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A Tom Ford experience in Harrods

by Sonia G.

That week, I was in London for work, I was so happy to be there ! A paradise for me ! So many excellent brands to try that I just couldn’t wait to get started !
Work during the day and in the afternoon or evening visit to the beauty counters !

Tom Ford counters were busy that week, I wanted to see his new products by myself and ask a few questions, I finally managed at Harrods. They even asked me if I wanted my make up done…  I was a bit embarrassed since I was exhausted, my face looked really dull and tired,  I just wanted to have some rest, but the temptation was really too strong and I accepted !

Actually her approach at the TF counter was really soft and friendly and not too pushy or snobbish if you see what I mean… I loved that ! That is also why I accepted.

She started by removing all the make up I had on, even if that wasn’t much. As soon as they put the moist cream and the “Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme”, the sensation was truly relaxing and fresh, I loved it, but the price is a bit extreme too I am afraid…

Angela applied the Traceless foundation in Fawn all over my face and the stick foundation only as a concealer. My skin is extremely dry and I told her that I cannot wear most of the foundations even for dry skin, she told me not to worry about this one… She was right ! The coverage is sheer to medium,  I prefer a sheer coverage all over the face and then conceal only small zones. The result was very nice, very illuminating and moisturizing, the smell is a bit heavy… but so far so good !

These are some of the products she applied on me that day and that I purchased (not on that same day) :

The eyeshadow quad looked amazing, she created a smokey purple look that I loved. My eyes are olive brown and this look was a bit daring but elegant and glamorous !

This is a swatch of Crushed Amethyst :

For my cheeks first she applied the Shade and Illuminate, I realized I was applying my contour too low on my cheekbones ! That was good to know and she showed me exactly were and how I should apply it.

On the left, the Illuminate swatch, on the right the Shade, heavy swatched. This is intensity 01.

I blended the Shade towards the right, not a perfect blending but you can see you can go from very dark to very light…

For the blush, Angela applied the shade Wicked. I thought it would be too bright, but I loved it too ! Sometimes I apply it over a mat blush to give some radiance. On the left a heavy swatch, on the right a blended swatch.

On the lips, she applied Casablanca, a serious not very original lipstick but since my eyes and my cheeks were already very bright, it just added some more elegance to the whole look, and then she added the gloss Sahara Pink.

Casablanca lipstick swatched, the swatch does not really reflect its real color I am afraid… it’s a deep mauvy rose color.

What about their make up brushes ?

Today, I own a few of them :

  • Smoky Eye Brush
  • Eye Shadow Contour Brush
  • Cream Foundation Brush
  • Bronzer Brush

I love them, I think the quality is great and the only reason why I don’t own more is because they are too expensive. My favorite is the bronzer brush, it’s extremely soft and I just cannot find anything wrong about it, apart from the price tag, it is actually in my top ten brushes.

The other Tom Ford make up products

I usually hate glitter on my eyes, I am 40 and I like to buy make up that I am able to wear on a daily basis to work, this Tom Ford glitter that you can find on the other quads is what we could call “grown up glitter”. To be honest I have not tried a lot of glittery eyeshadows on my eyelids but the ones I tried did not work, it was just not appropriate for me. This TF glitter, “sheer sparkle” I believe it’s how they call the finish of these glittery pans, is no ordinary glitter, either on the inner corner of the eye or on the center of the eyelid,  it’s stunning to finish a look !  When I first saw his quads with all the glitter pans I thought TF wasn’t for me… but I was wrong. I still think there is too much glitter on the quads, only one pan would clearly be enough but at least I can use it.

I own some brushes, 5 blushes, 7 quads and 8 lipsticks, plus the foundation and the Shade and Illuminate. I started using his products as soon as he released them and since that day I continue to use them on a daily basis. I will review some of them individually on later posts.

Bottom line

I loved the finished look and the whole experience, the look was a bit daring for me since I am more into neutrals but I could pull it off with confidence. Since that day I started doing more daring looks.

I bought a few things that day, it was a Rewards day in Harrods and with their Harrods Reward card you get 10% on those particular days. Even if you live abroad you can ask for that card.

Is it worth the price tag ? The brushes are too expensive but at least the quality is really good. The quads are big and they will last a very long time, same for the blushes. The packaging is nice, I like heavy and solid packaging. In general I think it is worth it.

Make up in general is very expensive in Switzerland, a TF quad in London or in the USA is the same price or even cheaper as a Chanel quad or a Dior quint in Switzerland so I prefer to order a TF…
Only TF lipsticks are sold in Switzerland, at 68 Chf = 75 USD, that is nearly twice the price compared to the USA, which means that unfortunately I do not buy my make up in Switzerland !

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