Suqqu – Spring Summer 2013

I am beyond ecstatic.

Remember I was telling you recently that I wished Suqqu released new quads with less base color and more brighter shades ????

Look at that :


If you haven’t fainted yet, then take a look at the Face Color palette :


….and if you are still with me, here are the Creamy Glow lipsticks…. (and the packaging)


From left to right : Ex-08, EX-09, EX-10


And for more excitement :


I am loving every single product of this collection and there is no doubt that this collection is going to be a hit. The packaging appears to be white so if you missed out on the LE white quads here you will find them again. The items will be limited edition.

Tiziana, my contact from Selfridges UK sent me these pictures and I asked her if I could share with you so first of all, I am very grateful to her and then, so incredibly pleased to show you what the new collection is going to look like, I know it’s going to be lethal for me :)

I will let you know as soon as I know when the precise release date is, I believe sometime in February 2013.

For more details on what is launching in this collection, you may want to read the great Rouge Deluxe’s post.

And again, thank you Tiziana, incredibly kind of you to allow me to share these gorgeous pictures !

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75 thoughts on “Suqqu – Spring Summer 2013

  1. Bonnie

    OMG I fainted, as in, I blacked out because I stopped breathing for the whole post!

    But really, that face powder and those palettes…. what can I say?

  2. Buggsiebee

    YES PLEASE!!! Want, want, want :))
    Gosh, I just LOVE SUQQU.
    Thanks so much for the pics & swatches Tiziana & Sonia!!

  3. Iris

    I’ve just added your blog to my blog roll. You’ve done such a fantastic job of reviewing makeup brushes. Are you based in Geneva too? If so, we should meet up!

  4. Bellyhead

    Darn Tiziana! Darn Sweetmakeuptemptations and all these picturrrrrres!

    Apart from Spring Burberry, this is what I was saving for and everything looks divine. Thank you so much, Sonia for this preview. I LOVE it!

  5. Bea

    OMGEEEEEEEEEE!!! And my other nefarious collection besides Japanese makeup brushes is nail polish lol. I don’t even want to tell you how many I have :X

    • Buggsiebee

      I used to follow Prettyrandom ( brilliant blogger with a humongous stash of perhaps 8000 polishes at last count ) and she did a great post on assemling one of these Helmers. It’s not an easy task!!
      I’m going to get an Ikea MALM set of drawers with mirror, like you have Sonia, and I am dreading building the darn thing!! I need it for my brushes. They deserve a decent home!

      • Sweet Make Up Temptations

        It’s not that difficult, maybe it’s because I love assembling them :) dreaming of the contents ! :P I am happy with the Malm, still solid after many years, just the corners are a bit pointy so when you clean the thing… *ouch*

      • Bea

        A friend of mine uses the Alex instead of Helmers. I was thinking of going with that as well because it’s bigger. Now I realize that I do need to go that route due to my brushes.

        • Buggsiebee

          Hey Bea!!
          Once at Ikea yesterday I decided to go with the Alex too.
          After manouvering the Malm package onto my trolly I realised that there was NO way that I would be able to heave that box into my car alone. Unthinkable that I go home emptyhanded and wait till someone could go back to Ikea to help me!!

          I needed an immediate substitute & recalled you mentioning Alex.
          Hahaha….I also checked out the Helmer IRL for the first time. What a tinny & tiny little thing. The Alex feels nice & solid. The only negative is that the drawers have a small opening instead of a grip to pull the drawer open. This is obviously going to let the dust in which is not a plus, but a quick blow with the hairdryer now & again should take care of that problem.
          I assembled it today – easy peasy compared to the Malm!
          And, after careful measurement , I also bought this:-

          which fits into the top drawer perfectly and makes a nice little nest for my brushes.
          I think I’m going to get another for the second drawer too because I have a LARGE brush family :)

          P.s. if I bought helmers for my polish I would need at least 5 for starters. That should give you an idea of the damage ;)

          • Bea

            OMG Bugsgsiebee! 5 Helmers *bows in admiration* :) I thnk the Helmers are too flimsy for polish bottles. I didn’t care for it when I first saw it in the store. My friend also has the 9 drawer Alex but that would be way taller than I am so I would need a stool just to be able to access the top of it lol. And I think one would have to have a cement floor in order to support all that weight from the bottles. She needs it though since it is for her indie polish business. She showed pics of rows and rows of colourful bottles in each drawer and I was hooked on getting the Alex from then on lol. Ohhh I have been racking my brain on how to incorporate brushes and polish into one storage unit and I think you just solved my dilemma with the Rationell. Like you, I would probably need two trays and maybe even three for my brush collection! I so need to get my ass over to Ikea now. :) :) :)

          • Buggsiebee

            Haha….no bowing please….. just bring on the straight jacket!!
            I got the Alex with 5 drawers. Two shallower ones at the top ( where the wooden inlay fits so well ) and three deeper below. I didn’t want to get anything taller because then you have to bolt them to the wall so that they don’t topple when you open the drawers & I don’t like to be so ridgid. I like to rearrange my room all the time, so having furniture bolted is bad. I’m always trying to make space for more stuff……so, REALLY, I’m serious …straight jacket!!!

          • Buggsiebee

            ….and, dear Stacy,
            I expect an update on your new makeup area which your husband had to sacrifice his Sunday for:)

          • Buggsiebee

            No killing here ;)
            Bea, I’m absolutely certain that your fu-pa appreciates the TLC :)
            No straight jacket for you! Brush mummy of the year award :D

  6. Makeup Remastered

    I have been LOOKING to buy some spring collections – this Suqqu and Burberry collection are so far the only one’s on my wish list. Addiction by Ayako seemed to bring out a mismatch of products?? The only other one I am dying to get a glimpse of is Tom Ford!

  7. fishball

    oh my gosh I got the same images from Tiziana from Selfridges too! The only picture I didn’t get was the swatches for the lipstick… I wish she has swatches for the eyeshadow palette… looks like my wallet is going to hurt big time again…..

    are you going to haul a bunch from this collection?

    • fishball

      I think the release date is Feb 1 in Japan and Feb 28 for UK? Where are you going to get this collection from?

      I am also eyeing on the new foundation N too!

      • Sweet Make Up Temptations

        from Tiziana :)
        I saw it’s on pre-order already on one japanese site but the price is huge, so I might prefer to pay the shipping since I am going to take a lot of items. Well, actually it might be cheaper to take a flight to London and back :P
        Of course I am eyeing all the other items but I can’t take everything :( I am already very happy to be able to pick up so many of them !

    • Sweet Make Up Temptations

      Hi Olivia !
      it’s weird because usually the EX- series are not that pigmented, and these appear to be slightly more opaque than usual… so yes I am going to get wild on this collection, the 3 palettes, 3 lippies and the face powder… gasp…
      but a yellow suqqu ??? and look at the darkest shades.. don’t they look sultry to die for ? (x_x)

      • fishball

        I saw a lovely taupe shade going on in all 3 of them, and I am planning to get all 3 eye palettes, all 3 lippies and the face powder… my wallet is going to hate me…

        but at the same time, I kind of have to order that much because to make the hefty postage DHL fees charges they apply on the order….. so I need a minimium threshold of $250 for the postage to offset with the VAT refund….

        So your guess is the lipstick or the eyeshadows are more opaque? I hope they wont be too sheer as I am not that fair skin….

        I am also interested in the new foundation N but Tizana said they are not going to be released till a month after the point makeup items launch…… so not sure what to do about it….

        • Sweet Make Up Temptations

          Oh of course I will also get the face powder ! :)
          The EX series are sheerer so if you want a more opaque coverage you might prefer the other ones from their current range, but these really look like they are more pigmented than usual so we’ll see…
          I hope somebody will post more swatches soon and maybe wearing them on the lips that would be even better !
          The eyeshadows look wonderful and opaque, I am loving all of them. I am also interested in the foundation but I will not buy anymore foundations before I try them. I am afraid I will not get this one, I cannot see how I will be able to try it here… :(

  8. Buggsiebee

    Sonia, sooooo happy to hear that Tess is feeling much better!!
    She’s lucky to have you guys caring for her. I mean, we are also priviledged to enjoy the unconditional love of our pets, but so many pets just get tossed out when they become probelmatic/ expensive, so lucky Tess :)

  9. Stacy

    Buggsiebee: Regarding the new mu area, I will say this: I have been living in an “airbrushed” world! Sitting and doing my makeup, close close close to a lighted daylight mirror with surrounding lights has been a very rude awakening and introduction into the HD world. Now don’t get me wrong, I always check my work when I get in the car to make sure everything is blended etc. but WOW this is different! And on top of that horrible reality I think the lights pointing at me in every direction are kicking my migraines in. The things we do…… Maybe I could borrow your straight jacket? Are we the same size????
    What started as a fun Sunday project is spiraling in to a crisis! Now I don’t like my favorite foundation anymore, my favorite powder is tooooo powdery (probably because I am caking it on to hide everything!) and my eyeshadows (yes all million of them) aren’t right.
    Enough whining……

    • Sweet Make Up Temptations

      oh dear :)
      I know how it feels…
      sometimes we just need to change the way we apply our makeup so don’t worry too much, before you get rid of your products, try the same products with different techniques just to make sure. It requires time though… been there :(

      • Stacy

        :p You know I am just kidding ( halfway). It is what it is and I am fine with it. Nothing that a sweet order from CDJ can’t cure! I estimate my two standing orders will ship in the next 20 days. See my optimism is back! I do want to get my lighting just right and that has proven a challenge….

    • Buggsiebee

      @ Stacy…. how does a twin straight jacket sound??
      Your report of the new mu area mirror & lighting reminds me of the situation in changing rooms. They ALWAYS have the most horrifyingly uncomplimentary mirrors & lighting!
      There is NO way that we look like that in real life :D
      Don’t go tossing any of your stuff now!! No one else will see you under all those lights so don’t be so hard on your makeup skills or appearance. I remember feeling similarly shocked when I wore specs for the first time last year & registered that my wrinkles were actually furrows. Aging is a scary business :(

  10. Elizabeth

    A few of those quads look very similar to the now d/c kakitsubata 01 (sp?) quad, but with more shimmer!!!! So excited.

  11. laurence

    Hello everybody,
    Sonia is so raving about the suqqu palettes, I bought 2 at different places to see which is best! So you know: I live in France and suqqu is not sold in our country: I then ordered one palette (the N°11) at and the other one (the N°4) by phone at selfridges London UK!
    at ichibankao: the palette is sold 8500 yens= 67.18 euros! you have to pay an extra cost for shipping (otherwise there’s no tracking and your palette might get stolen on the way), the extra fee is 300 yens=2.36 euros. You pay with paypal. The order was passed the 27th of january and arrived amazingly the 4th of february!!!!! conclusion I payed 69.5 euros and waited 6 days (I’m not counting the weekend)
    at selfridges: the palette is sold 45 pounds=52 euros but the shipping fees are massive 33 pounds=38.16 euros. You pay with your credit card that you give by phone. The order was passed on the 30th of january and arrived (DHL) the 5th of february. conclusion: I payed 90.16 euros and waited 5 days!!
    result: there’s a difference of 20 euros which is a lot for the same wait or so and paypal is I think safer. So next time, I will definitely buy again (I love my fisrt glance of the palettes) but at ichibankao.
    I want to thank again Sonia for her patience and kindness and help !!!!!!!and her expertise of course!!!
    hope this helped other future customers


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