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Reviews of Koyudo and Hakuhodo brush brushes are now being prepared!

A Brush in the Spotlight

Using this brush for many things, primer, foundation, all over glow... I am so happy that Rae decided to include this in her new range! Rae Morris 23.The review is here.

Video Coup de Coeur

The makeup look that will never disappoint Lisa Eldridge All Occasion.

Chikuhodo Kiwami

On 25 February, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

This set is rare, expensive, a masterpiece. If you are an extreme make up brush lover, you either have it or you heard of it. I know a few of you own it but I think there aren’t any reviews online yet.

First question you may have (that I can even hear from here) is “is it worth it?” If this is the only thing that you want to know right now, I’ll say it: Yes it is, for an extreme makeup brush lover, it definitely is. If you want to know more, please stay with me!

This set is called the Kiwami, made by Tesshu Takemori, Chairman of Chikuhodo, to commemorate the 60th Birthday of the Company founded in 1952. Not sure if the set is LE (I am waiting for their confirmation) or if it will be discontinued but I’ll keep you informed when I receive their feedback. Depending where you buy it, it costs from 1540 usd to 2200 usd approx. If you are lucky enough to buy it in  Japan you will get a more affordable price for this masterpiece.





Koyudo BP006

On 12 February, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

Let me Super Size you with the Koyudo BP006,  with its 5.5cm diameter at the surface you better be warned, it’s a beast. Goat hair (Saikoho, Hakutotsuho), similar hair as the Koyudo White Mushroom, 7800 JPY (approx 75$), this brush feels like a fairy tale and you may feel like a shrunken Alice when you use it :)
They have a smaller version at approx 63$ but the difference in surface is only 0.5cm smaller. Link to the BP series here


The bristles are 6cm long, it’s not utterly firm as you can imagine by the length of the hair and the large size of its surface,  it has medium density and medium flexibility, it’s not powerful enough to pick thicker and harder products efficiently, this brush is meant for soft powdery textures, will not deliver high coverage at all but will work with bronzers, highlighters and powders in a more subtle manner. I have Bobbi Brown Golden Light and with that brush it makes a nice combo, the application on the whole face is even, buildable and very pleasant.

For Summer this will be fun to use with bronzers or sparkly highlighters on the legs and the shoulders, I could use it in the decolleté but unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t need to draw any more attention in there.  I have tried it on the arms and shoulders and the application is subtle but visible enough, just one advice though, be careful who you cuddle as sparkles do transfer ;)


Rae Morris Magnetic Range – Tiny Sneak Peek

On 10 February, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

I have been kindly requested to post a few pics here so here they are. Please keep in mind : this is not yet a review!!

I will have many things to say about them, hopefully good ;) I have to specially share why after my story with the old set, today I ended up with the full collection!
Without a doubt they are an upgrade from the first set but I would like to take some time to use them, see if and how I can get used to the magnets before sharing my final thoughts. You know I am not comfortable around magnets but I have to try :D



Koyudo BP010 with some similar shaped brushes

On 8 February, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

Here is the Koyudo BP010 that I wanted to compare to other very similar but more expensive options and I know you are very curious about them, just like I was!

These pictures will shed some light about the shapes, the material is mainly goat hair although I will show some other options, the softness and density within the goat hair brushes slightly differs.



First of all, a few precisions : I enjoy goat hair brushes as much as other more pricey materials. Each material has its pros and cons. Goat brushes tend to be fast and furious, if your skin can tolerate them there is a chance you will reach for them regularly, they will  last you longer, endure more regular washes, work more efficiently with some stubborn products. You will see me splurging on goat brushes as much as I will on others, they are cheaper but also interesting, softness can be an issue though and they have to be soft enough. I have very sensitive skin, some days I won’t even be able to use any goat brushes at all, I have a little collection of “last resort” brushes so I can apply makeup even when I won’t stand wind on my face!

During the normal days, which is thankfully nearly every day, I can use these brushes without any problem at all, they don’t poke or hurt or irritate. I understand the pain of having very delicate skin so if you have only the possibility to get one candle or tapered shaped brush, then better pick a squirrel brush that can fit the same purpose more comfortably.


Hakuhodo S 106

On 6 February, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

Another recently released brush is this S 106 from Hakuhodo, do I need to mention that it’s beautiful or is it obvious ? If you like the S100 Series, you will love this.

Specs: full length : 19.2cm, hair length 4.5cm, base of the ferrule 2.5 cm. It’s dense, fluffy-full, firm, soft but not as soft as the J531. Even though I feel the J531 is clearly softer and the hair bristles are thinner, I prefer the shape and the evenness of the S106. The bundling also looks more finished and perfected. But the difference in price is 33usd, putting the S one at 120 usd.