Hakuhodo J Series – J103, J125R, J4002, J5541, J7011 – First pics

I have just ordered a few more brushes from the Hakuhodo J Series, at this rate  I will probably manage to get my hands on all of the white ones before Christmas :P

The new ones are :

  • J103
  • J125R
  • J4002
  • J5541
  • J7011

They will be reviewed shortly and my comments will be added in my main J Series post available here.

I the meantime I just wanted to share some pictures, this is to give you a little idea of their size and shape and maybe you are wondering how they compare to each other.

They have been washed only once since I got them yesterday and I haven’t used them yet. It’s a bit too early to give you my first impressions but at least you will see what they look like.

Here they are amongst other similar ones :

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