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My thoughts on Edward Bess

by Sonia G.

Edward Bess…. well, first of all, I love men with beautiful long hair so he already scored a point there.  He knows what he is talking about, he scored again.

He made the right move when he decided to launch his own line of products, he most certainly brings to life the concept of  “less is more”.

Since I am a make up lover, in the morning I play with make up… a lot. When I am ready to leave home, sometimes my boyfriend, with his beautiful shiny long blond hair… 😀  tells me “Are you sure you have enough make up on???”  I can assure you that when he says that, that’s not good… it means it looks “too much”, not appropriate, too cakey or too fake. Unfortunately it does happen sometimes and he is right. With Edward Bess, surprisingly, he never comments, no comment = boyfriend happy. That’s simply how it goes.

EB started by creating his lipstick range in 2006, then in 2010 he launched the face and eye products.
The first time I heard of this brand it was via Makeupalley. Many were raving about his eyeshadows or his bronzer and after checking out the products, I ordered a few of them. My collection grew and today I can show you some of the EB products with a few swatches.

The colors are not that unique, but the results are fantastic.

I will not list you all the products he is currently selling because this could change but you can find his product range on his web site, in Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Zuneta and probably in more online shops.

Powder blushes and bronzer

I own the three Imperiale Blushes and also the bronzer in Daydream. It’s difficult to swatch a bronzer but you can trust me that this one will not look orange. I also love how natural the blushes look on the skin but I would love another few shades in this range, probably a peach one. I know, we don’t usually blush “peach” but I love a nice peachy blush 🙂

Soft Orchid – Moroccan Rose – Desert Blossom

Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream

Quad Royale highlighters

You can use these on the eyes, cheeks, etc.. you can play with each shade or swirl them together,  many possibilities…  I have tried to swatch each shade separately but the South of France is not very pigmented and you can barely see it.

Summer in Capri

South of France

Monte Carlo

Eye shadows and eye liners

This trio is so pigmented, the texture feels like silk. Amazing combination of colors too, perfection.

Soft Smoke Trio

I have the two eyeliners, I love the texture but I don’t use them, I need hard-core long-lasting make up because most of the time it will not last all day. I am not saying they are not long-lasting, just not enough for me, I use other brands that work better with my eyes.

I also have the Storm eyeshadow but I forgot to put it in the pictures, I have added a swatch here.

Back to Basics palette

In my opinion, this palette is just too expensive for the amount of product it contains (55 Gbp). Size 12cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm.

Eyeshadows in Back to Basics

The lips

Let’s start with the square lipstick…  I am extremely disappointed by the square packaging of the lipstick, it looks like a cheap lego.
Maybe it’s only my lipstick that does that but it’s also difficult to open, you need two hands and you may knock out your neighbour in the process…
I heard Edward Bess saying in his youtube interview that he loves to see a woman open her purse and see his lipstick come out… well… won’t happen with the square one for sure, I don’t like the packaging at all.

I am confused, a Burberry lipstick is 23 Gbp, a Edward Bess lipstick is 24 Gbp…  I think the price for an EB lipstick is a bit too high.

Some of his lipsticks are square and some are round… I don’t know why, the ones in Zuneta are round and the ones on his site are square.

However, the round lipstick in Night Orchid is one of my favorite lipsticks ever. My favorite combination is Chanel Bois de Rose lip liner with this EB Night Orchid and the By Terry Gold Digger lip gloss. Extremely flattering combination.

I have the lip liner but I don’t really like the lasting power or the color, the texture is creamy and very comfortable but it does not last long enough on my lips.

Compact rouge lips and cheeks

I love them, really beautiful but again, I find them too expensive for the little amount… Also the pans are not glued to the compact so they keep falling, that’s why I always get dirt in them !!! I always have to clean them and waste product… I should glue them actually and stop complaining… 😀

But I have a problem : Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh tints for lips and cheeks cost 24 Gbp for 5 grams. Edward Bess Compact rouge lips and cheeks cost Gbp 30 for … 1.5 grams.  This is not a typo.  It’s shocking and revolting.


He does not have many brushes, he pretends you don’t need more. He only has one for the eyes and one for the cheeks, plus the little ones included in some palettes. Here is a picture of the eye brush, it’s a nice dense versatile brush but for me not enough to complete a look. It would be nice if he had also a nice pencil brush.

Bottom line

I don’t like the packaging, it looks and feels cheap and is sometimes a bit difficult to open, for example the powder blushes, the square lipsticks, the cheek and lip compact, since the Soft Trio is the same packaging as the blushes, same problem. I am just sad that the price tag is so high for the cheap looking packaging and the small amount of product you get.

My favorite items are the Soft Smoke trio, the compact rouge in Island Rose and the lipstick in Night Orchid. I don’t have any foundation because that’s something quite difficult to match online and I don’t have access to the counters where I live.

I recommend this line to every one, if you are scared of make up but you want to wear some and still look natural, sexy and not tacky, this is for you, but the price in my opinion is also pretty scary and I have a problem with it.

Did you try it and do you think it’s worth the price tag ? I would love to read your opinion on this brand. Thank you for reading !

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Latoya 22 June, 2012 - 10:10 pm

I really appreciate this post Sonia, I haven’t tried this line but it sounds like it’s far too overpriced and I could spend my hard-earned money on other fabulous brands!! So thanks so much 😀

Sweet Make Up Temptations 23 June, 2012 - 7:42 am

You are very welcome 🙂
It is overpriced in my opinion, I got part of the things in MUA swaps but when I realized the amount of product you get I was in shock. I don’t mind paying for quality but there is a limit 😛 I am curious to know what other people think about this price tag and I hope they will comment and add their thoughts too, that would be helpful 🙂

Jo 16 October, 2012 - 7:28 am

Hi, it’s me again…! 😉

I have a question about the three blushes – all the bloggers have very different pictures…Could you describe for me the colour of Desert Blossom? I’m actually looking for a very soft colour – a soft rose/pink with a hint of brown in it. I’m fair skinned, but warm toned. I have a feeling that Moroccan rose will be too bright, and soft orchid too cool toned for me. I just want a subtle soft, warm rosy pink. would you say this was it? Is it orange? I don’t want any orange/peach – as my skin warms colours up enough already – it even turn Rose Initiale by Chanel a bit too peachy. Thanks for any insight – it’s so hard not being able to see these colours in person, even if you go to London!

I think yes they are expensive, very, but for me I don’t mind because if the products stand up in quality, pigmentation, and ingredients – then to me it’s worth it. also I am very selective about what I buy, so if it’s just a few pieces and they actually work, then I’m happy. I also appreciate such an edited selection of products and colours; it seems that he is focussing on what works and thinking hard about the line instead of having a gazillion products and enticing you to buy them all..

But yeah, expensive!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 16 October, 2012 - 7:58 am

Hi Jo,

I will check that on Wednesday or as soon as I can, and will let you know, tonight I will be back very very late … (party at work)

About EB, I also don’t mind paying a high price for quality over quantity, but some of his products are still way overprized, at this cost you better be selective 🙁 I admit I always buy too many things and I shouldn’t, but sometimes I do it for the purpose of the blog and at the end it gets really expensive.
I love his philosophy and it’s nice that he doesn’t entice you to buy them all, but who could ? 😛
I very much prefer Burberry beauty for example, they have also very wearable colors, the quality and the luxurious and solid feeling.
Driving me nuts that I can’t easily open the plastic compacts and that every time I open the cream blushes the pan sticks to my fingers and ends on the floor… upside down of course…
I am wearing lipstick Night Orchid today and last weekend I was wearing the Smoke palette and Storm eyeshadow so yes, the products are must-have but I wish I could have a bit more for my money…

Sweet Make Up Temptations 18 October, 2012 - 7:17 am

Hi Jo, on my skin it’s exactly that : a soft rose pink with brown, I do use it to give dimension to my cheeks or to contour, it doesn’t have enough “oomph” for me as a blush-only so I always wear it with another blush on top. I can say it’s not orange or peach at all on my skin, I like the finish but I prefer when blushes have a little bit more twist on them. This one is good for a no-makeup makeup look though, which is probably the main EB idea…

Jasmin 7 January, 2022 - 5:59 pm

Wow,what a great review, the swatches look lovely! I love Edward Bess Make-up products, they are just amazing.


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