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Burberry Beauty – Light Glow Natural Blushes and the Highlighting compact

by Sonia G.

Imagine you love a brand, then imagine they launch a beauty line … exciting !

I own just a few Burberry items, my favorite being this embossed Equestrian Knight handbag that I got in a Burberry outlet, still, the most expensive handbag I ever bought…

The Burberry make up line entirely reflects the spirit of the brand, luxurious and elegant. It’s not easily accessible in Europe, so you might not have heard of it yet, be warned, they are good.
Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, says that the philosophy behind this make up line is more about enhancing your own beauty than covering your skin.

I will do a separate review on the eyeshadows and the brushes in the near future but I need to tell you how amazing the Burberry blushes are.

I have two skin problems, I have very dry skin and a lot of facial hair… eeeek. I really want to do something about it but I am afraid that it might get worse afterwards so I am looking for the best way to get rid of this awful hairy trench coat 😀
I use the Burberry Sheer foundation on a daily basis, compatible with my very dry skin, the finish is light, dewy, absolutely beautiful and flattering. It does not emphasize my facial hair at all, I have this problem with some foundations so I thought I should mention that.  The blushes work the same way on my skin, they enhance my complexion and they don’t emphasize my facial hair…

Here are some characteristics of the blushes :

  • Luxurious packaging, the metal compact feels heavy and solid
  • Easy to use and they blend like a dream
  • A range of 8 wearable colors
  • Long-lasting, they last 8 hours on my cheeks with only some fading
  • Nice little brush inside the compact that you can actually use
  • Strong smell, if you like it, that’s a plus

I have a few of them today :

Burberry Beauty has these shades available  (I really want to get the Rose one…) :

  • Blossom (coral peach with a hint of pink)
  • Earthy (nice neutral contour shade)
  • Cameo (pink with mauvey tones)
  • Tangerine (darkened pink tinged peach)
  • Misty (light pink)
  • Peony (light pink, a bit darker than Misty)
  • Rose (bright warm pink)
  • Russet (orange brown)

Blossom, Rose and Russet have a little bit of shimmer, nothing over the top and they are totally wearable for the office, but even the other matte shades provide a fresh and healthy glow, they don’t have that chalky powdery feeling that most of the matte blushes have.

They cost  42 Usd for 7 g of product. Edward Bess costs 43 Usd for 3.8 g, EB blush is twice the price as a Burberry blush.  Nars blushes cost 28 Usd for 4.5 g. Burberry is exactly the same price per gram as a Nars blush.

The Highlighting powder

They have also launched a Highlighting powder in the Sheer Summer Glow 2012 collection.
I was expecting a more subtle glow but on my skin it’s really obvious, you can clearly see the tiny shimmer particles on the skin, it’s not a natural glow like for example Becca Shimmering Skin perfector in Pearl or Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight, for example.  The pink shade is not pigmented enough to be used as a blush.  I don’t really use it since I find the result a bit too obvious, too many fine lines on my skin and I feel it does emphasize them.

The way I use it the most is the two dark shades swirled together and placed in the hollow of the cheeks, but I am not convinced that this Highlighting powder is appropriate for me, still need to give it a try when my skin feels less tired. If you have this powder I would love to know what you think of it, the reviews I read online were really very positive so it’s maybe only on my skin…

It’s a bit difficult to swatch the shades since they are light, here is an attempt :

I have tried to take some pictures, the first wearing only the Blossom blush, the other two wearing the Highlighting powder, not sure that you can see the result though…

Blossom blush


Highlighting in a stronger artificial light


It’s not like I can’t read small letters 🙂 … I still can but it’s a pain to look for the right lipstick. These are my daily lipsticks so I need to be able to pick them up quickly, these labels are not very elegant but the process is faster 🙂 Same for the eyeshadows and blushes, since they are stored vertically the labels help me to pick them up much faster without having to check the back of the compact.

The Burberry items come in a dark velvet pouch but the highlighting powder comes in a beige one, I also included it in the picture above…. So neat.

Bottom line

Luxury and quality.

This Burberry Beauty line is totally worth the price tag, I love the lip covers, lip glows, the eyeshadows, the foundation and the blushes. I am waiting for some brushes at the moment and I think I will also visit the Burberry counter in July to have a full face make up done by their make up artist and try the rest of their range 🙂 Can’t wait !

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Stacy 20 June, 2012 - 10:41 pm

I recently re-discovered my love for my Burberry products and added some new pieces to my “collection”. You helped my with your blush swatches tremendously since I don’t have a counter in my area!
Thank you

Latoya 21 June, 2012 - 12:57 am

You know I agree with this!! I would like to get my hands on Blossom but I’m still reeling a bit from paying $54CAD for Russet…and I still want a Tom Ford blush too! So we’ll see ;P


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