ellis Faas (if they ever read): please for the love of Beauty, do something about it!!!

Anyway, that’s why it’s now depotted (because it was either that or the bin), I transferred the product that stayed inside the tube to a little sterilized pot but I am not sure it will remain usable. It may completely dry out.


The messy mess

The Tom Ford is really darker and I really love the lasting power as I said before, although it’s neutral, I wish that these trio (duo) would remain in their permanent collection.






Mac Tailor Grey is warmer than the Maybelline but still not similar to the Ellis Faas, it’s something in between the Ellis Faas 105 and 107,  the 107 being the most beautiful and subtle smokey eye ever on my lids. I was hoping this Mac paint pot could replace the 107 but it’s not as warm. It will be good enough anyway because I won’t repurchase any more bleeping EF pens again.

I use the EL Mochachino on the lid blended till near the crease, then I apply very thin black eyeliner and I set the liner with a black eyeshadow (Addiction) bringing it a bit further up than the black liner fading into the Mochachino, this is really a gorgeous look, kind of smokey but office wearable, I just won’t apply the Mochachino too high because it has too much pearly shine and on hooded lids that’s not a pretty thing.




The purpose of this paint pot was to see how it could actually “replace” the Ellis Faas. By the way, I had bought the Bobbi Brown stick in “Shadow” some time ago but gosh, I absolutely hate it, it applies and looks horrible, dry, patchy, just like mud and that is clearly not a flattering formula in my humble opinion.


This Perky Paint Pot is fresh and beautiful, it’s a coral peachy pink with pearly shine to it, the texture is easily blendable, buildable and once applied you get very decent color payoff that stays put. The shade is not that similar to the Tom Ford, but it lasts much longer and reflects the light with more intensity, a sort of pearly metallic finish but wearable. The Tom Ford is more subtle and therefore more elegant.  If you also own the Tom Ford In The Pink, you can combine them, apply Perky on the lid, Tailor Grey in the “outer crease” and add In The Pink in the browbone. At the end of the day the application of Perky will remain more noticeable than the Tom Ford, the TF are “just” powder shadows after all but for the browbone area the paint pot is just a bit too much for me.

The TF In The Pink is just elegance in a palette, again, not a trio for me since the glitter pan is unnecessary but a wonderful little palette with the most finely milled shadows, very flattering, very straightforward, a wash of these shadows with the TF eye defining pen (or any other black eyeliner of your choice) and you are ready for whatever your intentions take you. Now, if you want a brighter and long-lasting result, you can use the Mac Perky instead and you get it. I have no complaints on the lasting power of the Perky paint pot, lasts all day, again it does not flake when fading and even when faded it looks evenly applied (after 10 hours).




If this Perky paint pot made you think of the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre mousse shadows, it won’t result in the same application. My issue with these Ombres is that it’s actually an Illusion thinking that this will last on my eyelids. They fade and crease and it’s ok for a short period of time but it’s not even conceivable to wear them for a whole day at the office, the Chanel are more for a spring picnic, where you want just a fresh splash of color that will last the time of a meal (spanish meal) or an afternoon out.




You can’t see  much with my swatches but well, once I’ll get better lighting I hope the swatches will be more helpful, for now, I can only manage that :



 The Mac Coral Crepe is much more coral, not as flattering for me as the Perky is. 



How to apply these paint pots 

I usually love paint pots, it’s not the best formula but it’s good enough, my Blackground paint pot is nearly all gone actually, I apply it as a base for smokey looks over and over again.

I think that the more product you layer the more it will end creasing, for some mousse shadows in order to get a nice colour pay off I need to layer more product, with the paint pots I don’t need as much product therefore I really think that it does help preventing the creasing. In general I apply sheer paint pot colours with the fingertips and darker colors with a brush in order to build up the color gradually. I like the new Make Up For Ever brushes (the round ones) to apply paint pot textures because they are firm enough for blending and very soft, these brushes are very good for this but not much for anything else I am afraid.

The technique when I apply a dark shade as a base for a smokey eye is that I apply a little layer very close to the top lashes on the mobile eyelid then blend upwards towards the crease. If you take too little product it may look patchy because it will dry before you had the time to blend properly. If you apply too much it will be difficult to remove the excess, sometimes I use also tiny stippling motions to blend, as long as the brushes are soft they won’t irritate my eyes. It’s not easy at first to get an even finish but after a few times you get the technique.

More Comparisons

I still did not find a way to take nice swatch pictures but I will link other bloggers who will be able to help with that task 🙂

Temptalia, Perky and Tailor Grey.

Bottom line

Specially happy with the Perky but Tailor Grey is not a dupe for the Ellis Faas I am afraid, still I will definitely stop buying Ellis Faas unless they do something about the packaging, I am sure there is a way to keep the same packaging but change the way the applicator works (remove the brush or improve the mechanism for example).

I noticed that I am too in love with Tom Ford at the moment and that I struggle reaching for anything else anyway, so my pain of not being able to use the Ellis Faas pens is under control right now  🙂


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Melissa 29 October, 2013 - 2:29 pm

I used to be a paint pot sucker! Had all their colors but got rid of them and just kept the neutrals, such as Indianwood, constructivist, Painterly and Soft Ochre. And Eclair is my HG paint pot of all time. Too bad its an LE 🙁 Still have high hopes that MAC would include this shade in their permanent collection!!

I havent checked their latest paint pots yet since my I haver other sins these days…..LOL
But definitely checking out the Taylor Gray! I hardly use them on its own anyway so I think this would be a great one for my taupe eyeshadows!

I was hesitant abt the She Wolf but seeing it together with Taylor Gray made me reconcider of getting it too.
Sonia, what are u doing to me now?!?! (Dont stop please 🙂 )

Raglo 29 October, 2013 - 3:24 pm

You should check out Shiseido’s cream eyeshadows in Sable and Leather, I think they could be pretty close to the EF’s you’re looking to replace. And I really like the Diorshow Fusion Mono in Millenium ;). Can’t really comment on how long lasting they are though…

Angela 29 October, 2013 - 9:40 pm

Laughing what you said about the Ellis Faas packaging. Same thing happened to me, and not only once. Couldn’t wait to try the foundation, but I was constantly fighting with the pen working. It eventually exploded from turning the knob so many times. Purchased it from Sephora online, but was able to return it to one of their stores. Until they change the packaging, I will not be purchasing it any longer. Thank you for the great and in-depth review!

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 7:12 pm

It’s really upsetting I cannot believe that so many customers are upset and they still didn’t admit they had to do something about it 🙁 so so so sad!
glad you could return it Angela… do you think I can return my brand new beige shoes too 🙂 ? I don’t think so 🙁 I am mad.

Angela 30 October, 2013 - 7:37 pm

I have learned something about returning items lately. As long as you have a receipt and it is within the time limit, most stores will take the item back. I even WORE a pair of shoes and told Bloomingdales that I wore them, and they still gave me a full refund! I also returned a couple of items that I used from Sur La Table. I did not even have the box, but I had the receipt. They gave me my money back. Same with Sephora. They always take used items back. If you have a receipt, they give you a full refund, even without the box. If you do not have a receipt, they will give you a store credit. I used to think once you tried something, no store would return them. Oh, was I wrong.

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 9:13 pm

thank you Angela, sweet that you mention and help… funny thing is that I bought these shoes 7 years ago… I just didn’t wear them before because I was saving them … (yeah… mad….) so no way I can return them, I don’t even know where I bought them 😀

SJ 29 October, 2013 - 10:03 pm

Hi Sonia –
I, also, love the TF She Wolf and In The Pink. I hope they do MORE trios, maybe in a taupe. I love these trios. The colors are so soft and wearable. Very flattering.

I think I am your eyeshadow twin – anytime someone mentions long wearing…. I’M IN! I feel exactly the same as you… The Ellis Faas shadows are AMAZEBALLS but the packaging is pathetic. I can’t believe they are saying they don’t plan to change it. If one Google’s EF e/s, ALL the information and reviews complain about the packaging!!! How can the company ignore that? Let me know how the de-potting of that product goes. If it doesn’t dry out, I’d like to try it myself.

The Shiseido cream eyeshadows are not long wearing at all, although the colors are pretty.

Another option that I have been happy with is Rouge Bunny Rouge cream shadows. They are long wearing and have a soft appearance that doesn’t crease or look cakey at the end of the day. The downside is that the colors are hit or miss. I love a couple of the colors but the others sit unused. I apply them with the doe foot applicator and then lightly blend with my Shu 10 Kolinsky.

On another subject, what brush do you recommend for cream blush? I haven’t found anything I am happy with. I was in a hurry this morning and used my Shu 20h pony with La Prairie cream blush and I actually thought it did a great job! But I’m concerned about using the brush in this way over time. I’m not sure it would hold up. Until today, I’ve only used it for powder blush (yay again for TF and their awesome Frantic Pink blush!) Any guidance/thoughts you have about cream blush brushes is super appreciated.

Thanks for another great post! SJ

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 7:21 pm

I second you Stacy, these trios are mind-blowing, so simple yet so flattering! TF has totally made my year… pure devoted love towards his line! Bravo Mr Ford!

I don’t understand it either for EF, it’s probably my biggest regret in the beauty field. I’ll let you know if I can use the EF for some time, I am going out tomorrow night til late and I’ll be wearing a smokey with the EF… if I can apply it 🙁
OMG I forgot I had the RBR cream eyeshadows, they are extremely freaking good, maybe I’ll chose the RBR then for tomorrow 😉
Cream blush, I use Wayne’s stippling 🙂 or the Hakuhodo http://www.hakuhodousa.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=306
What I love about this type of brushes is that some cream blushes are very pigmented (Edward bess for example that I applied this morning), then I can stipple and mix a tiny little bit of foundation and tone it down and blend… works like a charm and the results are perfect, often I take product with my finger on the back of my hand and then I pick it and work it with the foundation brush I used just before.

SJ 30 October, 2013 - 8:54 pm

You are amazing Sonia! Thank you for the recommendation. The Hakuhodo is already on its way to me :o) WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

Also, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar (or whatever) cream e/s sticks are VERY long wearing. And the colors are pretty but all quite SHIMMERY. I do not like overly shimmery. but if you do, these are another long wearing option.

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 9:17 pm

Fantastic! you are faster than Lucky Luke!
oh by the way, try the new By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Brown Perfection… they finally made one without the glitter (yes they did WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 😀 )

Sweet make up temptations 1 November, 2013 - 9:36 pm

Hi Stacy,
Just a quick info on the application of the EF after having depotting it…
It went ok, still not sure how it will last but at least for now it’s working fine, we’ll see. I have written to EF to both their marketing address and their info one, I hope to get their reply although I am not sure that will change much…

On another note… since I think you have that Suqqu palette (04 Keshizumi) I can tell you what I did today because I got many compliments about it 🙂
I applied EF 107 on the lid and until slightly above the crease without harsh lines. Then on the whole mobile lid and the lower lashline the EF 104, I wasn’t satisfied with the result of the EF104 on the mobile lid so I applied the taupe shade on that Suqqu palette over all the mobile lid smoking it out but not covering the top of the EF107. The final look was probably the best smokey eye of my entire life… Even my bf who never comments he told me that my look was incredibly beautiful! I still cannot believe how he reacted to it because he hates makeup and that wasn’t a subtle application at all 🙂
So it’s nearly 10pm and my look hasn’t moved, still there and looking great!
That combination is a-m-a-z-i-n-g !

Stacy 29 October, 2013 - 10:05 pm

I’ve got the same love affair going with my Tom Ford (the Trios and Orchid Haze)! Thanks for the paint pot info…I hadn’t seen these…

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 7:23 pm

argh Orchid Haze, another HG… <3

Aldona 29 October, 2013 - 10:37 pm

Hey Sonia,
I never used the paint pots, but I own a couple of Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadows, which I really enjoy… Maybe I should try those little paint pots?! Are they comparable in wear (&tear)?

However: Ellis Faas. Look, this got me really upset reading your post (not because of you, but because of Ellis Faas’ Packaging)… The fact of the matter is, I have bought a couple of those ruddy “bullets” and now I don’t use them… Which often is a good indication that something is WRONG! And for me it definitely is the packaging. I HATE the brush. I HATE the clicking pen… I NEVER get the amount I want… but I get TOO much eyeshadow (I use cosmetics sparingly for natural effect and then layer)… and I always feel like I waste product. And now since I stopped using it they probably all dried up anyway… For that ruddy price for 2ml of product (or whatever small amount there is), it’s just stupid…

It gets me very upset because I LOVE the formula and I LOVE the colours! Honestly… I would ONLY buy Ellis Faas cream shadows if the packaging was anything usable. But now, I won’t buy anything…

sorry. this got me really going again and I also just wanted to vent about this again!

thanks for letting me 🙂

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 7:35 pm

Hi Aldona,

What BB long wear cream shadows do you use ?
Hmmm I haven’t use them in a while, I should so that I can tell you for sure. The last one I bought was one from a summer collection (I think) but it had a very strong mettalic finish and couldn’t wear it often.
It would be nice to try one paint pot at least, in a color that you really are going to wear on a regular basis because their strenght is that they are quite handy, now if you are really looking for a long wearing product, Stacy just reminded me of the Rouge Bunny Rouge… they are amazing… I actually also love these a lot : http://sweetmakeuptemptations.com/2012/06/17/laura-mercier-metallic-and-satinee-creme-eye-coulours/
on me they don’t crease, I LOVE cocoa velour but I am not sure they are still available… They can be dramatic or not and the shades are interesting, since that post I managed to get even more but as I said I am not sure they are still available.

Ok that actually makes some kind of unplanned survey for EF : if so many customers are sad, seriously it’s time for them to consider something 🙁

Aldona 30 October, 2013 - 10:05 pm

Hey Sonia,
thanks, well I am using many BB Long Wear Shadows, I particularly love “Nude Beach” (as a base), or “Shore”. I also like “Stone” for a darker look. They are all matte (maybe with a slight moist sheen)… but frankly I prefer coloured cream eyeshadows as a base (instead of only primer)… usually I skip primer and just use a really good cream eyeshadow. Lasts and also covers. So I am always looking for a good “nude” one… That’s why I was SO excited about EF shadows, because they last on me forever and they had two colours that go great as a base (the ivory one and the peachy one)… HOWEVER, the peachy one has dried up and I had to throw it away. And yesterday I thought “what the heck let’s use another EF product”… I wanted to use a bit of EF Lights in 301… Yeah, rrrright… didn’t come anything out of the pen, I had to open the pen and scoop a bit out with a brush…

Can we sue Ellis Faas for getting grey hairs???

MaryB 29 October, 2013 - 11:28 pm

Firstly, I don’t buy Ellis Faas products any longer. I had two eyeshadows and have used them up with a big struggle with the clicking pens malfunctioning like yours did.
I now buy Estee Lauder and Mac cream eyeshadows.
Ellis Faas have stuck it’s head in the sand and must have lost so much custom because of their poorly designed packaging.
Everyone complains about the packaging. Every review about the products gripe about the packaging.
I don’t miss them at all. They were not pleasurable to use.
I love using a cream shadow in a nice glass pot 🙂
I love those new matte colours from Mac. I also got Perky although not matte. Love them.

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 9:08 pm

Thank you for your feedback, that’s clear 🙂 they should now get our message !!
The pots are much quicker to use than more liquid options, also happy with glass pots!

Lofromfrance 29 October, 2013 - 11:51 pm

try the new illusion d’ombre from chanel in the color fatal!!!! I looooooooove it!!!

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 9:11 pm

THank you I will !
by the way I got two similar Dior Fusion during my holiday in Scotland and I think I prefer them over the Chanel (very very similar colors) but still in the process of evaluating 🙂

Lena 30 October, 2013 - 8:42 pm

My favorite paint pots are Painterly when i’m doing soft neutral look and Constructivist for more smoky eye look. I use this two all the time. Constructivist matches my eyes so nice.
Tailor Grey look nice, but since i own Maybelline Taugh As Toupe and it works well i dont think i need Tailor Grey. Color Tattoos dry out really fast though.

Ahhhh Ellis Faas and the continious struggle with their packaging. I bought milky eyeshadow and lipstick and BOTH broke leaving big mess in my makeup bag. Colours were gorgeus….snifffff Havent bought any of her products and wont till they change the packaging.

Sweet make up temptations 30 October, 2013 - 9:15 pm

Constructivist is a great one!!
OMG really ? we should charge EF for the mental pain and the damages caused 😀

Lena 30 October, 2013 - 10:48 pm

You might be on to sth here…..i informed the customer service about what happened, but never got any response back.
I find the concept quite genious tbh, but it just doesnt work, they need to fix some things, until then i wont be buying it anymore

Mladen 2 November, 2013 - 3:16 pm

Hello, lovely products, I especially like the Chanel ones!:D

I’ve got a few on- and offtopic questions:

1. What do you think about the Bourjois eyeshadows and blushes?

2. Koyudo brushes: I wanna order some Koyudo brushes directly through their site, but I can’t find the international order form. When I go to this site http://www.koyudo.co.jp/docs/inorder.html#io and click the order form link, it just takes me back to the starting page. Do they still ship internationally?oO + 1 more question: What’s the difference between the high class and standard series? Is it only in the handles or are the brush heads different, too? I’ve got a few of their high class brushes and LOVE them, so I’m thinking of ordering the Christmas set.

3. Have you heard of the new Korean brand MUSTAVE (pronounced must have)? They’ve got make-up and make-up brushes that are supposed to be cheaper, but just as good as professional western ones.

Thanks, you rock!:D Greetings from Croatia!

Sweet make up temptations 2 November, 2013 - 7:19 pm

Hi Mladen!
1. I just own a very old Bourgeois eyeshadow (white highlighter) but other than that they didn’t last long on my lids and were very shimmery and not much pigmented, here in Switzerland they are very very expensive so price vs quality it’s just not worth it. We have Catrice here which is a much cheaper drugstore brand and I very much prefer it to Bourgeois. I am not sure if you know and have access to Inglot in Croatia but Inglot is absolutely crazy pigmented, very good quality and the finishes range from matte to shimmery, I have a big palette and everytime I go to a shop I get new shades. For me it’s probably the best value for money with quality that you can get.
2. Apparently they have a problem with that page.. I sent you the form to fill since I had it in my computer 🙂 I am writing to them to inform them or maybe if you write to them anyway with your order you can also let them know…
For the difference I just think it’s a matter of quality, the BP being a step higher and the handles longer. I own very few standard and a lot BP, the standard are absolutely fine in terms of quality, their goat hair is softer than mac hair anyway. They have a lot of pony hair brushes in the standard series and even if I think their pony hair quality is very good, it still is not soft enough for my extremely delicate skin, so if you are used to get pony hair brushes, their Koyudo ones are really good in comparison to any other Japanese brand. I just had a look at their Christmas sets and they are really tempting… but I am already getting a few others and that will just be too much… well it’s never too much but I have to limit the collateral damage 😀 but not sure I can resist that much longer!!!
3. I don’t know MUSTAVE yet.. will have a look 😉
Greetings from Switzerland!

Mladen 2 November, 2013 - 9:19 pm

Yes, I have access to Inglot!:D Will check, thank you for the answers!

I’m actually going to make-up academy this year and I’m a noob in the eyes department (boys usually don’t use eyeshadow etc. XD), so I’m looking for a few brands that are good, but not too pricey, cause I need them to practise at home.

The only thing I decided to really spend money on from the start are the brushes and since I’m a fan of Asia, anyway, I knew the Japanese ones would be the best for my money. Also FINALLY:D managed to buy some Wayne Goss brushes (have been wanting the no1 for myself, cause I don’t wanna spend money on the Hakuhodo one, just yet, I’m a poor student XD). Might buy a few standard ones from Koyudo just so I have extras, like you said, they’re softer than MAC, anyway 😀 . Some of the high class ones I use for myself, my skin is super dehydrated all the time and sensitive and I need a good base when I’m DJ-ing or organising events.

I think the MUSTAVE ones should be okay, I found the pink line on wishtrend.com, the prices are quite low (pure wool), the powder one is like 30 USD and the handles look like the Koyudo ones. I also saw a ton of other lines on their official site, but I can’t read most of the stuff and it’s in flash, so chrome can’t help. :/ xx

Sweet make up temptations 5 November, 2013 - 6:29 pm

In that case the Inglot will be great for you!
I wish they could understand that now they should translate their Japanese websites in English 😉 would be much easier !

Amalia 3 November, 2013 - 3:37 am

I loooove tailor grey but I haven’t seen his collection yet 🙁

Sweet make up temptations 5 November, 2013 - 6:31 pm

it was released in September but here it arrived very late! depending on where you are they can get to the counter much later than USA releases…

Nikoleta 4 November, 2013 - 6:39 am

I love cream shadows and Mac paints pots are really a good value for the money. I’ve got the stormy pink and groundwork and love both of them. Stormy pink is really unique.
The only EF product that I’ve repurchased is the L104 lipstick. Despite the horrible packaging I’ve never found this beautiful fuschia elsewhere so I’ll keep struggling with the pen. I used to have an EF shadow (a blue brown duochrome one) that I hated so much : packaging, texture, ease of application, everything was horrible, it ended in the bin after two failed uses.

Sweet make up temptations 5 November, 2013 - 6:34 pm

I thought Stormy Pink would give my the “eye au beurre noir” 😀
I have a similar Le Metier eyeshadow and it doesn’t really flatter me so I skipped it… it was tempting to get more though!

I hope they will change something to EF, I am really crossing fingers!

Nikoleta 8 November, 2013 - 6:36 pm

In fact, stormy pink is much lighter than I expected and more on the orchid side on my lids. I think I’ll get camel coat too to pair with uninterrupted

Michelle 7 November, 2013 - 9:38 pm

I just bought the Bobbi Brown Sand Dollar cream shadow and love it. Goldstone is next on the list to buy,


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