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by Sonia G.

Today, I am sharing with you a special review, my thoughts on Billy Brasfield (Billy B) and of course also his brushes.


If I had to choose only one makeup artist in the whole world that I wish I could meet in person it’s Billy and I didn’t even know he existed before Wayne sent me an email some weeks ago. Wayne knows how obsessed I am with great brushes, not that we need anymore brushes at all but we just love brushes, like anyone else loves cars, jewelry or art, we love brushes. Wayne told me how much he loved Billy’s brushes, that even though they weren’t the softest they were extremely efficient.

As I said, I wish I could meet Billy, I have been watching many Youtube videos of him or about him. He is the most generous and amazing makeup artist, a great personality, a great talent, a great heart.

Billy has his own Youtube chanel and Wayne just recently reviewed his brush range for us. To better understand why Billy designed his own range and what materials he uses -or why-, please watch this video. Basically, as long as the brushes do the job, he doesn’t care what material they are.

I love Billy, I love his vision and I am so glad he succeeded, it looks like he didn’t have the easiest teenage years and today when you watch his videos and when you listen to him, you feel how genuine and how touching he is. I am hypnotized by his ideas and creativity, he is Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Sharon Stone’s makeup artist (just to mention a few), he can go from the most natural enhancing makeup look to the most extraordinary drag makeup, both achieved perfectly well and with his own brushes. That’s also what I love about him, he shows his technique and shares his ideas, when you watch a video you actually see how he works and how he uses his brushes, for example here, unlike Claudio Riaz. Claudio also makes videos (too short in my opinion) were he tries to explain how to use his brushes BUT the  makeup is already done, you don’t see how he works from the beginning and I have to say that it doesn’t help me, but maybe it’s me, for example here or here, can you actually see what he is doing ? I prefer videos like Billy’s, where you learn so much more. My favorite quote from Billy is “let the eye tell you what it needs” (same for the brows, same for the face…). That’s exactly what I try to do with my little knowledge, of course I am very very far from being able to correctly achieve that but it’s like a game, I have so much fun and that’s also what makeup is about.

Billy B brushes

His range goes from 15usd to 37usd, it’s only available in the USA. On Behindthechair and Beautylish websites. A very dear friend helped me and ordered them in the USA on Beautylish and then she sent them to me. The Beautylish customer service was incredibly nice and the shipping very fast, shame they don’t ship internationally but other than that, they were efficient. Thank you Stacy !!!

The brushes are lightweight and shorter than usual, I am actually used to shorter handle brushes since many Japanese brands have either long and short handles or even only very short handles.

Some of these brushes looked just perfect but not that soft and I have a problem with not-soft-enough brushes, my skin is extremely delicate and I am prone to migraines -I have a little problem with an intervertebral disc in my neck that I believe adds even more sensibility, therefore many brushes that feel just fine for most of you, will feel scratchy on my skin, will hurt and will make the full process unpleasant and not worth it. I had to get rid of many of my brushes (part of my Mac and more…). That’s also why today I own the softest brushes you will ever find on the market  and as you may know, they are mostly from Japanese brands like Chikuhodo, Hakuhodo, Koyudo, etc.

But something strange happened recently and that is the main reason why I suddenly started to be interested in” less-soft-yet-not-scratchy” brushes, hope this makes sense for you… 🙂 I had to prepare a review on some Koyudo brushes that weren’t as soft as the ones I was used to, I wasn’t really interested in them but I forced myself into using them in a regular basis in order to be able to give you a more detailed review (coming tomorrow by the way). After some time, I suddenly realized that I was naturally and automatically reaching for the less-soft Koyudo brushes and that I was liking them a lot. These Koyudo are not scratchy at all, just not as soft as squirrel/goat blends for example. This experience is what got me into trying the Billy B brushes, if  I can use them (if not too scratchy) they might be incredibly efficient and totally worth it.

Since the full Billy B set wasn’t available anymore, we ordered several separate smaller sets, so I own nearly all the brushes except for the eyeliner 10 that was sold out.

Brush roll

Measures 28cm long, 18cm tall, you can fit 8 brushes (or more if you put them together), the max brush size that you can fit inside will be approx 16.5cm, a Mac 239 is 17cm and can fit inside, but just. Billy’s brushes are max 15cm long.

It’s easy to carry and practical, if your hands are covered with cream and foundation you will probably stain it but it’s machine washable. I like that it doesn’t have a magnetic closure which is better if you are carrying it inside your handbag, I don’t like magnets to get close to my wallet, you never know…



Brush number One – powder/blush brush

In terms of softness (just to know what to expect) it’s similar to the Nars Yachiho or the Mac 116 I own, softer than the Mac 134, less soft than the Mac 109 (well difficult to say…), less soft than the Hakuhodo K022 but only slightly. Compared to the Koyudo BP019 (pictured below), it’s slightly less soft.

Since my skin is so delicate if a brush doesn’t hurt me, it’s very likely that it doesn’t hurt you either. This brush doesn’t hurt, applies powder and bronzer beautifully.
It did shed a little but it’s ok now.
I LOVE the size of the Mac 116, I wish it was a bit softer but I can still use it without problem. The Koyudo here is very special and has become my favorite but you will see why in my next review.
The Billy B is a great brush, works with many different products and I do enjoy using it.

Probably the closest option in Mac brushes could be the 129 but I had to get rid of mine since I could not use it at all on my skin. The Mac 129  is 35usd, this Billy B is 36usd.


The One compared to the Three and the Hakuhodo K022 :


The Three (top) and the One (bottom), sideways :

Brush number Two – foundation brush

I don’t often use flat foundation brushes, I just use them to place the product and then I blend with a rounded foundation brush. If you like flat foundation brushes you will enjoy this one. It’s larger than many similar ones, thinner, doesn’t leave a streaky application at all. I really prefer a rounded fluffier brush but that is just my personal preference. You should watch the Billy B video linked above, you will understand why he designed the brush like that.


Brush number Three – powder/blush brush

Very similar to Hakuhodo K022, the K022 is more densely packed and is slightly softer. I can apply powder or blush with this Billy B no problems at all, but if I use it in a stippling motion it does hurt (unlike the number One that doesn’t but the surface is more pointed). If I use it in a swirling or sweeping motion no problems at all but I have to admit that I prefer to use other softer brushes.


Brush number Four – Countour/blush/powder

This is a cute little brush, extremely useful and versatile. Very soft, doesn’t hurt at all, it’s not very dense, the application of blush or contour is fabulous, it will diffuse the application seamlessly. I am always looking for precision brushes and I often find the contour brushes too small for me and the blush brushes too big, this is the perfect versatile contour-blush brush in one.

On the top the Trish 45 for reference, in the middle the Mac 109.


Brush number Five – Concealer/lips/eyes

It’s firm and directional, doesn’t hurt or poke, I don’t use it with concealer because I prefer softer/fluffier brushes but it is a nice concealer brush.
As a lip brush, it performs really well, it doesn’t irritate my lips, feels soft enough but it’s too big for me.
As an eyeshadow brush I prefer a softer and fluffier brush but for the Mac paintpots it’s fantastic for example, very easy application, you can precisely take it near the lashes and blend upwards. I will be using this brush very often.

The Mac 217 (top) for size reference, the Hakuhodo Kokutan WS (middle) :


Sideways :


Brush number Six – Shadow/blending/finishing…

Unfortunately I will not reach for this brush, it does the job really well but it’s not very pleasant to use on my lids at all, I just wish it felt slightly softer. Shame because it is exactly the perfect shape and size and it blends really well.

Very similar to the RMK brush, but the RMK eyeshadow L (horse hair) even though it’s not extremely pleasant to use either, I can tolerate it, same for the Rouge Bunny Rouge. So I reach more for the Chikuhodo Z-5 but we are not talking about the same price range at all.


Brush number Seven – Detail brush

You can use this brush on the lips or as concealer brush or even eyeliner (I like to use it with thicker eyeliner creams for example). I prefer a fluffier brush for the lips but if you are looking for precision this one is soft enough and fantastic.


Brush number Eight – Blending/crease

It’s my favorite Billy B brush. When I first saw it I really wasn’t impressed but I have to say that it delivers fantastic results. I love it for the crease and blending, it’s the PERFECT size. This one doesn’t hurt my skin.
I had to apply/remove my makeup 5 times in a row, I couldn’t believe how great it was, I had to do it over and over again. It will probably become my favorite crease brush. The others pictured here (and the Hakuhodo J5523) are great as well but don’t allow the precision of this Eight brush.

Together with some other brushes, Mac 217, Koyudo BP033, RMK eyeshadow double-ended :


Brush number Nine – Mascara

Fantastic idea. I have tried it and now I cannot live without it.
I don’t have many lashes and each one of my bottom lash is looking in a different direction, when I apply my mascara with a normal mascara this effect is even more emphasized. This mascara brush is excellent to apply mascara and at the same time “redirect” each lash to the right direction 🙂 and they will have all the same intensity which is something quite tricky to achieve with a mascara wand.
You just apply mascara to the tips and brush your eyelashes one by one.
Now I use this brush very often and the spot cleaning with the Bobby Brown brush cleaning spray allows me to quickly clean it and use it straight afterwards.

Here with a Koyudo (I don’t know which one it is, I got it as a present), and the Hakuhodo K005 :


Brush number Eleven – Brow

A brow brush, slightly thicker than the Hakuhodo pictured below and slightly less soft but a great brow brush. Precise and does the job really well too.

Hakuhodo B264 and Billy Eleven :


Brush number Twelve – Crease/lining/blending/smudging

Funny brush, unique and weird.
I wasn’t expecting such a weird brush to be honest, it is so different and unique. I love to use it on the brows when I apply powder to fill them in roughly and get a very natural result.
I also love to use it when I do a smokey eye look. I never thought it would work, it’s not that dense and it’s not that soft and it looks too wide for lining-smoking the bottom lashes, I don’t know how it does it, but it does it well and beyond. A pencil brush also works for that but somehow this brush will help you apply and blend the final application and give you an additional more sultry dimension to your smokey eye.


With the Hakuhodo G5520 that I love, the Twelve will deliver a more smoked and less precise application, perfect for a smokey eye :


Brush number Thriteen – Highlighter/detail/blending/finishing

It has a similar shape than my RMK eyeshadow M (horse hair). The RMK is smaller but the final purpose is the same for me : too big for the eye area so I use it for highlighter or to clean-up the final application, like a fan brush.


Retractable lip brush – lip color/gloss

For creamy or glossy lipsticks it works really nicely, it’s fluffy and flexible, not firm, feels soft on the lips, it’s rounded unlike any other lip brush. I cannot achieve precision with this one but I still have to practice. Maybe I will get better 🙂
The great thing about it is that it closes completely, not only retracts but it seals. If you want to take some lipstick on the brush and keep it there for touch ups that is possible since it will not touch anything else in your makeup bag, no dust or particles will stick to it.


Eyelash curler

It’s more curvy than the Chanel or the Shu Uemura. The weight is exactly the same for the 3 eyelash curlers (21g).


Lash/brow groomer

I like it, I had one in the past but it got lost somewhere, this one is fantastic. I also enjoy that it is slightly curvy (compared to others like the Rae Morris one for example), it makes it easier to use.


Bottom line

What you get : Efficient brushes at a nice price, designed by a talented makeup artist.

I really do appreciate these Billy B brushes, I wish the number Three and Six were a bit softer so that I could enjoy them too, but except for these two I am enjoying all of the others and I would repurchase them anytime. My top favorites are the Four, Eight, Nine and Twelve, I will use these 4 in a very regular basis.

For the other Billy B’s brushes, I will use them as well of course but as you may know I also own many other high-end brushes and I have to say that I would rather use other softer or more “luxurious” options, just remember that efficient  brushes are not always the softest and most expensive brushes and luxury is not a necessity !
That said, I admit I love luxury and when it’s combined with efficiency it’s even better 🙂

These Billy B brushes have a nice price but for example the Hakuhodo J5523 is 18usd vs the Billy B Eight which is 24usd. In my opinion they aren’t expensive but Hakuhodo for example also have excellent and inexpensive options.

I deeply love Billy, he is humble and kind and I am really happy to be able to use his brushes, for more information about Billy and his brush range, please also visit these sites :

Afrobella wrote a nice post about him, if you are interested in reading a bit about him.
Makeupjunkie also has a review.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate… 🙂

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Buggsiebee 28 December, 2012 - 11:04 am

Fantastic post Sonia:))
Your glowing report on Billy B. has certainly got me wanting to know more about the creative person behind the brushes. It’s a pity that his brushes are so hard to come by if you don’t live within the US. Perhaps I will spot them on my short NY holiday next year and bring a few home with me 😉

Sweet Make Up Temptations 28 December, 2012 - 1:47 pm

Thank you Buggsiebee !
I hope that one day his brushes will be available around the world, he certainly is a great person, who knows… maybe we can meet him at IMATS ??? I wish 🙂

Stacy 28 December, 2012 - 12:38 pm

“I love luxury, and when it’s combined with efficiency its even better” agreed! 😉

I too am intrigued to learn more about the man behind the brushes! Thank you for such a thoughtfully written post! I am looking forward to the mystery Koyudo brush post!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 28 December, 2012 - 1:54 pm

Working on that Koyudo post at the moment, I will also shortly receive the thousand Fupas I ordered 😛
Oh by the way… I might have an HG post also coming up… I finally received my RMK MT-08 I was waiting for to do my review on contour products, it’s fantastic !

Stacy 28 December, 2012 - 1:59 pm

I want to come play with a house full of Fu Pa’s!!! Heaven!!! I definitely have a BIG place in my heart for Koyudo!
RMK holy grail??? I can’t wait, seriously I can’t!!!! I thought the mt 08 was a blush… I’d better go look it up.
Do you still have your family staying with you?

Sweet Make Up Temptations 28 December, 2012 - 2:11 pm

Me too, I am so excited to try these new Fupas !
When I was at the RMK counter in Selfridges I asked for this “blush” with the idea of using it as a contour (natural brown). Ernesto (I believe it’s his name) told me “you know it’s a contour”. Yep, I guess so… 🙂
It’s exactly what I was wishing for, a powder contour without a “powder finish”. So insanely natural-shadowy, now I can start to try them together and see which one is the winner but I think that for me this one is going to beat them all.
They are still here but not staying with me at home since we have no room for them yet. We had a nice Christmas and we are going to celebrate the New Year with my brother, which is just the best place !

Kay 29 December, 2012 - 2:38 am

Thank you, Sonia — I loved this review. I watched the videos and it is so inspirational and enjoyable to watch someone so talented and energized with his vision. Will be checking more Billy B videos for sure!

Thanks also for the thorough reviews on each brush. After seeing Wayne rave about them, I was tempted to purchase the set just to see how they do what they do but will have to think about it a bit more. I really love my soft brushes with beautiful handles and efficiency is not necessarily a high priority with me.

Hope you have a wonderful time at your brother’s place!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 10:17 am

thank you Kay ! I hope you will have a wonderful time too !!

Neo 29 December, 2012 - 3:38 am

OMG Sonia, you are killing me!!!!!!! I JUST received my Koyudo yesterday, washed them and used them this morning: you were sooooo right, and I’m so glad I got them, even if they were so long in coming. The Xmas FuPa is PERFECT!!!!!! Love love the finish, and it’s so easy and fast to use, I’m sooo happy :)! It just worked beautifully with my KGD Aqua foundation (I’m loving this one more and more, and haven’t even looked at my CdP since I got it! I kind of can’t believe it, especially as I just picked the KGD up on a whim, really). And the red squirrel cheek brush, wow! Of course, I had to try it with my favorite blush, of course (yes,the RMK cheek mix, lol), and not only is it pure luxury and bliss using it, it also applies beautifully. Thank you so so much for recommending them 🙂

My parents are still here (which is why I’ve been MIA for so long, sorry about that!), and I debated whether to wait until next week to open my package, or how to smuggle my new brushes into the house without them realizing, but I once again just bravely took full responsibility for my addiction, lol. I think they think I’m nuts and have totally lost it 😀

And now, your 4 favorite billy b brushes are in my cart, and I’m wondering whether to add #13 or go for the RMK instead? I would like to use it to wipe off excess eye make up, or any fall out under the eyes. Which one would you say is better suited to this task?

I had taken out #4, as I don’t do contouring, but then I read yours and Stacy’s (Hi Stacy!!!! 🙂 ) comments, and realized that the RMK MT 08 is probably in my future, sooooo…… Which also brings me to this: Buggsiebee, would you like me to order some of the billy b brushes for you? I’d be happy to either send them your way or keep them here for you and get them to you when you visit :). Just let me know!

Sonia, I can’t wait to hear all about the RMK contour “blush” as well as the other RMK blushes you got on your trip to London, and any thoughts you had on the RMK blushes you saw while there (particularly the pink ones 😉 ). Prompted by your London post (I realize I should have posted that there! Sorry 🙁 ), I have now contacted Tiziana about the Ex 08 Hanamari quad, in case they still have it, but I haven’t heard back from her yet – fingers crossed they do!

I’m kind of scared of reading your Koyudo post – I already LOVE the 2 I got, so that can’t be good :/! Heading over there… LOL

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 10:47 am

😀 😀 😀
we missed you here 🙂
This foundation brush is a gem, I am happy you love these two brushes !
My family don’t even say I am nuts anymore because my brother is TOTALLY crazy about martial arts, he actually lives from that, somehow we are both very close to art 😀
My father is all about cars or motorbikes and my mum loves food, we all are a bit extreme in our hobbies, but I confess they haven’t seen the inside of my drawers !!!

You are wondering if you have to go for the RMK or the Billy 13 ? to wipe out the excess I’d rather choose the 13 but I can have a look at my brushes and tell you which one is my favorite for that. Honestly I never have to wipe out any excess (maybe I am lucky) so I need to check out the one that would allow me to do it more efficiently, when I have to wipe out excess is mostly mascara mistakes or big pigmented eyeshadow fallout but that kind of brush would not help, I need to remove the excess with a cotton bud otherwise the pigment would be spread all over my face.

I am loving the RMK blushes I got in the UK, I absolutely need to share a post on them ! I got them the last day I was over “on a whim”, but they are amazing. The MT-08 is my hg contour now, today it’s bright sunshine outside, my only concern is that even though it’s matte it has a “glowy” finish, I need to check if the glowyness is counteracting the shadow effect it has to deliver… hope this has sense, will check this out with the sun. Since my face is really hairy (yep sad) this kind of finish is perfect for me but I am a bit worried it will still be too “shiny”.

The problem is that once you try Koyudo brushes, you just want more, so you are a bit right to be scared… 🙁 the more you try the more you want 🙂

Stacy 29 December, 2012 - 11:01 pm

Oh my gosh Sonia it is true! Beware of Koyudo brushes they are completely addicting! I tell you though all of the goats and squirrels will be totally bald before I start looking at brushes for my husband (no offence honey even though I am sure you won’t be reading this and no offence famous BF 😉 ).
Hey there Neo! So glad you got your Koyudo order! They have yet to respond to me! Now they are closed till Jan 6th I think…. Here I come again CDJapan!
Watch out for those RMK blushes they are equally addicting aren’t they Sonia?

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 12:06 am

😀 😀 😀
yep, RMK makes great addictive blushes !!!

Bonnie 29 December, 2012 - 10:08 pm

Hi Neo 🙂

Just wanted to pop by and say, I agree with your love for the KGD! I just arrived back home…. from home with my parents for Christmas, and I was rushing to a friends place for the night right after I dropped back. I literally had 10 minutes to pack an overnight bag AND my makeup. I didn’t even have to think, the KGD Aqua went right in as my foundation of choice!

Neo 30 December, 2012 - 3:59 am

Hi Bonnie!

I know!!! I can’t get over how natural the KGD is – covers everything that needs to be covered, but still let’s the skin shine through. I also really enjoy how it doesn’t make me look either dry or oily, just normal. I think it’s the first foundation ever that doesn’t make me shiny after a few hours. The only thing that makes me a bit sad, is that I don’t really need to use any powder anymore, and well, I love all my beautiful powder brushes and really want to keep on using them, lol (what a problem to have, right?)

I actually finally made it to the KGD counter here last week, and got a proper color match. I was very surprised that while I could wing the BE-1 I had, the perfect match for my winter skin is PK-2! I would have never even dreamed to go for the PK, yellow toned as I am, but turns out the KGD pink is actually pretty much a neutral, and works beautifully. I’m still convinced the OC-2 will be perfect for summer, and in between the MUA said I could totally mix the 2. She also put their new LE pressed powder on me, and I’ve fallen in love – completely transparent but gives a lovely finish. I think I will have to go back and get it :D. It’s kind of weird, as I’ve never owned (or wanted!) a pressed powder, as I’ve always been a fan of loose, but this stuff is fantastic!

Bonnie 31 December, 2012 - 12:49 am

Hi 🙂

I know what you mean! I’m enthusing over the beautiful finish of the KGD and I really don’t want to use any powder to “mute” it. Thankfully, it is summer here so, while I don’t become oily, I powder a little bit down the centre to help.

As for shades, OC-2 is pretty much my perfect summer match. I’m not good with MAC tones, but I’m probably about a NC30? The EF S104 is maybe a tiiiiny bit dark, but not really noticeable. I’m planning on picking up another bottle of the KGD for winter when the OC-2 becomes too dark but I have no idea what shade I’d be, and I think I’ll have to use a forwarding address again (yay for another haul!). I know Beautyprofessor, who has similar tones to me, suggests mixing the BE-1 and OC-2. What do you think? I was matched to EF S103 just as I was transitioning, but now I’m a little dubious as it seems “pink”.

I think we have similar tastes 😛 Guess what I ordered a few weeks ago (if we’re talking about the same thing)!? I ordered the Maifanshi Premium Pressed Powder, which is LE, so I’m pretty sure that’s it! It’s currently waiting for me at a mail forwarding address, along with my TF Ravish and Cheek Brush hehe, so I just need to ship it off before I buy anything else….

Neo 29 December, 2012 - 4:17 am

Sorry, back again! Sonia, I was hesitating between the RMK eye brush M, and the billy b #13, but going through your post again, I’m wondering: do you think the Trish 45 could be a contender too for my purpose? Thank you :D!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 1:47 pm

Neo, what you want to do is wipe the excess of right ? (just to make sure)
The Trish 45 is a fantastic brush but more for applying a base color, it’s densely packed and it will push the pigment into your skin instead of wiping it away.
I had a look in my stash and my favorite brush to wipe of the excess powder is the Hakuhodo J4002, I know, that’s maybe not its original purpose but it’s really good at that (this one serves many purposes). Then it might be too big for you (it’s 2cm diameter) but it’s efficient and feels divine.
The RMK is also nice but maybe a bit too small if you intend using for the face as well, the 13 is a good size and good density/flexibility for that purpose. I just wish it would feel a bit softer but it works very well.
My other fav from Hakuhodo is the fan J4004 but if I had to keep only one it would be the J4002 🙂

Neo 29 December, 2012 - 7:05 pm

Yes, thank you so much Sonia! I don’t often have excess shadow either, and if I do, I mainly blend it away with my trusted Edward Bess eye shadow brush (I think it’s my only non Japanese brush I have left! Oh no, I also LOVE my Burberry #10 – I don’t see it mentioned often and it doesn’t get many reviews, but it’s the softest EVER, and perfect for applying lightly very pigmented shadows on the lower lash line or to the inside corner of the eye!). My issue is more in case of fall out – also doesn’t happen too often, but is highly annoying when it does. I agree that the cotton solution is most effective, but I often have already done my foundation and concealer, and have no time to wipe it off and start again. For those times, I need a brush to gently brush the fall out away :).

And now the Hakuhodo J4002 has been added to my ever growing Hakuhodo cart! I was also looking at the Kokutan eye brush L (I have a weakness for the ebony handles), but not sure if it wouldn’t be too dense, and at that price I’d rather not take any chances, lol

The Trish 45 does sound like it would be perfect for applying under eye powder though (I always use LMdB Refresh to set my concealer), I think I’ll need to look into it next time I’m close to a counter (i.e. next week 🙂 ).

Which reminds me: I finally made it to Saks (I was in and out in 5mn tops!) and grabbed the Burberry concealer you so kindly recommended, and I wanted to thank you again: it’s exactly what I was looking for! It works very well for me, and an instant favorite :). And while I love applying it with the LMdB concealer brush (I normally don’t like paddle type brushes, but this one really works, somehow), I’m looking into Koyudo to kpfind something fluffyer to apply my concealer – and at the same time, it would give me an excuse to place another Koyudo order ;). Any suggestions on that front would be more than welcomed too :). After the Chikuhodo and Koyudo successes that were thanks to your amazing advice, I’ve decided that the best thing for me is to just blindly follow all your suggestions :D. Thank you again!!!!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 7:26 pm

oh Neo you are so funny 😀
I am honored that you think to blindly follow my suggestions, it will not always work because we are all different and our preferences may vary but it means a lot to me what you are saying, at least my huge collection has a sense and a reason 😀
I have ordered this brush which looks just perfect for concealer but we’ll see when I get it. I also ordered the fupa06 and fupa08, I know the parcel is now in Geneva so it should get here on Monday !!! I just can’t wait, when the postman will be delivering the mail on Monday I will be waiting like a hawk… 😛

Neo 29 December, 2012 - 9:44 pm

Oh yes, never fear: your collection is absolutely worth it, and totally crucial to me – and I’m sure I’m not alone, and many more people benefit, but just don’t post! And while it’s true that we are all different and won’t always all like the same brushes, the more we learn about each others preferences and why, the easier it becomes to know what would work best for each :). And in the end, a good brush will always be a good brush, no matter what (I’m thinking Shu 10 – sadly the Shu 12 isn’t offered on the Shu US site 🙁 ).

Oooh, I had been looking at that particular Fu Pa (but the black version), so I can’t wait for you to get yours and tell us all about it :D. And THEN, I can place my next Koyudo order 😉 the Sakura is simply adorable (although, I think I’m good with blush brushes now, lol)! But maybe one of the mushrooms (as I have come to call them in my mind, lol).

And I stalk my mailman too, LOL!!!!!!! Fingers crossed you get your package Monday!

Your description of your family cracked me up! I think it’s nice you each have your thing that you are passionate about – in my family, only my brother is passionate about something, music, and he has thousands of old style disks, CDs, and now external drives full of music files (I don’t know how he can know what he has or find the time to listen to everything, lol).

I hope the RMK MT 08 wasn’t too glowy, and I’m getting very excited about your upcoming post on all RMK blushes, as I really would like to get more since falling in love with my cheek mix 🙂 (another one I have you to thank for! See!!!!!!!!)

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 10:15 pm

😀 lovely to hear that your brother loves music ! my boyfriend loves music and needs to have the best quality of hifi equipment, to the “cable” level, so he cannot tell me that different material and shape do not make a difference 😀
The RMK is not too glowy, definitely hg ! just giving it a little more time to make sure to test it correctly but I am absolutely loving it.
and thanks again for your sweet comments 🙂 nice to have you back !

Bonnie 29 December, 2012 - 10:20 pm

Hi Sonia,

I feel like I’ve missed so much in my few days of absence at Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year as well 🙂

Thank you for introducing us to Billy B. I just went and watched some of his Youtube videos. He seems like a wonderful person, and very interesting. Especially the video when he talks about brushes, so insightful and so true!

I can’t wait for your RMK MT-08 review! I actually have a friend in Taiwan atm, and I think they have RMK. What are some products you think I should ask her to pick up for me? I managed to get the Mix blush to work, instead of using a soft brush like the Chikuhodo, I’m using the Nars Yachiyo and it picks up a lot more colour. Just enough that it’s just a faint flush on my summer skin, very natural. It’s gorgeous! Thank you!

I should let you know, based on your Shu review, another friend of mine in HK picked up the 5R, the 10 Natural and the Bobbi Brown brush spray yay!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 29 December, 2012 - 10:24 pm

thank you !!! all the same to you !!
About the RMK it depends what are your favorite type of products (blushes, pencils, etc…) and what kind of colors do you wear.
I can give you my very fav from RMK if you want but that would include a bit of each…
Thanks again for the feedback, it’s always very appreciated, not only by me but also by all the readers that visit, it’s great to know how products work on other skintones and what brushes get the most love or interest 🙂

Bonnie 29 December, 2012 - 10:43 pm

That’s definitely true about what products I like to wear. I’m in a bit of a blush (and brush) atm, but I don’t think I need another RMK blush right now. I was actually thinking of the mascara that you’re currently loving. Which one is it? I have the usual Asian lashes, which, while long, are fairly sparse and straight 🙁

I know you have a few of the brushes and you’ll be doing the review soon, so I won’t ask for an in-depth reply, but do you think I should pick up any of those? I trust your word if you say that I should consider getting it, without giving me a reason why!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 12:04 am

So RMK… , about the mascara, the “W” will give you more fuller lasher, thicker, will keep the curl all day (providing you curl them previously). The Separate curl will give you less fuller lashes but longer, will also keep the curl all day. I love both of them a lot, since at the moment I have very sparse lashes I prefer to use the W but honestly both are incredibly good.
For the cheeks : you already own the Mix for cheeks so my other favs are the MT-08 for contour (but depends on your skintone, it might not show on darker skin, I am NW20 and it does show VERY clearly just for reference, I hope you will be able to see the intensity on the swatches I will upload, then the MT-04 rose pink, the creamy sheer powder 03, the P-10 Holographic coral pink, (and also the P-09)… many great blushes !
For the eyes : the waterproof pencils are really excellent, if you don’t own the Addiction ones, these are the next in line. The palettes I own are Mix color for eyes in 08 and in 09. They are easy to apply, I use the 08 when I don’t want too much makeup, just want to look fresh. I love the darkest shade in the 09, the other golden shades are nice but not as great as this darkest shade !
The brushes : the face brushes ! not a great fan of the eyeshadow brushes but the face ones are nice, mainly the full squirrel one but I love all the 3 (the powder, the cheek S mix goat-squirrel, the Cheek full squirrel), depends which shape or material you prefer.
Maybe it gives you an idea of what to could select from these based on your preferences 🙂

Neo 30 December, 2012 - 5:04 am

Ok, so you haven’t even written your RMK post, and I already have a $250 worth full cart on Bonboncosmetics!!!!!! So far I have in my cart: creamy sheer powder in Rose 01, Powder Cheek in MT-03 and MT-04 (can’t decide, but hope that your post will help :)!), Mix Color for Eyes in 04 and 08 (again, can’t chose between the 2 but counting on you!). I have just taken the W mascara out 🙁 (just too expensive for a mascara, when buying from here, and I really want to give the Annabelle Le Big Show mascara a try, as I’ve heard good things about it, and else I still love the new Chanel one). And of course, I have the Powder Cheek in MT-08 in my cart too – now that I have the Billy B contour brush coming, I better have a contour powder, lol! I just hope the color will work on me too (right now I must be an EF S102) 🙂

I’ve decided I can live without any RMK brushes (especially as I’m plotting my next Koyudo order, lol), and hope that the above list won’t grow even longer after your post 😀

Bonnie, you NEED the Koyudo Xmas FuPa for your KGD foundation!!!!!!! It’s unbelievable!!!!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 30 December, 2012 - 9:55 pm

you told me in the past you don’t wear peachy blushes right ?
please share your thoughts on that Annabelle mascara if you can, always curious to know 🙂
the contour powder MT-08 should work on your skintone, it can go from very sheer to buildable -to a certain point of course but it does not get “muddy” on my skin-, I am now a bit lighter than S103 so I think no problem at all!

Bonnie 31 December, 2012 - 12:39 am

Hi Neo!

I’ve ordered the Christmas fu-pa 🙂 According to the tracking details, it was being processed yesterday so hopefully, I can pick it up today. So, so, so excited for the Koyudo brushes!

I’m planning on picking up the W mascara, it’s about US$38 on beautybay, or something around that. Oooh, bonboncosmetics! I think I need to replenish my Majolica Majorca mascara, since it’s 2 for $30! I’ve recently revived and, despite the pain in getting it off, it’s great for hot, sweaty summer days and occasional downpour we get here 🙂

Btw, do you mean the Chanel Le Volume? I want that! I asked my friend if she could pick it up for me in HK but it’s not out yet 🙁 I guess I’ll have to wait…

Bonnie 31 December, 2012 - 12:56 am

Thank you Sonia!

I think I will probably get the pencil liner and mascara. I’d love to see your review of the MT-08 except… I’ve realised I’m terrible at powder contouring. Or at least, I think I’m doing it all wrong with the Chanel Notorious! 🙁 Must keep working at it because I see so many beautiful reviews of it! Maybe the MT-08 will be easier to work with? I think it should work for my winter skin when I’m a bit more pale….

Those cheek brushes look really amazing. And the price does seem really good for what appears to be good value. I’m still on the fence with the Koyudo red squirrel… I really want it, but ohh, do I need another cheek brush? I will probably start picking petals off flowers to decide….

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:52 am

you are welcome !
with the RMK it’s not difficult at all, that’s the main thing about it, the texture and pigmentation is very easy to manage, it is the easiest for me and I am not a professional 🙂 so if I can do it, anyone can. I just apply a tiny bit on one side, then compare, I just want it to be “visible” without being visible, once I can see that one side of my face is defined without shouting defined it’s done and it makes a difference.
oh, I don’t want to push anyone to make unnecessary purchases, but, if you want the softest brush you won’t get softer than that Koyudo believe me, and I have a few… 😉 sometimes you spend more trying to find dupes, if you have this one, you won’t need any other red squirrel brush 🙂

Neo 31 December, 2012 - 1:59 am

Thank you Sonia – RMK MT-08 it is :)! Indeed, sadly peach/coral blushes just don’t flatter me, so I’ve given up on them :(. I’ve been sticking to pink toned blushes, but wouldn’t mind venturing into Rose tones!

I’ll definitely let you know how the Annabelle mascara turns out – I have very high hopes for that one 😀

In the meantime, I’m using my 2 Koyudos daily, and just enjoying them tremendously!!!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 31 December, 2012 - 8:57 am

GOT ITTTT ! got my Koyudo parcel 😛 I am breathless jumping around the house 😀
I love them all, the white goat angled brushes seem more like the Christmas fupa (versus the original fupa in terms of density and flexibility) which is excellent news !
They look really good ! I can’t wait to use them and let you know how they perform 🙂
the little concealer one is gorgeous, soft yet firm, exactly how I wanted it to be so now onto the tests 😛

Neo 31 December, 2012 - 10:41 pm

Woohoooo!!!! What a way to finish the year!!!!! En beauté, as they say ;). I can’t wait for your review – and in the meantime I’m pondering Koyudo choices, trying to find the perfect bronzer brush, that will apply both powder and creams equally perfectly (I know I saw it somewhere, but need to go revisit your posts, lol), to go along with the new concealer brush (to make it worth the shipping costs, you know ;)…).

A very happy New Year Sonia, to you and all the ladies here!!!!! May 2013 be a wonderful one for all!!! Hugs

Sweet Make Up Temptations 1 January, 2013 - 8:52 pm

Thank you Neo ! I wish you a wonderful New Year too !!!
Hmm don’t know which one you are talking about but I have a fun post for tomorrow ” the most exceptional brushes of 2012 ” 😀 I am having fun with the pictures 😛 maybe it’s mentioned there..
I don’t have received all material yet (so posts like contour, lip products, brow, etc.. will be delayed but I will do something else in the meantime)

Neo 1 January, 2013 - 10:16 pm

Thank you Sonia :)!

Hmmm, could it be the H010, maybe??? I do feel that as a priority, I need a brush that will perform well with the Chanel Soleil Tan creme bronzer (the one in the big pot), as between the Z1 and the MK2 I’m pretty well covered for powder bronzers.

Oooh goodie, can’t wait for your post tomorrow (probably first thing I’ll see when I wake up, yaaayyyyy!!!) 😀

Sweet Make Up Temptations 1 January, 2013 - 11:13 pm

you’ll see the pics tomorrow but I can already say that the awards have been dispatched as follows :
7 to Koyudo
5 to Hakuhodo
4 to Chikuhodo
2 to Tom Ford
1 to Shu
1 to Rae Morris
1 to Kyureido
and there are also the customer services awards that will be mentioned separately.
hope it will be fun 🙂

Bonnie 2 January, 2013 - 9:20 am

A happy, happy New Year to you and everyone on this blog!

I can’t wait for this post tomorrow 🙂 you’re amazing for being able to put out all these posts and answer our questions during this time of the year! I know I’ve been hectic with work, social gatherings and just general tying up of loose ends.

Neo 1 January, 2013 - 6:34 am

Bonnie! Did you get your Xmas FuPa :)??? I’ve been thinking of you, and can’t wait to hear how you like to apply your KGD with it :D!!!!!

Oh, I hadn’t spotted the Majolica Majorca special on Bonboncosmetics – I’ve always wanted to try it, and that seems like a pretty good deal! And yes, I mean Le Volume de Chanel mascara – my current favorite. But I thought it was out everywhere now? So weird. Any way I can get it to you? Just let me know :).

And I hate to say it, but that Koyudo red squirrel cheek brush is something else – a pure beauty, and it’s just such a pleasure to apply blush with! I really think I’m going to pick up Wicked just for this brush (even though it applies wonderfully most of my other blushes like the RMK cheek Mix or my Suqqu or P&J, lol). Truth be told, I haven’t used any of my other blush brushes since I got it, and I feel kind of bad about it (poor Z4 and Suqqu!). And I have to admit, it’s nice knowing it’s so special and there are so few of it…

I also had a really hard time with Notorious (nevermind that I had never attempted contouring before), and ended up taking it back :(. I sometimes regret it when I see all the raves about it, but then I remember that it didn’t agree with my eyelids (no staying power whatsoever, even with a primer, used as an eye shadow), and I just didn’t manage doing something pretty with it… I hope you have better luck, it looks stunning on those who know how to use it!

You know, it’s a good question about what KGD Aqua shade to go for, to mix with your OC2 when you lose your tan. I would have said BE1 too, but then I’m so surprised by the PK2, I’m not so sure anymore :(. Would you like me to swatch the BE1 and PK1 and PK2 for you when I have an opportunity? I would just need to know next to which shades of other available foundations you would like to see them, for comparison.

Hope you had a great start to 2013 :)!!!!!!

Bonnie 2 January, 2013 - 9:49 am

Hi there Neo,

You should definitely try the MM mascara since it’s so cheap right now on bonboncosmetics. Fair warning, it is super hard to remove! I was away on NYE and Jan 1 at a friend’s place and forgot to bring proper eye makeup remover 🙁 There were remnants of it on after two showers, a soccer game (granted, I was a spectator but it was really hot!) … if you do get it, please tell me what you think!

And do let me know if you get Wicked. I can’t remember, but did you pick up Ravish as well? I’ll probably buy Wicked next time I order from the US, but I need to stop buying blushes! I was working through the dept store after work today (as we do :P), and I saw that the Givenchy Bucolic Poppy blush was on sale haha. Ooops…

Oooh, I might take you up on that offer for the Le Volume because I’m impatient like that… 🙂 Do you happen to be based in the US? I’ll steal your email off Sonia anyway, for the swatches! Swatches sound like a good idea, so whenever you have time. I’m in no rush. In terms of depth, do you know what the line-up for BE1, PK1, PK2, OC1 and OC2 is? Did your SA tell you why PK2, for ur winter shade, and not the others?

Thanks and please let me know if I can get anything to you. But I’m pretty sure that everything is available where you are and cheaper too! Unless you want Notorious again, haha. I’m pretty sure we actually have quite a few in stock…it’s just AU$71! It’s actually not too bad, because from afar, it really does work beautifully, because the shade mimics shadows. But close-up, I haven’t managed to perfect a natural appearance… I think it’s because I’m used to the Tom Ford S&I, which blends beautifully…

And a very Happy New Year to you!

Neo 4 January, 2013 - 4:55 am

Hi Bonnie!

Yes, I’m in the US, and lucky enough to be in NYC at that – with wonderful beauty counters at every corner :D!!!! I would be very happy to get you the Chanel Le Volume mascara, and would, be grateful if Sonia, you could be so kind and please communicate my email address to Bonnie for me 🙂

And thank you Bonnie, but I gave up on the Notorious when I took it back (I sometimes think I shouldn’t have – that LE thing, you know 😉 – but I haven’t really missed it, so I guess I’m good :D). I have been tempted by the TF S&I, but no more since I know that it’s the RMK MT08 I should be getting 😉

And I’m still yet to get a TF blush – I just know that it will be Wicked when I do!

Wow, that’s impressive, on the MM mascara! But how do you get it off?

Ooh, and I realized that I never got back to you on this: the KGD pressed powder I’m coveting is the one that has 3 stripes of different colors (pink, white and pink). Is that the one you are getting? I will try to get you the swatches pictures as soon as possible :)! And in terms of depth, I think the KGD Aqua line up is as follows (from darkest to lightest): OC2, PK2, BE1, OC1. I’m not sure where PK1 fits exactly, but it’s light! The reason the SA chose PK2 for me, is that it had the right depth for my color right now, and is just the perfect match, and a great neutral. The OC2 is just too golden for me right now, and also too dark – but it’s obvious it will be perfect for summer, as I tan very golden rather than dark. OC1 and BE1 are just too light, and BE1 is not golden but VERY yellow (but I can wing it, as we know, lol). Does this make sense?

Sweet Make Up Temptations 4 January, 2013 - 9:24 am

Hi Neo,
done 🙂

Neo 5 January, 2013 - 1:37 am

Thank you Sonia!!!

I also just wanted to report back that I have received my Billy B brushes, and I’m very happy with them! In the end, I only ordered 2 of them, #9 and #12. I also wanted to get #4, but somehow managed to place my order without it :(. I did contact Beautilysh immediately, to ask them to please add #4 to my order, but they never got back to me, and shipped my order a couple of days later without it. I did write to them again, to tell them that I was really disappointed that nobody ever got back to me and that they really should have a phone number where they can be reached, especially if their “contact us about this order” button was useless… I didn’t hear anything back for a few days, but got an email today, with apologies and a $10 credit to my account, which I thought was a nice gesture. In the end though, I’m not too disappointed after all, as I have decided to get the Kokutan e/s L instead ;).

I am however VERY pleased with my 2 brushes – they are absolutely perfect for their purposes, as you described, and #12 will see heavy (and probably daily!) usage for the rest of its life, lol. Thank you Sonia (again!!!)! 🙂

Sweet Make Up Temptations 5 January, 2013 - 1:22 pm

oh well at least they gave you something, good !
Yes, get the Kokutan one !!! you will love it for sure ! 🙂
So happy that you are enjoying these Billy B, argh love this guy…

Bonnie 5 January, 2013 - 7:19 am

Thank you Sonia!

Neo, contacting you soon 🙂 Just a bit caught up on the beginning of work arghhhh – two massive reports due at the end of next week 🙁

Bonnie 5 January, 2013 - 7:31 am

Hi there Neo,

I am so jealous that you are in New York! If I lived there, I would probably end up buying something every week… few days… day. Uh oh, maybe it’s better I don’t live there.

Yes! That’s the pressed powder I’m getting. It should arrive in Sydney early next week, so once I pick it up, I’ll give you some feedback as well on how it wears, especially in summer, the wear and so on. Maybe I should try the PK2 as well – it seems like it might work for winter, especially since it seems as if we have similar tones! I I’ll have to take a closer look later but thank you in advance!

The RMK MT-08 does look good…I will have to wait for Sonia’s review and see whether I should bug my friends to go pick it up for me haha!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 5 January, 2013 - 1:38 pm

argh, still waiting for the material to take pictures of the swatches 🙁

Bonnie 6 January, 2013 - 4:51 am

Don’t worry! You’ve been putting up posts so frequently I’m amazed 🙂 Btw, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m loving the new photos! They’re so clear!

Neo 6 January, 2013 - 10:36 pm

Hi Bonnie!

I can’t wait to hear your review on the KGD pressed powder – I really really want it, and if you tell me that it wears well too,that will be that, lol!

I’m hoping to be able to swing by the KGD counter later this week, and pick up samples of all the colors to swatch so I can take pictures next weekend, in natural daylight (I can only make it to the counter after work, and this time of year it’s dark at 4:30PM 🙁 ).

I don’t know if I’m impatiently waiting for Sonia’s RMK post or dreading it, LOL

Neo 2 January, 2013 - 1:29 am

I can’t wait!!!! I know it will be a great post, and a very enabling one too, no doubt ;)!!!!!! LOL

Becs 8 January, 2013 - 3:40 am

Hi Sonia

I am slowly getting through all your posts that I missed reading over the busy Christmas period. I am so impressed you find the time to do all this. I have literally been reading all of last night and today back posts and the 100s of comments. Such a fun way to spend my day. Although my lists of wants is just growing!

Bonnie can I ask you how you got your KGD aqua foundation? I can’t find anywhere that ships to Aus. Did you use a forwarding company? And if so do you mind me asking which one you chose to go with? Hope you had a great Christmas and new years.



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