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Reviews of Koyudo and Hakuhodo brush brushes are now being prepared!

A Brush in the Spotlight

Using this brush for many things, primer, foundation, all over glow... I am so happy that Rae decided to include this in her new range! Rae Morris 23.The review is here.

Video Coup de Coeur

The makeup look that will never disappoint Lisa Eldridge All Occasion.

Koyudo RES – a preview of the summer set

On 18 April, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

Koyudo is preparing a very unique set of brushes,  it’s not ready for sale yet, should be near the summer, but I am happy to show you what it’s going to look like so that you can be prepared  if you are interested.

If you don’t know them yet, Koyudo is a brush manufacturer based in Kumano (Japan), their manufacture looks like this and the easiest way to purchase their brushes is via CDJapan. Placing orders with CDJapan has become a monthly must-do in my planning. At this moment I am placing a bi-monthly order. I work a lot  -not afraid to say it- so a brush reward does cheer me up a bit (a lot).

Also, if you are new to Koyudo brushes and to ordering them, keep in mind the wait will be long unless they have them in stock. If you read the CDJapan page I linked before, they say “They nervously make and test every single brush without distraction. ” This is no joke. When I was at that exact place where they took these pics, I could feel their concentration and noticed a surgical precision in every hair placement, it was really intense. Their funny shapes, colors and designs hadn’t prepared me for such a dedicated, professional and assiduous place of work.

These new Koyudo brushes are more targeted for the brush lover/collector and for private use because they are delicate, extremely soft and should not endure regular washing or harsh sanitizing.

The set is made of 3 face brushes, 3 eye shadow brushes, 1 brow brush, 1 lip brush, a brush roll and comes in a paulownia wooden box. I copied this from Wikipedia for your info, it’s regarding this wood :

It is popular in its native China for roadside planting and as an ornamental tree. Paulownia needs a lot of light and does not like high water tables. Paulownia grown on plantations generally has widely spaced growth rings, meaning it’s soft and of little value, wood with close growth rings is harder and of higher value, it is important in China, Korea, and Japan for making the soundboards of stringed musical instruments such as the guqinguzheng,pipakoto, and kayagum.

The material used for the most part of the brushes is red squirrel hair, hence the name. This material is similar in maintenance to the grey squirrel hair but softer, finer.





Brushes for professionals

On 13 April, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

This post is about brushes that are more appropriate for professionals or for those of you looking for easy and efficient make-up brushes, these are more on the higher-end side. I want to emphasize that there is no need to go high-end and if you watch Youtube tutorials you’ll notice that make-up artists don’t always use expensive brushes to get amazing results, and actually even with the best make-up brushes we still need to know what we are doing…  so practice is the key. Since the question I receive over and over again is about “upgrading to higher end make-up brushes for a professional kit“, that’s what I’ll cover today.



There are several factors that make a brush more or less suitable for professional make-up artists and meeting those factors is what will make a brush best fit for purpose.

Being very close to make-up artists, to brush manufacturing companies and doing some work myself is what made me aware of that criteria, there is certainly more to consider, but the criteria here is what really matters to me. Now, I’ll leave my collector-me outside for a while and let the “more reasonable side of me” select the brushes I put in my kit explaining briefly my thoughts and preferences about each one of them.


Wayne Goss – The face and the eye sets

On 30 March, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

Wayne Goss has been very busy lately, after his first set, then the Holiday powder brush, he just released a new face set with 6 brushes, it is available in two places depending on where you live. So hop here (UK seller) or here (USA seller) depending on your location. These brushes were given to me by Wayne, we are both crazy about brushes (I mean really crazy) but this is not new to you. The eye set will be released very shortly, I believe on Tuesday for  pre-order, then they will be sold individually but not yet.

Update : I believe these are white goat hair coloured brown (white hair is often bleached to have the final very white finish, brown hair brushes come usually from white hair coloured brown or “tea”, black goat brushes are usually dyed black).  I washed them and no issues whatsoever, no bleeding of course.

I just know that my hair is exactly the same color!! well, the WG brushes don’t have white hairs hiding in the middle of them :D this reminds me I need an urgent appointment to the hairdresser, my roots are approx 7cm long.. last time I went to the hairdresser was in Scotland, in September!  Anyway, that’s another topic but my hair is dry and the goat bristles are in much better shape!


The Face Set


The brushes are all goat except for the #20, which is a blend with squirrel/goat and the #10, synthetic/goat. On the back of the handle you see the number of the brush and it looks like it has been written with laser, maybe this will prevent the lettering to wash away, to be confirmed with time but it does feel and look nice.

The #18 looks like canadian or pine squirrel but it is goat, feels softer than the usual type of black goat hair but we will talk about this later on.


The Eye Set


Rae Morris The Magnetic Collection – Part 2 The Interview

On 10 March, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

This is the Part 2 of the Rae Morris Magnetic Collection review.

Following to my recent contact with Rae Morris and her husband Jim, I saw the opportunity of bringing you something more than “just” a review: more details about the Magnetic Collection but also more details about both of them.

I am very happy that this was possible despite their super busy schedule and today I am very excited to share this with you. Getting a little bit more personal was the main reason of this, to know a little bit more about the Artist and the Person and I thank Rae and Jim for their availability.

After many email exchanges with Jim and Rae, we got to know each other a little bit better, Jim and Richard (Richard is my bf) have many interests in common, a passion for cars, watches, technology and a few others. Jim doesn’t know that yet but thanks to him, Richard is now more open to the makeup world -finally!!! Getting to know Jim made him more curious and even more willing to help me and support my passion, another reason for me to be very grateful to them :)


I hope you will enjoy reading this and that you will learn more about the Artist behind this collection!


Rae Morris The Magnetic collection – Part 1

On 9 March, 2014 by Sweet make up temptations

It took some time to write this review, hopefully when you are reading this you are 1) sitting comfortably 2) having a delicious relaxing drink, if not, please do, it will be quite long…

My fingers ache from scrolling and typing, sorry about the length of this Part 1… How can you briefly review a big set like this, keep it short but still give enough information for you to decide if you should splurge in one, two, more or none… ? Hopefully I have covered most of the topics and if I haven’t you are very welcome to leave any questions.

This Part 1 is a review on the brushes, there is another Part 2 coming soon that will be an interview with Rae. In this part 2, Rae and Jim will answer the questions I had, not only about this collection, but also about themselves so it should be quite fun :)

This set is very special to me because the review of the first version 2 years ago is what made me meet some of you and become very close friends. If today I am not truly fully enjoying the very first set, I am certainly fully enjoying your friendship, I believe that without the first set, I wouldn’t have met you, so it was well worth it.

The first range of the Rae Morris brushes was launched approx 2 years ago and I ordered that first set because I thought they would be perfect. Unfortunately the set I received was not meeting my expectations, it had some issues and they changed it for me. It was better but I wasn’t loving the functionality of the magnets, they were causing the brushes to strongly stick together and this was not compatible with my storage methods. I strongly believed on the design of the brushes but I did not love the quality, that was the main reason of my frustration : so much potential but not consistent quality.

This year Rae Morris changed things (Part 2 will address this) and she recently launched the revamped version of those brushes, they are still carrying the magnets but the brushes are much more solid and tempting, I am lucky that today I own the full new collection so here it is reviewed for you:


I have to tell you how I ended up with all her new range… so this is what happened:

When I first saw the new brushes online I clearly noticed an improvement in how they looked, the handles seem much better achieved, I know I said I wouldn’t get them this time but since the foundation 23 and the ultimate cheekbone were two of my fav brushes ever, I had to see if these could be better and more durable versions of them. I ordered just those two and when I received them, my suspicions were confirmed, they were much better.

That made me order a few more:  the little smudger, the little crease one, the new Radiance and a few others, that re-confirmed my previous statement, much better brushes. Now I had two simple choices : either stop there or order more.

Stop there” was not a happy choice because I know that you were interested in a full review and to be honest, I did want more brushes.
Order more” was a thought I was considering but it was leaving a sort of bitter taste because if my review was positive the feeling of “forwarding” you to them after my issues with the first set… I don’t know, I wasn’t sure I really felt ok with that. I guess my feeling is just human, I hope you’ll understand and that nobody will blame me for it, neither Rae nor you. Instead, I really wanted to understand what happened and also get to know her a bit better, this is why in Part 2 I will have the pleasure to share something very special for you, an interview with Rae Morris.

It all started with many email exchanges with Jim, Rae’s husband who has a very important role in the Company – :) after very long, detailed email conversations, our contact started to get more friendly and ended up being fun and personal with both Jim and Rae. They told me they had seen my previous “hardcore” review and that they wanted me to test the new brushes, therefore I ended up with the rest of the collection offered by them, this is why part of this collection has been paid by me, part has been offered by Rae for me to try it and see if they could “magnetize me”…  and this is how I ended up with all the brushes!