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Guerlain Sun in the City Summer 2012 – Terracotta Sun Shimmer blush

by Sonia G.

Guerlain’s Summer 2012 collection just made it to Switzerland this week, I believe this is almost one month after it was released in the USA. I often order my products from the USA as soon as they are available but since I did not know what Guerlain was capable of when it comes to liquid blushes I just waited…

When I saw them in person, I fell in love with the Sunny Pink immediately, a warm pink with tiny gold shimmer. They say this shade is more suitable for fair skin.

The lasting power of these liquid blushes is very good, you can blend them so that you have a very subtle color or you can build the color, either way you will still see the tiny sparkles. After using the pink blush for a few days… I went to get the other shade : Spicy Coral, this shade is an orange’ish’ coral on my skin, reminds me of Nars Taj Mahal, that I love and actually they are extremely close when swatched side by side.

What Guerlain says about these liquid blushes :

Looking for a tan that seems to glow from within, colour that appears lifted by a slightly flushed effect? This mother-of-pearl concentrate instantly illuminates the cheekbones, giving them incredibly sensual colour. For blondes, there is pink, the colour that naturally comes to their cheeks; while brunettes need coral to echo the spicy shades of their tan. An expert in trompe l’œil colour, with this easy-to-use product Guerlain has successfully imitated a natural blush to leave the complexion fresh and illuminate all types of tanned skin.

Warm and sensual summer notes that are totally irresistible

About the smell :

Warm and sensual summer notes that are totally irresistible

About the application :

TERRACOTTA BLUSH is applied in circular movements directly on golden skin or on top of Terracotta powder, lightly tapping with the fingertips.

The smell is nice, not heavy at all and I apply the blush with a brush and not my fingers, you can use your fingers since it blends very well but because of the pigmentation I don’t want to touch the product with my hands, I am afraid to touch my clothes by accident and stain them.

Do I look like I am glowing from within ? Yes, I think, I took a picture to show you the pink blush on my cheeks but you can’t really see the color, you can see the gold sparkles though.

Sunny Pink

I have dry skin so I love the feeling of this blush on my cheeks and I can build the color easily if I want more intensity but the great thing about these blushes is that they last !

With one pump, you have enough product for one application on both cheeks, probably even too much, depending on how much you want to blend it.

They have some sparkles and they may transfer… a bit like the Guerlain Blush G. If you go out during your lunch break, you kiss someone… you come back to work….  he will probably also glow from within…. not that much, but it’s possible 🙂

Here are some swatches :

Heavy swatches


I like to experiment mixing the colors, the Spicy Coral is too orange at this moment for my fair skin but if I mix it with Sunny Pink it becomes wearable.


The Nars Taj Mahal is very similar to this Guerlain :

Spicy Coral and Taj Mahal

I just watched Wayne’s  Youtube video (gossmakeupartist) about 2012 make up trends, he says that the heavily flushed cheeks is a trend for 2012…
When I saw this color it suddenly reminded me of Elisha Cuthbert from the TV series “Happy Endings”, I think she is wearing the “heavily flushed cheeks” look in the show…  I thought the TV colors were saturated but now I see …. 🙂

I hope this was useful to you, thanks for reading and please leave a comment with your thoughts on these blushes !

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cindygenit 26 March, 2012 - 5:30 am

Hi Sonia,

Sunny Pink is calling my name 🙂 I have always been heavy handed with my blush, so I’m not aware of any new “trends” with blushers this season hehe

cindygenit 26 March, 2012 - 5:32 am

Lovely post Sonia 🙂 I do love the heavily flushed cheeks! I think it signifies youth 😀

Sweet Make Up Temptations 26 March, 2012 - 3:53 pm

Hi Cindy, thanks 🙂 are you going to get the new Guerlain highlighter ? Have you tried it yet ? I am still wondering if I should… you know me 😉 I don’t know if I will be able to resist this one ! I have planned to try it as soon as I can get to a Guerlain counter. Guerlain is killing me recently !!! oh, by the way, I love your blush collection, great brands and beautiful selection !

Katy 5 May, 2013 - 5:13 pm

Dear Sonia,

How do you find Guerlain liquid blush compare to Kett hydro blush? I saw that you uses both of them 🙂 I really like that natural glow on your chicks on this picture 🙂
I would really appreciate your advise!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 5 May, 2013 - 9:16 pm

Hi Katy,
The Kett do not have a glow but more a matte finish on my skin and don’t have the tiny sparkles that the Guerlain have. I won’t need a highlighter with the Guerlain since it is glowing enough like that but with the Kett it’s like “one dimension” finish, I need something extra on top
The Guerlain is much easier to use, no need to shake and it’s always even and more forgiving, more “fool-proof” in comparison to the Kett. I wish Guerlain had the same texture with more nudish colors like “Peace” for Kett, that would be great: a nude/natural glow-from-within 🙂


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