Face brushes – Where to start

When you are looking for face brushes you can easily get lost with all the choices available in the market today, even more when you are just starting to build a little collection. The most common questions I receive are about the “cheapest+most versatile+most efficient”  face brushes, with that in mind, I tried to create this post for you, either to help you in your research or to point you in the right direction.

My first advice is : buy fewer brushes, but greater brushes. If you have a monthly budget, start with the minimum and then buy them gradually. If you start with great brushes, believe me you will avoid wasting your money on brushes that you’ll not use anyway.

The most important and complex brush to choose is the foundation brush. It will depend on so many factors, if you have dry skin, if you use thicker products, powder products, if you want heavier coverage, all that will directly affect your choice. Foundation or base makeup is only flattering when the application is nicely done, it’s supposed to boost your confidence, if you feel that your foundation is patchy, not well blended and too obvious it might just do the total opposite.

My profile :

  • I am not a makeup artist, my recommendations are based on my own experience
  • I have very delicate and dry skin therefore I don’t often use powder foundations but more liquid or cream
  • I prefer sheer to medium coverage so I will never fully cover all my pigmentation irregularities
  • I prefer a more natural looking coverage and with my dry skin I would not be able to bear heavy ones anyway.

Below you will see an example of what I consider to be some of the most essential and affordable face brushes :


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Hakuhodo J Series – J103, J125R, J4002, J5541, J7011 – First pics

I have just ordered a few more brushes from the Hakuhodo J Series, at this rate  I will probably manage to get my hands on all of the white ones before Christmas :P

The new ones are :

  • J103
  • J125R
  • J4002
  • J5541
  • J7011

They will be reviewed shortly and my comments will be added in my main J Series post available here.

I the meantime I just wanted to share some pictures, this is to give you a little idea of their size and shape and maybe you are wondering how they compare to each other.

They have been washed only once since I got them yesterday and I haven’t used them yet. It’s a bit too early to give you my first impressions but at least you will see what they look like.

Here they are amongst other similar ones :

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