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New brushes : web discoveries – Part 1

by Sonia G.

I have decided to go outside of my “Japanese comfort zone” and try a few different brands that are rarely reviewed on beauty blogs. Every time I’ll find a new brand and try it I will share it with you. I won’t have that many brushes but it  might already give us an idea about the brand.

This first part, and my first attempt to conquer a new world of magnificent brushes, was made with the Rakuten website. This site is in several languages, you can of course order in English, then I received my emails in a mixed Japanese/English text but it is not a real problem since you can translate them with your email client or with Google translator.  The order was placed on December the 20th and arrived here in Switzerland on the 28th, not bad at all ! Rakuten have access to several brands, like Fine Kalla, Tauhaus, Miyao, etc… I don’t always know what brand they are exactly, since it’s written “Fine Kalla” on the handle I believe this is the brand name but honestly I am a bit confused.

These are the brushes I ordered, I have selected two grey squirrel brushes and two goat kabukis :


I had no idea what to expect as I had never heard or read about them, I knew it was a risk but I had to try, it also helps to be able to better compare with other brands like Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo or Koyudo.

Fine Kalla cheek (KK-002) JPY 7350
The best of these 4 brushes is this Fine Kalla KK-002, we have here THE dupe for the Suqqu cheek brush, to me it’s even better, the Suqqu I own is quite flat, when I look at it on other blogs, it looks like they had a more tapered version of it, for example here. Mine is not bad at all but just not tapered. When I saw this brush, it reminded me of the Suqqu, but the Suqqu is actually nearly double the price tag.

Same type of handle same sleek finish but the Fine Kalla has multi-colored sparkles inside it, it’s … GORGEOUS, it looks kind of magic. The hair has the same softness as the Suqqu, you cannot tell a difference and if you can, it’s soooo micro small that it’s not worth going for the Suqqu.
Expect the same quality as a Suqqu brush if not even better, same softness, same density. The Fina Kalla is slightly more firm at the tip of the brushes but that’s also why I love it more than the Suqqu. It’s a perfect luxurious and incredibly soft brush. This brush was a gigantic discovery. They also have the bigger version that looks similar to the big Suqqu powder brush and is less expensive.




Miyao cheek MB-5 (grey squirrel) JPY 6825

The Miyao blush brush reminds me of the Lunasol. The ferrule is not that well finished, I prefer when the ferrules don’t have “crimps” (more like the Suqqu or Lunasol) but it’s just a personal preference.
The size is between the Lunasol blush brush and the powder brush but the Miyao is flatter, thinner, less densely packed and feels even softer. I prefer the Lunasol brushes but this one feels incredibly soft on the skin. I will use it more like a fan brush or to lightly apply powder.



Tauhaus Pink kabuki T-SB-02 (goat) JPY 3675

This pink kabuki reminds me of the Koyudo H005 but the Koyudo is a mix of squirrel and goat, therefore softer for sure but also more nicely bundled. Not the same quality at all, well not the same price too (the Tauhaus is nearly half the price). I also own the R&R kabuki, it’s bigger but it’s much softer than the Tauhaus kabuki.
This Tauhaus kabuki doesn’t hurt, well, it’s not incredibly pleasant to use but it doesn’t hurt.

Bottom line : I prefer to pay a bit more and get a softer kabuki, the Koyudo is one of the best kabukis you will ever find, it’s very dense and very soft, maybe that’s actually the perfect balance between density and softness that help to apply the perfect amount of bronzer and flawlessly blend and it’s insanely easy to use. The Hakuhodo is a great -extremely dense- kabuki but really really expensive. The R&R is also softer than the Tauhaus and I also prefer it.



Fine Kalla White Kabuki KN-004 (goat) JPY 5250

This white kabuki is not good I am afraid, it’s difficult to believe that it’s the same brand as the first brush shown at the top of this post, The hair feels terrible against the skin, I don’t even want to use it at all, I tried but I just don’t want to do it again until I wash it over and over again, maybe it will improve. The hair are very thick and rough, I imagine that thicker hair are great for foundation/liquid products but the day I find the courage to try it, I’ll tell you. It has a very strong smell that was sticking to the room for more than 1 day, well until it dried completely. You would know in which room it was because you could follow it with your nose. I will wash it a few times and then I will try it.

Recently I ordered a Koyudo with thicker hair (BP013), it really has much thicker bristles than many blush brushes but the bristles are still soft and amazing for applying foundation. The Koyudo white mushroom is here just for size reference because it is nothing like the Fine Kalla kabuki. The Hakuhodo Maple kabuki is also just truly amazing but the price is much higher, at least you can see that the hair are very different.

This Fine Kalla kabuki is terrible and for that price I could expect so much better.



The handle of the Hakuhodo is so much nicer but again, not the same price range !


I have also ordered some Piccasso and some Tanseido brushes and I will show you soon what these other brands look like 🙂

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Stacy 30 December, 2012 - 8:19 pm

Awesome Sonia! You are our pioneer!!
I am super excited about the Fine Kalla cheek AND powder! Tell the truth…. Have you ordered the powder? 😉
I am on my way to FL ( not driving…. Just a passenger 😉 ) soon as I get there I am going to have to “repossess” my iPad and do a little research (= place an order.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:00 pm

yep full speed ahead pioneer 😛 heading all directions 😀
No, I haven’t ordered the powder one but gosh I am tempted now, I will resist for now… it’s really expensive !
are you going to Florida now ? how long are you staying ? my boyfriend will be there mid-january for work 🙂

Stacy 2 January, 2013 - 12:12 am

Hi! Where in FL is the BF going? We are headed home on Jan 2… The weather is great but no need to have him look for brushes here! None to be found! 😉

I feel so silly for asking but I can’t find the Fine Kalla 002 on Rakuten. Can you point me in the right direction. Granted I am “working” from my phone but darn it I should be able to find it 😉

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 12:21 am

Hi Stacy 🙂 he is going to Miami ! but mid-January only.
Sure, here is the link : http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/akachanfude/item/398125/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en#TB_inline?width=564&inlineId=localizeSelectBox

Stacy 2 January, 2013 - 12:31 am

Thank you!! You are like magic!! Don’t know why I couldn’t find it!!!!!!!

We are about 2 hours north of Miami.

I am sitting at my mother in laws so what better activity but to place brush orders 😉

Thank you for helping!!! As always!!!!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 1:12 am

Oh I know why… It’s not very easy to find the brushes in that website 🙁
I have to save the links otherwise it takes me ages to relocate them!
haha I see 🙂 great timing to place orders !
I had so much fun today, I have been playing with my new Koyudo fupas and also selecting the most ultimate brushes of 2012 that I own, for any brand, but they are nearly all Japanese ! the weather was terrible so couldn’t take the dog for a long walk as I had planned but I really had fun for sure !!! one more day I have to go back to work 🙁 sad sad face…

Stacy 2 January, 2013 - 1:21 am

That sounds like a perfect vacation day!!! I love to do things like that!! You are up sooo late you make me laugh! I am getting ready for bed and we are 6 hours apart 😉

Give me a hint…. Is the Fine Kalla in the list?
I have an eye shadow brush http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/akachanfude/item/398126/ in the cart as well….
These carts get fuller and fuller when you have too much time on your hands….

I want a pic of your dog!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 3:58 pm

yes it was a bit late 🙂 the days don’t have enough hours !!!!
As you saw it, this brush is on the list from the beginning 😉
Oh the one you just linked it’s certainly fantastic ! go for it !

so here is the dog 🙂
just back from a long walk with the dog and we saw many many chamois, I was just a few meters away from them and I could film them with my phone, gorgeous !

Stacy 2 January, 2013 - 4:54 pm

Awwwwww! That is one awesome pic! The snow is 3D flying ! Really nice!! I never see snow anymore 🙁

Buggsiebee 30 December, 2012 - 8:37 pm

I LOVE your discoveries! I really enjoy the thrill of hunting down what could be the new non plus ultra brush, BUT we can’t ALWAYS get lucky with new brands.
I mean, we’re comparing against the best of the best, so most brushes will have a hard time to score points;)
Your new lens / technique REALLY shows the difference between the large Haku Maple, Koyudo Mushroom and the poor old toilet brush ‘Fine?? Kalla’ 😀
I actually laughed at this pic. Poor old Kalla just didn’t stand a chance.
As you know, I also have one on the way, so at least you won’t be alone in your disppointment:)
Send me your shopping list for NY!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:08 pm

You are so right Buggsiebee, most of the brushes are not bad, we are indeed comparing them to the ultimate ones.
Thank you for your feedback on the pics, learning to take better pics for you ! 😛
“the poor old toilet brush” hahaha I wouldn’t say it’s so bad but really is not worth that price at all, oh I have an idea, it could maybe be used as a shaving foam brush for men (don’t know how these brushes are called), since you will have it too, could you please share your thoughts on it ? I will try it again anyway…
maybe I got a bad one and maybe yours will be fine !!
Thank you for NY !!! I’ll have a look 🙂

212kiki 30 December, 2012 - 9:01 pm

Oh the Fine Kalla cheek brush looks nice.
I love to see “new” brands here i dont know in english but you’re my “versuchskaninchen” 😉

Oh did you hear anything good or bad about piccasso i found this brand too because i wanted to see if there is any other red squirrel cheek brush 😀 When i read the name piccasso, the da Vinci brushes are comming to my mind ^^ and these brushes are not the best in quality….

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:13 pm

Glad I can help 🙂
I got a red squirrel brush from Piccasso, in a few words, they are soft but not as soft as the one I have from Koyudo and the Piccasso are blacker in comparison. I got a few brushes but I still have to try them ! They have just been washed and are now ready to use… Piccasso delivered so fast, actually the fastest ever and they sent me a great brush pouch that I am looking forward to using ! I will keep you updated !

drivelaboutfrivolate 30 December, 2012 - 9:54 pm

Thanks for introducing these new discoveries! I can’t wait to read your Picasso reviews — Jung Saem Mool videos make them look so tempting.

Can I just ask where you acquired your Suqqu brush? It looks unlike every one I’ve seen (dozens, in person) and I know there have been a few fake Suqqu’s floating around.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:22 pm

Hi Kate 🙂
I’ll give you my thoughts as soon as I tried them !
I got my Suqqu cheek at the Selfridges counter in London Oxford Street, it was a long time ago and I did not see many pictures before, therefore did not know that it was different.
Do you think they could have sold a fake one at their counter ?

drivelaboutfrivol 30 December, 2012 - 10:24 pm

Oh gosh, I hope not! That’s my local counter so I’d hate to think they had problems 🙂 Perhaps it’s batch variation, as these are all handmade. Your Fine Kalla brush looks beautiful!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:38 pm

Karen also got a brand new Suqqu face brush from them that was extremely different, but not only different, bad shaped. They said they will exchange it, so I hope Karen got a new one !
The Fine Kalla is really gorgeous, one day I will probably order her big sister, one day further away in the future 🙂
thanks for your visit Kate ! I love to read your blog, your writing is captivating !

drivelaboutfrivol 30 December, 2012 - 10:39 pm

That’s horrible, for such expensive brushes. I hope you can bring your Suqqu brush over for your next visit and maybe they can sort something out 🙂
I adore your blog but it is too dangerous for me to visit 😀 Sweet temptations indeed.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:54 pm

thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nikoleta 30 December, 2012 - 10:10 pm

the fine kalla seems promising indeed, probably similar to the chikuhodo artist 18-2 I have but it doesn’t put me away from wanting it 🙂 I’ve found a few links to some unknown japanese brush brands but they seem to only ship to Japan and prices are not so much of a cheaper alternative to hakuhodo/chikuhodo/suqqu/koyudo which are more easily available. the problem when you start collecting brushes is that you want to explore more and more new things 🙂

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:24 pm

If that works, the Tenso forwarding service is actually not that expensive, not really sure it’s a good thing 😛
At least I got 2 nice brushes from this purchase, and the little cheek one was really worth discovering !

Buggsiebee 30 December, 2012 - 10:26 pm

Athough I’m pretty certiain that you got yours in London ( Selfridges? ) & that yours is the real thing, mine – ‘ Dollyleo = R.I.P.’ – also looks different…..tighter (less splayed ) and rounder . In fact, when I lay my Suqqu blush brush on your pic of the Fine Kalla cheek, they are identical twins.
The Suqqu powder brush which Kay received from Selfridges ( who apparently gets delivery from some local Brit co??? ….rusty brain cells….ask Kay !!) was also WAAAAAY off the norm. Hmmmm….not implying anything at all, but this is perhaps worth investigating?!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 10:33 pm

Yes Karen told me and showed me the pictures and video and I told her to contact them, it was not normal at all !!!!

Bonnie 30 December, 2012 - 11:01 pm

I’m on my phone atm so I won’t make a long comment until later. But I think the Fine Kalla brushes are from the manufacturer Kyureido. They have a website if you want to check it out and they have those brushes!

Bonnie 30 December, 2012 - 11:16 pm

And just quickly browsing on my phone again, without a translator >< but this is my opinion. Fine Kalla appears to be the….romanisation?, of Fine Colour, which is what I think they call their brushes. Its manufactured by Kyureido. That beautiful cheek brush is what I think is their prestige line, like Chikuhodo's Z series. So serial numbers starting with KK. KT is the next line down. And KN is probably their basic series!

Hope that helps with understanding the quality difference! I'm lemming the KK-0040I think it was…looks like the Z10.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:42 am

Hi Bonnie, This is incredibly helpful thank you ! these series looks exactly like the same brushes that are sold by Suqqu !
thanks again 🙂
they look incredibly soft, it’s difficult to believe that there is such a difference between one series and the others (white kabuki) 🙁

shusheshe 31 December, 2012 - 1:13 am

Fine Kalla isn’t the brand name of that lovely looking cheek brush. I went and took a look at the manufacturer’s website. The brand name is Kyureido. You really got a good deal on it on Rakutan though. The normal price is for that brush is twice that amount.

And thanks to you, I have another brush to lust over!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:53 am

Thank you 🙂
I am glad you are all here to help me 🙂

Buggsiebee 31 December, 2012 - 10:10 am

Actually the price is exactly the same as on Rakutan. Perhaps you are mistaking the blush brush with the powder brush?

Kay 31 December, 2012 - 2:03 am

Hi, this is Karen, aka Kay. Good news! Suqqu London is mailing me a replacement brush for the asymmetrical one that was sent to me from the Suqqu counter at Selfridges. I don’t have a clue as to why mine was so poorly shaped and no one has offered me an explanation but despite the aggravation, I’m very happy that an exchange was offered and I will be reimbursed for costs over and above my original payment.

I really appreciate bloggers and friends who reviewed my photos and video, confirmed that my brush was “not right” and urged me to request an exchange. It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue the situation even though I was initially told nothing was wrong with the brush.

Will let you know what I think of my brush after it arrives!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:58 am

Hi Karen 🙂
sad … I hope you will get a great one !!!!

Buggsiebee 31 December, 2012 - 5:05 pm

Hey Kay;)
I’m sooo glad that the brush is being replaced & I hope that the replacement will make you very happy. I do know however, how much aggravation it caused you & how much time you had to invest in getting the problem adressed. I most certainly think that the Suqqu quality control should be improved and that the brushes should be checked before being sent overseas. By the time you finally recieve what you ordered months will have passed. Not great :((

Kay 31 December, 2012 - 11:37 pm

Hi Buggsiebee,

Thanks so much for your empathy. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not an important incident, but I sure was disappointed as I expected a beautiful face brush given the raves about it and the high price point and received something subpar. I have never received a misshapen brush from Hakuhodo or Chikuhodo so this was a total surprise.

I am a bit perturbed that Sonia’s cheek brush does not look like the dozens Kate has seen. Like yours, mine looks exactly like the Fine Kalla. I purchased it in Japan a few months back at a Suqqu counter in a major department store. Perhaps given the large number of brushes produced, we just happen to be the unlucky ones who got the brushes made by the new apprentice? LOL

Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! May 2013 be full of exciting discoveries, much laughter, good friends, health and happiness for all of us brush devotees on Sonia’s blog!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 1 January, 2013 - 8:56 pm

😀 yep their new apprentice needs a few more years of training I’d say 🙂
thank you !! same to you Karen !!! <3

Kay 7 January, 2013 - 11:13 pm

Hi, I got my Suqqu face brush in the mail today!!! There was a sweet personal note apologizing for the inconvenience that really touched me…I am a sucker so told them they didn’t have to repay me for the mailing costs back. I’m just so relieved it is over.

This brush is a huge improvement over the asymmetrical one I first received. It is not perfectly tapered like the one in the Lisa Eldridge video…it looks like the one in the Wayne Goss review and I’m happy with that. If it is good enough for Wayne, it’s good enough for me!

BTW, no one has said there was a problem with the brush I sent back but I hope more care will be taken with regards to what is considered acceptable to sell. I expect more when the price is so high and I don’t think I am any different from other people when I say that. While I know these brushes are handmade and most of my soft squirrel brushes are not perfectly symmetrical, this one was way off the chart. Enuf said, case closed!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 8 January, 2013 - 7:45 pm

PHEWWW ! glad you got it and that it ends well !!! I am relieved !

Kim 31 December, 2012 - 3:00 am

I had seen the Fine Kalla 002 brush on Rakuten before but was to scared to make the purchase. It’s great to know its comparable to the Suqqu especially that it is so hard to get one’s hands on here in Australia!
Thanks for the review. It will be my first brush purchase in 2013!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:59 am

I really hope you will love it then ! please keep me informed if you can 🙂

Kim 25 January, 2013 - 1:49 am

I got my Fine Kalla brush today and I have to say I am in love! It’s not as dense as my Chikuhodo Cheek/Highlight Brush but I will have a special place in my brush collection as well as in my heart!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 25 January, 2013 - 1:31 pm

Thank you for letting me know Kim !
I am glad you love it, it is pretty awesome with the sparkles too 🙂

Melissa 31 December, 2012 - 10:41 am

Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking at these brands for couple of months now. Planning to go on vaca to Japan next year, so your review is a huuuuge help to finalize my wish list when Im there 🙂 Im afraid I’ll walk out with a suitcase full of brushes!

I’ve been lemming for the Mizuho brushes, particularly this 1:


They do deliver outside Japan too!

How is the KK-002 compared to the Chikuhodo Z4? same softness/size do u think?

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 2:20 pm

oooh lucky you !!! I will also go to Japan sometime next year, I think it’s a necessity 😛
great that they deliver internationally !!! I don’t know these brushes yet!
the KK-002 is softer in comparison, very slightly but yes, softer. The Z4 is also bigger, larger and thicker, ferrule width is approx 1.4cm for the KK-002 vs 1.8cm for the Z4, the hair length is the same. Two amazing brushes !

Dena 2 January, 2013 - 6:50 pm

Sonia, what a fantastic discovery! I am so excited by the KK-002, and I am also going to order the KK-003, which looks a little like the Suqqu eyeshadow L brush, which is an absolute must-have for me.

Meanwhile, my Koyudo order is in the UK at customs – I am beside myself with excitement!

Happy New Year, everyone. xxx

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 7:33 pm

Hi Dena !
I can imagine how excited you must be right now ! maybe tomorrow it’s D day 😀
The KK-003 will also probably be mine one day…
Happy New Year my dear ! I will certainly meet you again in 2013 🙂 maybe at IMATS ???

Dena 2 January, 2013 - 7:47 pm

Yes, definitely!

And afternoon tea at Claridges…

Sweet Make Up Temptations 2 January, 2013 - 7:50 pm

😀 😀 can’t wait 😀

Marina, Greece 2 January, 2013 - 10:40 pm

May I please ask you whether the products your order from Rakuten and Koyudo are stopped at Customs? I am always curious about orders coming from outside the EU and the anxiety of whether they will be picked at Customs and therefore delay and be subjected to a significant markup due to import taxes, is what always stops me.

I think I will succumb this time though 😉

Sweet Make Up Temptations 3 January, 2013 - 9:26 am

Hi Marina, are you in Greece ?
for me yes they were both and I had to pay taxes on them (a lot), I am in Switzerland and I don’t know if there is a difference with EU countries, I think it may be slightly different from here anyway.
Sad 🙁

Marina 3 January, 2013 - 9:46 am

Hi, Happy New Year 🙂
Yes, for better or for worse, I am located in Greece 🙂
Mm I think that taxes differ from country to country, but your *a lot* comment made me shiver. The fact that they only use EMS is a blessing and a curse, as the items get here in half or in a third of the time than they would, had they been shipped using simple registered International Mail services, but EMS packets always get stopped at Customs and the overall cost goes through the roof.

I am wondering how helpful their customer services both at Koyudo and Rakuten is? Maybe they would accept to switch to International Mail instead of EMS or mark down the value of the enclosed items?

okayokmakeup 5 January, 2013 - 4:48 pm

You did the impossible. I no longer want Suqqu cheek brush! 🙂 I just need to get Fine Kalla brush now. It’s a shame that Suqqu is not like other ones you’ve seen. At the price, I feel like it should be consistent.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 5 January, 2013 - 7:53 pm

I hope you love it, please give me your feedback on it, it always helps to know if it’s consistent 🙂 thanks 🙂

Bea 11 January, 2013 - 10:31 pm

Sonya have you seen this Japanese brand before? I think I need this set lol.

Stacy 11 January, 2013 - 11:52 pm

Hi Bea! Welcome to this crazy world of enabling! That brush set looks very very intriguing! I need to start translating! Sonia do you know anything about these?? 😉

Melissa 12 January, 2013 - 12:23 am

I ordered this beauty 🙂

Found it last week and I just couldnt resist 🙂

Off course I will let you all know how it turns out. I was hoping its the ‘white twin’ of the FuPa02.

I also discovered lots of Japanese brushes the last couple of days. I have asked Sonia if she can put the websites under the shopping links so everybody can see whats out there and start a new brush hunting season 🙂

I’ve seen so many Japanese websites that I really start to recoqnise the ‘gray squirrel’ alphabet/characters. I guess brush hunting is a great education too 🙂

Dont blame me for tempting you, its Sonia’s fault once she started her awesome reviews 🙂

Bonnie 12 January, 2013 - 11:34 am

Hi Melissa,

Eagerly awaiting your review of it. I saw it as well last week but I’ve been buying soooo much recently 🙁 Must resist!

You shall be our pioneer in this new venture 😛

Sweet Make Up Temptations 12 January, 2013 - 8:07 pm

excellent !!! pliz pliz pliz let us know what you think !
we are all to blame here but that’s all right … 😉
I can’t believe you can distinguish the characters, we are getting gooooooooood here 😛

Melissa 12 January, 2013 - 9:03 pm

Off course I’ll give u a detailed review 🙂
What got me so curious abt it because it says:
‘Mineyama light crude wool’.
No clue what Mineyama is, whatever it is I just hope it wont scratch my face 🙂

I took the splunge and ordered 4 brushes from 4 different brands. The Mineyama goat and 3 gray squirrel. I expect to receive them in 2 weeks!

Gosh it took me aaaaaages to understand all the details of each brush. Google translate has been running overtime the past weeks 🙂

Sonia, Im finalizing my Japanese brush list. Will email it to u tomorrow! Its A LOT 🙂 think u should take a day off when u take a look at all these websites 🙂

Bonnie 13 January, 2013 - 6:27 am

Hi Melissa 🙂

I’m not Japanese, but I am Chinese and recognise those characters so I can ‘dissect’ it for you. While it’s not exactly the same, here is an explanation for “Mineyama light crude wool” (粗光峰山羊毛):
粗: coarse, 光峰: high-grade goat hair ; “粗光峰“ together refers to a type of goat hair, I’m pretty sure this is Sokoho (ie, Hakuhodo S100 and G543). There can be other types like “细光峰” Saikoho (ie,Hakuhodo Saikoho Kinoko).
山羊: goat
毛: hair

Hope that helps 🙂

Sweet Make Up Temptations 13 January, 2013 - 9:15 am

Thank you Bonnie, I have to write that somewhere in the blog 😀

Melissa 13 January, 2013 - 10:42 am

Bonnie!!! THANK U SO MUCH! Will include that in my brush dictionary 🙂
I would be soooo happy if it feels like the G543. In fact I was looking for a longer haired G543 with the same density. Although the G543 is not so soft when using with powder (loose or compact) I love using it with liquid foundation! blends like a charm. I only wish the hair was a bit longer. So Im praying I get the same effect with this brush!!

Cant wait to have this in my collection!!!

Bonnie 13 January, 2013 - 11:43 am

No problems 🙂 Glad to help dissect!

Usually I get lost on Japanese sites, but I recognise the occasional Kanji, the Chinese-looking characters, like the “gray” in gray squirrel haha!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 12 January, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Yes, I am VERY interested in this set actually but I had a few disappointments with the softness of two white goat brushes that I recently bought (that weren’t that cheap), I like to have more info about the white goat hair used for the brushes but as you can imagine it’s just not easy at all to get that kind of info, specially when the companies don’t even offer an english website.
What got me interested to try more brushes from Koyudo is that it was written “baby goat chest hair” or also for the Tanseido brushes it was written “Hosomitsu”, which are both excellent quality hair.
I am still going to continue trying more japanese brands -that’s for sure- but when it’s written “finest goat” sometimes it’s not that fine compared to other brushes from Hakuhodo, Tanseido or Koyudo (been there), but I will never stop hunting anyway 🙂 I am sure that if we keep hunting we will find amazing opportunities !!!
thank you Bea, please let me know if you try it before I do 😉

Bea 12 January, 2013 - 1:25 pm

*waves to Stacy* I can’t wait for Melissa’s review and the links to the other sites. I haven’t bought any Japanese brushes in a long time. I guess that’s about to change lol. 😉

Carlyn 13 January, 2013 - 12:17 pm

Hi Sonia,
I just discovered you blog this past week and it’s right up my alley. I wish I had this information when I bought 30 brushes from Hakuhodo a year ago, it was hard making those choices then. I ordered the Fine Kalla Cheek brush since I’ve been wanting the Suqqu cheek brush, but the shipping to the US is ridiculous, so I don’t own it. I can’t wait for it to arrive. My question is this: is the Fine Kalla very similar to the Chikuhodo Z-4? I have the Z-4, Z-8 and Z-10 on back order with Malin and just wanted to see if I need the Z-4 if I have the Fine Kalla.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading your blog and find it so helpful. The comment sectikn is awesome too, good information and tips shared and the commenters seem so friendly. Thanks for taking the time to put out such a blog where it obvious you’ve dedicated your heart to.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 14 January, 2013 - 12:00 am

Hi Carlyn,
I am glad there are more people like you and me around 🙂
Well, honestly you don’t need the Z-4 if you have the Fine Kalla BUT, if you are a brush lover, you will want to collect these Z-series, if there is a set that is a dream to have is the Z-series.
The Z-4 is denser and thicker but both will deliver the softest application of blush, although the Z-4 covers more surface, the difference is not that obvious that you need the two brushes…
It’s just that I have difficulties telling you that you don’t need either one of them because I am totally crazy for both 😛 sorry 🙁
I agree, the comments are bringing so much insane information here, I really enjoy reading them and learning so many things from you all !
Loving you all to pieces 😉

Carlyn 14 January, 2013 - 4:30 am

Thanks so much for your reply, I have time to decide, I’ll wait until the Fine Kalla gets here and see what I think. I also saw that you use the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate creams and I have that on back order as well. What brush would you recommend for that? I have the Hakuhodo 210 and the S103 which I think might work, but I believe you might have a better thought on this.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with this brand of skincare, but you might want to look into Tatcha. It’s a Japanese brand which has awesome natural ingredients and no toxic ones. I have combo/oily skin, but I introduced the line to a friend with extremely dry skin and she loves it. They have a line for every skin type and their customer service is world class. Their website is Tatcha.com and they have a sampler kit which is a fantastic deal. I didn’t get that, I just jumped right in and don’t regret it one minute. My skin is better than ever before and I’m in my early forties.

Thanks again for all the info you share. Love it.

Carlyn 19 January, 2013 - 5:28 am

Hello again, I received the Fine Kalla cheek brush today, washed it and played with it as soon as it was dry (drying time was about 5 hours). Oh my goodness gracious, it is the softest thing ever. It has a lot of flexibility and moves just like the Suqqu in Lisa Eldridge’s videos. I am thrilled with it and looking forward to actually applying blush with it in the morning. The shipping time was 7 days and the brush was well packaged, I will definitely buy more brushes from this line.

Thanks for helping me find the dupe for the coveted Suqqu cheek brush. I never could justify the shipping cost to the US.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 19 January, 2013 - 9:36 pm

You are welcome Carlyn 🙂 I am so happy you love it, really really happy ! thank you for the feedback, it’s good to know the quality and the service is consistent.

Carlyn 19 January, 2013 - 8:27 pm

So, update on the Fine Kalla cheek brush- pure LOVE. It’s so ridiculously soft and pliable that it feels amazing on the skin. I used the Dior Rosy Glow blush in Petal and it was such a treat to use this brush. I over applied because I couldn’t get enough of the strokes, haha. The application was smooth and well blended and has lasted over 5 hours without any fading, there’s something to be said about lots of thin layers. I highly recommend this brush, definitely my new HG.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 19 January, 2013 - 10:04 pm


okayokmakeup 26 January, 2013 - 6:45 pm

Reporting back on Fine Kalla Cheek brush. 🙂 I just got mine but I am absolutely in love with it. It has beautiful quality. Thanks for introducing the brush. I no longer feel like I need to go out of my way to get Suqqu Cheek brush. 😀 Probably I will at some point but not right now. Lol

Sweet Make Up Temptations 27 January, 2013 - 10:20 am

It’s a fantastic brush to have, even if you have the Suqqu (although for me they happen to be two completely different brushes since the Suqqu is not tappered at all!).
So glad you love it and thanks a lot for reporting back ! really appreciate you taking the time to share, better to judge the quality on a wider set of brushes ! 🙂
I am with you, this may not prevent me for recommending to get ALSO the Suqqu 😉

Carlyn 26 January, 2013 - 8:29 pm

I saw in another post that you were concerned that your Fine Kalla cheek brush was shedding a little. What is the update on it? I have used mine every day since I got it and it hasn’t shed one hair. I’ve washed it once after the initial wash and its still perfect, I love it so much. I hope yours is doing well too.

I also checked on cdjapan and my red squirrel cheek brush is in stock, yay, but the 2 Fu-pa’s I ordered are not yet ready. Can’t wait for my shipment. Thanks again for the recommendations.

Sweet Make Up Temptations 27 January, 2013 - 10:26 am

Hi Carlyn,
yes I was concerned but so far so good, no more shedding and the shape remains consistent, I am really happy that you don’t regret it 🙂
if you love the Fine Kalla you are going to adore the Koyudo red !!!
Looking forward to hearing what you think of it 😉

Sarah S. 9 December, 2013 - 7:52 pm

Hello Sonia,

I am new to your site, but have been reading your blog for hours now. Such a big selection of brushes you must have! I am on the look out for the softest brush I can possibly find. I was going to buy the Suqqu cheek brush, but wanted to see if I could find anything softer. I found this post, saying the Fine Kalla is equally soft, which made me doubt which brush I should get (both perhaps?) After reading your blog, I am sure you are the one to ask: Which is the softest brush you have come across?
I am sorry of you already wrote about this, but in that case I would welcome a link.

Thank you in advance, kindest regards. 🙂

Sweet make up temptations 11 December, 2013 - 8:14 pm

Hi Sarah…
if you are eyeing the Suqqu cheek, you need it because that’s a truly fantastic brush that you will regret if you don’t get, full stop.
Now, there are alternatives that are very very good (almost, if not as good), it’s the Koyudo Red squirrel, the Fine Kalla series from Kyureido, the Yojiya cheek brush… also the Chikuhodo Z Series.. the Tanseido ysc17…
If I had to choose only one (ok two), the Suqqu and the Koyudo red squirrel http://sweetmakeuptemptations.com/2012/11/14/koyudo-cheek-brush-limited-edition-of-100-pieces/
They have relaunched the Koyudo for some more pieces if you want to grab it before it’s gone http://cooljapannow.jp/detail.html?KEY=NEOKUD-210

For Christmas I will release a new brush database (just my brushes in there but still a lot of them…) where I have created a section for a selection of the softest ever (squirrel, goat, blends) so that may interest you.

Sarah S. 12 December, 2013 - 8:00 pm

First I’d like to thank you for replying. I think it is great that you do, because it must take a lot of your time, but it’s really appreciated!
So I was going to get the Suqqu from Selfridges as a christmas present, and they just sold out 2 days ago (terrible!).
But then I saw your link to the Koyudo red squirrel brush, and I was over the moon, because I saw it in your 2012 brush awards, and was so dissapointed it was sold out on their own site. So I just placed an order! Can’t wait for it to arrive. It eases the pain of not being able to get the Suqqu cheek brush. I am thinking of getting some of the shader brushes from the Z series, but well, one brush at a time. I am looking forward to your brush database – it sounds amazing!

Sweet make up temptations 16 December, 2013 - 7:18 pm

it takes time but it’s the best part of it 🙂
glad you managed to get the Koyudo, I hope they kept the quality consistent because that one is a collector…
yes one brush at a time, better to splurge on very LE items as you did!

Thank you… working on it… one brush at a time 😉

Sarah S. 14 January, 2014 - 1:17 pm

Hello again Sonia,

I am sorry to bother you again. First: I really love my Koyudo red squirrel, and I just got the Koyudo BP016 (the white goat hair cheek brush), and I think I might love it even more <3 . (I saw it in your new brush guide, and in a post on the forum – I was going to get the Sensai Cheek brush, but I am so happy I got the Koyudo). While I wait for the Suqqu to come back in stock, my next target is the Fine Kalla brushes (I need brushes with glitter – period 🙂 ). So while surfing the net I saw this cheaper Fine Kalla series: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/akachanfude/c/0000000132
And I was just wondering, do you know anything about them? I guess they are less soft (cheek brush has horse hair), but I really like the handles. If you know somebody I could ask for some more pictures I would really be happy. I can't find any information on them at all 🙁 Maybe I should just stick to the glitter fine kalla, they are so beautiful 🙂

angela 19 February, 2014 - 4:15 am

hi there!

i really want a suqqu, but live in Canada and cant seem to find it anywhere. So, from your suggestion, i wanna try out the fine kella brush. You posted a website where you got yours i assume, it is legit? Do they sell real brushes? This is the site: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/akachanfude/item/398125/

please let me know! dying for a contour brush

Bonnie 21 February, 2014 - 2:35 pm

Hey! That’s where Sonia got her brush as well, so it should be all good 🙂

Andrea 30 March, 2014 - 8:27 pm

Ok, now I feel retarded, but cant find the KK-002. The links above seem to be broken or something… Could you please help me?

Truc 31 March, 2014 - 1:56 am

Andrea, I had trouble looking up too. After an hour of searching, here’s the link :

Sweet make up temptations 31 March, 2014 - 11:06 pm

hmm no I can only find the sets… maybe if you contact one of the sellers they can manage to get you one of the KK-002 alone ?
I would try that, sometimes they can!

Andrea 2 April, 2014 - 1:31 am

Muchisimas gracias, Sonia.


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